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The Dragon’s Pledge (Jade Dragon Shifter Brothers Book 1) by Marie Johnston



The next time my brother says “Hey, I’ve got an idea,” I need to run, not walk away. I might be from a dragon shifter ruling family, but I’m not demanding a female mate with me. Yet taking my time and winning her over is going nowhere. So far, I’ve punched my card as the older neighbor who’s way too nosy about the young female next door. Then I hear about what she’s got planned. And I’m faced with giving her what she needs and letting her walk away, even at the cost of the useless beating organ in my chest.


Mate Ronan Jade, they said. It’ll be a good match, they said. The older shifter is a walking poster of smoldering, hardworking male. He swings a hammer all day and at night… Well, that thought dominates my mind more than I’d like. The problem is that he’s a great match. Superb. And I’m an inexperienced female trying to rule my clan. It’d be too easy to let him in. To let him take over. To allow him to dominate. So I try to find another mate instead. Only Ronan finds me first.

Publication Date 22/8/2022

The Dragon’s Pledge (Jade Dragon Shifter Brothers Book 1) by Marie Johnston

My Review

This is a spin off from the Silver Dragon Shifter Brothers Series, a three book series.

Brighton we’ve meet in the previous series, it’s not necessary to read that series, but you’ll get a little more background. (But this book does supply a few moments from Brighton’s life?)

She’s the youngest ever ruler of her clan, she’s also the first female to rule. But not everyone agreed with the decision and she’s has to fight to keep her leadership. (That’s how we met her, the dragons in her clan were turning rogue and injured a Silver clan member)

Ronan is brother to both Lachlan and Venus (Lachlan is the clan leader, Venus mated Penn from the Silver clan)

We met him briefly in the previous series, we don’t know too much about him, but i got the impression he wasn’t too impressed with Brighton and her clan.

But after the Silver clan step in to help Brighton, and the Jade clan offer their support in rebuilding Brighton’s town.

It’s in a sorry state, neglected and falling apart, Ronan is there as both potential mate and contractor.

It’s not love at first sight, it’s not even a like! But when an alliance is needed to help Brighton keep her clan, Ronan is drafted in!

The fireworks between these two characters just light the pages up. They bicker and banter until a moment has them rethinking they could just make this arrangement work. But someone still wants Brighton’s leadership!

I love these stories, short with plenty of action, angst and storyline to make you wish they were longer.

Brighton although inexperienced and young, her determination to make her family proud is strong (she lost her parents and older sister in an accident, which we find out wasn’t an accident!)

So can Ronan and Brighton put their differences aside and build this clan back up? Can they find a truce and maybe go from there?


*arc supplied the author

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