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Kindle Review


Mafia Vows: Dark Mafia Romance by L. Steele

“I think you will find it worth your time to listen to my proposition.”
“What is it?” I scowl.
“Marry me. Of course, it’s only an arrangement …”

Sebastian ‘grumphole’ Sovrano is ruthless, arrogant, and fixated on me.
The first time we meet at a bar I dump my drink all over him.
He’s grumpy, high-handed, full of himself, and…
So very appealing.
No way can I act on the attraction that sizzles between us, right?
But I need to get custody of my daughter,
And he promises to help me.
Provided I pose as his wife.
Only problem?
I can’t resist his mean smirk, his wickedness that appeals to the darkness inside of me.
But when he discovers my secret, the tables are turned.
Now my fake husband is also my worst enemy…

A single mother who’ll do anything for her child’s happiness confronts the big bad mafia prince and teaches him the meaning of love in this stand alone, enemies to lovers to enemies, hate-filled romance, with an HEA.

Mafia Vows: Dark Mafia Romance by L. Steele

Publication Date 21/4/2022

My Review

As with most of this authors books, you can always rely on the MC to be an arrogant alphahole (yes that’s a word the author uses a lot)

And Sebastian is definitely one of those, but as with her other characters he’s had a side few ever see…..

The arranged marriage series has different couples, but should really be read in order to appreciate the ongoing story that run ms in the background.,

One of my favourite tropes “enemies to lovers” the hate these display for one another has you hiding behind your kindle, but when that turns into passion!!! 🥵 you’d better have a fire blanket to put out those flames 🔥

This book runs alongside her “billionaire series” and we’ve had plenty of hints at Seb, through those books and the previous “arranged marriage” series, but nothing with prepare yourself for Sebastian!

Elsa is just a great foil for our alphahole, she’s determined, resourceful and isn’t shy when telling him how she feels about.

A single mother with a daughter (who steals the show and my heart) she would do anything for. Elsa is trying to give her daughter a better life. A survivor of domestic abuse, Elsa wants more out of life, and boy does she get it with Sebastian!!

An arrangement is made to secure Elsa’s daughter from falling into her ex’s hands (he wants sole custody) Sebastian will marry Elsa. But with the arrange series, there is always a catch…..

I have to admit I liked this book, it’s been a while since I connected with the characters and the storyline, I like my smut (but even I need a story to follow) but when you start skipping pages, then that’s when I have issues.

I didn’t skip a single page, I did devour this book in one sitting.

So can Sebastian really become a father/husband material? Or will his possessive nature drive the woman he’s falling for away? And can Elsa be brave enough to ask for what she really wants?


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