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Tyrant (The Villetti Chronicles Book 1) by Sarah Bailey


What would you do if you killed someone?

Normal people wouldnโ€™t go running to the prodigal son of a mafia kingpin for help.
Iโ€™m not exactly normal.

The daughter of a gang leader embroiled in a turf war. One that has me caught in the crossfire. When you have nowhere else to turn, who better to protect you than someone your own father will never suspect.

Zayn Villetti isnโ€™t a man I should make a deal with. Especially not one involving becoming his little pet.
He demands I obey him in all things.
I’ve never been one to submit.

I have a feeling the man I’ve known most of my life will be my downfall. With his obligations to his family and my presence throwing his world into disarray. My question isโ€ฆ will I be his?

A dark age-gap romance set in Sarah Bailey’s Dark Universe. This is a standalone in an interconnected series.

This is a DARK romance and therefore comes with a content warning. Please see the author’s website for full details.

Publication Date 25/3/2022

Tyrant (The Villetti Chronicles Book 1) by Sarah Bailey

My Review

When Sarah writes a book, Iโ€™m first in line for a copy.

Her strong women characters never shy away from the tasks they need to do, and the men are just perfect book boyfriends ๐Ÿ˜‰

Zayn is a mafia prince, and with that comes a heap of responsibility (owner of a sex club?)

Arianna the daughter of a mobster

Zayn and Arianna have known each other for a while, so when Arianna gets into a spot of bother, she turns to the one person who she knows will help without question. What she doesnโ€™t bank on is the terms of his help!

With this book like most of the others that the author has written we get a build up of the woman in the book, they arenโ€™t weak and simpering flowers, most are strong individuals, the men in the books are protectors (alphas) but they value and nurture the women in their life.

The chemistry just burnt my kindle to ash! But itโ€™s more than that, I felt a connection with both the characters and with each other. The spicy scenes are hot and heavy, the kinks are out in full force (so Iโ€™d check the warnings first)

I love the authors previous series and really like her work, so I eagerly downloaded this one.

So it might not be the fairytale ending some people might have been hoping for, but itโ€™s a HFN (happy for now)


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