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House of Igarashi: part 1 (The Harem Project) by Crea Reitan


There is beauty in a perfect storm – even in its violent destruction.

I’ve always been a part of the world of monsters. Storms thrive on the energy of other storms. In many ways, all monsters are perfect storms.

That’s why they’re hunted.

Content with a life of work and friends, I somehow find myself falling for the eleven gorgeous storms of House Igarashi. Settling in with them is natural, as if I’ve always been missing these pieces and suddenly I can take a breath of fresh hair.

And then the Division of Silence threatens to take it all away.

My name is Hadley. I am a lightning storm. If I lose even a single one of my men, I’m going to bring this world to its knees with blinding fury from the sky.

This is a polyamorous story with content not intended for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes and situations.

Publication Date 16/3/2023

House of Igarashi: part 1 (The Harem Project) by Crea Reitan

My Review

This is the 4th book in The Harem Project series, and it sees the house of Igarashi longing for their last partner to complete their family. 

Most of the book revolves around Hadley and Bronte, we do get to see the others in this house, but mainly it’s those two we focus on. 

Hadley is a great character, she’s feisty, she’s not shy in making sure she gets what she wants. 

Bronte loves his job, helping families find their missing pieces. But as another family finds the last piece to their puzzle, it makes a point to Bronte, it just points out that they are missing a “wife”! He’s beginning to resent the other families their happiness! He’s convinced that the next person to walk through that door will be the one for them! 

Getting to know the group of men in the Igarashi family, just seems so right, so natural. Hadley feels like she’s known them forever. Could it really be that easy? Not if the Division of Silence have anything to with it! 

You don’t need to read this series in order, I’ve read one or two of these books out of order and it really doesn’t make a difference. 

It does end on a cliffhanger, which is unusual for this author, but being a family of 12! I suppose it takes a little longer to tell this story. It it’s a cliffhanger ending that will have you wanting the next book NOW! 

Another great book from one of my favourite authors. I loved Bronte and Hadley, I would have liked more page space with the other characters in the book, so I’m hoping book two will give them some pages. 


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