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Alice Takes Back Wonderland 2: Alice and the Ice Queen by David D. Hammons


Alice has returned, and Wonderland is covered in snow.

An icy wind pulls Alice and Peter Pan back into Wonderland through a mirror-like portal, trapping Peter in a frozen palace.

After Snow White informs Alice that all of Wonderland is in danger, Alice joins forces with Don Quixote, Hanno of Carthage, Long the Dragon, Snegurochka, and many more legends both new and old to save Peter Pan before Wonderland is lost.

Publication Date 25/11/2022

Alice Takes Back Wonderland 2: Alice and the Ice Queen by David D. Hammons

My Review

This is the second book in the series, I’d recommend you read book one before opening book two.

Alice and Peter are together in the real world, living their best lives. Growing up together, life seems too god to be true…..

This one I felt a little older than the first book.

It’s a great read, throughly engaging and plenty of action and adventure. I’ll have to admit I did like the first on a little more. But it’s still a great read.

I did find Alice a little hard going in places, she can’t commit, she won’t look forward to either a future or even tomorrow. When Peter asks her about what she wants to do, she becomes frustrated, and when Snow White asks her to become Queen of Wonderland to unite the realm, Alice doesn’t really want to do it. I understand that for years she was told what to think and feel.

After Peter is sucked back into Wonderland, Alice has no choice but to rescue Peter.

But how can she rescue him when she’s not sure where she is? It looks like Wonderland, but it’s covered in snow…..

Meeting Don Quixote, they set about trying to figure out in which direction they need to go to free Peter Pan. Along the way, Alice explains why Wonderland might be different from when she left it. Don tells her what happened after they left.

We catch up with Snow White, who tells her that the Ice Queen now controls Wonderland, but it’s worse than that, NeverLand and Grimm are also in danger, it looks like Alice is going to have to battle a new foe! Her friends want her to be queen! She’s not cut out to lead, she o it wants to rescue Peter ad go home.

We catch up with a few characters from the previous book, we also meet new adversaries and allies in this book.

I love Snow White and her dwarves, they have a few lines that will have you chuckling.

Battles come thick and fast, a few twists and turns will keep you reading this book well past your bedtime.

A highly recommended read.


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