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Arc Review

House of Wyn (The Harem Project) by Crea Reitan


Monsters were real. And they were evil.

My husband had me convinced that we were ridding the world of those monsters. The horrors that prey on the innocent. The darkness that shouldn’t exist.

But then I saw that the true monster was my husband, and I ran.

I was brought to a safe house called The Harem Project. Here I found it in the five men of the House of Wyn. Five men who weren’t men at all. They threw a wrench in my contract but for some reason, I still agreed.

I’m finally learning to be happy. Learning the truth of what’s living in the open if I were only to properly look. Learning the truth about ORKA and the kind of man my ex-husband is. Learning that sometimes it takes five men to make you whole.

As it turned out, I didn’t run far enough. My ex found me and he wasn’t about to let me live. Now I’m in a cage with the promise of death looming over me.

My name is Jennings.

I’m human.

And I’m praying to whatever is out there that my new husbands can find me before my ex feeds me to something ORKA has been torturing for years. I hear it screaming down the hall and I swear, I can already feel it sucking on my soul.

This is a polyamorous story with content not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes and situations.

Publication Date 24/11/2022

House of Wyn (The Harem Project) by Crea Reitan

My Review

The house of Wyn is a continuation in the Harem series, I’ve not read the previous two but I don’t think I missed anything.

Jennings works with ORKA (an organisation which deals with monsters!)

She never thought she’d meet let alone work with monsters (although she deals with dead ones!) But her life revolves around her work now, she married the man who rescued her one night, and now it’s all she knows. But slowly Jennings discovers things around her that have her unsettled…..

Things come to a head when her husband tells her that they torture the monsters to learn more about their kind!

Unable to comprehend all that goes on at work, Jennings needs to get out! And needs to escape her work environment and her husband!

The house of Wyn is full of monsters, so Jennings does wonder if she’s left the frying pan and jumped onto the fire! Surely it’s not safe being around them? But the more Jennings interacts with the men of Wyn, the more she’s drawn to them…. All of them!

Lieke/Loyal/Meir/Ansel/Liev are the house of Wyn, they’ve been together for a while, but always searching for the last one to complete their family. And when Lieke first meets her, he’s struck by how he feels about, how protective he feels for the human female who’s come looking for sanctuary. But he’s going to have to go slow, he feels she’s scared and will need time to adjust.

Once they realise that Jennings is the one for them, nothing is going to keep them from claiming her.

But love isn’t always easy, so when her husband comes looking for her, she’s going to have be strong, and her new husbands will have a fight on their hands to keep her…..

I’m definitely interested in popping back to visit book one and two in the series.

A read I’d highly recommend. This author is becoming a favourite of mine, her works are just full of crazy/likeable/unstable characters. Her worlds are full of #whychoose themes. The men/monsters/demons aren’t always nice, but the ones that are, well they are just so protective and dominant 😉


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Crea’s Godlings –; please visit my website for full list of content and warnings:

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