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Hi I’m an avid reader. I also write reviews for the books I read. Come in and say hi. You can find me on GoodReads, Bookbub, and NetGalley 👩🏻‍💻 I also review on an awesome site The Reading Cafe (run by Barb and Sandy) So ........ More about me 🤨 I’m almost 50 🤫 I’ve been married (for 27 years) I have a 30 year old son. I had a daughter, I lost her a week before her 21st birthday 😥 and it’s been 5 years since she’s been gone (and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her) I work as a salad 🥗 chef 👩‍🍳 in a restaurant, haven’t been there long (before that I worked in Tesco) a large supermarket in the UK. I also like to make craft items (and if your really lucky) and I’ll try to post my efforts on here 😉 My daughter loved butterflies (so part of my blog name is dedicated to her) I’ve taken on her love of butterflies (I have several tattoos) so I’m probably going to throw quiet a few butterflies on here 😉 I LOVE PENGUINS 🐧 💕so I’m also going to be putting a few on here (my library holds a few) 😉 <img src=""

Kindle Review….. Valen (Guardians of Hades Romance Series Book 2) by Felicity Heaton👩🏻‍💻

Valen (Guardians of Hades Romance Series Book 2) by Felicity Heaton 


Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Lightning, Valen was banished from his home by his father, Hades, two centuries ago and given a new duty and purpose—to keep our world and his from colliding in a calamity foreseen by the Moirai.

Together with his six brothers, he fights to defend the gates to the Underworld from daemons bent on breaching them and gaining entrance to that forbidden land, striving to protect his home from their dark influence. Cursed by Zeus to never know love again, Valen has brought up barriers around his heart to protect it, but with each new barrier he creates, the dark hold his power has over him grows, becoming all he needs.

Until the night he finally crosses paths with the assassin who has been watching him from the shadows, a bewitching mortal possessing the name of an angel and the skills of a devil—a woman who awakens his passionate heart and stirs dangerous desires.

Eva has built a fearsome reputation for herself in Italy’s underworld, but her latest job in her beloved city of Rome has left her feeling that she has stepped into a dangerous world and this mission might end in her death—either at the hands of her mysteriously seductive client or by the blade of the wickedly alluring warrior who is her target.

As the threat from the daemons escalates and more than just the Rome gate becomes their target, will Valen be strong enough to face the fears in his heart and the ghosts of his past to claim everything he desires or will they lure him deeper under their spell and into the darkness?

Guardians of Hades romance series:

Book 1: Ares

Book 2: Valen

Book 3: Esher

Book 4: Marek

Book 5: Calistos

Book 6: Daimon 

Book 7: Keras 

Publication date 25/2/2017 *

My Review…… 

Book two sees us with Valen in Rome where he lives and guards his gate. His hands are lethal weapons, he can command lightning like his uncle Zeus. 

“The tiny bolts of lightning that leaped between his fingertips chased upwards and burrowed into his skin beneath his long black cotton coat, and his eyelids slid to half-mast as warmth suffused his flesh and sank deep into his bones.

Sweet gods, it felt good.

Always did. Always would.

He let his power flow through him, coaxing it to chase along his skin just beneath the surface, cajoling it into doing his bidding in order to have that momentary high, that sweet, sweet buzz that he had come to crave ever since he had been banished to this fucking hellhole known as Earth, kicked from his home in the Underworld by his father.” Excerpt From


But he hates it here on Earth, he wants to go home and live in peace in his own little part of the underworld. But until then he begrudgingly protects those who live there. 

Eva (or Angel as she’s also known as) is an assassin for hire, good at her job, but her latest target has her puzzled, why would the job change from information only to capture? It doesn’t make any sense! 

He’s being hunted, and for a while now, the cat and mouse he is playing with his little assassin is his only joy, well that and killing daemons that try to use the gate. And the electricity that runs through his body. 

Luring her into a trap was easy enough, sending her back to her boss was a piece of cake, but what he didn’t bank on was the feelings she drew from him. He knew she would be trouble (his mother had spoken to him a cryptic message) but he didn’t realise how much! 

Eva isn’t happy at finding out she’s been played by her boss. So she plans to talk to her mark, that takes her down a path that totally confuses her!! 

The pair then plan to work together, trying to keep it professional on both sides proves hard, in fact downright difficult, the attraction between the two is off the scale….. 

Must admit, meeting Valen in the first book “Ares”, you just want to smack Valen, his attitude towards his brothers is antagonistic, his hatred towards his father is palpable, but the loathing for his Uncle Zeus borders on the verge of War!! But you also get a sense of loneliness from him. You the camaraderie between his brothers, why is he being left out? Why does his mother spend more time with him than his brothers? 

The sparks between Valen and Eva is electric, almost from the beginning you see Valen fight his attraction to Eva, his feelings of being unworthy of love. 

The history behind the scar he wears on his face, changes how you view him. You can’t help but want to offer him comfort.

And Eva, she’s awesome, a fighter, a heroine with a brain and a kicka$$ attitude. She’s definitely a match for Valen. 

She freaks out initially when she sees all the things going on in the book,(but who wouldn’t?) but it not long till Eva is back and fighting alongside Valen. 

“It hadn’t been difficult to find the villa based on the information Eva had given to him, or at least it shouldn’t have been. Feeling the wards on his apartment trigger and returning to find her gone, and no trace of the scent of daemon in the area, had sent him off the deep end a little, and screwed with his senses.

The need to take her back, to protect her and keep her safe, and to destroy whoever stood in his path, was strong, commanding him against his will to shake the earth and the sky, unleashing his fury on this world.

It had taken him twenty minutes of going in circles, draining his strength by frantically stepping from one spot to the next across the valley, before he had finally calmed enough that he could focus and use his senses again.

The moment they had cleared, he had caught the coppery stench of daemons in the air, and had known exactly where to go.” Excerpt From Valen

The plot thickens, a battle in Ares book ends with the daemon that was trying to kill Megan dying himself. But not before telling the brothers that trouble is coming, and a silhouette of a man with purple eyes watching them ….. 

I like the series immensely, and I can’t wait for the next book. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review…. Ares (Guardians of Hades Romance Series Book 1) by Felicity Heaton👩🏻‍💻

Ares (Guardians of Hades Romance Series Book 1) by Felicity Heaton.


Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Fire, Ares was banished from his home by his father, Hades, two centuries ago and given a new duty and purpose—to keep our world and his from colliding in a calamity foreseen by the Moirai.

Together with his six brothers, he fights to defend the gates to the Underworld from daemons bent on breaching them and gaining entrance to that forbidden land, striving to protect his home from their dark influence. 

Caged by the manifestation of his power, held apart from those he loves by his own fire and starved of physical contact, Ares lives a cold existence driven by duty and the desire to return to his world.

Until his world collides with a daemon who steals his power and a mortal female who shatters the ice around his heart and awakens the true fire within him—a soul-stirring passion both dangerous and seductive.

Megan has wandered far from her home, driven from everyone she loves by the devastating realisation that she is different to them all. Unsure who to trust in the world, she keeps to herself, until a fateful stormy night brings a temptingly handsome warrior crashing into her life and into her heart—a warrior who seems to hold powers more frightening and marvellous than her own.

When the New York gate comes under threat, and Ares is put to the test, will he choose his duty and regain the power he needs in order to save his world or will he choose the desires of his heart and sacrifice his fire so he can be with the woman becoming his whole world?

Guardians of Hades romance series:

Book 1: Ares

Book 2: Valen

Book 3: Esher

Book 4: Marek

Book 5: Calistos

Book 6: Daimon 

Book 7: Keras 

Publication date 26/11/2016 *

My Review…… 

A new series from one of my favourite authors. 

Megan has always wondered why she was different from other people! She could heal with her hands! She knew no one else was like her, so she hid her talent, wandering from place to place trying to find answers….. 

Ares is the son of Hades, banished here centuries ago, to guard a gate to Hell, he never wanted the job, thank goodness he’s not alone, his brothers are in different parts of the world guarding their own gates. A call will have them coming to one another’s aid at a moments notice (they can teleport or “step” as they like to call it) 

“Ares hoofed it through Central Park, pursuing the daemon who had made a break for it. The bastard accelerated, cutting through the patchy darkness ahead of him, and Ares pushed harder, ignoring the burn in his legs, his focus locked on his target. The lamps illuminating the path at intervals flickered over him as he sprinted, intent on running down the daemon before he escaped. Those same lights flashed over the daemon’s back, dull as they hit the dark hood of his sweatshirt but bright on the back of his leather jacket.

The slim male veered left, crashed through the undergrowth and broke out onto one of the park’s dark open fields.

Ares swore under his breath in the mortal tongue and followed him. He wasn’t in the mood to play tag, not tonight. While he enjoyed toying with his prey, he had already done that once tonight with two daemons.” Excerpt From Ares

Megan and Ares meet by accident, she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. A witness to a battle that mortals have no idea is going on. 

After being wounded by the Daemon, Ares is found by two of his brothers, they assume Megan is responsible, but after questioning her, they realise she wasn’t to blame. But she does have answers to their questions, so they take her back to Ares’ home. 

Ares wakes to find his power gone…. 

He’s always been able to call fire on command, but after the battle with the daemon, Ares doesn’t have it!! 

He’s unsure as to how or why, and he needs it back, he might have wished he could touch things or people without burning them, but now the power is gone, he misses it….. 

So Ares along with Megan and his brothers begin their search for the daemon that took it. But there is more going on than just stealing powers…. 

And the more time Ares spends with Megan, the more he questions wanting his power back! 

But if he doesn’t get his powers back, his gate might fall, and if that happens, the world as we know it will cease to exist. In its place will be a Hell on earth!! 

The sons of Hades won’t let that happen. But if Ares gets his powers back, he won’t be able to touch his brothers or Megan! 

Loved this book. Really well written, it flows off the page into your mind so easily, that you form pictures in your mind, and create the scenes as they happen. The characters are great, a careful balance of warrior and wounded soul (after almost three hundred years of not touching someone, it had to have had a lasting effect) and the anger they have with their father is very palpable (why can’t they go home? Why can’t they visit?) 

And I love the interaction that they have with Persephone (their mother) she loves her sons so very much, and tries to guide them as much as she can. 

The difficulties between Ares and Megan are well thought out…. 

We also get a little background lesson….. 

Gods exist (Zeus, Apollo, Hades and Persephone etc)

Hellspawn are half mortal half god. They may have more than one power.

Carriers are offspring of the hellspawn (they have less power, usually just one gift) 

Demi Gods are also known as hellspawn, not a name commonly used. 

It’s a great way to start a series. And I can’t wait to read more on the brothers. 

“Ares pulled Megan closer to him and looked down at her, seeing her in this world, safe in his embrace.

No matter what happened, he would always protect her.

He held her to him, needing to feel her in his arms.

He would never give this up.

Cars rushed by below them and the cold night air carried the scent of rain again. Warm lights dotted the perfect skyscrapers and snaked through the dark swath of the park.

He would fight to protect his gate and those of his brothers, not only to protect the Underworld, not anymore. He would fight to protect Megan’s world because she had become his world now, and his place was beside her in this one.

He would fight for her.

He stared out at the city and it flickered to the future, and another building collapsed and burned bright in the red darkness.” Excerpt From Ares

And find out what’s going on with the daemon’s. 

And did you catch they had a sister? Where is she? 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

New Release…. Keras (Guardians of Hades) book 7 by Felicity Heaton


Leap back into the Guardians of Hades paranormal romance series in the epic final instalment. Join Keras and Enyo as they battle to overcome their past to seize the future they both secretly desire and make a last stand against the enemy bent on destroying their world and ours.

If you love Greek gods romance books featuring powerful dark lords of the Underworld and strong heroines who steal their hearts, this paranormal romance series is for you.

Seven powerful Greek god heroes. Seven passionate paranormal romance books. No cliffhangers. Just happily forever afters!

Grab your copy today and step into an action-packed paranormal romance world filled with mythology and mystery from New York Times and USA Today best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton. Be swept up in the story and characters as the princes of the Underworld fight to protect their world and ours, and the women who claim their hearts, from an enemy bent on destroying everything in the Guardians of Hades romance series:
Book 1: Ares
Book 2: Valen
Book 3: Esher
Book 4: Marek
Book 5: Calistos
Book 6: Daimon

International Best-Selling Author writing passionate paranormal romance books and series for adults.

I love to create detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! All of them alpha as you would expect in paranormal romance, and every book with a guaranteed HAPPILY FOREVER AFTER!

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New Release… Desires Uncovered (Ardor Creek Book 3) by Ayla Asher.

Desires Uncovered (Ardor Creek Book 3) by Ayla Asher.

It was supposed to be a casual affair…

Dr. Teresa Roe moved from the bustling city to small-town Pennsylvania, hoping the slower pace would help her focus on finding a partner and building a family. Unfortunately, life had other plans, and Teresa finds herself single in her mid-forties, unable to have the children she craves. Determined to focus on the positives, she builds her thriving therapy practice and joins a hook-up app looking for a fun, no-strings-attached affair.

Mark Lancaster has no time to date or cultivate a relationship, so meeting women on hook-up apps is perfect for his busy schedule. When he meets Teresa, he can’t believe his fortune at finding someone so smart, sexy, and funny. In fact, his casual affair with her quickly becomes the highlight of his hectic life.

When Mark decides to run for County District Attorney, his opponent quickly reveals their relationship, spinning their affair as nefarious and creating a scandal that almost derails the campaign. Thankfully, Teresa agrees to enter into a fake engagement, saving him from ruin. But the road to victory isn’t easy, and as they grow closer, the relationship they both swear is casual begins to grow into something real…

Can two fiercely independent souls find true love amidst scandal?

Welcome back to Ardor Creek! If you love fake relationship shenanigans that lead to true love, this book is for you! As with all of Ayla’s books, there’s a slight holiday theme, and this one ends with a romantic Christmas.  There are discussions of infertility and domestic abuse so please consider that before you read. Enjoy!

Arc Review…. Bloody Heart: A Second Chance Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 4) by Sophie Lark 👩🏻‍💻

Bloody Heart: A Second Chance Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 4) by Sophie Lark


She Cut My Heart Open…

I only meant to steal a car. I didn’t know I was stealing a girl, too. Until the most gorgeous face I’d ever seen popped up in the rear-view mirror.

I fell hard, fast, and forever…

But she tore out my heart — left me alone and bleeding.

How can I forget her, when I have to see that damned perfect face on billboards and magazines?

It’s torture.

9 long years. I thought I moved on.

Then I saw her in the flesh…

And my heart started bleeding all over again…

Reading Order:

Brutal Birthright Series

Book 1 Brutal Prince

Book 2 Stolen Heir

Book 3 Savage Lover

Book 4 Bloody Heart

Book 5 Broken Vow

Book 6 Heavy Crown

Publication date 28/10/2020

Now usually I read the back cover to see what’s going on….

But without a description online when I received the arc, I had to read it blind….

What a rollercoaster of a ride!!!! I think it’s the best way to read from now on, so no more descriptions for me, until the review is done😉

Dante is a Gallo, we’ve met him in the previous books. A mafia boss’s son, nothing and no one is out of bounds as far as Dante is concerned. Living fast and loving his life.

Simone is a new face, the youngest daughter of a diplomat, brought up to be a young lady, groomed to do as she was told. But Simone wants more, she wants to design, to make pretty clothes, but when her father tells her no, Simone knows she will never have the life she wants.

They meet by accident, wrong time, wrong place (or maybe it was fate) Dante drives away with Simone in the back of the car he steals!

He’s fascinated with her, she’s nothing like he’s ever met before. Simone should be frightened, but she feels safe, and a short ride later, Dante escapes the car, but takes Simone’s heart with him!

So, the story starts off as young love, an accidental meeting turns into an adventure, meeting in secret, stolen kisses and moments of pure happiness. They avoid the talk of the future, they both know it won’t go on forever, but for the moment it’s all they want.

“I love you, Simone,” he says, his dark eyes boring into mine. “I know it’s only been a month—” “I love you, too,” I tell him quickly. “I don’t care how long it’s been. This thing between us—” “It’s not normal,” Dante says. “I love you like . . . like I’d destroy anything that tried to come between us. Like I’d burn the whole world down if I had to.” His eyes keep hold of mine. I can’t look away. I don’t want to look away. I only want to nod. “I know,” I say. “I want you. Nothing else,” he says. “You have me. All of me.” “Promise me, Simone.” “I’m yours. Till the day I die.” He smiles and presses his heavy lips on mine. “I want you longer than that,” he growls. I was never raised to fall in love like this. Without reason or choice. Only wild, intense obsession. I never meant for this to happen. But now that it has, there’s no escaping. I belong to Dante. And he belongs to me.

Then boom!!! My whole world crashes just like Dante’s! That was a turn I was not expecting!

And if you’ve read the previous books in this series, you’ll know love never runs smooth in this series, in fact it’s usually bloody and painful.

So the gentle start completely threw me, and what happens will tear your heart out and stomp on it until it’s a bloody mess!

We then move on……

It’s nine years later.

Dante is empty inside, he still looks after his family, he is now a real estate developer, still a little dangerous under that suit.

Simone is a famous model, her face is her trademark (what happened to her dream of designing clothes?) but inside she’s dead, the world is without colour, without joy, her only bit of joy is hidden deep in her heart.

When they meet up for the first time in nine years, it feels like time had fallen away for Dante, he can’t take his eyes off her, he knows he should harden his heart, but it’s Simone, it’s no good, his heart has always and will only belong to her.

Simone thinks he has nothing but hate for her, his face is stone, nothing is given away.

So can they move forward? Can they recapture their young love? Or has too much time passed for the couple?

“I’m so sorry,” Simone sobs.

“Don’t you ever be sorry,” I tell her, my voice thick with all the things I’ve wanted to say to her, all this time. “I love you, Simone. I have always loved you, and I will always love you. I’m never going to stop. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you have my heart in your hands.” “I love you so much,” she cries, her voice cracking. “I can’t believe you found me . . .”

“I’ll always keep you safe,” I promise her.

I didn’t think this series could get any better after I read the last book in the series (Savage Lover) but I was wrong, so wrong. I read this in one day, I couldn’t leave it alone.

I recommend this book, in fact I recommend the whole series. And now I need to go lie down. I’m drained!!!

You don’t need to read the previous books, each book is a standalone and a HEA ending.

But we do catch up with previous characters (that was nice) it’s written in the characters prospective. The story is written brilliantly like the previous stories, you become invested in the Gallo/Griffin siblings, and now I’m really hoping Sebastian is next.


New Release…. Kindle Edition…. Hungry Wolf (Alpha wants Curves series) by Aidy Award 12/11/2020

Hungry Wolf (Alpha wants Curves series) by Aidy Award

This wolf is hungry…and he knows just which thighs he wants to bite~

Aleksei is too damaged to fall in love or for anyone to love him. No brave wolftress would want to be mated to the Enforcer who couldn’t save their alpha from being assassinated. The last thing he needs is to be set up by the matchmaking widow of the man whose life he failed to protect, and to a Friendsgiving dinner with their whole family, at the strip club, none the less. What he needs is a decoy date to get everyone off his back.

Helena has purposefully pushed love away anytime it even looks at her funny. She won’t be burned like that again. She’s even gone so far as to get the one job in town that would keep men off her back. No one is going to make a pass at a plus-size manager of the Naughty Wolf gentleman’s club. Except, the town’s matchmaker doesn’t buy any of it.. Now Helena’s goal is to get through Friendsgiving without appearing like a pathetic loser who doesn’t have anyone to love them. What she needs is one of those growly Troika boys to act as her date just for one night.

Hungry Wolf is a holiday fake relationship story about a broken hero and a sassy curvy girl set in the Wolves Want Curves world where you’ll get to revisit all your favorite characters again. 

Shout out……. To the Author ….. Lexi Timms

So……. I’m looking for a particular book on my apple bookshelf, I go into search…. can’t find it….. but what I do find is a treasure chest of FREE BOOKS!!!!

Yes, there are a few books most authors post on this site or Amazon….. but there were loads!!

So I thought I’d share the information with you.

Now…… I don’t know about you, but I can’t read half way through a series. So you might want to check the books first to see if they are part of a series.

And afterwards, don’t forget to leave a review on the apple site. If the author has kindly left a book, the thought should be returned.

Love should be something that lasts forever, not is lost forever.” 


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Dealing in Antique Jewelry and hanging out with her awesome hubby and three kids, Lexy Timms loves writing in her free time. 

And if you find a treasure chest of books, share the goodies. And don’t forget those reviews.


Arc Review….. Outfoxed (The Fox Witch Book 1) by R.J. Blain 📱

Outfoxed (The Fox Witch Book 1) by R.J. Blain 


Death is a way of life outside of the safety of Inner Tulsa, and Jade means to keep flipping Mother Nature off until old age claims her. With one eye always on the sky, the last thing she needs is a pack of bounty hunters out for her living head. With no idea of why anyone would want her, her wits might keep her free, assuming she can resist the charming lures of Sandro, one of the men out to claim her as his own.

Left with the choice of being the evening snack of a tornado or taking shelter with the bounty hunter, she does what she does best: she lives on the edge.

