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His Reluctant Cowboy: A Gay Cowboy Romance (Woods Ranch Book 2) by A.M. Arthur

His Reluctant Cowboy: A Gay Cowboy Romance (Woods Ranch Book 2) by A.M. Arthur


From acclaimed author A.M. Arthur comes a tender, sexy new novel in the Woods Ranch series.

He thought his cowboy days were behind him. But life—and love—had other plans.

Michael Pearce left the small-town life of Weston and cattle ranching for the hustle of Austin, and never looked back—until his father suffers a stroke and requires in-home care.

Josiah Sheridan became a certified nursing assistant after seeing how wonderful his single mother’s in-home aides were before she died. He wants to help people, and he does his best with the work he can find in small-town Weston, Texas. He also lives a complicated life with his lover—to the rest of the world, they’re just roommates. Behind closed doors, their life is…strained.

Meeting Michael, a kind and openly gay—not to mention much older—man, gives Josiah a glimpse into a brighter, happier world. He loves Michael’s self-confidence and plethora of life stories. But it will take patience, planning, and more courage than Josiah thinks he has to finally break free from his old life and find real love with Michael.

Woods Ranch

Book 1: His Fresh Start Cowboy
Book 2: His Reluctant Cowboy

Publication Date 25/10/2022

My Review

A slow burn m/m story that i through enjoyed. Read it in one day as i couldn’t put it down.

Michael comes home after twenty years of being estranged with his father. The death of his mother was was the final straw in Michael’s decision to leave home. Being a gay man in a small town was nothing but trouble, fighting bullies in school to not being happy in himself had Michael constantly at war with himself.
But he’s home to look after his father and to also reevaluate his life. Being divorced and broke is bad enough, but Michael also misses his dog (which his husband got custody of!)
But he’s going to put his misery on hold for a while and look after his father (who has had a stroke)
Michael didn’t think he’d ever be back home again, but he doesn’t intend to be there forever….

Josiah Is a young man with a troubled past. His parents were killed in a hit and run, he’s lived on the streets for more years than he cares to remember, he’s lived and lost people he’s cared about. But Josiah is also living in a new and dangerous relationship, like vine with a man who could explode with a violent temper at any given moment has Josiah living in constant dread!

Josiah And Michael meet when Josiah applied to become Michael’s fathers caregiver (Josiah is a nurse who works for himself rather than in a hospital) both feel a little tug of interest, but Michael is nursing a broken heart and Josiah is too scared to leave his “lover”. This is going to be a employer/employee relationship only.

Both men are struggling with past baggage, Michael has a fear of commitment as the last man he loved threw him away (after taking his money and his invention) Josiah is just scared of letting anyone in, it’s easier to barter his body for board and lodgings.

Watching these two find themselves and each other was so sweet. Walls needed to come down, trust needed to be earned and they needed to forgive others and themselves.

But once they do find each other it’s not easy. The employee/employer status hangs between them. Past hurts need addressing and sorting.
There is also trust as past lives come knocking on Michael’s door. Can Josiah trust his heart to another man?
And will Michael want to live in this small town again?

This is book two in the series, I’ve not read book I’ve but it’s a book I’ve added to my TBR list.


About the Author

A.M. Arthur was born and raised in the same kind of small town she likes to write about, a stone’s throw from both the ocean and generational farmland. She’s been writing stories in her head since she was a child and scribbling them down nearly as long. When not exorcising the voices in her head, A.M. can be found in the kitchen experimenting with food and trying not to poison herself or others.

*arc supplied by NetGalley

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