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Make Me Dream (Oil Barrons Book 4) by Marie Johnston


Being ghosted by my best friend’s brother was easier to get over than the pink positive sign I got six weeks later.

With our ten-year age difference, I didn’t think I was more to Stetson Barron than his little sister’s quirky best friend, the one with store-bought hair color and thrifted clothing. Until one hot summer night at his cousin’s wedding when I climbed him like a water tower.

And then he didn’t talk to me for weeks afterward.

A pink plus sign and a panic attack later, the trailer house I share with my mom burns down. Stetson shows up at the ER like a country knight on a diesel-powered steed, arranges a place for my mom to stay, and takes me home with him.

The weeks of radio silence after our hookup have left me wary. Being with Stetson should be a fantasy come to life, but I’m waiting for my prince to ride away. I’m not the type of woman his parents want him to be with, and they’d rather pretend there’s no baby than welcome me to the family. My mom was in the same situation once, and I’ve learned her lesson—alone is better than abandoned.

When Stetson is forced to choose between his new family unit and old family expectations, will he prove to be the man of my dreams? Or am I in for a heart-breaking wake-up call?

Publication Date 6/12/2022

Make Me Dream (Oil Barrons Book 4) by Marie Johnston

My Review

This book can be read without reading the previous books (that’s what I’ve done) I don’t think it makes a lot of difference (but apparently this couple gets together in the last book)

Unexpected pregnancy/age gap romance/small town romance/forbidden romance (best friends brother)

I’d heard about Stetson in a previous series (?) and to be honest I wasn’t too enamoured with, he’d seemed like a self centred type of guy! And as I began to read this book, my opinion of him wasn’t too high! (His mother dictates all of his actions!) But give it a chance….. it turns out to be a really good read.

The Barron family are treated like royalty in their home town, and that gives Stetson the appearance of a spoiled rich kid! But underneath the facade is a man who wants to be seen and loved for who and not what he is! It’s easier to give into family notions and pressures than buck the trend……

Lyric isn’t from the right side of the tracks, she might (just) be good enough for Stetson’s little sister to be friends with, but dating/marriage, no, definitely not good enough!

But an unexpected problem has occurred from their hot night together….. an unexpected pregnancy!!

How will Stetson react when Lyric finally plucks up the courage to tell him?

I grew to like the couple as I read the book. They’ve both had a hard time pulling away from their families. Lyric has a carefree attitude to life which is the complete opposite of Stetson, he really was a jerk sometimes, and you just wanted to shake some sense into him..

So can this couple overcome their own insecurities, his families interference and the town’s expectations? Or will it all be just too much for them?

I’m going to go back and read this series and there is a few things that apparently roll through this series 🤔 I love the author’s paranormal series, but her contemporary books are becoming a one click.


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