Striking a bargain with the handsome bounty hunter buys her another day of life, but it also dumps her into the heart of a sinister plot, one meant to enslave the residents of the storm-tossed city—and the others brave and foolish enough to call the Alley home.

Publication date 3/11/2020

My Review……
A new author and series for me. 
I loved the chapter names, they did make me chuckle. 
The chapters are pretty long, but are chopped into day or time slots, it’s a little like reading a diary. 
Jade is a fox shifter, now most shifters can only partially shift, Jade is a full shifter, her genes are a top prize. But she’s not interested in becoming a wife, Jade is a free spirit and will stay that way, unless the bounty hunters get hold of her! 
I liked Jade, she was independent, she was resourceful and she had an attitude I just loved, she had me chuckling at odd moments. 
Vagrants are poor people who live in the alley. 
Asylum is where the rich and powerful live. It’s very much a dystopian story. It’s very descriptive, really well written. When she’s not being chased by her “ethical” bounty hunter, she’s thinking about him. It’s driving her crazy! 
Sandro is the current bounty hunter on her tail, he’s caught up with her, and now they are hiding out from a fierce storm. Really wasn’t too enamoured with him at first, all he saw was cash when he saw Jade, then insulted her by saying she could make money as a stripper!! 
But promising her a five minute head start after the storm abated. 
When he finally catches up with her, he persuades her to live with him for a while! That part I was confused with, if he’s a bounty hunter, then why not take her straight to where you’ll get paid? Unless he has an ulterior motive?
Jade also uncovers why she’s so valuable, and if she’s sold as a courtesan then she could be made to have children to more than just her husband! That’s why she has so many bounty hunters after her! She’s worth a small fortune. She needs to hide, and stay hidden under they get bored and move on. 
But she’s not that lucky, she’s being targeted, and Sandro has to pull strings and throw money at the problem. 
But in the end, Jade is entered into the auction (I really did think differently) and what will be her fate? A brood mare, a plaything, or a beloved wife? 
I have to admit it’s slow, it’s a little long winded, but there was something that kept me reading. I wanted to find out if she escapes Sandro, I wanted to know if they ever got out from under the rule of the Asylum……
And in the end, I have to admit, it was a pretty good book. 
Sandro’s family is absolutely hilarious, I loved his mother, I had a permanent smile on my face as I read the whole families interaction with one another and Jade. 

Arc Review…. Something to hold onto (Silver Duet series)  Book 2 by M.K. Oien 📱

Something to hold onto (Silver Duet series)  Book 2 by M.K. Oien 



She was supposed to be the key. The one person who could assist me in finally getting what I wanted. 
But all the good things I’d coveted in my life including her, wouldn’t lead me down the pretty path I originally planned. 
The moment I met Claire Evans I knew she’d be the death of me. 

He was arrogant, unapologetic and cruel. The golden boy of Seattle, the ever perfect and always winning Mickey F***ing Silver. 
I hated him. 
I followed him into the darkness with the promise of reward. When he let go of my hand I was left abandoned and shattered. I knew he’d be the death of me. 

This is a tale of love and hate, revenge and forgiveness, life and death. 
A story that starts with good intentions and obliterates every expectation. 

*This book is intended for mature readers 18+ due to sensitive subject matter including violence, adult language, and a whole lot of steam.

Reading Order :
Silver Duet Series 
Book 1 Something to believe in
Book 2 Something to hold onto 

Publication date 3/11/2020

My Review….. 

Something to believe in starts that story, Mickey’s brother and best friend are in that one, so the second book is all about Mickey Silver. 
I haven’t read the first book, I know it says the book stands alone, but when previous characters are woven into the first book, it really makes me want to read that one first! And I have a feeling there are things in that book pertaining to this one! 
Claire hates Mickey with a passion the reason, her ex boyfriend worked for him selling drugs! The way Cory talked about the awesome Mickey Silver, you thought the sun rose and set on his boss! And the arrogance when Claire met him was enough for her to never want to see him ever again! 
Mickey Silver has worked hard to get to where he is now, he’s also cheated, stolen, lied and crossed a few other lines. 
I was prepared to hate him, a drug dealer is not usually high on my list of books to read. A taker, someone who would probably blow your brains out if he thought you had crossed him! 
But something most people don’t know about Mickey, he wants out of this business. And he’s making preparations to leave this business to someone else, he’ll have enough money to live comfortably and he’s sick of watching his back.
There’s a saying in life that good things come to those who wait. 
That doesn’t work for me since I’m one of the most impatient people on the planet. Don’t mistake that for not having good things. As a matter of fact I’ve got more than my fair share of desirable assets and then some. 
Patience may be a virtue, but I’ve never been known for my morality. 
Do you know why wonderful things happen for me? It isn’t luck or fate or some random philosophical bullshit. 
I make it happen. I work my ass off for what I want and that’s how it’s always been. 
Being the prodigal son of Jack Silver, lead drug kingpin for the Pacific Northwest since 1985, I had no other choice. He was my father, my teacher, my boss. If I didn’t strive to reach his level of success, I’d be useless. That’s why I take what I want or die trying and I’m not dead yet so I’d say I’m a success. 
Call me a workaholic, a selfish asshole, or a thief; it doesn’t matter, I’ll take it. Just like I take everything else I want. I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me……
What made me continue with the book was his love for his best friend and his brother. It made him seem human, to worry about other people other than himself, so with that in mind I continued. 
“Does your girl know what it might be?” Dom asked. 
“She’s not my girl.” I growled. 
He snorted. “Whatever you say man. I saw that mark on her neck. You seriously telling me you didn’t tap that when you’ve had her locked away this entire time?”
“Watch it.” I warned in a threatening voice. “Why does everyone assume that?” 
Dom chuckled. “Gee man, I don’t know. Maybe because you’ve had a thing for her since the first time you saw her. Mack called it last year. We knew you of all people would end up falling for someone you could never have.” 
My eyes narrowed. “This is off topic. Back to the task at hand,” I said…..
The chemistry between Claire and Mickey sizzles almost from the first. The hate that Claire says she feels for Mickey probably feels real to her, but you have to wonder if she was hiding her feelings for him from the start. 
Mickey thinks “stripper” and has preconceived notion of his “rat’s” girlfriend, she’s got to be easy and willing to give up her boyfriend. He’s blown out of the water in both cases…… 
So Mickey’s plan, kidnap Claire and get her boyfriend come rescue her! 
Claire can only see one problem with that, they split up! Mickey is going to have to come up with some other plan! But he’s convinced that Corey will come and rescue her, then he will convince Corey to back to him, and then he will deal with the real culprit (A man that was prominent in the previous book) he wants Delgado in prison or dead for the hassle he caused his brother and his best friend. 
The kidnapping is actually a contract between Mickey and Claire, she’s to be paid for her time, but she needs to be close to Mickey for it to work!! 
This book is a rollercoaster of emotion, guilt, anger, hate, double dealings and back stabbing. 
But there is also family loyalty, love, tender moments and a connection that sizzles across the pages. 
What starts out as blackmail, turns into two people slowly turning to one another as the world they know goes crazy!! 
“I hate that I’m the reason for what happened to you and it kills me that I couldn’t get to you sooner.” 

“I don’t blame you.” 

“I know because you’re a beautiful soul and that makes me feel even more like a bastard. I swear to you I’ve never felt the way I do about you with anyone before. It probably sounds cheesy but I love you more than anything in this world and when I think about my future, you’re in it. I’ve felt that way since the day I took you to the waterfall.”

Mickey can’t get enough of Claire, there is nothing he won’t do for her, she is it for him, and for Claire, the sun rises and sets with him. Neither thought they’d find this kind of love, both thought it would be like fireworks (short but intense) 

So is my review a little off? Maybe, I wanted to know Mickey before this book, so I kept looking for something else.

So I stopped, read something else and came back up it, and I’m glad I did. 

It’s got a few triggers, it’s got a few heart wrenching moments, and it’s got pages where it just took my breath away. 

I’m still not a fan of drug dealers, I’m still not a fan of excess violence, but I am a fan of this author. 

I’d recommend this book for several reasons. And I know I’m going back to read the first story (if only to read about Mickey) 


Random Thought…. The Powerful Spiritual Significance of Friday the 13th

The Powerful Spiritual Significance of Friday the 13th

Is there something to fear on Friday the 13th?

For years people have been telling us Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Horror movies have been named after this day and research also tells us that there is an increase in accidents on Friday the 13th. But, where did all of this come from?

Before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth.

Friday the 13th was considered a very powerful day to manifest, honor creativity and to celebrate beauty, wisdom, and nourishment of the soul.

Friday is Venus Day and we all know that Venus is the epitome of feminine energy.

Her energy joins us at the end of the week to honor the days gone by and to remind us that it is important to rest, relax and play.

As a society, we all look forward to Friday (Venus day), and we all naturally find ourselves unwinding and relaxing in her comforting energy.

Friday is the perfect day to embrace Venus like energy and to focus on creativity, beauty, and sensuality.

Venus energy also encourages us to tune into our receptive female energy in order to stimulate our creativity and bring art, music, and healing into the world.

The Number 13 also holds an extremely potent feminine energy and is considered to be the number of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood.

This is because we have 13 Moon cycles every year and the average female also experiences 13 periods per year.

Recommended: 9 Superstitions From Magical Knowledge That Are Actually True

If a woman’s periods are in sync with the cycle of the Moon, she will shed her lining on the New Moon and ovulate on the Full Moon.

On average the 13th falls in the middle of the Moon cycle and represents that midway point between death and rebirth. The midway point between the New Moon, where a woman is shedding (the death) and the Full Moon, where the woman is ovulating (rebirth).

Before patriarchal times, when a woman was bleeding she was considered to embody divine and magical powers. She was regarded by all for her wisdom and ability to offer intuitive and psychic messages.

When she was ovulating, she was considered to be at the height of her power and was celebrated for her ability to receive, hold and create new life.

It was only when society became more patriarchal that women were made to feel shame when they were having their periods and to ignore their amazing potential to create and hold space for new life.

This attitude has helped to contribute to the idea that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

The lunar calendar is also made up of 13 months, which further supports 13 as holding feminine power.

The Moon is also representative of feminine energy and helps us to understand and deal with our emotions and sensitivities.

In the astrology chart, the Moon not only governs our emotions but also our potential and how we choose to express ourselves through life. In fact, for many people understanding their Moon sign can often help to bring more awareness than their Sun sign.

Bringing Friday and the number 13 together, you can see that Friday the 13th is in fact, a very powerful day for feminine energy and creativity.

It is also an extremely powerful time of death and rebirth as it represents that mid-point in the cycle between something new emerging and something old slipping away.

Recommended: Signs You’re Being Attacked By Dark Energy And What You Can Do About It

Friday the 13th has often been held in high regards by women and the pagan community, and many rituals and spells are often conducted on this day in order to make the most of this beautiful energy.

This has also helped to contribute to the fear surrounding Friday the 13th, as it was an important day for many who worshipped the cycles of nature (often referred to as witchcraft).

We all have feminine energy in us, so Friday the 13th is not just for women. It is a day for all of us to honor our own abilities to create and receive energy from the world around us.

Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day. Friday the 13th is the day of the Goddess and is a beautiful day for creating and celebrating life. It is a beautiful day for getting in tune with your emotions and sensitivities and giving thanks to the beautiful Goddess that lives in us all.



Arc Review…..Tempting the Footman (House of Devon Book 5) by Lauren Smith 📱

Tempting the Footman (House of Devon Book 5) by Lauren Smith 


She’s an heiress who needs a husband fast…he’s the brooding, handsome footmen who comes to her rescue…

Lady Venetia Dunham has plenty of money and freedom, until her father dies, leaving her and her feisty grandmother at the hands of her less than noble cousin when he becomes the new earl. Her cousin makes his wishes clear. She will marry a man of his choosing, a man who will split her fortune with her cousin.

Determined to avoid that fate, Venetia and her grandmother flee to a country house party hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Devon where Venetia stumbles into the arms of Adrian Montague, a handsome footman with a tragic past.

When Venetia sprains her ankle, she and Adrian are closeted together for a week. The attraction between them is undeniable and forbidden. Their passion could wreck Adrian’s life if they were discovered together. When love blooms between them, it comes at a great cost, and Venetia must choose to follow society’s laws or her own heart.

Publication date 28/9/2020
My Review…. 
Footman Adrian Montague is going about his daily chores, if he’d known how the day would end, he might have been better prepared. 
Socialite Venetia Dunham is not going to marry some horrid man her cousin has acquired for her! It was bad enough she lost her family home in the country, she’ll be damned if she’ll lose her inheritance to marriage! 
She needs to escape or marry a man of her choosing…..
A forbidden love, ladies don’t usually meet and marry the servants, but nothing about this arrangement is orthodox. 
Adrian is technically the son of a lord (but if your father ruins the reputation of your mother and refuses to marry her, then your illegitimate) but as his father refuses to acknowledge Adrian, he has had to make his own way in the world. 
Venetia is quite the spitfire, she knows what she wants and with the help of her beloved Gran, she sets out to do it. 
This short story is part of a series (House of Devon) written by other authors. But you definitely don’t have to read them all. 
I think it was almost love at first sight for Adrian, and when asked to be Venetia’s companion for the week, he jumps at the chance (yes a little unconventional, but it’s a writers prerogative) 
They form a friendship that turns into love. She wants to know all the secrets concerning a man, she wishes to know their touch and kisses, and she wants Adrian to help her!
But it’s a secret, because if found out Adrian would be given the sack from his job and Venetia would be a social outcast!! But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to hide their feeling for one another. 
And what of her cousin? Has he forgotten that she is to marry his friend? Or will he leave her to live the quiet life in the country? 
So can Adrian and Venetia find happiness, or will it be just a brief fling?  
If your looking for a short historical read, then you’ll not go wrong in picking this one up. 

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… Her Sinful Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series Book 5) by Felicity Heaton 👩🏻‍💻

Her Sinful Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series Book 5) by Felicity Heaton

Cast out of Heaven and now the king of Hell, Lucifer is a powerful fallen angel warrior with a heart as cold as ice and soul as black as the bottomless pit. For millennia, he has ruled his realm with an iron fist as he plots the demise of his ancient enemies. 

When one of those enemies dumps an unconscious mortal female in the courtyard of his fortress and leaves her there, Lucifer finds himself entranced by the beguiling beauty and tempted beyond all reason. 

But is the enchanting Nina an innocent pawn in the eternal game or part of a plot against him?

No Cliffhangers. No cheating. Just happily forever afters guaranteed to melt your heart and set it racing!

Discover the passionate, possessive and protective warriors of the Her Angel world from NYT best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton as they fight to shield the women they fall in love with from a dark world of demons, angels and vampires.

Books in the Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Her Guardian Angel
Book 2: Her Demonic Angel
Book 3: Her Wicked Angel
Book 4: Her Avenging Angel
Book 5: Her Sinful Angel

Don’t miss the previous series in this world too!

Books in the Her Angel: Bound Warriors paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Dark Angel
Book 2: Fallen Angel
Book 3: Warrior Angel
Book 4: Bound Angel

Publication Date 1/8/2015
My Review….. 
Last book in this series, and it’s a good one. 
We all know the story of Lucifer being thrown out of heaven. 
We all know that Lucifer is a bad guy through and through, no redeeming features. 
And I did wonder why the author would give such a bad guy a happy ending? But maybe she’s going to tease him, then take away his female to punish him?! It’s an idea I totally got on board with, he had a hand in most of these books, his aim was to break free from his prison. 
But he knows if he gets out, then it’s game over for the world (and without giving too much away) and that’s something he doesn’t really want to do anymore! 
Lucifer is the guy we all love to hate, Prince of darkness, king of the demons, but as we get to know Lucifer a little better, there is more to him than just his handsome face and sinful nature….. 
But Lucifer hides a secret, if he escapes then so do the angels that he holds down here. And if they escape. Then it’s definitely the end of the world!! So he’s doing heaven a favour (well that’s the way he looks at it) 
Nina is always wary, always hiding. And when she wakes up, her first thought is that her ex has her! But seeing a gorgeous man standing in front of her instead, has her thinking he maybe rescued her?! But she needs to be on her guard, because of this kind man helped her, then she could be endangering him too! 
There is the battle between good and evil, right and wrong. And as most of the previous books have stated, it’s not always the good guys that are good. People can redeem themselves. 
Living in Hell for a millennia will corrupt anyone, having no light in your life will harden and darken any soul…… 
Lucifer doesn’t understand his feelings for this female, she has to be a trap. His enemies are always trying to find a way to break him, to anger him to the point of breaking out of this hellish prison. But Lucifer won’t be tricked. And he’s going to find out who this human woman is and why she’s here. 
And as Nina and Lucifer become entangled with one another, there is another force waiting to strike him down! Can he rely on others to help him? Or will he be forever alone?! 
I have to admit I love these stories, you don’t need to read the previous books, but if you do, then I’d advise to read them in order. 
There is a new series being spoken about and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. 
Written with enough action and violence to keep me entertained, and plenty of steam and tender moments to make you root for the bad guy😉
Sometimes it’s not black and white, there are many shades in between. 
Highly recommended series. 

Kindle Review…. Her Avenging Angel Book 4 Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series by Felicity Heaton👩🏻‍💻

Her Avenging Angel Book 4 Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series by Felicity Heaton 


Once a proud angel of Heaven, Nevar is now a servant of Hell. Consumed by darkness and driven by revenge, he awakened the Great Destroyer, a force that will bring about the apocalypse. Now, he’s the creature’s master and the fate of our world rests in the hands of an angel with only darkness in his heart—until beautiful mysterious Lysia walks into his life, reawakening his feelings. With the mounting threat of the destroyer, the forces of Heaven and Hell against him, and a band of dangerous angels on their heels, can Nevar protect the beautiful woman who is light to his darkness and find the strength to save the world?

Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series by Felicity Heaton






Publication date 11/10/2014

My Review…… 

Nevar was once a good angel, a loyal soldier to heaven, but all that has changed, now part demon he answers to another master. He’s a ruined soul, he can’t seem to find redemption, all he wants is to find solace at the bottom of a bottle!

Lysia has no memory of who or what she is, only that she’s drawn to the ex-angel she met in a bar. 

Together they have to battle their feelings for one another and their enemies. Can Nevar help Lysia to regain her memory? And can she help him find peace and balance is a cruel world? 

This one was about redemption. Nevar was looking to blame someone for his situation, when In fact he was to blame too. 

Quick update…… Nevar was captured and tortured by Asmodeus, he had planned to use Nevar to destroy heaven, but after a few incidents and misunderstandings in the previous book (Her Wicked Angel) Asmodeus is now trying to help Nevar, but he can’t forgive the demon for turning him into a crazed maniac! 

Using alcohol and demon blood to numb the pain, Nevar wants nothing to do with heaven, hell and everything in between! 

I liked this one. And I loved the surprises that kept coming in this book. 

We meet up with previous characters. You can read this book without reading the previous ones, but if you read in order, you get more enjoyment. 

As always a very well thought out book, well rounded characters. Fight scenes that wound put a Hollywood movie to shame. We have emotions that will tug on your heartstrings, and moments where you just want to shout at the characters. 

You don’t need to read these in order. The book will happily stand on its own. But for full enjoyment, i advise you to read them in order. You won’t regret it. 

I fully recommend this book. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Paperback edition release date 📖 10-11-20 …. Gena Showalter. The Darkest King

The darkest King by Gena Showalter


To become a king of the underworld at long last, William must resist an irresistible beauty–or a curse will ensure his end… 

A merciless prince feared by all…

Cursed by a vengeful witch, William of the Dark will die if he ever falls in love–murdered by the woman who steals his heart. His lone shot at redemption is a book filled with indecipherable code. Break the code, break the curse. Now, centuries later, he’s condemned to a string of one-night stands…until he finds the only woman in the worlds able to set him free.
A rare creature of myth and power…
One of the last living unicorn shifters, Sunday “Sunny” Lane works from the shadows as a cryptanalyst, on the run from assassins and poachers. Then the darkly seductive William abducts her, holding her captive in Hell. The closer they get, the more she hungers for his touch…and the stronger a mystical desire to kill him becomes…
But which desire will prove stronger–lust or death? And who will give in first?

Gena Showalter has always believed in love. An avid romance reader, she decided to try her hand at a story of her own and is now the author of sexy paranormal romances. Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon and Karen Marie Moning will find a new favourite in Showalter. Her wildly sensual page-turners have a mix of humour, danger and wickedly hot sex, a combination sure to enthrall.

New Book Release 📖 10-11- 2020. Paperback edition

Leopards Rage (Leopard People Series) book 12. By Christine Feehan.


It will take more than desire to tame the animal within in this Leopard novel from No.1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

Leopard shifter Sevastyan Amurov has an anger inside of him that burns so hot it’s almost impossible to control. His barely leashed rage relentlessly threatens to break free, until he meets a woman who soothes his restless soul.

Sevastyan wants Flambe Carver with every breath. He’s determined that the fiery-haired woman will want to be his completely. But his would-be mate comes with strings attached – a relentless stalker who intends to claim her for his own.

