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The Shadow of Theron (Age of Shadows Book 1) by Kathryn Troy


The powers of old are fading. A new Age is dawning.

Holy relics are all that remain of Theron’s sacred legend.

Now those relics, the enchanted weapons forged by the Three-Faced Goddess to help Theron defeat the wicked Sorcerer Argoss, are disappearing.

Lysandro knows the village magistrate Marek is responsible, and he searches for proof disguised as the masked protector the Shadow of Theron.

But when Marek wounds him with an accursed sword that shouldn’t exist, Lysandro must find a way to stop Marek from gaining any more artifacts created by the Goddess or her nemesis.

The arrival of the beautiful newcomer Seraphine, with secrets of her own, only escalates their rivalry.

As the feud between Lysandro and Marek throws Lighura into chaos, a pair of priestesses seeks to recover the relics and return them to safekeeping. But the stones warn that Argoss is returning, and they must race to retrieve Theron’s most powerful weapon.

While they risk their lives for a legend, only one thing is certain. The three temples to the Goddess have been keeping secrets: not just from the faithful, but from each other.

Publication Date 28/2/2023

The Shadow of Theron (Age of Shadows Book 1) by Kathryn Troy

My Review

Another magical read for me. And I loved it. Although a little slow and confusing in the beginning, it’s worth continuing as it’s a really good read.

Written really well, plenty of descriptions and feelings put into this book.

A little Zorro in places, he fights for justice wearing a mask, Lysandro wants answers and thinks Marek knows the answers to his questions.

Seraphine becomes entangled in the two’s world, she’s not a pushover by any means. She’s not impressed with Marek (who really is a nasty person) but with Lysandro that’s a whole different story, how she didn’t guess Lysandro wasn’t Theron I’ll never know (but look at the weak guise superman/Clark Kent used!) and her reaction when she finally knows the truth was a little overboard.

Both Lysandro and Marek make a play for Seraphine, but it’s Lysandro that wins her heart, but it’s not an easy task, it might be love at first sight for Lysandro, but it took a little time to convince her 😆

There are triggers in this book, it’s a dark fantasy with a splash of romance. There is mentioning a of rape (not the MFC) there is a hanging scene, and scenes of torture! But the violence is kept to a minimum, and for those who don’t like bad language, that’s hardly used.

Can Lysandro find the missing relics that will help him overcome evil? Can he convince Sera to give them a chance, and if she does, then will they be able to stay together? Will he ever find the mystical items to help him beat the evil Sorcerer?

I really enjoyed the book. So I’d recommend this one to those who enjoy action and adventure with a little romance.


Meet the Author

I’m an historian by day, a novelist and baker by night. I like to write what I read – fantasy, romantic fantasy, gothic fiction, historical fiction, mystery, paranormal, horror, and weird fiction. In nonfiction, my research interests include Spiritualism, the history of the North American Indian, and issues of race, class, and gender in the West as well as the gothic/weird/occult traditions from around the globe in all cultural outlets (literature, film, folklore, etc.)

When I’m not writing or reading or teaching, I’m either playing a video game, or a board game, or watching a horror movie, making croissants, or adding some new weird creepy cool thing to my art collection. I love to travel and learn new languages, and… oh! Have fun with my adoring hubby and kids, of course.

Published by jab1969

Hi I’m an avid reader. I also write reviews for the books I read. Come in and say hi. You can find me on GoodReads, Bookbub, and NetGalley 👩🏻‍💻 I also review on an awesome site The Reading Cafe (run by Barb and Sandy) Here is where you can find my reviews…. GoodReads: Blog: Amazon: Bookbub: BooksBooksandmoreBooks FB page: TikTok Instagram Twitter Link <img src=""

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