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A Tale of Steam & Cinders by Crea Reitan


Magic is old. Steam is progressive. And the world is falling into waste.

Hopefully I leave a positive mark when I’m gone. I spend my days building wonders and use every bit I can while trying to control my runoff. I’m just one person, but I don’t want to contribute to the cause of killing our world. Despite the global pollution crisis, my life is simple, peaceful, and happy.

And then it’s turned into an epic journey as I’m sent on a mission of hope to collaborate on reinventing the steam engine in an effort to slow the destruction of the only planet we have. With little time to prepare, I’m sent across the country to a convention promising to be filled with the most brilliant minds.

On my way, I gather some new companions, nearly drown in a magical storm summoned by monstrous sea creatures, and rediscover a lost race of dangerous abominations that had been thought extinct. Only then do I make it to the remote island thinktank.

But it looks like maybe my troubles are just beginning.


This is a polyamorous story with content not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes and situations.

A Tale of Steam & Cinders by Crea Reitan

Publication Date 2/2/2023

My Review

I didn’t think I’d like this story, I haven’t read steampunk in a while (it wasn’t really my thing at the time!) but as I’ve read a lot of the authors work, I thought I’d give it a go….

Amandine wants to make a difference in her world. It’s a world run on steam (but the pollution this generates is killing the planet) she lives a happy but simple life. Being sent on a mission to reinvent the steam engine to pump out less toxic waste is the challenge. But the real challenge is getting to the convention is an adventure in itself!

I throughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s totally different from what the author usually produces. Yes, it’s steamier than her usual work and there might be a few moments that might have some readers putting the book down! But if you check the warnings first, I promise you a fun filled ride.

The characters are slightly different from her usual characters. (Most of her other stories live in an Omegaverse)

This is a why choose story (the female main character will have more than one partner)

And most of the male characters in this book are already established as couples, so you have to wonder how Ama will fit in!

And everyone has a point of view that we get to read.

I did like Amandine, she’s a strong and inventive character, she doesn’t shy away from danger, nor does she shy away from going after what she wants 😉

My favourite characters had to be Sevyn and Ledger, they were always looking out and caring for the group.

I also enjoyed meeting characters that will become family to Ama.

There is laughter, there is plenty of spice. I really liked the twists that would catch you unawares.

And don’t forget the double crossing and greed that comes with most good adventure stories.

Well written, but there are a few places that the story gets a little bogged down, but overall a pretty good paced story.

I recommend this book if your a lover of multiple partners. A reader who likes steam, or even a reader who likes an adventure to her love story. There is something there for everyone


If you would like to stay up to date on this series, join her Facebook group to get teasers and information first!

Crea’s Godlings –; please visit her website for full list of content and warnings:

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