They barely know each other, but with a very real threat looming just out of reach, Sevastyan takes Flambe under his protection. And as their connection grows, the embers of desire sparking between them soon burst into an inferno that will consume them both.

Syvastian Amurov has lived his whole life with a rage inside of him, but something about her is so intoxicating, and he soon realizes she is the only one who can tame the leopard within.


New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan has over 30 novels published and has thrilled legions of fans with her seductive and sensual ‘Dark’ Carpathian tales. She has received numerous honours throughout her career including being a nominee for the Romance Writers of America RITA, and receiving a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times, and has been published in multiple languages and in many formats, including audio book, e-book, and large print.

My review will follow as soon as I’ve read it

Kindle Review… Her Angel: Her Wicked Angel.(Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series) book 3 by Felicity Heaton👩🏻‍💻

Her Angel: Her Wicked Angel.(Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series) book 3 by Felicity Heaton 


The King of Demons and the Devil’s right hand man, Asmodeus is a dark angel born of evil and created for destruction. Ordered to venture into the mortal world and retrieve a female for his master, he seizes the chance to leave Hell for the first time, uncaring of what the Devil has planned… until he sets eyes on the most beautiful woman he has ever seen—a witch who awakens new feelings within his black heart, unleashing passion so intense that it controls him and desire he cannot resist. He will not let his wretched master have her. She will belong to him. Caught up in a tempest of danger and soul-searing passion as the Devil hunts them, can they survive against the odds and seize their forever after?

Books in the Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Her Guardian Angel
Book 2: Her Demonic Angel
Book 3: Her Wicked Angel
Book 4: Her Avenging Angel
Book 5: Her Sinful Angel

Don’t miss the previous series in this world too!

Books in the Her Angel: Bound Warriors paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Dark Angel
Book 2: Fallen Angel
Book 3: Warrior Angel
Book 4: Bound Angel *

Publication date 21/9/2013

My Review……

It was a black day in Hell. Asmodeus stood high above the bottomless pit, his amber gaze locked on the tall obsidian spires in the distance. Screams and sobs rose up from below him on the hot air, the grunts of their tormentors a harsher note in a symphony he so often enjoyed. The demons were busy today. He had been busy too until he had felt the call of his master. As much as he had wanted to keep the Devil waiting while he had finished his latest masterpiece, he had dropped everything and left his castle in the wastelands via a portal that had brought him to the plateau above the bottomless pit. And there he stood, debating how long he could put off crossing the cragged, grim landscape to the Devil’s fortress before his master lost his temper and called him again. Asmodeus enjoyed pushing the male right to the limit of his patience.

Asmodeus is pure evil, made from the disgraced angel Apollyon by the devil! But when he is charged with collecting a mortal female from Paris, Asmodeus sees a chance to explore the world above. Encountering the female turns his world on its head, feelings he’s never had before rush to the surface. 

Made in the image of Apollyon, the devil had created him to be his right hand man, to lead his army. 

But Asmodeus is so much more, he’s my favourite character. Shown no love, shown no comfort, so when Liora shows up and shows him him all those things, it throws him. Can he be good? Or will he revert back to being the evil twin? 

It was dazzling this time, as if she had found someone she could swap notes about Apollyon’s faults with and was over the moon. “So, when I heard about you, I really wanted to meet you… because I figured essentially you should be the opposite of Apollyon.” Asmodeus cocked an eyebrow. “Evil?” She had wanted to meet him? She laughed, the sound sending a pleasant shiver through his body. “No. Fun.”

Liora is a disgraced witch, her power borders on the bad side. But she has a good heart. Meeting the doppleganger Asmodeus, she sees more to him than what she’s been warned about. 

Liora thinks as her magic is unstable she’s a bad witch. 

And even she meets Asmodeus, she sees a kindred spirit. But she’s been warned that he’s pure evil. She doesn’t see that in him, she sees a wounded soul (my favourite kind of hero) someone to care and protect. I liked Liora, her wicked sense of humour was a big draw to her, she can defend herself (so she’s not like a lot of MC’s she can hold her own) she defends Asmodeus when other characters berate him, but she also tells him when something she feels he’s done something wrong. 

Asmodeus was leaving. He was going to follow orders and return to Hell with Nevar and his hellhounds, and she would never see him again. She had gone through one feeling after the other since he had announced his intent in Hell. Bitterness and disappointment. Anger and resentment. Misery and heartache. Now, she was feeling so many conflicting emotions that she wasn’t sure what she was doing. She couldn’t focus, couldn’t think, and couldn’t function, but she knew there was something she definitely couldn’t do. She couldn’t let Asmodeus leave.

Together they battle the devil/heaven? And their own feelings for one another. Will he be able to change? But will his witch want him to? And you have to wonder what the devil wants her for? I can’t give away too much, as I hate spoilers myself. But when you find out, it’s not what your expecting. 

You fall in love with a book, then the next one comes along, then BAM!! Struck in the face with another awesome read. How are you suppose to be loyal to your last read, when the next one lures you away…..

 I love the ongoing  battle in this series. It’s fine if you want to just read this one, but I do recommend you start at the beginning, you get where this story is coming from. 

There is also another series where Apollyon features, and you could read that series first. Her Angel: Bound Warriors paranormal romance series. But it’s not essential. 

So can Asmodeus and Liora be together? Where will they live? He is bound to Hell and the devil. But if she stays with him, can she live in a world full of darkness and hate? 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Her Demonic Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series Book 2) by Felicity Heaton 👩🏻‍💻

Her Demonic Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series Book 2) by Felicity Heaton 
A demonic angel with a heart of ice, Veiron walks a dark path with vengeance on his mind. Nothing will sway him from his mission to destroy his master… until he risks his life to enter Hell once more to save a mortal female. The fiery beauty makes him burn with hungers he must battle and needs he cannot deny, tempting him to surrender body and soul to her.

Erin is convinced her refusal to do the Devil’s bidding will see her die in a terrifying realm straight out of her nightmares. The last thing she expects is the lethally sensual warrior who breaks into her cell and awakens the darkest desires of her heart and a fierce longing to know the heat of his caress.

Pulled into an incredible world where war is set to ignite and darkness is on the rise, Erin races with Veiron to escape the Devil’s legions in a journey fraught with danger and filled with passion that flares white-hot.

When Erin is faced with a life-shattering realisation and an extraordinary destiny, will their love give them the strength to battle both Heaven and Hell or will they be parted forever?

Books in the Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Her Guardian Angel
Book 2: Her Demonic Angel
Book 3: Her Wicked Angel
Book 4: Her Avenging Angel
Book 5: Her Sinful Angel

Publication date 12/9/2012
My Review…… 
Erin doesn’t like it here in hell!! She’s human and doesn’t know why she’s here, she’s definitely not dead!! 
Meeting the devil is never on her list of things to do, and it’s scared her, when he tells her of his plans, Erin knows she needs to escape! But how? 
It was the Devil who took her. Erin was sure of it. It was the Devil who had come in the dead of night, entering the bedroom of her loft apartment like black mist to take her as she slept. And he wasn’t red all over or had hooves and horns like in movies or fables. He was immense, with skin as black as coal, eyes that shone red like car brake lights and the wings of a dragon curling from his back. He had brought her here to a fiery, broken and inhospitable land where perpetual tormented screams chased every shred of calm and peace from her soul and the air was so thick with the stomach-turning stench of sulphur that she couldn’t breathe. 
It was Hell.
Veiron is on a rescue mission, he promised  to rescue his allies sister, but meeting her, Veiron doesn’t bank on feelings he’s kept hidden from the world from surfacing!  He’s intrigued with this female, what does the devil want with her? And why does he feel this way? 
“Please, Veiron?” Amelia whispered again and he couldn’t stand seeing the tears in her eyes. She had already been through hell because of this vicious game and had almost died by the hand of her lover, Marcus. She deserved to live, and so did he. They all deserved some peace. Veiron closed his eyes and huffed. “Fine. I’ll take a trip to Hell,” he said and he could almost hear Amelia smile, could sense a glimmer of her relief and hear her heartbeat pick up. “Thank you,” she said and he looked across the fire at her and shook his head. There was no reason to thank him. He hadn’t promised that he would find her sister and bring her back in one piece. He had only said that he would make the journey to Hell. Whether it would be a one-way trip or not was yet to be seen. It felt like a suicide mission to him.

Together the battle both their desires for one another, and to stay one step ahead of the Devil. He’s got plans for Erin, and no one knows why he wants the her! 

I liked this one, Vieron was in the last book (Her Guardian) 

Erin is a riot, she’s very independent, she’s opinionated and can hold her own. 

Veiron frowned. “Less of the servant talk, Missy… but I imagine we will be able to speak telepathically now that we’re bonded.” Erin liked the sound of that, but not as much as she liked the thought of winding Veiron up about their new master and servant status. “Besides, you are my servant. That means you have to obey me now because I’m your master.” She grinned at him, meeting his scowl and not backing down. “You’re a little too comfortable ordering me around already… if you’re not careful, I’ll show you who’s boss.” Erin’s grin turned sassy. “Oh yeah?” “Uh yeah.” Veiron snaked his hands around her hips and drew her up against the hard planes of his body, causing her stomach to quiver. His gaze flickered down to her mouth and she tipped her head back, luring him in for a kiss.

The writing comes alive between the pages of this book, you can almost smell the sulphur rising up from the pits, the heat scorches your face, the sweat drips into your eyes. Dark and dreary, screams of a thousand tortured souls assault your hearing. 

Heaven is the opposite, fresh clean air, lightly scented breezes gently tickle your senses. 

The fight scenes are well thought out and executed with precision. 

The descriptions of the characters can be easily imagined, tall and muscled (sorry drifted there) and totally loyal. Most of the characters are in this series, so you become vested, you need to know what happens next. 

Veiron is one of my favourites, he’s a hard ass, a totally badass dude, but is he? If he’s willing to risk his life to find and rescue a woman he’s never met (yes there is a reason he helps to find Erin) he can’t be all bad? The chemistry between the two main characters is off the chart, there is just enough naughty time, the story is the focus and not the sex! 

There is a bigger picture going on, and I’m sure it will emerge in the oncoming books, heaven and Lucifer in the eternal battle. He wants out, and Heaven needs to keep him locked up down there, if not, then the world ends. So I do suggest you read in sequence. But if your just read odd ones, I don’t think it will matter too much. 

I find it hard just reading a few chapters, once opened, this beauty was inhaled, life came to a standstill, and returning to the real world is always a wrench, I’d live in Felicity’s mind forever. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… Her Guardian Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series) Book 1 by Felicity Heaton 👩🏻‍💻

Her Guardian Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series) Book 1 by Felicity Heaton 

A guardian angel dedicated to his duty, Marcus will do whatever Heaven asks of him, but even his loyalty has its limits. When he’s ordered to gain Amelia’s trust through seduction, he starts to question his mission and his feelings for the beautiful mortal.

Having gone from one bad relationship to another, Amelia hopes the gorgeous guy next door is Mr Right, not another Mr Wrong. But there’s far more to Marcus than meets the eye, and when she’s thrust into his nightmarish world, will she find the strength to win the fight and his heart or will they lose in a deadly eternal game between Heaven and Hell? *

Publication date 30/7/2011

My Review…… 

Marcus has watched Amelia from heaven for many years, and a month ago his superiors told him he needed to watch her from the mortal realm. Why? And when they refuse to answers he becomes suspicious, but he’s ever the loyal soldier of heaven, and does his duty. Moving in next door seems like the best solution. 

But he’s Unprepared for the foreign feelings that surround him where Amelia is concerned, he wants to finish this mission and then request a transfer to the warrior class of angels. 

Amelia has just gotten out of a bad relationship, the last thing she needs is to fall for another man. But when her gorgeous neighbour comes to her rescue, Amelia rethinks her opinion, surely she can’t get it wrong again?!

Spending time together, Amelia gets the feeling Marcus isn’t really comfortable here. And he always seems to be on the lookout. But for what? 

Together they face both heaven and hell in a battle for Amelia, but why? Is there more to her than meets the eye? They are then in for a fight her their lives!!! 

I have to admit I loved this book, not my favourite of the series, but it sets the scene for the coming books. 

There is a series before this one (Her Angel: Bound Warriors) and I’ve read the first one. 

You get background on the other characters in this series, but I don’t think it detracts In anyway, but now I’ve read this book, I need to go and find the other angels in the previous series! 

Fast paced, tear jerking, time slips away from you, and I found myself lost in this book. 

Great descriptions, amazing fight scenes, and a few scorching hot scenes thrown in for good measure. 

People aren’t who they are suppose to be, demons popping up, and both heaven and hell are fighting over Amelia! What is so special about her? 

You also get the feeling that there are quiet a few secrets. The higher echelons of angels are really sneaky! 

Next book please ……. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review…. Ride Dirty: A Raven Riders Novella book 4 by Laura Kaye 👩🏻‍💻

Ride Dirty: A Raven Riders Novella book 4 by Laura Kaye

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Kaye comes a new story in her Raven Riders series… 


Caine McKannon is all about rules. As the Raven Riders Sergeant-at-Arms, he prizes loyalty to his brothers and protection of his club. As a man, he takes pleasure wherever he can get it but allows no one close—because distance is the only way to ensure people can’t hurt you. And he’s had enough pain for a lifetime.

But then he rescues a beautiful woman from an attack.

Kids and school are kindergarten teacher Emma Kerry’s whole life, so she’s stunned to realize she has an enemy—and even more surprised to find a protector in the intimidating man who saved her. Tall, dark, and tattooed, Caine is unlike any man Emma’s ever known, and she’s as uncertain of him as she is attracted. As the danger escalates, Caine is in her house more and more – until one night of passion lands him in her bed.

But breaking the rules comes at a price, forcing Caine to fight dirty to earn a chance at love. 

Raven Riders Series

Hard as steel 0.5 

Ride Hard 1 

Ride Rough 2 

Ride Wild 3

Ink, Steel & Forever 3.1

Ride Dirty 4 

Ride Deep 4.5 

Publication date 13/3/2018 *

My Review….. 

Caine is scared both inside and out, born to a crack addict mother and a father who liked the bottle! Put in care homes and then homeless, he’s not had it easy, trust needs to be earned and not easily given. 

In the MC subculture the Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and standing rules of a club are not violated, and that orders of the chapter officers are executed in an expeditious manner. … The Sergeant at Arms is the head of security of the club and also the personal bodyguard to the President.

Emma loves Christmas, it’s a season she loved with her grandmother, she can’t wait to wrap presents and eat lots over the Christmas period. But first she has to deal with a mugger! Luckily she’s saved, but by a biker! She’s expecting to be mugged from this guy as well, but instead makes her feel safe. 

Oh this was such a good read (wish it had been longer) Caine not thinking he’s good enough for anyone, especially not a kindergarten teacher. 

You’re a kindergarten teacher,” he said, his eyes tracking her every movement. Hands full, she moved toward the table and then laid out the place settings. “And?” she said with a little laugh. “What does that mean?” His gaze narrowed. “Kindergarten teachers are like…paragons of innocence and sweetness.” Emma waited for the punch line, humor bubbling up inside her. And then she started chuckling. “Oh, man, would my friend Catalin get a kick out of that.” She shook her head, laughter still bubbling up inside her. “When she gets worked up over something, she swears like a sailor. That’s just a reputation because our job entails being cheerful and patient, and having a willingness to not take yourself too seriously, and playing with glitter and fuzzy pom-poms alongside teaching letters and numbers and social skills.“excerpt from Ride Dirty 

Emma is such a good person, she’s sees the best in everyone. Loves her job, in fact loves life, the interaction with her dog was so cute. 

And Caine’s reaction to the dog was hilarious. I don’t think he knew what to do with it. 

Caine has been in all the books, but not too prevalent, he’s mostly been in the background, so it was nice to drag him into the spotlight. 

He doesn’t expect kindness from anyone, he expects just to be used. He’s had that all his life, and the I’ve person he tried to look after does in a fire at a young age, so from them on, it’s no connections, his biker buddies are family, but still not a proper connection. 

He needed Emma to show him not everyone is out to hurt him or use him. 

Hoping there are a few more books to this series. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… Ride Wild: A Raven Riders Novel book 3 by Laura Kaye 👩🏻‍💻

Ride Wild: A Raven Riders Novel book 3 by Laura Kaye 👩🏻‍💻


Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders… 

Wild with grief over the death of his wife, Sam “Slider” Evans merely lives for his two sons. Nothing holds his interest anymore—not even riding his bike or his membership in the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. But that all changes when he hires a new babysitter.

Recently freed from a bad situation by the Ravens, Cora Campbell is determined to bury the past. When Slider offers her a nanny position, she accepts, needing the security and time to figure out what she wants from life. Cora adores his sweet boys, but never expected the red-hot attraction to their brooding, sexy father. If only he would notice her… 

Slider does see the beautiful, fun-loving woman he invited into his home. She makes him feel toomuch, and he both hates it and yearns for it. But when Cora witnesses something she shouldn’t have, the new lives they’ve only just discovered are threatened. Now Slider must claim—and protect—what’s his before it’s too late.

Raven Riders Series

Hard as steel 0.5 

Ride Hard 1 

Ride Rough 2 

Ride Wild 3

Ink, Steel & Forever 3.1

Ride Dirty 4 

Ride Deep 4.5 

Publication 31/10/2017 *

My Review….. 

Sam “slider” Evans has lost too much, and he’s on the edge of giving up! The only thing keeping him here…. his boys. Losing his wife was such a blow, his MC thinks it’s grief, and yeah a little of it is, but most of it is anger and guilt! He’s got no time for his job, club or himself. And certainly not the babysitter who’s about to become a live-in nanny! 

Cora has had so much taken from her, and now she’s living upstairs in a MC club! Her father should have been there for her, but he’s dead, taken out after trying to help her best friends father kidnap his daughter! Her father was next really a father, he looked on her as a nuisance! Until one night changed all that, and made her runaway!  

Oh this one had me crying one minute and then smiling the next. Such a lovely story. Add in cute kids, a slobbering dog and a grumpy biker and I’m there. Cora has been there from the start of this series, and she’s been a great character, a fun type of person you’d want in your life, the soul of the party, a joker and a prankster. But Cora is hiding from something dark, something that keeps her awake at night! She knows she should speak to someone, but the fear keeps its bottled up inside. She’s such a fighter, she puts others before herself, and that’s how she got the job with Slider babysitting his two boys. But she wants more from life, she loves looking after the boys, but she wants her own home, a proper job and a family to care for. Slider has been a quiet character in previous books, hiding himself away, you think it’s just grief at losing his wife, but once you start reading, you find out it’s so much more! 

The action is still in the forefront of this series, and so is the drama and passion. But the dog for me made this book, and the kids, they were all just so cute! Watching Slider fight his feelings for Cora was interesting, he knew what he was pushing away, but he felt like he didn’t deserve the club or Cora. Reading them both tell each other there deep dark secrets has me cheering. 

Catching up with previous couples and characters from the past few books always makes me smile, I love when the author keeps them in. You want to know how they are all getting on, and how their relationships are still growing. 

There are a few triggers in this book. But I don’t think it takes away from the story. 

The ending made it feel like the last book, and I’m really hoping it’s not.                      


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review…. Ride Rough: A Raven Riders Novel book 2 by Laura Kaye 👩🏻‍💻

Ride Rough: A Raven Riders Novel book 2 by Laura Kaye 👩🏻‍💻


Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders…

Maverick Rylan won’t apologize for who he is—the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club Vice-President, a sought-after custom bike builder, and a man dedicated to protecting those he loves. 

So when he learns that the only woman who has ever held his heart is in trouble, he’ll move heaven and earth to save her.

Alexa Harmon thought she had it all—the security of a good job, a beautiful home, and a powerful, charming fiancé who offered the life she never had growing up. But when her dream quickly turns into a nightmare, Alexa realizes she’s fallen for a façade she can’t escape—until sexy, dangerous Maverick offers her a way out.

Forced together to keep Alexa safe, their powerful attraction reignites and Maverick determines to do whatever it takes to earn a second chance—one Alexa is tempted to give. But her ex-fiancé isn’t going to let her go without a fight, one that will threaten everything they both hold dear.

Raven Riders Series

Hard as steel 0.5 

Ride Hard 1

Ride Rough 2

Ride Wild 3

Ink, Steel & Forever 3.1

Ride Dirty 4 

Ride Deep 4.5 

Publication date 25/4/2017 * 

My Review….. 

Maverick is VP (Vice President) of Raven Riders MC (Motorcycle Club) he loves his biker brothers and would do anything for them. 

He owns the custom bike shop that they all use and he gets a lot of outside customers. It’s the one thing he’s really good at. 

They protect those who can’t protect themselves.

He knows all about that, coming from an abusive family background, he didn’t realise his dad beat his mum, she hid it until the bruising became too bad! So now he’s super protective of all those he loves. He won’t let that ever happen again!

But one love got away, Alexa Harmon, they hung out together as teenagers, they loved one another as young adults, but that love when tested failed, and they weren’t together anymore. 

