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Vampire Valentine by Lauren Smith


How bad can a blind date with a vampire really be?
The last thing Ryan Harding needs is his brother setting him up on dates with random women. Yes, he’s been avoiding relationships and burying himself in work, but come on, a blind date? Surely things aren’t that desperate. Still…the cute blonde at the bar is pretty amazing. Kind of sexy as hell. Why did he think a blind date was so bad again?

Grace Stanhope has no interest in dating mortals, but she owes her best friend one hell of a favor. A blind date with a human can’t be all that bad right? She might even have a nice time…but oh god is he three of her most favorite things? Tall, dark, AND handsome!?!

Before the night is through, sparks fly, spells are cast, and this blind date just might have a bite to it…

Publication Date 12/2/2023

Vampire Valentine by Lauren Smith

My Review

Grace is a 160 year old vampire, who is about to go on a blind date with a human!

Reading that, I wasn’t expecting much of a story. It’s a Valentine story, yawn!!

But get past the first chapter and something happens that will have you inhaling the book until it’s done. It’s only 133 pages (9 chapters) long, so it won’t take long. But nothing is missing, nothing is skipped, and you won’t feel cheated (you’ll only want it to last a little longer 😉)

Grace and Ryan are a great couple, once we get past the cheese that Valentine’s seems to bring out in people, you’ll enjoy the interaction and chemistry between the two characters.

Grace has loved and lost lovers before, so she’s hesitant to let love in again….

Ryan lives to work, he throws himself into his job (?) he doesn’t want or need that special someone in his life, and he certainly doesn’t need his brother fixing group in a blind date thank you very much. Although when he spots his date at the bar, he’s not so certain 😉

Meeting up for a blind date on Valentine’s Day could have had disastrous consequences, but the couple hit it off.

But someone wants to split the new couple up! Who and why?

I’ve read a few of the author’s historical books (loved them) I’ve read and loved her contemporary romances, but as I’m a PNR (paranormal romance) reader, and

I love her PNR works.

So can a vampire and a workaholic really make a go of it? Or will Grace have cold feet? Does she really want to see another lover grow old and die? And can Ryan leave his laptop alone for long enough to embrace a little fun and romance?


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