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Terror by Crea Reitan


There are beings in this world that are the embodiment of fear itself – we call them Terrors.

Already an outcast shunned beyond the edge of town, I’m regularly ridiculed for my ungainly appearance. In this time of darkness, I simply do what is necessary to survive—like inviting in strangers who come knocking.

Which is what happened with The Unwanted—a Terror so cruel that if you turn him away, he will rip out your eyes before eating your heart.

My act of kindness has entrenched me into an even darker world of monsters like no other. It’s made all the more terrifying because I don’t understand the language the Terrors speak.

As the Order of Ipsom launches a campaign to end the Terrors, the world turns medieval as fear grips the land. Fires burn the forests, screams fill the air, all while the Guardians try to kill the unkillable.

But I’m not immortal. And I might just become collateral damage.

Publication Date 23/2/2023

Terror by Crea Reitan

My Review

Is there nothing this author can’t turn her pen too? Steampunk/Omegaverse/Reverse Harem/

her stories are all different (a lot of authors just swap names and churn another book out!) and they just drawn you in.

My heart just broke reading Voe’s hard life. Being horrifically injured and disfigured as a child (a bakery accident) Voe has had nothing but contempt and hatred thrown at her, all she is good for is ridicule and derision! Her trek to the local village is nothing short of an ordeal for Voe……

Unwanted has known nothing but justice, well his type of justice. Turn him away at your peril, no one has ever invited him into their homes. His punishment is not for the squeamish nor the faint hearted (triggers are given) and he’s expecting the same from the owner of the isolated cottage…..

Our “monster” is a Terror (Terrors are monsters that roam the night) each monster has an ability that they use to punish the corrupt. They aren’t men that turn into monsters, they are monsters, more limbs and appendages than you can count.

So when Voe invited the Terror into her home, she’s not sure what to expect. So she feeds him and tries to communicate with him. The food is eaten, but the language barrier is a problem.

She also doesn’t expect kindness and understanding from the Terror, he sees her scars and finds her beautiful anyway.

And when they give into the chemistry that is between them, both are shocked! Want (shoe fir Unwanted) needs to show off this wondrous creature with his pack of Terror’s….

As Loop/Warp and a host of Terrors meet Voe, they are struck at how age can be with a Terror, they too want Voe! And suddenly she’s being shared by the Terrors! (She’s writes about multiple partners, so why should this book be any different 😉)

The fact Voe and the Unwanted don’t really understand one another was a little frustrating, I had hoped a mind link would occur and they could understand one another.

I liked how Unwanted saw Voe as a copy of himself (he sews pieces of flesh onto his own body) she’s scarred, he’s scarred, he’s fascinated with her, she’s still terrified of him, but he does look at her with disgust.

But the Order of Ipsom want the Terrors gone, they are a religious order that bring their own form of justice to the villages. They want the villagers to rise up and kill the Terrors. But it’s not going to be an easy feat!

The Guardian is a type of law enforcer, they also uphold the laws brought in by the Order of Ipsom.

So how can one woman save these creatures? She has no powers, and she tries to save both the villagers and the Terrors. But neither really understand her nor do they want to stray from their paths.

It’s another great story from this author , I couldn’t put it down.

So if your a fan of gothic horror with a little romance thrown in for good measure this is a book you’ll enjoy.

And for fans of the author, you won’t be disappointed.

Another highly recommended book from this author.


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