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Arc Review

Knot Interested (Knotty & Sweet Omegaverse) by Crea Reitan


I moved to Howling Cove to get out from under the oppressive thumbs of the alphas that run the city I grew up in. Although Howling Cove only has a population of 11,000, I thought I should be able to blend right in as any other basic beta might. I find an apartment with a quirky ghost that overlooks the cove the town was named for and a job at a souvenir shop that hypes up the haunting lore of the cove to tourists.

Just as I’m finally feeling the freedom and peace I so desperately sought, I somehow catch the eye of the alpha pack. And although I think I can get away without much trouble and return to my anonymity, it’s their omega that stops me in my tracks when he gives me those big brown eyes and insists that I join their pack.

As I’m struggling to deny him, something is wrong at the cove. Something that’s ending in visitors coming out looking like they’ve been petrified, like vegetables, like something has broken their minds. Nobody can figure out what’s happening – but I think the ghost I live with might have some answers.

*This is a polyamorous story with content not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to graphic content.

Publication Date 12/1/2023

My Review

Knot Interested (Knotty & Sweet Omegaverse) by Crea Reitan

The book is set in the Omegaverse, and my understanding of that universe is it’s a normal world, but it’s made up of Alpha’s, Beta’s and Omega’s.
The Alphas are the dominants, the Beta’s can be sort of dominant and the Omega is the weakest of the bunch, the Omega’s are prized above all others and need care and attention.

But Katiya doesn’t belong to a city that cherish their Omega’s, they are tools or pawns to use and abuse, even Beta’s don’t fair that well. So Katiya needs to escape from that world…..

Moving to Howling Cove seems like a dream, it’s a great place to live, and with a job she loves, Katiya begins to breath again, but she’s aware Alphas live in the community, it’s only a matter of time before she’s made to live in a pack (and that’s her worst fear!)

I liked that the omega wasn’t the FMC it made it different to most other omegaverse books.
It’s also great that the pack is already established and not looking for another member.

The pack consists of males, and they are happy with the dynamic. The Center of their world is their Omega Gideon. There isn’t much they won’t do to keep him happy, so when the alphas notice Katiya, it will take patience and Gideon to convince her that not all Alpha’s are nasty!

I like that there is a mystery within the Cove as well as the love aspect.
People are claiming to see a monster that prowls the caves that surround Howling. And when people turn up injured, the pack will need the whole community to pull together to solve the mystery.

Luckily the ghost that Katiya lives with has some answers! (Oh did I forget to mention there is a ghost that talks to Katiya) 😉

It’s a great story, and I’ve read a few Omegaverse stories by different authors, this has to be my favourite so far.
Written really well, it’s told from the character’s points of view (not always my favourite way of telling stories) and although it’s told from their points of view, you don’t get muddled up (I think it helps that each chapter is given to a specific character)

So if you like read about the Omegaverse, I’d highly recommend you grab this and give it a try.


About the Author

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