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Wolf Protector (Moon Kissed Book 3) by Harper A. Brooks

Wolf Protector (Moon Kissed Book 3) by Harper A. Brooks


In this world of magic and secrets, nothing is as it seems.

Edmund, the vicious ex-alpha and Reid’s father, is back from the dead. And now, he’s set on expanding his tyrannical reign beyond the pack’s territory of Buson, Maine.

Even more shocking is that Edmund has brought a new friend with him: Carmen, Tasha’s sister and the one person she’s dedicated her life to bringing home. But the young witch doesn’t want to be saved. In fact, Carmen and Edmund have been working together to take out the Redcliff Pack and put their bloody plans into motion.

To save their future, Tasha and Reid must fully embrace their mate-bond and Tasha’s witch powers, while battling their pasts head on.

With claws, teeth, and magic.

Love, betrayal, and magic fill the pages of the final book of the Moon Kissed Series! Read the epic conclusion to Tasha and Reid’s story today!

Wolf Protector is book three of the Moon Kissed Series.

Publication Date 29/9/2022

My Review

So book three starts where book two ended, so it’s important to read the two previous books before starting this one.

It’s all go from the first page!

Betrayal on both sides for our main characters, they aren’t sure who to trust…..

Lost siblings, resurrected fathers and the witches are still against the shifters!!

Reid doesn’t know wether he can trust his senses or his father

Tasha was going for a sibling reunion. Well she got one, but it wasn’t the reunion she was expecting! Tasha has spent years looking for her sister, blaming the Redcliff for her disappearance, plotting her revenge. And now, it seems it was all for nothing….. Her sister didn’t want to be found, she had an agenda, and it didn’t include her sister!

So it looks like the only one they can trust is one another. Working together to unite the pack under Reid (although daddy dearest is trying to cause upheaval) is proving a challenge…..

This has to be my favourite book of the series. The link between Reid and Tasha is growing stronger, and so is their trust in one another. (Better late than never)

Really well written and attention to detail was spot on.

Great characters, heroes you’ll be cheering on and villains you’ll be booing at and throwing popcorn!

It’s a fast paced action and adventure story with a big helping of steam 🥵

The twists you don’t see coming, the turns that will have your head in a spin!

Sad to see this adventure come to an end, to be honest the ending did take me by surprise!


*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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