But that’s not stopped him from loving her, he regrets those five long years they were apart, and now given a second chance, he won’t screw it up…..

Alexa balances a lot on a daily basis, a sick mother, a demanding job, and a fiancée who is driving her crazy! 

Trying to finish her schooling so she’s a qualified designer is proving difficult, she needs time to study and finish off, but with the  wedding looming, Alexa feels like she’s running on empty. 

She’s also noticing a change in Grant (her fiancée) more demanding, more controlling and just MORE!! 

Is she just imagining things, or is he as bad as people say he is? 

I liked this one, I’ve liked Maverick from the beginning, his mum is a biker “old lady” and he’s always felt guilty that he couldn’t protect her from his abusive dad. And in one of the earlier books, she got beaten up!! So his guilt is sky high! 

I liked the second chance theme in this book. Misunderstandings, fear and just being too young kept this couple apart. But when Alexa needs him, he’s all over it. 

Alexa was a character, she might have been beaten down, but she wasn’t ready to give up. Losing her father and her brother was hard. Having to fight her mum on her hoarding habits was proving challenging. But it’s what families do. 

Love the interaction between the bikers, the solidarity, they’ll drop everything at a moments notice. 

Then we have Alexa and Grant her fiancée, reading how little things weren’t adding up. It screamed control freak and a bully. 

Again a beautifully written book. The story engages you and keeps you there. 

Hoping more books will come along. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review…. Ride Hard: A Raven Riders Novel Book 1 by Laura Kaye 👩🏻‍💻

Ride Hard: A Raven Riders Novel by Laura Kaye 👩🏻‍💻


Brotherhood. Club. Family.

They live and ride by their own rules.

These are the Raven Riders…

Raven Riders Motorcycle Club President Dare Kenyon rides hard and values loyalty above all else. He’ll do anything to protect the brotherhood of bikers–the only family he’s got–as well as those who can’t defend themselves. So when mistrustful Haven Randall lands on the club’s doorstep scared that she’s being hunted, Dare takes her in, swears to keep her safe, and pushes to learn the secrets overshadowing her pretty smile.

Haven fled from years of abuse at the hands of her criminal father and is suspicious of any man’s promises, including those of the darkly sexy and overwhelmingly intense Ravens’ leader. But as the powerful attraction between them flares to life, Dare pushes her boundaries and tempts her to want things she never thought she could.

The past never dies without a fight, but Dare Kenyon’s never backed down before…

Raven Riders Series

Hard as steel 0.5 

Ride Hard 1

Ride Rough 2

Ride Wild 3

Ink, Steel & Forever 3.1

Ride Dirty 4 

Ride Deep 4.5

Publication date 26/4/2016 *

My Review…. 

Dean “Dare” Kenyon runs the Ravens MC, he doesn’t want the club running the old ways, so with the help of his grandfather, cousin and best friend, he turned the club around. They help those who can’t help themselves.

Dare lost his older brother and mother to guns (his father shot them when he found out they were running way.) 

Haven loves to bake, it’s her way of contributing, saying thank you and a way to calm herself down. 

Very cowed, scared of her own shadow, she’s lived a very sheltered life (Haven would claim a prison life) on the run when she found out she was going to “marry” one of her father’s friends! 

Hiding out in a biker club wasn’t where Haven thought she’d be, but better than the alternative. 

She wants to move on, she wants a life, and when her friend Cora tells her to write a list of things she wants and wants to do, Haven thinks it’s a good idea. 

The list starts off short and grows longer within a day, also on that list is Dare, and all the things she’d like to experience! 

I’ve not read any books by this author. But I have heard of her. And gets this as a free read definitely helped😉

MC (Motorcycle Club) books usually aren’t my thing, but I did like the premise of this book, and it’s been on my kindle for a while (2018!) so I thought I’d give it a go…. 

The Ravens aren’t your typical MC (but then most of the MC books claim that!) they help those in need. And Haven was definitely in need! Coming from an abusive and controlling family life, Dare knows all about that kind of life. She’s hiding in the clubhouse after they were rescued from another biker club, (her best friend Cora was with her) they need somewhere to regroup and then find a new start. 

The attraction between Dare and Haven is practically instant. But Dare shouldn’t really get involved with her, she’s too young for a start, too innocent and someone they are helping (and you don’t take advantage) but there is something about her that makes him question his own existence, he didn’t think he needed anyone in his life, but Haven looks good in his home and in his bed, they know it’s only a matter of weeks before she has to move away, but suddenly Dare wants more, can he really keep Haven? 

And her father is still looking for her! He’s also offered a reward for information on her whereabouts and her return! He’s not going to give her up, will be she able to evade him for much longer? 

I have a feeling it’s a spin off from another series (Hard Ink Series) but I don’t think you’ll need to read those (although it might show us how Haven and Cora got captured, and then met Dare) 

But I’ll have to look into that series 😉

Anyway …… 

Definitely a book I’d recommend and a series I’ll have to read😉and possibly the Hard Ink Series too (will my reading list ever shorten? Probably not😂


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… Hard As Steel: A Hard Ink/Raven Riders Crossover book 0.5 by Laura Kaye 👩🏻‍💻

Hard As Steel: A Hard Ink/Raven Riders Crossover book 0.5 by Laura Kaye 


After identifying her employer’s dangerous enemies, Jessica Jakes takes refuge at the compound of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. Fellow Hard Ink tattooist and Raven leader Ike Young promises to keep Jess safe for as long as it takes, which would be perfect if his close, personal, round-the-clock protection didn’t make it so hard to hide just how much she wants him–and always has. Ike Young loved and lost a woman in trouble once before. The last thing he needs is alone time with the sexiest and feistiest woman he’s ever known, one he’s purposely kept at a distance for years. Now, Ike’s not sure he can keep his hands or his heart to himself–or that he even wants to anymore. And that means he has to do whatever it takes to hold on to Jess forever.

Raven Riders Series

Hard as steel 0.5 

Ride Hard 1

Ride Rough 2

Ride Wild 3

Ink, Steel & Forever 3.1

Ride Dirty 4 

Ride Deep 4.5 *

Publication date 16/9/2016

My Review..

Jess/Jessica Jakes has had a crush on Ike forever, they banter, they flirt, but they’ve never crossed the line, not that Jess wouldn’t be on him in a heartbeat! But he doesn’t take the hint, what’s a girl to do? 

Ike Young knows how it feels to love someone you love, he lost his pregnant girlfriend in a fight gone wrong. His job in the club is debt collector, bet runner for The Ravens and tattooist for Hard Ink, he’d moved to Baltimore for the tattooing job, but he was a Raven Rider through and through. 

Jess is hiding from a gang that have been a constant pain to both the Hard Ink gang and the MC Raven Riders. She identified them after an attempt at blowing up the ink parlour that both Jess and Ike work at. 

This book combines both Hard Ink (a series I’ve not read) with Raven Riders (a series I’m reading at the moment) 

A short story/novella. You don’t have to read in order, but there is definitely history between these two (and I always hate half a story😉

Piercer for Hard Ink Jess was already established, she saw Ike and fell for him. So this is set years down the line, neither have them given in to the temptation. Ike tries to look at Jess as a work colleague, yeah that’s not working. 

And when Jess’s life is put in danger, Ike needs to realise that she’s more than just a friend. 

Ike brought Jess to the Raven’s compound, it’s safer there, but trouble seems to follow her….. 

I loved Jess, such a tale charge chick, except when it comes to that bad ass tattoo artist Ike. 

They both have had hard pasts, they both know what it’s like to have loved and to have lost someone close, but Jess just can’t get past that last wall of his! 

A short but intense story, passionate but fun. A good intro to the Raven Riders series. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Books I read in October  📱👩🏻‍💻 📚 🎧  

Books I read in October  📱👩🏻‍💻 📚 🎧  

Wolf Hunter Inquisition: The Freeing of Chiropteran by Miller Thomas 📱TRC    

Savage Lover: A Dark Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 3) by Sophie Lark 📱HG BST

Call of the Wolves (Spirit Wolves Series) Book 2 by Vonna Harper 📱BS   

The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 3) by Ines Johnson 📱 BST

Dragon Mate’s Secret: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls book 2 by Serena Meadows 📱 BST

Dragon Hero: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls book 3 by Serena Meadows 📱 BST

Dragon Destiny: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls book 4 by Serena Meadows 📱 BST

Ford Brothers Series : Proceed with Caution Book 1 by Sandra Alex 📱  

Brutal Prince: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 1) by Sophie Lark 📱BS  

Stolen Heir: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 2) by Sophie Lark 📱BS  

Come Here, Kitten (God of War Series) by Emilia Rose 📱 TRC   

Dragon Savior: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls book 1 by Serena Meadows 📱BST

The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 2) by Ines Johnson 👩🏻‍💻 BST

The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 1) by Ines Johnson 👩🏻‍💻 BST

Bearly Tamed (BBW Shifter Security Romance) (Big Paw Security Book 1) by Becca Fanning 👩🏻‍💻  


Vega Brothers : Hannibal (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 4 by Kim Fox 👩🏻‍💻  

Vega Brothers : Alexander (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 3 by Kim Fox 👩🏻‍💻  

Vega Brothers : Khan (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 2 by Kim Fox 👩🏻‍💻  

Vega Brothers : Julius (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 1 by Kim Fox 👩🏻‍💻   


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Arc Review…. Stealing Candy: A Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf 📱

Stealing Candy: A Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf 


Stuck working Sleepy Hollow’s Oktoberfest in upstate NY wasn’t much fun, until a trio of gorgeous blond vikings burst into my life. Sure they were wearing Halloween costumes, but why shouldn’t that just add to the fun?

Crisp autumn days. Cozy nights by the fire. Working the Halloween holiday season wasn’t all bad, until my friend left me house-sitting a strange cottage all alone, in a legendary old town.

Enter my three handsome saviors, ripped and gorgeous, all fighting to rescue me at once. But when an impromptu kissing contest evolves into something so hot it turns me into a molten puddle? My lips aren’t the only thing the guys are willing to share.

But Soren and Tristan harbor a secret of their own, and their hilarious college roommate Lucas is on board for anything. Running an old bed and breakfast on the far side of town, the guys need exactly the type of womanly help I’m willing to provide… provided they keep up their end of the bargain, which of course includes taking very good care of me.

Three incredible men. One very willing beer-maid. No rules, no limits, no jealousy – just tons of sizzling hot action peppered by so many twists and turns, not even the Headless Horseman could keep up!

STEALING CANDY is a full-length reverse harem romance filled with pumpkin-spiced lattes, candy apples, trick or treating, and tons of Halloween autumn-style goodness. If you like cozy new adult holiday romance and sizzling jaunts through the old cemetery at midnight? You just found your favorite new RH story. HEA Guaranteed!

Publication date 14/9/2020
My Review….. 
A reverse harem is a group of someone’s boyfriends and/or husbands in a polygamous household. A situation in which a woman is the love of three or more men.
Candy/Candace is working in a beer tent for the Oktoberfest, it’s not where Candace thought she’d be, Stacey and Candace were suppose to be house sitting, and with the money they were bound for adventures in the sun. But her friend Stacey fell in love and left to go travelling with her new love (a rude if you ask me!) leave Candace on her own! 
The only highlight in her life is when three Vikings come to her rescue from being verbally attacked, the ensuing fight gives everyone a chance to blow off steam, and they get her phone number. 
Soren, Tristan and Lucas run a bed and breakfast, it’s looking a little rundown, so they need a woman’s touch. They have the ideal woman in mind, they just need to convince her to give up her job and come work for them. 
As they become friends, Candy is fighting her guilt, she likes them all, she can’t date one without hurting the other two! Maybe dating all three together should feel wrong, but when the men tell her what they want, it gives her things to think about. 
A few fun filled times, a few steamy moments. The laughter made the book for me. And the fact they aren’t brothers (that always makes me feel a little icky!) is a plus. 
And when her family start asking when will she be coming home, it puts the men motion, if they don’t want her to go, then they need to show her how much she means to them. 
It’s a fun read, and as it’s October, it’s a Halloween must read. 
The chemistry between the four is not as hot as I’ve read from other RH. 
The bonus epilogue ties up the book nicely. 

 *I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Happy Halloween 🎃

Couldn’t decide on which drink to put on my wall…. so here’s a choice.

A little early I know, but it is Halloween and I’m sure it’s drinking time somewhere in the world 😉

I know we are all still staying inside, but make one and wish me a happy Halloween 😉

It’s going to be a strange Halloween this year, I won’t be giving out sweets, and I hope no one knocks on the door!


Kindle Review…. Proceed with Caution (Ford Brothers Book 1) by Sandra Alex 👩🏻‍💻

Proceed with Caution (Ford Brothers Book 1) by Sandra Alex 


He’s a heartbroken heartthrob. She’s a fugitive fiance. Sparks fly when Julia flees…right into Colton.

Colton all but wears a sign that says ‘No Women Allowed’ after his failed marriage to Pam. 

Pam promised him the world but never delivered. It’s no wonder when he meets the beautiful and intelligent Julia, he doesn’t let his heart pave the way. Colton’s love of his horse ranch, his students, his brothers and his money keep him happy. He doesn’t need or want anything else. When Julia walks into his life, Colton decides it’s best to proceed with caution, and the feeling is mutual. 

John is sexy, successful and perfect fiancé material…when he’s not controlling, delusional and downright creepy. But how do you dump a guy your loyal and loving father fixes you up with, without breaking two hearts? When Julia goes MIA to her estranged sister’s place out of state, John goes ballistic. Especially when her sister works with dreamy-eyed Colton, and Julia finds herself spending a lot of time with them. But it’s difficult to keep someone safe when you don’t know they’re in danger.  

Gun-shy, self-protective, and hiding from the truth, Julia is in no position to open her heart to anyone. Particularly when she has to look over her shoulder for her stalker fiancé every step of the way. Fearful and scarred, Julia doesn’t know what to do when her hormones wake up just at the sight of Colton. It seems no matter what door she opens, both the wolf and the sheep are there. When Julia’s past finally catches up to her, John demands her to do the one thing she can’t do…or die. 

Her loyalty and all-consuming love were the reasons why I chose her…until she made me a promise she didn’t keep.

She was the one who waited for me while I was overseas. She was the one who loved me the way nobody else did. She’s also the one who broke my heart by not keeping her promise.

I thought I was done with women for good…until Julia came along.

Afghanistan changes a man in a way nothing else can, and the women flock to me like magnets because of it…but I don’t want any of them. The way they look at me, I’d like to tear their eyes out.  

Julia doesn’t look at me like I’m a piece of meat. She also doesn’t see dollar signs when she finds out I’m a Ford boy.

Problem is, Julia doesn’t want anyone any more than I do. She’s running from something, but she won’t tell me what or whom….and then I find out the hard way.


Sure, running away is the cowardly thing to do. But if you were in my shoes, you might have done the same.  

Colton is the type of guy to steer clear of, at least that’s what my sister Liz says. He’s got this smouldering look that makes me lock eyes with him. But then we both look away. And it’s all good, because another man is the last thing I need…especially another man with major issues. 

When Colton finds out what I’m running from, he teaches me a thing or two about men, and not in a way I would expect.  

He’s full of surprises…especially that one kiss that leaves me breathless. It’s the last thing either of us wants…and the first thing we both need. He promised it would never happen again, but evidently his body and his heart are at a crossroads. I’m suffering from the same affliction.

Ford Brothers Series 

Book 1 Proceed with Caution

Book 2 Enter at your own Risk

Book 3 Handle with Care 

Book 4 Slippery when Wet 

Book 5 May explode when Heated

Publication date 21/6/2019 *

My Review…..
Love triangle? Or a man and woman finding love whilst a mad man obsessed with her wants her back?! 
Colton is definitely avoiding women, they are nothing but trouble. After the last woman in his life took his heart and pounded it into the dirt! Students, horses and and his brothers are all he needs in his life.
Until he meets her….. 
Julia needs somewhere to hide, she’s hiding from a possessive fiancée, at first it was ok, he was there for her when she need him, but things are beginning to jiggle her. 
So she runs to her sister. Liz works in a bar. 
That’s where she meets Colton, he’s cute, sure, but no now way is she looking for any entanglement. She’s just escaped one man, she doesn’t need another one tell her what to do! 
Being almost the baby of the family (Wade is the youngest) Colton might have served in the military, he might have the muscles and the tattoos, but I got the impression it’s all for show, he seems like a good guy who hasn’t found the right woman yet. 
Julia I thought at first a little bit of a pushover. Letting your friends talk you into things that you don’t feel comfortable with. Even Liz takes advantage! 
First book in a five book series. Doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, so don’t think you’ll need to read the rest.
It was an easy read, a few little points I was unhappy about, but nothing that really spoils the book. 
The couple sort of flirt around one another, shy away from each other, but they are drawn towards each other. Nether want to make that first step, they are both hurting from past loves…..
Love her sister she was there even she needed her, and looks out for her. 
Only thing I did have issue with is her friend told her to leave her ring at home and wear something sexy! (you would think she wants her friend to cheat on her fiancé?) 
Colton’s brothers did have me chuckling, and hooked, so I need to find out if they get their stories. 
And what happens when John the fiancé turns up? 

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Arc Review….. Savage Lover: A Dark Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 3) by Sophie Lark 📱

Savage Lover: A Dark Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 3) by Sophie Lark 


There’s A Reason I Never Go To Parties…

I saw him in a cloud of smoke, like sin made flesh. Even bruised and battered, I’d never seen anything more beautiful…

Unless I hate myself, I should stay far away from Nero.

He’s a heartbreaker.

A mess-maker.

A walking disaster.

Here’s the problem: I’m in deep trouble with a dirty cop. The only person who can save me is Nero. We’re not friends. If he saw me drowning, he’d throw me an anchor.

But he’s the only chance I’ve got. 

He’s no hero, he’s a Savage Lover.

“Savage Lover” is the wild and reckless third act of the “Brutal Birthright” series. It’s a stand-alone bully Mafia Romance, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains blazing hot bedroom scenes for mature readers only!!!

Brutal Birthright Series 

Book 1 Brutal Prince 

Book 2 Stolen Heir 

Book 3 Savage Lover 

Publication date 16/9/2020 *

My review…… 

Nero is the reckless Gallo family member. He’s a ladies man, and he knows it, the Gallo looks, the bad boy image, Nero has cultivated that look, and it certainly pays off with the girls. 

Camille is a mechanic, she works with her father. Not exactly the life she wanted, but she likes cars, it’s the people she’s not impressed with. 

But picking her brother up from a party sends Camille’s life into a downward spiral. Covering up her brother’s stupidity seemed like the only course of action. She couldn’t let him go to prison, he’d never get a chance at living. 

But the police officer that pulls her over had no intention of sending her to prison. Oh no, he’s got plans for her……

These two probably never would have met if not for her brother throwing up and a cop and finding her brothers secret!

If it wasn’t for the bent cop terrorising and blackmailing Camille, she won’t have turned to the one man she shouldn’t have. 

Nero and Camille shouldn’t have fallen in love, from two different worlds. She’s hard working and he’s a gangster. 

I loved this story, the interaction between the families 

The intensity between the main characters in this book blew me away. 

I thought the chemistry between (Brutal Prince) and (Stolen Heir) was intense, this was so much more. 

The passion, the slow and ever growing love that blossomed between Nero and Camille. 

This book had me putting down my regular favourites and diving straight in. Ms Lark is becoming a go to author.  

I do have one complaint, it lacked a little something. 

It didn’t have the angst of Stolen Heir, and it didn’t have the enemies to loves vibe either! Yes Camille hated Nero, but it wasn’t the same type of fear and hate that Nessa had for her Russian beast! 

But what it did have was realisation of two people that were meant to be together. It had two people who were stronger together, that they complemented one another. 

I didn’t really like Nero at first, in fact I wasn’t too keen on Camille either! But as the story progresses we find out more on the characters, why they behave the way they do. 

You don’t need to read the other two books, but why deprive yourself. 

Another highly recommended book by this author. 

Now the most beautiful man in the world is looking at me with love and desire. And I realize it’s impossible that he could feel those things for me if I were truly undeserving. If Nero and I are a perfect match—and I feel certain that we are—then I’m his equal. His analog. It’s a strange realization to have, after all this time, but I finally believe it. I’m beautiful. I’m intelligent. I’m worthy of love. “What is it?” Nero asks me. I take a deep breath, my forehead pressed against his. I’m breathing in the scent of his skin, and his lips, just an inch away from mine. Taking in his breath—then giving it back to him again. “I’m really, completely happy,” I tell him. “So am I,” he says. “It’s weird, isn’t it?” I laugh. “Do you think that’s how other people feel all the time?”

