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Saving Valentine’s Day : A Small Town Firefighter Romance (Eden Mountain Firefighters) by Jenna Gunn


She’s put off by his bad boy reputation. He’s amused by her take charge attitude. When a blizzard delivers them the quirkiest Valentine’s Day ever, will flakes be the only things falling? 

Nolene- ♥

Worst day ever. I got ditched by my date. Then I really hit rock bottom. 

Spending Valentine’s night in my car, alone in a whiteout, was so not on my to do list. 

Neither was losing my head over the town’s heartthrob firefighter. Thanks, Cupid! 

But when the snow melts, I’ll go back to my normal boring life and he will probably be the one that got away… got away with my heart.  


What kind of crazy woman drives in a blizzard? 

Apparently a cute, sassy one with daggers in her pretty eyes. 

I took the Valentine shift at the fire department because dating isn’t high on my priority list. And somehow I end up on the weirdest Valentine’s date known to man. 

But I’m not in the market for love. I’ve got a ranch and a firefighting job filling my days and nights. 

If only Cupid hadn’t struck and left me to wonder what it would be like to fill that ranch house full of love…

Saving Valentine’s Day, a Novella set in 1975, is full of quirky twists, sizzling heat, and a surprise chance at love for Eden’s heartthrob firefighter and the town’s sassy, determined hairdresser. 

If you’ve read the Eden Mountain Firefighters you’ll recognize these two as the adorable parents of the five Strong brothers. This book can be read as a standalone or as the introduction to the Eden Mountain Firefighters Series. You’ll find no cheating or cliffhangers in any of my books.

Curl up and enjoy the ride as this couple braves the Valentine’s date they never saw coming.

Saving Valentine’s Day : A Small Town Firefighter Romance (Eden Mountain Firefighters) by Jenna Gunn

Publication Date 27/1/2022

My Review 

This book takes you back to the beginning of the “Eden Mountain Firefighters” series. 

It’s the parents story, so you call it a prequel. 

I’ve not read the previous books, but after reading this one, I’m definitely adding the series to my list 😊

Nolene is Eden’s hairdresser, a fun but feisty young woman. She thinks her day can’t get any worse, being dumped by her boyfriend on Valentines Day is nothing short of humiliating and annoying. But being caught in a blizzard and her car almost being run off the road just tops this bad day off! 

Being rescued by a hunky fireman would have been nice, if only it wasn’t him! 

Martin works as a firefighter for the same town. A rancher by day, his nights are filled with one night stands or firefighting. He doesn’t need or want a permanent relationship, but when he “bumps” into Nolene in a blizzard, he may just have to rethink his ideas! 

Spending time together at the ranch, this couple fight their feelings for one another, Martin doesn’t want to settle down yet, and Nolene has heard about this rancher’s reputation, there is no way she wants to be just another notch on his belt! 

It was great reading about the past couple, it might not be set in modern times (70’s) but the steam level certainly is 😆 

It’s really well written, and you can’t help but hope Martin sorts his act out and doesn’t mess up the relationship, and you definitely get the feel for this town. 

So can this couple make a go of this fragile new relationship? Or will they both go their separate ways once the snow has melted and they can return to the town of Eden and their own lives? 


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