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Hit by the Cupid Stick by Abigail Owen


All’s fair in love and…whatever this is.

This Valentine’s Day, when a cupid accidentally shoots himself with his own arrow, he falls for a siren whose only job is to lure men to their deaths.

Charismatic and irresistibly fun, Chance Eroson is a cupid who gets a kick from pairing odd couples and being right about them. Used to getting his way, the only person who shuts him down is the siren who has ruined more than one of his pairings before they started. But his bigger problem is he wants her. He’s always wanted her.

Elodie Sirenian uses her power for good, only hunting evil men. But after so long, and so many horrible people, her cynicism has settled deep inside. She can turn on the charm when she doesn’t mean it, and they fall for it. Every single one. Every single time.

Except Chance. He’s the only person—man or god—who has ever challenged her.

But a cupid’s magic is temporary. There’s no way a true love match is possible. Not this time.

Hit by the Cupid Stick by Abigail Owen

Publication Date 1/2/2022

My Review 

Hit by the Cupid Stick is part of the Brimstone Inc series, it’s not necessary to read the others in this series (I’ve only read two books in this series before this one) 

Chance is a Cupid, not a cute little angel with wings and a bow (a huge misconception his race have to contend with!) but a strapping god that wears suits and a smile that makes women go weak at the knees. 

Elodie was born and raised a siren. Luring men to their deaths is not just a job for her, it also feeds the monster that lives within her. Except Ellie (Elodie) only uses her gifts for catching evil men, those that prey on others, those men Ellie is happy to kill. Using her gifts on a daily basis has made her jaded, love is for fools….

Both have feelings for one another, they’ve known each other for a long time, a little flirting here and there, but mainly staying away from one another’s business. Chance thinks Ellie is amazing, but she’s not going to look at someone who is in the love business! And Ellie tries not to think of Chance if she can help it. Why would he look at someone who kills? 

This couple shouldn’t have worked. But it did, and it works really well. Opposites might attract, but when you throw in an accidental arrow finding a wrong target, then you can be assured chaos will soon ensue….

It’s funny, it’s cheesy, and so sweet it may leave you with toothache. 😉 A little angst, but it only adds to this books charm. 

I have to admit, I love reading Abigail Owen’s books. Her Infernos Rising and Fire’s Edge series are two of my favourite series to read again and again. 

She mixed magic with supernatural and just a sprinkling of mythology and another (although short) story is born. 

There are characters that have been in previous books (which was lovely catching up with) who pop in and try to help this couple as they navigate the choppy waters of love. Elodie thinks the love arrow will wear off soon, Chance knows better…..

Can he convince his Siren to give them a chance? His previous matches might have been odd couples, but they’ve worked. So it stands to reason that they’ve got a pretty good chance, right? 

If your a fan of this author, grab it. If you love Paranormal Romance then grab it. And if your a fan of themed (Valentines Day) romances, then this one will have you smiling most of the way through it. 


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