“No,” he says, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close. “I don’t think anyone has felt exactly like this.” He kisses me again, with those full lips that spark a thousand sensations everywhere they land. Excerpt from Savage Lover


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New book out today…. The Billionaire’s Baby: Enemies to Lovers Billionaire Romance (Big Bad Billionaires Book 2) by L.Steele


“On your knees…” 

Saint Jordan Killian Black.
A gazillionaire with a panty melting smirk; and a soul as dark as his name.
I wanted a child.
He wanted a willing slave.
I wanted someone to break me and build me up again…
He wanted no emotions, no connection.
A simple transaction, that’s what he said it would be.
I needed something in me to shatter, so I could finally live.
He promised that he was the one… who’d bring me to the edge.
Show me how it could be between a man and a woman….
Just… you know… no sentiments involved.
I thought I was willing to do as he commanded.
After the nightmare life that I’d led, I hoped that I could walk away with one thing that belonged to me: my own flesh and blood. My baby.
That was the deal I had made with the Mafia,
I hadn’t expected to develop feelings for the father of my child.
Definitely hadn’t meant to fall in love with the man I must betray to get my freedom…

Note: This is Victoria and Saint’s story. Features a possessive, snarly, billionaire and the woman he’d do anything to keep safe. The Big Bad Billionaire Series intertwines with the Arranged Marriage Dark Mafia Romance Series.
Each book, is a standalone and promises a pulse-pounding, HEA

L. Steele loves to tame alphaholes. She writes romance stories with douche canoes who meet their match in sassy little spitfires 🙂

She also writes dark sexy paranormal romance as NY Times bestseller Laxmi Hariharan.

Married to a man who cooks as well as he talks 🙂 she lives in London.

Follow her on Amazon here:

Kindle Review… Dragon Destiny: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls book 4 by Serena Meadows 📱

Dragon Destiny: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls book 4 by Serena Meadows 


Gabriel is the town’s trusted doctor…
Chloe hawks potions, herbs, and promises…
He’ll put her out of business, unless she puts him under her spell…?

By night, Gabriel prowls the streets of Prospect Falls alongside his fellow dragon-shifter guardians. When day breaks, he swaps his steel weapons for a white coat and a stethoscope. Beloved by the townspeople, Dr. Gabriel’s waiting room is always full—which is why he’s so surprised to one day find it empty.

It doesn’t take long to discover where his patients have gone. One of Gabriel’s naïve, elderly neighbors is playing host to an out-of-towner with a suitcase full of potions. But there’s more to Chloe than first meets the eye. Past her sensual curves and fierce green eyes is a vulnerability that dampens his anger. Is she worthy of his empathy, or bewitching him with her magic?

The more time he spends with the young woman, the more his defenses slip away. But evil is lurking in the sweet town of Prospect Falls, and Gabriel needs to be on his guard more than ever.

Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls 

Book 1 Dragon Savior: 

Book 2 Dragon Mate’s Secret:

Book 3 Dragon Hero:

Book 4 Dragon Destiny: 

Publication date 12/5/2020 *

My review….. 

Chloe is a witch, but not that she’d let you know, something in her past is keeping her from her full potential.  She’s been drawn to Prospect Falls for a long time, she’s just been avoiding it, but now she’s here, it feels like home. But she needs a place to stay before she decides what to do about her future…..
Gabriel is the town doctor. He loves his job, but at the moment it’s a chore, he’s being spread thin with the demons, the council, his guardian friends all finding love, and a rogue council member! His father and a few retired doctors are helping out, but it’s not the same, he needs to sort this out….. 
Book four sees the conclusion of this series. We get a lot more background to the history of Prospect Falls. We also have witches involved, the councillor who wants Prospect Falls for himself, Demons and an evil magic that’s making its way to the town!
The book can be read without reading the others, but it is better read in order, a lot of the storyline evolves over the four books. 
Chloe’s background is a complex one, and it’s one that does blends in well with the conclusion of this series. Past events make her wary of using her magic, so she helps people with teas and herbs. (That’s how Chloe and Gabriel first meet and clash) 
Gabriel did make me chuckle, one minute he’s all, no, no, not for me, and then he’s practically racing Chloe up the aisle (well trying, she’s not having any of it) 
More action and storyline in this one (sex is kept to a minimum) the story seemed to flow better, but a lot was happening, so I felt another book might have been in order, but that’s my opinion. 
It’s nice to see all the previous MC’s from the previous books. 
There are a few minor characters that we see throughout the series, and I didn’t think any of them were superfluous to the storyline. 

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Kindle Review… Dragon Hero: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls. Book 3 by Serena Meadows 📱

Dragon Hero: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls. Book 3 by Serena Meadows


Vincent says women-shifters can’t hunt…
Charlie’s ready to prove him wrong…
But will they kill the demons, or each other?

As mayor of Prospect Falls, Vincent must protect his people at all costs. But demon attacks are on the rise, and sometimes the weight of his responsibility feels heavy enough to crush him.

When the council agrees to send help, the burden upon Vincent’s shoulders is lifted. He expects to receive a fellow guardian like himself: strong, fierce, and ready to kill. Instead, a curvy, blue-eyed bombshell steps through his door. Vincent could laugh, if he wasn’t stunned into silence. Are they meant to kill the demons, or seduce them?

All Charlie has ever dreamed of is being the first female guardian, and no pig-headed shifter is going to stand in her way, even if he is drop dead gorgeous. Besides, the demons grow bolder every day. Vincent might not want Charlie’s help -or acknowledge the chemistry sparking between them—but if he doesn’t get over his stubborn streak soon, it might be too late.

Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls 

Book 1 Dragon Savior: 

Book 2 Dragon Mate’s Secret:

Book 3 Dragon Hero:

Book 4 Dragon Destiny: *

Publication date 25/4/2020

My Review….. 

Vincent is the towns newspaper editor, mayor and guardian. Work is just getting away from him, he didn’t realise how much his mother and father did for the town. 
Charlie only wants a chance to prove that she can do the job she has always wanted. Who says a woman can’t be a guardian? Well Mayor Vincent Chambers says so!! She needs to bring honour back to her family name (she’s the last in her line, so she needs to show her father, family and the council a female is just as good as a male to be a guardian) 
That has to be the funniest of the series so far. Poor Vincent, juggling three jobs. He assumes the council will send him a demon hunter/guardian. 
He also puts a advert in the paper for an assistant to help him with the newspaper and the medieval festival. 
What he gets is no one applying for the roll of assistant, and a newly trained woman as a guardian!! 
Had to think Vincent was a little chauvinistic! A woman was not going to be a guardian, but she could file papers and organise the vendors!! 
Glad Charlie got the chance to prove him wrong. 
The chemistry between them is strong, it helps that Charlie is a dragon shifter also, but when Charlie doesn’t want the bond between them (she feels like she’s letting her father down) Vincent has to prove to her that it’s them against the world. 
The story is coming along nicely. You don’t have to read them in order, but it does help as there is a running story in the background. 
The usual characters are here, including Miranda the nosey manager of the motel. Horace the strange little man that owns the bookstore. And the main characters from the previous books. 
The council are misbehaving also. Well not all the council, just a certain mean and nasty councillor (he’s after Adam’s farm, old family feud) he wants the guardians to fail for some reason. 
Demons activity is increasing and so is the meddling of the council (well one councillor in particular) 
So can Vincent come to terms with his own prejudice? Can he see that Charlie could be an asset to Prospect Falls? And can Charlie get the role she has worked so hard for? 

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… Dragon Mate’s Secret: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls Book 2 by Serena Meadows 📱

Dragon Mate’s Secret: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls Book 2 by Serena Meadows 


When the chemistry is too strong to ignore,

But the secrets are too big to hide…

Burning lust becomes bitter betrayal.

Michael knows that finding love is a pipedream. Following in the footsteps of the dragon-shifter ancestors who came before him, his job is to mate and continue his lineage—not waste time on distractions like romance.

Amy has one love in her life: teaching her students about King Arthur and the folklore of his court. But when her best friend Molly stops returning her calls, Amy leaves her reclusive life in New York and heads to Prospect Falls. 

Instead of finding her friend, however, she discovers Michael, a man rippling with muscle, charisma, and deeply hidden secrets.

Amy will do anything to find Molly, and Michael seems to be the only person with answers. 

The trouble is, Amy is starting to suspect that Michael is not the man he claims to be, and when the truth is finally revealed, no amount of chemistry will forgive his dark manipulation.

Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls 

Book 1 Dragon Savior: 

Book 2 Dragon Mate’s Secret:

Book 3 Dragon Hero:

Book 4 Dragon Destiny: 

Publication date 6/4/2020 *

My Review….

Michael is sheriff in Prospect Falls, he’s also friend to Adam (Dragon Savior) a guardian that protects Prospect Falls. It’s been a family tradition for many years. 

Amy is looking for best friend Molly (MC in Dragon Savior) they always keep in touch, and now she’s worried. 

Coming to Prospect seemed like the best idea. But Amy has had nothing but suspicious looks and warnings not to go into the mountains, something is going on, and Amy is going to find her friend and the secrets in this town…. 

Book two in this four book series sees us catching up with Michael, he’s happy Adam has found his mate, but it’s left him and the other guardians with extra work to do. 

He also needs to know what the college demonologist can do to help them, (yes the college and the whole town know about dragons) he’s also got to placate his mother!(She doesn’t like to be left alone for too long, she’s lonely since his father died) 

Now a stranger is asking about a missing friend! Is she talking about Molly? 

Coming face to face with Amy has Michael in a bit of a dilemma, he could help her look for her friend, or he could spend time with her and hopefully distract her. It’s not exactly a chore, she is kinda cute, but the longer she’s in town, the sooner she’ll work it all out! So he needs her going back to New York sooner rather than later…..

Amy knows the sheriff is hiding something, he keeps distracting her! At first she didn’t realise, then she begins to put two and two together, what does he know about her friend?

I liked both Amy and Michael, they made a really good team. And it was good that we got to see everyone from the first book. 

You don’t need to read them in order, but it does help. Not as much action as the first book, we spent most of the time chasing Molly. 

But I liked the idea that it’s all linked to King Arthur, mystical dragons and magic. 

So will Michael come clean to Amy? Will he tell her about her friend? And if he does will it ruin his chances with the woman who possibly could be his mate? 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… Dragon Savior: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls book 1 by Serena Meadows 👩🏻‍💻

Dragon Savior: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls book 1 by Serena Meadows 


A dragon-shifter trapped by fate.

Must steal a heart to save his powers…

But can love ever truly bloom, when caught within a lie?

As leader of the dragon-shifters that defend Prospect Falls, Adam battles demons and monsters on a regular basis, but he never guessed his greatest test of all would be finding love. 

Fated to lose his powers if he remains unwed by the age of thirty-five, Adam has little time to meet and court a woman who’ll embrace the man he is, and the dragon within.

When Molly crashes her vehicle and wakes up in the arms of a tall, dark-eyed rescuer, the world is a throbbing mess of confusion. She doesn’t know who she is, where she’s from, or how she got there. Worst of all, her handsome savior is a complete stranger, despite the fact they’re apparently in love, and happily married.

Molly struggles to understand how she could have forgotten the intense, charismatic man that tenderly nurses her back to health. 

Sparks fly between them, but Molly’s memories refuse to return…and something isn’t adding up. 

Her mysterious husband is keeping secrets and when the truth is finally revealed, Molly’s world will come crashing apart a second time.

Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls 

Book 1 Dragon Savior: 

Book 2 Dragon Mate’s Secret:

Book 3 Dragon Hero:

Book 4 Dragon Destiny: 

Publication date 2020 *

My Review….

Adam is leader of the dragon clan in Prospect Falls. It’s his job to keep the demons away from humans. He’s a guardian. 

Centuries ago his clan was ordered to America to keep it safe, but something followed his family, a portal from another dimension opened up on the mountain, so his family can never leave, someone had to stay to keep the humans safe. 

There is also the matter of him losing his ability to shift (so losing his dragon and his strength) when he turns thirty-five, unless he’s mated! 

But it looks like fate might be in his favour when Molly lands in Adams lap! 

Molly is on her way to Prospect Falls, when she’s in a car accident. (Why? We aren’t sure, but I think she was unhappy with her old life) 

Things are a little hazy, in fact when she wakes up she can’t remember anything, including her name and her past! 

Adam says they are married, but why is she not convinced? She can’t call him a liar, it’s just a feeling. 

Molly and Adam feel the pull to each other, but Adam is trying to get Molly to fall for him before she remembers who she is. Because once she remembers she could leave him and take his heart! 

First book in a four book series. This can be read on its own. 

Adam has been looking for a mate for a while, but living in Prospect Falls females have been in short supply. Although I do think that’s an excuse, he’s probably just left it too late! 

Molly seems like a god send, she could be the answer to his problems. 

Lying to her at first seems to be the logical course of action, but getting to know her, Adam wants Molly to fall for him for real. 

I Like the fact Molly hadn’t fallen completely for Adam, she does find him attractive, and if they are married then it should be right to find your husband sexy, but I like she’s not completely gullible. She’s keeping a level head. 

And when Molly finds out that he’s lied to her about them, what’s in store for Adam? 

Oh and i dread at what Molly will think of Adam turning into a dragon, and that there are demons in Prospect Falls. 


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Arc Review…. Stolen Heir: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 2) by Sophie Lark 📱

Stolen Heir: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 2) by Sophie Lark 


They Murdered My Father, So I Stole Their Daughter…

She’s my captive, my little ballerina who dances only for me.

Nessa is sweet and innocent. She doesn’t deserve any of this. But that’s how our world works – the wolves eat the lambs, no matter how gentle they may be.

I’ll use her to get my revenge. Unless I give in to my hunger first…

“Stolen Heir” is the dark and gothic second act of the “Brutal Birthright” series. It’s a stand-alone Enemies to Lovers Romance, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains blazing hot bedroom scenes for mature readers only!!!

Brutal Birthright Series: 
An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance 
Book 1 Brutal Prince 
Book 2 Stolen Heir 
Book 3 Savage Lover

My Review…… 

Book 2 in the Brutal Birthright Series, Miko wanting revenge for the death of the man he called father. And the casualty is Nessa the gentlest member of the Griffin clan. 
Miko was briefly in last book. And it will come back to bite the Gallo/Griffin clan in the a$$!! 
We have to go back ten years to the start of his story. His family was once happy and stable, after a work accident, father was badly injured and unable to work they mother left the family home soon after. So it was him and his twin Anna against the world. Until his world comes crashing down…..
Nessa Griffin is sister to Callum (MC Brutal Prince)she’s lovely, a gentle soul and adored and protected by her family and friends. She’s loves to dance, but never quite made the grade to dance professionally.
Getting a chance to choreograph a routine for her local ballet is a dream come true, but when she’s left disappointed, Nessa gets talked into going to a bar for a few drinks. 
Miko wants to take the Gallo/Griffin families down, they killed his adopted father and now he wants to take them down!! He gave Miko a job and purpose after his sister killed herself. 
He runs his part of the Polish Mafia world, and not taking revenge will have him facing opposition and a possible takeover! Miko has worked too hard for that to happen. 
I will admit I didn’t expect the kidnapping, I thought he’d charm her then take her for a drive whilst making the family panic. This was nothing like that, drugging her then keeping her a prisoner (considering what happened to his sister I was a little shocked) then toying with her family as they frantically search Chicago for her. 
Another really good read from the author. After reading her first book in this series I was eager to read more of this world. And boy did I ever. 
The emotions in this book are amazing, the backstory gives us why Miko is the way he is, but it also shows us that beauty can tame the beast. But I’ll have to admit I wanted to shoot Miko for most of the book! 
But if they make it, how can Miko forgive the family that killed his father? Surely it’s eye for an eye? 
And if she falls for the beast, how will her family take it? 

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Arc Review…. Brutal Prince: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 1) by Sophie Lark 📱

Brutal Prince: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 1) by Sophie Lark 


He’s No Prince Charming…

Callum Griffin is the heir to the Irish Mafia. He’s ruthless, arrogant, and he wants to kill me.

We got off on the wrong foot when I set a (very small) fire in his house.

Our families believe a marriage pact is the only thing that will prevent all-out warfare.

I think I might need to murder him while he sleeps.

This would all be a lot easier if Callum wasn’t so damned good-looking.

But I’ve got a lockbox around my heart. Because even if I’m forced to marry him… 

I could never love a brutal prince.

“Brutal Prince” is the explosive first act in the epic “Brutal Birthright” series. It’s a stand-alone Dark Mafia Romance, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains blazing hot bedroom scenes for mature readers only!!!

Brutal Birthright Series: 
An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance 
Book 1 Brutal Prince 
Book 2 Stolen Heir 
Book 3 Savage Lover *

My Review……
This story is told by both the main characters. 
Callum is being groomed to take his place at the head of the Griffin empire. Nothing and no one stands in the way of this family. His sisters are used as pawns, and he’s ok with that! It’s for the good of the family right?! 
There is definitely tension between the two families (it does go back at least a generation or two, as per usual it’s all about money and power) 
Aida is the youngest in the Gallo family, having no mother to bring the family up, Aida has always been treated as a boy, that’s suited her fine. She’s learned to fight and look after herself. She’s headstrong and at times careless, but she loves her brothers and father very much. 
The enemies to lovers trope seems to be the in thing at the moment with authors, so have it nailed, and some fall short…. 
Sophie’s Brutal Birthright series falls in the nailed it category. 
The story is clean and decisive, the whole range of emotions are on display here. 
The animosity between Callum and Aida is palpable. After beating her brother up and Aida accidentally stealing a watch (and throwing it in the lake) there is definitely no love lost between them. 
Callum wants to break her family, he will take their business and their home. 
The only course of action ….. marriage!!! 
At the start of the book you assume it’s set earlier in the century, reading further it’s set now! It’s hard to think of families having feuds with one another. 
But reading you could see (and it does) it happening. 
The book is well worth the rollercoaster of emotions it takes you on. It starts at the engagement party, through the wedding and into the marriage! Each trying to get the better of one another! I was exhausted just reading it😉
So will Callum and Aida ever get past the enemy stage? 
And how will they take the news that a new force is in town, and they want what the Gallo/Griffin family have? 

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Author Sophie Lark 
Sophie lives with her husband, two boys, and baby girl in the Rocky Mountain west. She writes intense, intelligent romance, with heroines who are strong and capable, and men who will do anything to capture their hearts.
She has a slight obsession with hiking, bodybuilding, and live comedy shows. Her perfect day would be taking the kids to Harry Potter World, going dancing with Mr. Lark, then relaxing with a good book and a monster bag of salt and vinegar chips.

Kindle Review…. Call of the Wolves (Spirit Wolves Series) Book 2 by Vonna Harper 📱

Call of the Wolves (Spirit Wolves Series) Book 2 by Vonna Harper

Dark memories wait for Carlan Nashel and Brett Schneider in the unforgiving wilderness where Carlan’s beloved brother Skye lost his life in a tragic accident. She wants nothing to do with Brett whose presence painfully reminds her of what she lost, but she once loved this man. He used to be her everything, her body’s awakening. 

As if preordained, they find each other near where the accident took place. As a storm isolates them from the world, they have no choice but to face the past and what they lost. To acknowledge what went wrong and why, the shared sexual heat that still rages. What they don’t know but soon will is that they aren’t alone in this hard reckoning. This unwanted journey. 
Yes, they are the only humans here, but there is something else: a ghost and spirit wolves. 

Maybe they’ll survive. Maybe they won’t. 

Spirit Wolves Series:
Book 1 Cry of the Wolves 
Book 2 Call of the Wolves
Publication date 26/7/2020
My Review……
Carlan and Brett had known each other before. They were high school sweethearts, but life gets in the way, you grow up, you grow apart. 
And that’s what happened, but neither really forgot about each other…. 
Brett and his brother Jake, (he was the MC in Cry of the Wolves) run the logging company together. But since the accident that almost took his leg and his friends life, Brett just has had the joy from his job. He just wants to get on, back to work and back to his old life….. 
Carlan is looking after her parents, it’s a full time job now that her idiotic, selfish jerk of a brother died! No, that’s not fair, she loved him dearly, misses him immensely, but she can’t see past her anger at his abandonment of her and their parents…… 
After finding one another Carlan and Brett agree to go back to his trailer and talk! Being around Wolves and ghosts is enough to get most people talking to each other. Being trapped in a small trailer, isn’t the ideal solution, but it gets them talking, they hash out old hurts, past grievances and come to an uneasy truce. 
But the Wolves and ghosts have plans for Brett and Carlan, and neither will be leaving the trailer until the spirits are happy…… 
A short and intense book. Not really enough information or material, just a long intense passionate moment.
I liked it, I would have loved maybe a few more chapters. There was so much potential to expand and give us more explanations. Meeting the Wolves should have brought goosebumps up, it didn’t! The tender and intimate moments just didn’t come across that way. 

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Arc Review….. Come Here, Kitten  (God Of War) Book 1  by Emilia Rose 👩🏻‍💻

Come Here, Kitten  (God Of War) Book 1 by Emilia Rose



Warmonger Alpha Ares promises to kill anyone who has the Malavite Stone—a crystal packed with ungodly powers and healing properties. From slaughtering packs to building himself an empire, he will stop at nothing to find it.

That is until he meets Aurora.


Aurora thinks she knows exactly how to destroy such an arrogant alpha: with a good night and some ale spiked with wolfsbane.

But she has three little secrets that could threaten her entire existence…

– She’s knows where the Malavite Stone is.

– A pack of bloodthirsty rogues are trying to kill her.

– And she’s falling for the man she once feared.

Can Aurora fend off the rogues alone? What will Ares do when he finds out Aurora’s secrets? Will their relationship survive their fate? Enter into this steamy, paranormal world today to find out!

Come Here, Kitten is an erotic werewolf romance written by Emilia Rose and is the first book in the God of War series.

Publication date 19/10/2020 


My Review …..

That was somewhat pretty good. Once you get past the sex, the corny lines. The story was original and captivating. 

You do need your brain in gear as I did have to read a few things twice!! 

Ares God of War!! Harbinger of doom and destruction, he’s after the Malavite Stone, why you ask? Well, I’ll tell you….. 

Aurora alpha in training (which is mentioned a lot!) but she’s not actually in training! Her mother the first female alpha of The DarkMoon pack is suppose to be training her daughter, but she’s spending more time fretting about the coming war with Ares and his pack of bloodthirsty wolves and training Aurora’s soon to be Beta!! 

The reason being, Aurora can’t shift! She was almost killed by rogues, she has the ability (she has the wolf inside) but her spine was shattered, so making shifting impossible (well it takes too long) and uncomfortable beyond belief…..

So as far as Aurora is concerned she’s broken, and believes her mother and pack thinks so too. So trying to believe Ares when he tells her she will be Luna of his pack is going to take time. 

If I say too much it’s going to give things away. But I will say it’s worth a little confusion. 

The storyline is good, the fight scenes are bloody, and the romance is hot and steamy. 

Ares is hard to read, he’s both hard and soft, caring and cruel. And when Aurora becomes his unwilling mate, she sees all those sides to him and more. So who is Ares, the soft and caring brother and mate, or the ruthless leader who crushes anyone and everything in his path? 

Ares is a complex character, he hides facets of himself from most people, but he can’t help but show his softer side to Aurora, yes she’s his mate, but she’s distracting him from his mission! He wants to be her Alpha, but he also wants her to want all of him…. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you why Ares is after the Stone didn’t I? It’s because….. no, can’t tell you, it’s better if you read it for yourself. 😉

First book in the series, and I’m hoping it’s going to be a series, there is a lot of potential, and I’m really hoping Marcel from Ares pack gets a book. 

A few minor characters give us a little light relief from all the angst that’s in this book, one being Raffles (named for the crisps she loves so much) a cat with attitude had me smiling whenever I read about the feline. 

The thing I was a little uncomfortable with was the way her mother treated her, that was sad, her spineless father never stood up for her, her beta who basically only wanted her for her position in the pack, I felt pity for her, but that never stopped her doing her own thing (and I liked that a lot her) she was crushed time and time again, but she dusted herself off and got on with it. 

The rogue’s add the element of mystery, why target Aurora? Do they know something Ares doesn’t? The whereabouts of the Malavite Stone? 

The interaction between the MC’s had me pinging from frustration to amusement, screaming at my kindle and rolling my eyes at the way they danced around one another! 

Neither would tell the other where the stone was or why the stone was so important! 

But when Aurora finds out why Ares wants the stone, can she help him? Will she want to help him? 

And when Ares finds out Aurora knows where the stone is, will he demand it? Or can he listen to reason? 


  *I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Arc Review…. House of Dragons (Royal House Series) book 1 by K.A. Linde 👩🏻‍💻

House of Dragons (Royal House Series) book 1 by K.A. Linde

Description ……
Author K.A. Linde introduces the Royal Houses series with House of Dragons: the story of Kerrigan Argon, a half-Fae, half-human as she seeks her place in an unforgiving world filled with magic, mayhem, and romance. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Holly Black, and V.E. Schwab.

Ten years ago, half-Fae, half human Kerrigan Argon was discreetly dropped off onto the steps of Draco Mountain with nothing but a note. Her life changes completely as she’s swept into the care of the House of Dragons—an elite training program for gifted Fae.

On the year of her seventeenth name day, each student will be chosen by one of the twelve tribes of Alandria to enter society.

Everyone is chosen, except Kerrigan.

So, she strikes a bargain with the Dragon Society: convince a tribe to select her or give up her birthright forever.

With the unlikeliest of allies—Fordham Ollivier, the cursed Fae prince, who escaped his dark throne—she has to chart her own destiny to reshape the world.

Publication date 13/10/2020

My Review……

I hadn’t heard of the authors that are compared to this book (but I did look on google and liked what I’d read) YA (Young Adult) books aren’t usually my thing, I’ve read a few, and they’ve been ok.
But I did like the back cover….. 
Twelve Tribes of Alandria had been split into four groups. The Society rules over everyone. 
Woodloch to the West, their magic is used for might (war)
Viland to the East, their magic is for the good of the people (medicine)
Moran to the South their magic is basically useless!!! 
And Tosin the magic they wield is for everyday tasks (efficiency)
Kerrigan hopes that when she’s selected her life will finally be better. But that doesn’t happen! She can’t understand why, but Kerrigan isn’t going to let non selection stop her from getting what she wants. 
Kerrigan has always had to fight for what she’s wanted. Being dumped as a baby was bad enough, but she’s half human, half Fae! The half breeds have been persecuted for as long as anyone can remember.
Fighting for money is the only way she can survive. But unlike most half breeds, Kerrigan can use all four elements of magic, she just doesn’t tell anyone. 
Kerrigan also has visions, not many, but enough to worry her! 
And she has an affinity with the dragons, she loves them and her, but she won’t miss cleaning them out! 
I liked her band of friends, they all seemed to lend something to the the book. And I’m hoping we get to see more of them through the series.
Prince Fordham Ollivier, is not a nice person, he looks down on Kerrigan, and with the slur of her birth constantly on his tongue. I really don’t like him! 
But with the hate/hate relationship between Kerrigan and Fordham, you know it’s going to change, and it does eventually….
That was a good read. The start of a series is always tricky, giving enough background without getting too bogged down, and leaving enough for future books. 
There are a lot of characters (loved the pronunciation of the characters in the front of the book) I did feel just a little overwhelmed remembering who was who and what they did (notes were needed) 😉
There are Red Masks (hate group who want half breeds and humans dead!)
Kerrigan is a fighter, I liked her spirit. Fordham is totally different from what I thought he’d be…. 
So without giving too much away, Kerrigan is facing choices at almost every turn. There are factions working to keep Kerrigan away from dragons. Her magic is unstable, but she’s working on that. Throw in dragons, danger, a few twists and the beginning of a love story and you have a pretty good read. 
It also ends on a little cliffhanger, so I’m definitely interested in the next book. 

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Arc Review….. Wolf Hunter Inquisition: The Freeing of Chiropteran by Miller Thomas 📱

Wolf Hunter Inquisition: The Freeing of Chiropteran by Miller Thomas 


Waking to a macabre world filled with thirst, Danny Roberts finds himself a thrall to a vampire calling herself Mistress, compelled to bend to her every whim. A member of an organization called the Shepherds, Mistress keeps humanity safe from wolves, those who would harm the innocent and threaten the ancient peace between humans and Vampires. But all is not what it seems. Change is coming, dark forces stir in the corners of reality, and time is growing short. Will Danny be able to overcome his own weakness and embrace his destiny or succumb to the power lurking in the shadows?

Only Time will tell… 
Publication date 4/10/2020
My Review….
That was a really good book,  just a little confusing in places. Lots of characters, and I’m not sure if they were all needed! In fact with everything that’s going on, it could have been made into a two books.    

Danny is now a vampire’s slave (known as a thrall) but not just any thrall, Danny seems to have retained his own mind, and that’s never been heard of before. So his “mistress” can keep him and he can help her chase down “Wolves”  He doesn’t remember how he was “turned”, but he can’t be around people, and certainly not his friend and partner Sophia.    Sophia is his detective partner, she’s always worried about him, but now he’s a vampire he can’t associate with her, he needs to disappear…..   
Mistress is a head Shepherd, it’s a vampire council that monitor the humans, (Sheep) and when the Wolves (killer humans) start killing off the humans (a vampire can’t have his food source killed off, they have to eat) then the vampires call for the Wolf Hunters.  
Mistress is going to train Danny to be her apprentice.    

There is a lot of conflicting emotions coming from Mistress, she thinks the vampires are superior. And reading all her abilities I have to agree, but spending time with Danny, you see her softening towards him. I think she admires him, she also treats him like a child and talks to him like a mother would her son.    
After dispatching the latest serial killer, Mistress and Danny are then dispatched to L.A. chasing down this killer is proving a little more tricker.    

Danny also has learn to harness his “Will”, (the power to change and control his body, his appearance and to influence others) that’s only one of his gifts.  He also learns he can tolerate sunshine, the more he drinks, the more he can tolerate. But there is also a side to the blood taken, you can’t kill a “sheep” or the blood can have bad repercussions!    

This book is more gothic horror than romance. And a really good murder/mystery thrown in. There is something else going on in the background, can Danny and Mistress figure it out? I must admit it, I got drawn in and that’s where I stayed till I finished.  The suspense is there, the action is thrown at you, and if I could I would have hid behind my fingers at some of the scenes.  

This would make an excellent film. And one I’d go and watch.  The interaction between Mistress and Danny felt a little stilted at first, then it flowed beautifully. Her sarcastic barbs thrown at Danny had to make me both chuckle and cringe for him.  Watching him grow into his new role was fascinating. In fact at one point I thought he would outgrow his mistress.    

Loved the interaction with the librarian Libby, she was quick, inquisitive and a font of knowledge.    

I read a lot of vampire literature, from Dracula to sparkly, Master to victim, hero and villain. But this was unlike anything I’ve read before. A new concept to an old genre.    
I’d happily recommend this book to anyone that fancies a book with “bite”   


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Kindle Review…. The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 3) By Ines Johnson 📱

The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 3) By Ines Johnson 


Sacrificed to a dragon as a teen, she was coddled for years. But when her dragon shifter fails to notice she’s all grown up and willing, she may just have to claim him herself.

Since she was dropped on his doorstep, Cardi has had the hots for Kimber. Despite prancing around him in her off-the-shoulder shirts that showcase her bare midriff and her assortment of tight skorts that showcase her shapely thighs, he doesn’t take much notice of her. Kimber may have marked her as his, but he has yet to claim her by bopping her brains out. Cardi’s done waiting. Now she’s sure it’s time to resort to drastic measures.

Kimber has his hands full with the upcoming Accords which aims to bring shifters to a peaceful agreement to get the Valkyrie to lift the ban of sacrifices coming into the Veil. The trouble is, his own sacrifice continues to act like a child and demand his attention at every turn. When grounding Cardi doesn’t work, she drops a bombshell by dumping Kimber. It seems like a perfect solution as the peace and quiet settles in… but then Kimber comes to understand that being dumped means she’s going to date other shifters.

Their break up puts the Accords in jeopardy when Kimber has to abide by the new rules; rules that say a sacrifice makes her own choice of mate. With Cardi now a free agent, Kimber isn’t so sure she’ll choose him in the end. If he can’t win her back, and he resorts to ripping out the throats of the shifters sniffing around her, the fragile peace he’s cobbled together will turn to chaos.

Dragon Shifter Romance: The Last Dragons by Ines Johnson 

Book 1 The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice

Book 2 The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice 

Book 3 The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice *

Publication date 26/11/2019

My Review…..

Kimber is the eldest dragon in their Clan. His twin Corun (MC in Book 1) is mated. But he has no plans ever to mate, why would he? It would mean the death of his sacrifice or mate, and as that’s what happened to his mother and all mothers before his did, he’s not willing to risk it, or her….. 

Cardinal “Cardi” has been around dragons FOREVER! She’s grown up with them, beaten them at PlayStation games, and generally been a nuisance! But it’s all been done out of love, she loves them like brothers, well all except one….. 

We’ve read their trials and tribulations in the last two books. (You don’t need to read them to understand, but it gives you a better picture of their relationship) 

I liked how the book starts with the arrival of Cardi to their valley, it does explain a few things. She was pretty feisty and not at all afraid of the dragons. 

I did chuckle at this book. 

I also wanted to put Cardi in a timeout! And I could totally agree with Kimber, she was extremely childish, but if you treat someone like a child, then they are going to behave like one, yes? 

Luckily enough we spend time building the story and the ongoing story of building up relationships with the other shifters. 

Dragons are trying to negotiate with the Valkyrie, if enough metals and jewels are mined, would the Valkyrie bring women through the Veil? And once there the females would have a choice of males to choose from. 

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was Cardi ALWAYS going on about Madonna and the 80’s!! It came across as very childish and monotonous (I know the Veil slows time down, and Cardi was taken in the 80’s as a teen) but to live her life as a movie or song title, got a little wearing after a while. 

Briefly….. a dragon ran off with a Valkyrie and lived happily ever after, but the Valkyrie aren’t suppose to want mates, so the whole valley where the shifters live was put behind a veil, a forcefield of sorts. That cut off the virgin sacrifices for the shifters (no females are born) so no more mates! 

Ok back to the story…..  Kimber sees Cardi as a petulant child, Cardinal sees Kimber as her one true love.  Kimber wants Cardi to act a little more responsible and adult like, but when she does, it doesn’t really go to plan!! He begins to see her as a woman, a potential mate, and that just won’t do! If she dies giving birth to his young, then that would destroy him. 

But seeing her with other shifters, especially a young lion shifter put Kimber in a quandary! Does he let her go and hope the lion makes her happy (nope not happy with that outcome!) or dies he suck it up and finally take what’s been on the table for a very long time. 

Hoping the rest of the brothers get a book each, and maybe a few of the shifters in the valley that we’ve met. 


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Arc Review… The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 2) by Ines Johnson 👩🏻‍💻

The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 2) by Ines Johnson 


After years of abuse, she believed she was worth nothing. But when she is sacrificed to a dragon she becomes his treasure…

Born of violence, Beryl is the biggest and brawniest of his dragon shifter brothers. His beast loves a good fight and has been nicknamed The Hulk after his heroes; Incredible and Hogan. When his last fight gets out of control and his dragon nearly kills another shifter, he knows the only thing that will wrangle the beast is a female sacrifice. However, when the human he’s destined to mate with arrives, she’s small and meek and cringes from his touch.

With a prostitute as a mother and a pimp as a boyfriend, Poppy is all too familiar with the violent tendencies of the opposite sex. The unsightly spots on her skin make her unsuitable for work on the streets. Her lack of skills in the kitchen disqualify her as a domestic goddess. So when she is sacrificed to a fire breathing dragon, she’s certain it’s as a late night snack. Though the hulking man’s gentle touch awakens a desire she’s never felt before, his brutish ways aggravate the wounds she keeps hidden.

Beryl realizes he can’t continue to brawl and earn his timid mate’s trust. He’s willing to be patient, but with each day she isn’t claimed, his beast gets worse and other shifters become more of a threat. To accept Beryl’s claim, Poppy will need to overcome her past and learn to love herself, something she’s not sure she could ever do -even for the gentle giant she’s falling for. 

The Last Dragons Series

Book 1 The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice

Book 2 The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice 

Book 3 The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice

Publication date 2019 *

My Review…. 
Beryl is the eldest brother to a set of triplets, the biggest, the baddest the best (well in Beryl’s opinion anyway) 
He’s a fighter, a wrestler, bodybuilder, the quickest at mining for precious stones, and an awesome games player (again his opinion) he’s a total big head and bully in my eyes. He’s picks on his younger brother and will fight anyone over anything! 
But reading further into the book, we see a side many don’t, the dragon and man want a treasure to protect and love (what’s the use of these muscles if nothing to protect) and to be loved in return. 
Poppy isn’t loved, or protected. After her mother died, there is only Bruce! A bully, a letch and a total pig! If he’s not beating her, then it’s just using her body for his own pleasure! 
Her appearance can’t even get her working on her back (she has marks all over her, a little like leprosy!)  Maybe the next beating will kill her! Here’s hoping! 
The Veil is technically a wall or shield protecting The Garden of Eden! God is actually a goddess and likes to tinker with her creations! That’s how this dimension came about. To protect the species that are behind it. 
Halflings (part dragon part human) women who will die before they are twenty are the key to having a mate, their ailments are what makes them different (so in fact Poppy doesn’t have leprosy but in fact scales!) 
I’ll have to admit, I didn’t want Beryl to get a mate, well maybe, but not yet. I didn’t think he deserved one, he’s a bully, he thinks because he has muscles he’s entitled to everything. But having Poppy as his mate might actually be a good thing, he will have to temper his rage, use his brain instead of his brawn, and think of someone else for a change. 
Poppy was definitely a victim of abuse, you feel so sorry for her. 
But she’s not completely down for the count, she might not have defended herself when her boyfriend hit her, but when she finds evidence he’s abused a child, all bets are off! 
Being rescued by the Valkyrie and brought through the veil was the best thing for Poppy. Having someone fight in her corner and care about her makes her nervous, she knows it could all come crashing down around her. So Beryl is going to have to take it slow with his treasure. It doesn’t help that he has to fight his younger brother for her, or lions try to take her from him! 
Watching beauty tame her beast was really good. 
Need to read more brothers getting their “treasures”
*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 1) by Ines Johnson 👩🏻‍💻

The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 1) by Ines Johnson 


Diagnosed with an incurable disease, she thought her life was over. When she is sacrificed to a dragon, she learns it has only just begun…

The day Chrysanthemum Jones goes to exact revenge on the man responsible for her sister’s death is the day she knows will be her last. Instead, she finds herself stolen away to another dimension and sacrificed to a real live dragon. Rather than a cave full of gold, this dragon’s lair is a throwback to the 1980’s complete with pixelated video games, unwound VHS tapes, and animal print spandex. And the mythical creature in question is totally more sex on a stick than Smaug. Schweet!

As one of the last dragon shifters beyond the Veil, Corun is desperate to control the beast inside of him. The only thing guaranteed to keep the dragon under control is the surrender of a human female. But sacrificial offerings have been in short supply since his realm was cut off from Earth -something or other about women’s liberation? So when a sacrifice turns up on his doorstep, Corun should be elated. But as totally tubular as Chryssie’s curves are, her health is fragile and he fears she wouldn’t survive the claiming that would soothe his beast.

Death has never bothered Chryssie. With an incurable, hereditary disease, she’s been prepared to die her whole life. Now she has a chance to lose her V card and birth dragon babies before she goes? Talk about bad ass exits. Count her in! She just needs to get her sexy dragon shifter on board and in bed.

As Corun becomes more attached to his sassy little human, his beast roars that Chryssie is his and pushes to claim her. If he doesn’t claim her and soothe the beast inside of him, he will become stuck in dragon form for the rest of his life. However, if he does claim her, the birth of his offspring could be the last day of her life.

Liking this new world of grumpy dragons, it’s also full of Fae, Valkyrie, bears and other shifters.

Can’t wait to read what’s next.

Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons) 

Book 1 The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice

Book 2 The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice 

Book 3 The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice 

Publication date 17/9/2017
My Review…… 
Chrysanthemum/Chryssie is a dead girl walking, she has been since the day she was born, a hereditary disease was stealing her young life away. 
But first she needs to make the doctor who took her sisters life go first. He killed her and sold body parts on the black market. She will have her revenge or die trying….
Corun is tired of struggling with his dragon. Having sex with fairies and fae worked for a while, but no longer, and he won’t rely on a female to restrain his dragon, science will help his brothers and himself to contain their dragons. 
I get the impression Corun is a scientist, trying to concoct a mixture to keep his beast in check. But more potions than an antidote. 
This story is different, dragons are the dominant species and they have a human inside. If the beast gets its way, then the human stays trapped inside forever, the solution is to Mate with a human female, that contains the dragon, the males can still transform into a dragon, but it’s not always trying to get out. 
There is a mating process  but the birth of baby dragons kills the females. 
The Veil keeps the dragons hidden but trapped, and they seemed to be stuck in the 80’s. 
Long ago the dragons had their pick of sacrifices, the humans sent them as offerings. But Valkyrie stopped them, so now no females….
This story had me chuckling, stuck in the 80’s with nothing to do but play Mario and solve Rubik’s cubes. 
Meeting Chryssie brings it all to a head for Corun, he won’t mate her, he feels something for her, but won’t have dragon babies with her, even if the female is willing! 
Chryssie made me chuckle, her life has been given back to her, so shouldn’t it be her choice if she wants to die in childbirth? Not according to her sexy dragon man it’s not! 
Well it looks like Chryssie is going to have to seduce her dragon. Well the man anyway, the dragon is all onboard for a mate. 

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review.. Bearly Tamed (BBW Shifter Security Romance) (Big Paw Security Book 1) by Becca Fanning👩🏻‍💻

Bearly Tamed (BBW Shifter Security Romance) (Big Paw Security Book 1) by Becca Fanning


Linnie Foster never wanted to be an informant: she just wanted to be a nanny. Read a few bedtime stories, kiss a few boo-boos and maybe give a bubble bath or two. At first she thought things were great. The family paid her suspiciously well: in hindsight that should have been a warning. But here she was, on the run and under the protection of a strange man with beautiful golden eyes. Just when she thinks things can’t possibly get any worse…

Cain DuMont has seen some shit in his life. His military background prepared him for this new realm of private security contractor. Being a Bear Shifter, you could say he was born to do it. Everything was going easy until his team got called in to handle a woman who was being hunted down by the mafia. Little did they know that she was going to be hunted in a literal sense…

BBW Shifter Security Romance 

Big Paw Security …….

Bearly Tamed Book 1

Bearly Protected Book 2

Bearly Sheltered Book 3 

Bearly Mended Book 4

Bearly Apart Book 5 

Bearly Together Book 6 *

Publication date 2017 

My Review….. 
Linnie is a full time nanny to a mob boss! Ok she didn’t realise he was a mob boss, but after hearing things she shouldn’t have, she’s got no choice but to tell the police! Then before you know it, she’s being whisked away as a star witness to a trial….
Stuck in a cruddy motel room with police officers bored out of their minds, Linnie is ready to scream. 
Cain shifter security they take on jobs too tough for the police. 
Now I know shifters are quiet and stoic, I got the impression Cain was more than that, so how do we go from protector to lover? 
Another short story from this author. 
Potential for a longer book was there. Characters were ready, storyline was solid. I could have read about these two for hours. The only quibble i have is the sex seemed a little too soon, but then so did the ending! And I’d love to know if there ever was a court appearance?!
Sorry it’s a short review for a really short book!

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… Vega Brothers : Hannibal (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 4 by Kim Fox 👩🏻‍💻

Vega Brothers : Hannibal (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 4 by Kim Fox


Montana’s Most Eligible Bachelor and bear shifter, Hannibal, is losing his mind. His face has been plastered on the cover of the country’s most popular newspaper, his three brothers are pressuring him like mad to get married, and he has crazed, money-hungry women banging down his door. He doesn’t want a mate and everywhere he looks, people are trying to shove one down his throat.

BBW, Mikki, has just settled down in the spectacular town of Colwood, Montana. She has a job that she likes at the bar in town and everything is going perfectly for the first time in a long time until she makes an innocent suggestion to the hot, frustrated bachelor who walks into her bar. He takes her pretend engagement suggestion as an invitation and her nice, new life gets flipped upside down on her head.

Hannibal and Mikki’s fake engagement begins to grow into something more, but is it acting or are the feelings real? And with the military threat from the Vega brother’s past coming to a head, will any of it really matter?

Vega Brothers : Julius

Vega Brothers : Khan 

Vega Brothers : Alexander 

Vega Brothers : Hannibal

My Review……

Hannibal is the strategist, the planner in the family. His love of words and quotes have him tattooing his body with his favourites.

But planning to ask a woman to marry him! And as quick as possible! This one is going to take serious planning.

Hannibal thought he’d have it sorted by now, but he’s the last, even his grumpy brother is having better luck than him! So when his sister-in-law puts his name in the paper as a rich bachelor it seemed like a good idea at the time…..

But putting it in the paper backfired, and now he has women throwing themselves at him morning, noon and night!

Hannibal has had enough, he just wants a little peace, and no mentions of mates!

Mikki has noticed Hannibal a few times, usually with his brothers. Very hot with all those muscles and tattoos. She’s also aware he’s the last brother to get married. Listening to his woes about being hounded by women (and a few men dressing up as women!) wanting to marry him, Mikki joking tells him she’ll marry him for money.

Striking a deal, she’s now twenty thousand dollars richer and a fiancée!

Hannibal has to be my second favourite, he’s a book reader, what’s not to love?

Covered in tattoos from favourite quotes.

I liked Mikki, a level headed woman, her comment about being a bride of convenience for Hannibal was only suppose to be a joke!

But the more time they spend with each other, has them thinking it could be more than pretend.

But with outside forces coming ever closer to the Vega brothers, it won’t really matter if he doesn’t go through with it.

A War is coming!!!

Last book in the series. And we get to meet the characters from the spin off series ……

They are fun filled short stories, with laughter, romance and a little mystery thrown in for good measure.


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Publication date 13/6/2016 * 


Kindle Review…. Vega Brothers : Alexander (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 3 by Kim Fox 👩🏻‍💻

Vega Brothers : Alexander (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 3 by Kim Fox


Polar bear shifter, Alexander Vega, is the last Vega brother who anyone thought would take on a mate. He’s surly, gruff, grumpy and just plain rude. And that’s on a good day. He hates women and doesn’t want them anywhere near the Vega Ranch. But his bear has other plans…

BBW news reporter, Elena King, has come to the Vega Ranch to visit her sister Ava. What starts off as a nice visit quickly goes down hill when a hot, muscular naked man comes running out of the forest, throws her over his shoulder and takes her to an abandoned cabin in the woods. Her anger turns to fascination to something more when she realizes the true nature of the man living with the wild beast inside him.

Alexander will do whatever it takes to claim Elena as his mate but it may not matter either way. General Samson is returning in a few days to bring the polar bear shifter off to war and he’ll be parted from Elena forever. Or will he?

Vega Brothers : Julius

Vega Brothers : Khan 

Vega Brothers : Alexander 

Vega Brothers : Hannibal

Publication date 5/6/2016 * 

My Review…….

Alexander is one grumpy bear.

He didn’t really want to leave the army, he felt useful, at the ranch he just feels like a burden!

He remembers how his mother treated his father, and swore he’d never have a mate, and he’s going to make sure his brothers don’t get theirs either!

Elena is Ava’s sister (Julius’s mate from book 1) she’s come to visit her sister (hearing about her whirlwind romance, she wants to make sure her sister is ok) She’s a reporter in New York, living the fast life. Although it’s getting too fast for her liking, maybe a week away visiting her sister will recharge her batteries.

What she doesn’t bank on is being kidnapped and held in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere!

I really felt sorry for Alexander, not fitting into your own family had to be hard.

Not thinking your good enough for a mate!Then we read the reasons why he’s the way he is, and it breaks your heart.

My thoughts change from annoyance to pity. He really is a very misunderstood bear!

Elena is fun, a quick wit and a snappy comeback. I don’t think I’d be too impressed if I’d gotten kidnapped (not even by a hot naked hunk) but her reporter brain analyses the situation and thinks it can turn this into a story…..

I liked how Alexander changes even he finds his mate (albeit a little too quick) he’s suddenly aware of all the hassle and heartbreak he’s put his brothers through, and promises to try harder to mend a few fences.

And the threat in book 2, well that’s still there, and going up in danger level.

Can the brothers pull together? Or will Alexander lose his family and the potential happy ending just out of reach?

I like this one better than the other two. We have the intrigue, we have the romance and we have the drama. All the things you need In a series.


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review…. Vega Brothers : Khan (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 2 by Kim Fox 📱

Vega Brothers : Khan (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 2 by Kim Fox


Kodiak bear shifter, Khan Vega, is being forced to take on a mate and get married. He has lots of options but there’s only one true option for him: a curvy woman from his past that he just can’t let go of. It’s too bad that she wants nothing to do with him.

BBW, Bailey Lewis, hasn’t spoken to her ex in five years since the day he just vanished from her life without a word of explanation. He had left her with more than just a broken heart, though, he had left her with a little cub growing in her stomach.

When the two former lovers get thrust back into each other’s lives will Bailey be able to reveal the stunning secret that she’s been hiding for five years? And with a larger threat looming over Vega Ranch will Khan and Bailey ever get the happily ever after they desperately want?

Vega Brothers : Julius

Vega Brothers : Khan

Vega Brothers : Alexander

Vega Brothers : Hannibal

Publication date 29/5/2016 *

My Review…..

Ghengis or “Khan” to family and close friends is suppose to be looking for a mate to marry!

Well that’s what it says in his fathers will, if they don’t ALL marry in one year, then the ranch will be given to the state!! And as it’s been in the Vega family for over four generations, none of the four brothers want that.

So….. Khan is suppose to be looking for an internet bride, but the only woman for him probably won’t even see him, let alone marry him. But his bear wants no other! What’s a shifter to do?

Bailey had loved Khan, then he went and left town and her without a word!

She knows he’s back, but with the secret she’s withheld from him, she can’t see how they could ever have a friendship let alone a relationship!

But more pressing is the news that someone wants the shifters for more than ranchers! They want recruits to fight a war!

Bailey is a great character, sensible, dependable and a good person. She knew Khan was a shifter, but to her that didn’t matter. She thought they’d be together forever. She didn’t know Khan left town to keep her safe from his commanding officer in the shifter division of the army. She thought he’d had his fun and then went away. So trusting Khan is going to be hard!

Khan on the other hand, was just waiting for a smack around the head! He knew she was his mate, he knew he loved her, and yes he did the right thing by leaving to protect her, but I feel he could have let her know where he was going.

And when Khan finds out Bailey’s secret, will he or can he ever forgive her?

Liked this one better than the first. Had a bit more plot to the story.

Still felt it had a little more to give. But being a short story, I suppose we have to pack it all in!


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review… Vega Brothers : Julius (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 1 by Kim Fox 👩🏻‍💻

Vega Brothers : Julius (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 1 by Kim Fox


Julius Vega never wanted a mate. The four Vega brothers were all traumatized by their father’s experience with his mate and all vowed to be single forever. They have just returned from fighting overseas in the Shifter Special Forces to find out that their father has just died, and bad news turns worse when they find the will which states that all four brothers must get married and find mates within a year or they lose their beloved family ranch forever.

After polishing off a bottle of wine to wash down the pain killers for the root canal that she just had, Ava King is feeling a little loopy. She OD’s on some inspirational quotes on her Pinterest account and is feeling on top of the world. But when she wakes up her whole world comes crashing down. In the fog of her headache, she remembers that she left a message for her boss, quitting her job, sent a text to her deadbeat boyfriend, breaking up with him, and signed up to a mail order bride website in another state. So when she gets a call for a date, she has nothing to lose and drives the eleven hours from Seattle to Colwood, Montana.

Ava and Julius meet on the mail order bride website and quickly hit it off. But as they’re starting to fall in love the truth comes out and it rips them apart. Julius is in danger of losing the Vega Ranch but that’s nothing compared to the threat of losing his mate.

Vega Brothers : Julius

Vega Brothers : Khan

Vega Brothers : Alexander

Vega Brothers : Hannibal

Publication date 23/5/2016 *

My Review…..

Julius and his three brothers have come back from serving their country as a shifter unit. All they want is peace and to reconnect with their father.

But they are too late!! He died two days before they are due to arrive back in the ranch.

And if they thought it was going to end there, they are sadly mistaken.

Their father wants them all mated within a year!!

Being all confirmed bachelors, they think they can get around it….

But if they don’t marry, then they lose the ranch!!

Had to chuckle at poor Ava, she doesn’t have much luck, but her sunny disposition helps her through life.

Lost her job (rang and left a message, giving her notice) got rid of her boyfriend (thought he was probably cheating on her) and then added her details to a dating agency all whilst on pain relief and alcohol!

And now….. she’s off to Montana to meet a blind date.

Julius is a total player. A love ‘em and leave ‘em type. Doesn’t take much seriously, but when his father dies and is told the ranch will go to the state if they don’t marry, he has to be serious. But marry! Julius can’t think of anything worse! Staying married to one woman, but he’ll do it to save the ranch, there is always divorce after the ranch is signed over to the brothers.

Signing up to a dating agency seems the only course of action. Seeing the face of a beautiful woman staring back at him Julius wants that one, and only that one.

Has he met his match? Or is he only dating Ava to make sure they keep the ranch?

The pair hit it off really well, too well in fact, Julius is all for proposing to Ava.

Ava in the other hand is wary, and she had a right to be. And after Alexander shows her evidence that his brother is only after her to secure the family ranch, she’s devastated!

So will she be able to forgive Julius? Or will he have lost his mate forever?

A short fun story that introduces you to the brothers and their adventures at finding mates.


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Welcome October 🎃

At the end of the month it would have been my gran’s birthday.

We have Halloween this month too. 🎃

Some of the Books that are out this month, and I hope to get to read them.

Books I Read in September 📱📖👩🏻‍💻 🎧


Books I’ve read in September 📱👩🏻‍💻 📚 🎧

Savage Lover: A Dark Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 3) by Sophie Lark 📱BST 

The Impassioned Choice: book 5 (Etherya’s Earth)by Rebecca Hefner 👩🏻‍💻

Hostage: Everyday Heroes World by Jas T. Ward 👩🏻‍💻 TRC 

Hidden Magic (Daughters of the Warlock Book 4) by Amelia Shaw 📱 BST 

Burning Ash (Forgotten Brotherhood Book 3) by N.J. Walters 👩🏻‍💻TRC

A Vampire’s Vow (Vampires on Holiday Book 3) by ML Guida 👩🏻‍💻

A Vampire’s Gift (Vampires on Holiday Book 2) by ML Guida 👩🏻‍💻

The Reluctant Savior (Etherya’s Earth Book 4) by Rebecca Hefner 👩🏻‍💻

A Vampire’s Wish (Vampires on Holiday Book 1) by ML Guida 👩🏻‍💻

Road Bears (BBW Bear Shifter MC Romance) (Grit And Growl Book 1) by Becca Fanning 👩🏻‍💻

The Baby Contract  (The Contract Series Book 2) by CeeRee Fields    👩🏻‍💻 TRC 

Murder Ballad Blues by Lynda McDaniel 📱 TRC 

The Darkness Within (Etherya’s Earth) Book 3 by Rebecca Hefner  👩🏻‍💻

Etherya sun  (Etherya’s Earth) Book 2 By Rebecca Hefner 📱

The Wedding Date Disaster by Avery Flynn 👩🏻‍💻TRC 

Dawn Rising (Awakened Book 1) Lisa M. Green 📱TRC

The Blood King (Inferno Rising) book 2 by Abigail Owen 👩🏻‍💻TRC 

The End of Hatred (Etherya’s Earth) Book 1 By Rebecca Hefner 📱BS 

Hawk: Sons of Sangue Book 2 by Patricia A. Rasey  👩🏻‍💻

Their Kidnapped Bride (the bridgewater ménage series) book 1. by Vanessa Vale. 📱


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Kindle Review… Road Bears (BBW Bear Shifter MC Romance) (Grit And Growl Book 1) by Becca Fanning 👩🏻‍💻

Road Bears (BBW Bear Shifter MC Romance) (Grit And Growl Book 1) by Becca Fanning


Carrie Dalton needed this job. She needed this job bad. But even she couldn’t kid herself: she stuck out like a sore thumb in this biker bar, full of men who had more warrants than kind words. Right as she thought she was getting the hang of things, she went tail over teakettle with a full tray of beers. Thankfully she was caught by the best looking six and a half foot mistake she’d ever seen. Nothing wrong with a little fun, right? Not like it could last. And those golden eyes…

Brian Cross didn’t come to the bar tonight for distractions. He just wanted to handle some Iron Fur Clan business and maybe drink away a little sorrow. Then the new waitress almost killed herself on her first night on the job. Brian always had a soft spot for the underdog, and for her to come into this den of bears showed some backbone. It didn’t hurt that his eyes were constantly drawn to her thick hips and ample curves.

Before they can get to really know each other, a rival motorcycle club threatens their relationship and their very lives.

Published 2017 *

My review ….

Brian is the leader of a shifter biker clan (wasn’t ever made clear!) didn’t really get his take on the story, he was a tattooed badass bear, but it didn’t really come across that much. (I’ve been reading MC books lately, and I compared it to them, and they were sadly lacking!)

Carrie has a little more to her, after losing the job she loved, she’s now a waitress! First night the bar is packed and she’s run off her feet! Not watching what she’s doing she spills beer all over this massive biker!! But instead of shouting at her, he helps clean her wound from the broken glass,and tells the other guys he’s with to clear up the mess.

Brian and his gang are a constant in the bar now, and look out for her. It’s not until they are on their own are they accosted by a gang of bigotry bikers!! (They hate the shifters and want them all dead) The leader tries to take Carrie away from them, but she tells them no!

A short story about a bear and a waitress! Throw in a biker gang that want to kill the shifters in town, and you have the makings of a really good book.

Solid characters, good storyline. A quick couple of fight scenes, the obligatory sex scenes.

The backstory had more content than the actual story told us (the bears never discussed business, and why was Brian drinking away his sorrow?) although in the books defence the beers were spilt before discussions and sorrows were vented)

I did like it, I would have liked it more if it had been longer!


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Book Release📖 29-9-2020. Paperback edition

When Malichai Fortunes attacks a problem, he does it full force – a habit that earns the GhostWalker a painful injury and a forced vacation in San Diego, California. With nothing but physical therapy on the horizon, Malichai is starting to get restless . . . until a striking blue-eyed blonde makes all his senses come alive. 

Amaryllis is kind and warm and sees beyond Malichai’s rough exterior, but he can tell there’s something she’s hiding. Her innate healing abilities indicate she might be a GhostWalker – albeit an untrained one. Malichai doesn’t think their crossing paths is anything more than coincidence, but he can sense that one wrong word could send Amaryllis running. 

When strange events at his temporary retreat put Malichai on high alert, he knows he won’t be able to deal with the threat and keep his woman safe in his weakened state. But calling in his brothers means telling Amaryllis what he really is, and revealing that he knows the truth about her too . . .

This has already been released, but in hardback. This is a paperback.

New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan has over 30 novels published and has thrilled legions of fans with her seductive and sensual ‘Dark’ Carpathian tales. She has received numerous honours throughout her career including being a nominee for the Romance Writers of America RITA, and receiving a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times, and has been published in multiple languages and in many formats, including audio book, e-book, and large print.

New Release….


Daimon is ice. His heart is frozen by it. His body caged by it. And he likes it that way. But the sexy sorceress that storms into his life and declares herself a part of his team in his battle against the daemon uprising is determined to melt the ice that has shielded him for centuries, and he’s powerless to stop the burning need she ignites in him.

Even when he’s sure it’s only a game to her.

Cassandra has a sword hanging over her, a duty she has no choice but to perform and one she’s been putting off for years. Her latest excuse? Helping a band of immortal brothers with a war that might mean the end of this world if they fail. Her delaying the inevitable has nothing to do with the gorgeous Greek god who keeps rebuffing her and everything to do with saving the world. He’s a nice distraction and nothing more. She keeps telling herself that.

Even when she’s sure he’s a danger to her heart.

As things heat up in the battle to save the mortal world and the Underworld, will Daimon’s icy heart be able to withstand the fiery witch who can scorch him with just a look?

If you love Greek gods romance books featuring powerful dark lords of the Underworld and strong heroines who steal their hearts, this paranormal romance series is for you.

Seven powerful Greek god heroes. Seven passionate paranormal romance books. No cliffhangers. Just happily forever afters!

Grab your copy today and step into an action-packed paranormal romance world filled with mythology and mystery from New York Times and USA Today best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton. Be swept up in the story and characters as the princes of the Underworld fight to protect their world and ours, and the women who claim their hearts, from an enemy bent on destroying everything in the Guardians of Hades romance series:
Book 1: Ares
Book 2: Valen
Book 3: Esher
Book 4: Marek
Book 5: Calistos
Book 6: Daimon
Book 7: Keras – Coming Fall 2020

International Best-Selling Author writing passionate paranormal romance books and series for adults.
I love to create detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! All of them alpha as you would expect in paranormal romance, and every book with a guaranteed HAPPILY FOREVER AFTER!
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My Review will follow shortly …….

Book Review… Dark Song (Dark Carpathian) book 34 by Christine Feehan 📖

Dark Song (Dark Carpathian) book 34 by Christine Feehan


Two Carpathians find hope in the bond that ties their souls in this passionate novel in Christine Feehan’s #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Stolen from her home at a young age and tormented for centuries, Elisabeta Trigovise is scared to show herself to anyone. Even though she has been rescued and is now safe within the Carpathian compound, she has lived in fear for so long she has no idea how to survive without it. She wants to answer the siren call of her lifemate – but the very thought terrifies her.

Before he found Elisabeta, Ferro Arany was an ancient warrior without emotion. Now that his senses have come alive, he knows it will take more than kind words and soft touches to convince the fractured woman that they are partners, not master and prisoner. For now, he will give her his strength until she finds hers, allowing the steady rhythm of his heart to soothe Elisabeta’s fragile soul.

But even as she learns to stand on her own, the vampire who kept her captive is desperate to claim her again, threatening the song Elisabeta and Ferro are writing together.









• BOOK #7: DARK DREAMERS: Dark Dream




• BOOK #11: THE ONLY ONE: Dark Descent



• BOOK #14: HOT BLOODED: Dark Hunger

• BOOK #14: DARKEST AT DAWN: Dark Hunger 

• BOOK #14: DARK HUNGER (Manga)


• BOOK #15 DARKEST AT DAWN: Dark Secret 




















Publication date 1/9/2020 *

My Review

Where do I start? Do I say that this has to be one of her better ones in a long time?

It felt like she’d lost her way for a while. But this book put her back on track, we now have a storyline to follow (nope can’t tell you)

Do I mention the fight scenes were amazing (if a little short in places) Do I tell you I loved Ferro and Elisabeta. They were perfect for one another?

Do I tell you that I devoured this book in almost one sitting?

We I did and I will.

Ferro has been in the last few books, he’s an ancient, and I don’t mean old, I mean ancient, older than dirt, he’s older than almost all of the Carpathian’s alive!

He wears a tattoo, in fact several (and it’s hard to tattoo a carpathian as they pretty much heal from most things) he swears to hold onto his honour for his people, he swears he will keep his honour for his lifemate. The ancients no longer feel anything, not even the darkness that waits for them (the darkness is the vampire waiting to take their soul) so if they turn, there will be no warning sign.

From the book Dark Crime, the ancients come into their own.

They are separate from the other Carpathians, they live in a monastery, praying daily and honing their battle skills, they cloistered themselves away to keep human and carpathians safe.

So from Dark Crime a new story emerges….

And now the ancients have a mission, they’ve been told they have lifemates out in the world waiting for them. And one by one they are finding them.

But they are coming into a new world, a works where technology is king. And lifemates aren’t just female Carpathians!

It’s been fun watching the ancients fall for their mates. But unlike most Carpathians, they seem to actually relish the challenge of modern women.

But Ferro doesn’t get a modern woman, he gets a bird trapped in a cage. A woman so cowed and scared that he doesn’t know if they will ever be a couple…..

Elisabeta was born to a normal Carpathian family, loved and cherished as all females of that race are.

Her gift like all females usual aid the race. She brings peace and calm to those who need it, older Carpathians would visit and she would soothe their soul.

Elisabeta but she was targeted by a close family friend to become his slave! Kept hidden from everyone for centuries! Verbally abused, beaten and tortured on a daily basis, until she complied with her master, she didn’t think for herself, she couldn’t, she wasn’t allowed to speak or move until told to!

But she had a spine of steel (even though she did to think so) being taught to be quiet, Elisabeta learned things that most Carpathian women wouldn’t have. Battle plans and strategy.

So the master in the end was degreased by his slave!

The story between Elisabeta and Ferro was lovely. He took his time with his new lifemate. Not really knowing how to handle her (but lifemates are put together for a reason) and they complemented one another. She didn’t want to be a modern woman, there was no way she would do battle with the vampires like some of the females demanded. And Ferro being an ancient didn’t know what to do with a modern woman anyway!

It was nice that we got a story and not endless pages of sex!

She needed a gentle hand and she got that with Ferro.

So where do we go from here? I’m hoping another great story with more battles and content.

It’s going to be a long wait as Ms Feehan only brings a Carpathian story out once a year!

So it’s back to the beginning, for me.

And possibly a trip back to the Carpathian Mountains for the ancients.


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Kindle Review…. The Impassioned Choice: book 5 (Etherya’s Earth) by Rebecca Hefner👩🏻‍💻

The Impassioned Choice: book 5 (Etherya’s Earth) by Rebecca Hefner 


A new villain emerges, threatening the peace the immortals crave…

Heden, the youngest Vampyre royal, has always strived to live up to his sovereign duty.  As the most gifted programmer in the immortal world, he applies his skills to protect the kingdom and the family he adores. But his siblings have all settled down with families of their own, and Heden often feels like a perpetual third wheel.

Wracked with guilt after her grandfather’s violent death, Sofia Morelli made a sinister pact with an unknown ally. Utilizing her tech ingenuity to plan the ultimate attack against the immortal royals, she begins to realize they might not be the nefarious enemies she believed them to be.

As Heden discovers the new adversaries and learns someone on the Secret Society shares his hacking prowess, he realizes the human, Sofia, might actually hold the key to defeating them. Determined to turn the feisty woman to his side, he employs his jovial nature and seduction skills to win her over. But when their tentative connection turns into something more, Heden understands a coding war isn’t the only thing he could lose to the spunky human. For, he might just lose his heart to someone who can never share his immortal future…

**The Etherya’s Earth series is best read in order so the reader can enjoy the evolution of the characters. After all, the author loves a good twist and wants the reader to uncover them organically. However, readers of romance rest assured that each book has its own featured hero/heroine and HEA.

Etherya’s Earth Series

Book 1: The End of Hatred

Book 2: The Elusive Sun 

Book 3: The Darkness Within

Book 4: The Reluctant Savior 

Book 5: The Impassioned Choice *

Publication date 20/4/2020

My Review…. 

Heden is youngest brother to Sathan, Latimus and Arderin, the joker and peacemaker in the family. A computer genius, there isn’t much he can’t find or do with them. 

Watching from the sidelines as his family gets bigger with each year. His brothers have found mates, even his tempestuous sister has bagged herself a man, well demon! Heden is wondering if anyone will come forward and claim this geek?! 

After swearing to get revenge for the death of her beloved grandfather, Sofia now has the upper hand. After placing surveillance in all the villages in the Vampyre/Slayera domain, Sofia can watch and plan the downfall of the Deamon-Slayera murderess who killed her grandfather. 

Her prowess with technology rivals and surpasses (well in her opinion) Heden’s. Her supporter wants them all dead! Even the children! A full scale war is on the cards……

I’ve read the whole series, and I do recommend you read them in order. Heden has been in all of them, his sense of humour has been in evidence, his love for his family is obvious, playing peacemaker for centuries. But you get the sense he’s a much deeper character, behind that smile and banter is a young man that wants to be loved. 

Sofia is a new character. But her knowledge of the Etherya world is not. With the help of The Secret Society she knows who is to blame for the death of her grandfather, the only objection is the fact the society want EVERYONE dead! Even the children, and Sofia is finding that hard to work with. 

And when Sofia is faced with the truth about who the leader of the society is, and the fact the families he has accused aren’t as bad as he claims, it puts Sofia in a quandary, does she have the right to end so many lives? And what’s his agenda (I know, but I’m not saying)

Heden has grown over the last few books, sure he’s still the playboy, the joker, but I also get this sense he’s ready for a family (even if it’s only subconsciously at the moment) his sense of humour had me chuckling at the oddest of moments, the banter he had with the women in his family (sisters-in-laws) tell them he’d run away with them, and they’d live happily ever after. The jokes he had with the man his sister bonded too, you’d think it would be difficult, but Heden draws out the smiles in most people. 

So who is the secret society? What do they want? What’s the agenda? 

Well I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you 😉 

I try not to give spoilers, and boy this one was hard to keep quiet, it’s a big one. I did not see it coming, and I did have a moment where I had to reread the passage just to be sure.

It’s been a marvellous journey, filled with danger, intrigue, passion, and sadness. The characters have all been amazing. Catching up with everyone in the Etherya world was great, seeing how the couples have grown, how each character has evolved. 

The action scenes were still as good as the first book. 

The tender moments were all the more poignant as this series is almost at an end. 

Like how can Sofia and Heden have a happy ending? She’s human, she will age and die, and she won’t be able to live in Etherya! 

Each book became a favourite. But now with this last book, I can say this wasn’t my favourite, but it came a very very close second. 

But I encourage you to pick up the first book, you won’t regret it. 


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Arc Review… Burning Ash (Forgotten Brotherhood Book 3) by N.J. Walters📱

Burning Ash (Forgotten Brotherhood Book 3) by N.J. Walters


No one is more surprised than Asher, one of the oldest vampires on Earth, that he’s attracted to vamp hunter Jo Radcliffe. She’s smart, a talented slayer, and she’s gorgeous. Something about her pulls at him, like no one ever has before. For a man, whose name strikes fear in everyone—this is something new and intriguing. And quite possibly deadly, if she discovers his secret.

Jo has two things in common with the handsome Asher—they are both slayers and someone is messing with them in a very-much-trying-to-kill-them way. She’s not so happy about joining forces with a dude she doesn’t know. But he’s sexy as hell and really good at his job as one of the Forgotten Brotherhood, whose business it is to execute misbehaving paranormals.

She knows she’s bait in a larger plot to harm Asher and the Brotherhood. And there is nothing he won’t do, no line he won’t cross, to keep her safe—which may be the weakness that destroys them both.

Each book in the Fury Unleashed series is STANDALONE:
* Fury Unleashed
* Arctic Bite
* Burning Ash

Publication date… 21/9/2020 *

Asher feared no one—man, creature, or god. He’d long passed his normal lifespan. Those he’d loved had been lost to the sands of time. Now the only ones he called friends were the Forgotten Brotherhood. 

The Brotherhood had been created by the fallen angel Maccus after the two of them had been hired for the same job. 

What could have led to mass bloodshed had instead  spawned the Forgotten. 

They were the most dangerous men in existence, loners with loyalty to no one. They had no pack, no coven or  community. Or at least none that would claim them.

They killed only those who deserved to die, paranormal  creatures that murdered without discrimination.

Try to hire one of them to slay someone innocent or who didn’t deserve to die? Well, that never ended well for the one trying to secure the contract. 

They mostly kept to themselves, but they all lived by a code. 

Kill only those that deserved it and let their gods sort them out. 

Kill them before they killed you.

Never, ever betray a fellow assassin. 

Simple and easy with little room for discussion. Because once a contract was accepted, it was carried out. There was no other option. In their line of work, there could be no mistakes.

My Review….. 

Asher has seen and done many things In his long life.Being brought into this life by a goddess, she set him the task of keeping humans safe.
Maccus and Asher formed the brotherhood, and through the years others members have joined. And as part of the brotherhood, they’ve had to put down some of their friends (that’s why it’s never good to form a close bond) they don’t meet up very often, and it’s usually only to swap information.
Jo is a vampire slayer, after losing her beloved parents to a vicious killer. 
She’s good at her job, she trains and doesn’t let anything get in her way. 
Asher receives an email that interests him, it warns him of a vampire that’s offering immortality, but in fact is killing his hosts! That’s a big no no, so here he is watching a vampire in Kentucky. But that’s not what got his interest, the fact he couldn’t trace it has him joining in this hunt. 
Now usually the brotherhood don’t get involved, the rogue vampires are dealt with by The Vampire Council. The brotherhood’s job is the one no one wants to do. 
Asher and Jo first meet whilst dispatching the same vampire. 
Both are wary of each other, but Asher guesses who Jo is first, his reveal doesn’t go down well at all with Jo. He’s a Vampire!!! She knows she should take him out, the only good vampire is a dead vampire. But he can walk in the sun, he eats food, all the things vampires don’t usually do!! She needs more information before she acts! 
Agreeing to work together until they find out who is sending them the emails. 
He could freeze her in place with a mere thought. Make her do anything he desired. But that would make him a monster. The kind he’d dedicated his life to eradicating. “I’ve lived longer than you can imagine. Seen history unfold for thousands and thousands of years. You’ve barely been alive a second in comparison.” Her mouth dropped open, and her heart picked up speed. “Holy shit.” “I could have anything I wanted from you.” Honesty might make her pull away, but better that happen now than after he’d had her. Jo was a human hunter with a limited lifespan, but she made him feel truly alive for the first time  in millennia. He’d lived long enough to understand how  truly precious that was.
And when they find out that vampires are after Jo! And a huge bounty is on her head! Well it’s going to take them working as a team. 
Both are attracted to one another, and it’s all ok, until Jo finds out his a vampire. But she can’t help her feelings, but she works alone, it’s for the best, she can’t and won’t get attached. 
Asher on the other hand is totally enamoured with Jo, she’s a warrior, a loner like him, but he can’t get her off of his mind. If he’s going to protect her and figure out who is pulling the strings, he’s going to need help. 
“Something about you brings out a side of me I buried  long ago.” He’d thought it dead, but some tiny flicker in his  heart still yearned for an intimate connection. And that  scared the crap out of him. “Guess I’m just special.” Her voice was strained but  steady. His head jerked up. Was she joking? She was. The light  in her eyes and the twitching of her lips was a dead giveaway.  The pressure crushing his chest lessened. Could she really  mean it? “You are very special. Truly exceptional.” No  humor on his part.
The story like the first two in the series is full of action and a few twists. 
It’s fun reading about a strong female bringing down the male. He’s all strong and posturing…. then BAM!! He’s down for the count and trying to keep his emotions in check. 
It’s great that this series have females that are capable of looking after themselves. Only so many books with helpless females I can read! 
Maccus plays I think a prominent role, he’s wondering why the brotherhood are being targeted? 
Quick recap…. Maccus and Morrigan (Fury Unleashed) were sent to kill each other. That didn’t happen, they worked together to figure out Maccus is a pawn in the fight between heaven and hell! Then Alexei Medvedev and Cassie Dobbs meet, (Arctic Bite) it’s a contract on her life! Again they worked together to find out who was pulling the strings. 
So I can see where Maccus is concerned that the brotherhood is being targeted. 
Back to the story….. 
Asher and Jo now aware of the danger, agree to work together. 
In such close proximity sparks are sure to fly. Jo is aware her time with Asher is limited, Asher doesn’t worry, he’s decided to end his life when Jo gets old and dies. Happy with his vow, he intends to spend as much time her as he can. But first their stalker……
So who is behind the scenes pushing Asher and Jo together? For what purpose? Was Maccus correct when he thinks it’s the Brotherhood that’s in danger? Who has that type of power? 
You don’t need to have read the first two books in this series. I don’t think you’ll miss anything. 
Beautifully written, full of drama and passion. Moments of comedy and sadness. Descriptions that come to life on the page. 
It’s a series that’s now on my TBR list. 
I’d recommend this book all day long. 

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Kindle Review….. The Reluctant Savior (Etherya’s Earth Book 4) by Rebecca Hefner 👩🏻‍💻

The Reluctant Savior (Etherya’s Earth Book 4) by Rebecca Hefner 


Evie, daughter of virtuous Princess Rina and malicious Deamon King Crimeous, is a woman torn in half. The first centuries of her life taught her fervent lessons about pain and suffering. For ages, she suppressed her mother’s noble blood, crafting a reality where she was drifting along, needing no one. Until an ancient prophecy calls to her, possibly creating a purpose for her squalid existence.

Kenden has commanded the Slayer army for a thousand years. Strong, cunning and loyal, he longs for the day when Crimeous has been defeated and he can settle down to build a family. Focused on conquering the Dark Lord, he is stunned when Evie makes a brazen demand that must be fulfilled before she chooses to fight with them.

Although incensed by Evie’s ultimatum, Kenden has never desired a woman more than the flame-haired vixen. Though she stirs his ire, he also has a deep well of compassion for the beauty who suffered so much trauma centuries ago. 

Together they train, and by night their connection grows, building toward the moment when they will battle her father. But, in the end, Evie has a choice and struggles to espouse righteousness over malevolence. For, when one’s worst fears are exposed, the evil is so much easier to embrace…

Etherya’s Earth Series

Book 1: The End of Hatred

Book 2: The Elusive Sun

Book 3: The Darkness Within

Book 4: The Reluctant Savior

Book 5: The Impassioned Choice

Publication date 23/5/2019 *

My Review…… 

Evie has never played well with others, half daemon and half Slayera (Sister to DarkRip and half sister to Miranda) she’s known nothing but pain and misery at the hands of her father. She’s learnt to look after herself, she takes what she wants and nothing stands in her way…..

Kenden has been a solider first as long as he can remember. And being the leader of the Slayera army has always been his goal. 

His army is now a force to be reckoned with, especially now its part Slayer part vampire. Maybe now they can finally take down King of the Daemons Crimeous! 

Book four had me on the edge of my seat! 

We’ve known Kenden from book one, and I’ve always wondered if he’d get a story. I couldn’t see him with a character who wouldn’t give him a run for his money, and Evie does that, and really well. I didn’t want to see him with anyone who’s a pushover (again Evie is nothing like that) but I didn’t expect Evie, although there has been a fair amount of flirting between them.

Evie hasn’t been that forthcoming in the series, it was hard to get a grasp of her character, killing a former lover because he betrayed her, I could see (sort of) but she seemed like a character I was going to hate.

But as you get to know her you see how much she’s had to deal with. 

For over eight hundred years she’s had Daemon blood run through her veins, being used as a punch bag and worse by her father has to leave emotional scars, and the damage has been done, she cares for no one but herself. 

I did have to chuckle when Evie made her demands known (she’s not prepared to fight her father, she wants nothing to do with Etherya) it wasn’t what I expected and I loved how her mind worked. 

The chemistry between Evie and Kenden is off the charts, he wants more than she is willing to give. Can Kenden get through those high walls of hers? 

And when faced with her father, can Evie do what the rest of the family can’t, finally kill their enemy/father, and bring Justice to the woman that binds them together? 

It’s great to catch up with previous characters and couples. A few twits that will keep you reading this till the early hours. 

Oh side note, for all you readers who love Nolan and Sadie, you definitely need to read this one😉


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Kindle Review…. A Vampire’s Vow (Vampires on Holiday Book 3) by ML Guida 👩🏻‍💻

A Vampire’s Vow (Vampires on Holiday Book 3) by ML Guida 


Michael Aims: I’m a vampire and I can shift into a wolf. My problem is I can’t control my wolf.

And I’m being hunted.

I sent my sister away so she’d be safe. I thought my high school sweetheart was deployed and in Afghanistan far from the vampire killers.

But I was wrong. She’s back.

And now they’re after her.

If I don’t learn how to control my wolf, I won’t be able to protect her. She’s my life.

Holly Wade: I love Michael, but I’m afraid he’ll reject me.

I was a soldier and have second degree burns.

But he’s changed, too. He’s a vampire who can shift into a werewolf.

Vampire hunters want to kill him and now they’re after me.

Civilian life isn’t what I thought it would be–vampires, werewolves, killers.

One thing I know for sure. He doesn’t need to save me. I’m a soldier, trained to fight.

If killers are after us, bring it on. I’m ready.

Vampires on Holiday series 

Book 1 A Vampire’s Wish 

Book 2 A Vampire’s Gift 

Book 3 A Vampires Vow *

My Review….. 

This is the third and last book in the series. 
We met Michael in book two (A Vampire’s Gift) he’s friends with Jayden (MC in previous book) and was injured, so he was turned by his best friend into a vampire. 
Now, each vampire has a special gift, only Micheal got more than he bargained for, he now changes into a wolf when he gets stressed! 
Holly is Michael’s girlfriend, she was a solider serving her country until a horrible accident sends her home! 
From there she falls into a strange and almost twilight zone! Her boyfriend’s a vampire, his friends manager (Jayden was in a band) is stalking them, with the intent on killing them, and she’s got no idea what to make of it all!! 
I must admit I liked this one the best out of the three books in this series. 
Michael not being able to control his wolf had me chuckling. Also I wanted to hit him! The scars aren’t Holly, you should have been more compassionate! 
Holly being smart enough to use the wolf to her advantage, (being a solider she uses what’s around her)
Reading how Holly interacts with Michael and then the rest of the vampires, it’s a lot to take in, I mean, who would believe there are 
There did seem like a lot more plot and content to this one. 
Catching up with old friends and hopefully dispatching old enemies once and for all. 
We also meet Saul a werewolf looking for his sister (could this be a spin off series?) 

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Kindle Review…. A Vampire’s Gift (Vampires on Holiday Book 2) by ML Guida 👩🏻‍💻

A Vampire’s Gift (Vampires on Holiday Book 2) by ML Guida


Eleanor Byrne:  I’m a three-hundred-year old vampire. I turned a dying man, but now, I have a hot-headed rock star who won’t follow the rules. 

He’s pushing me to face fears that have haunted me for years. And the scariest one––is I think I’m falling for him. But can I forget my torrid past and open my heart to love?

Jayden Kye: I was dying. A vampire gave me the only gift she had. I’m a vampire and now my best friends want to kill us both. 

To survive, I have to trust her. But she hides in the darkness. That’s not my style. She’s got secrets. One them is she’s a bad-ass and keeps saving my ass. I’m losing my heart to her, but she doesn’t trust easily. Will she ever give me a chance or will she keep pushing me away?

Vampires on Holiday series 
Book 1 A Vampire’s Wish 
Book 2 A Vampire’s Gift 
Book 3 A Vampires Vow 
My Review….. 
Eleanor lay dying, her family slaughtered. And the reason, her father had protected a man! But not just any man, a vampire!
Janus (from book 1) found Eleanor and asked if she wanted revenge for her family and herself, he felt as if it were his fault about her family (he was the vampire that was being protected)
Jayden is in a band, Jayden is lost, after his father died, his twin brother spiralled out of control and got into drugs, after too many fights his brother dies in an accident! It’s just now Jayden and his mother, he needs to be strong for her, but it’s just not working…. 
Eleanor turns Jayden into a vampire after he almost dies in an accident. But he’s not convinced, he needs to get back to his mother, she must be worried sick. But Eleanor can’t let him go home until he’s controlled his thirst for blood! 
It’s then a battle of wills between the pair, he wants to continue with his human life, but Eleanor tries to warm him if the vampire hunters out there, he can’t live his normal life any longer. 
As the pair become closer, Eleanor tries to let go of her past, but it’s not easy. She can’t forget what the men did to her! The degrading things they did to her! She likes Jayden, but can she let go and move on? 
And what of the vampire hunters? They aren’t just going to give up hunting her…. 
This was totally different from the first book. 
We have a female vampire fighting to survive, we watch as she tries to guide Jayden in his new life. 
We watch the couple grow closer, we hope the hunters don’t find them, but when your best friend comes from a long line of vampire hunters, it’s going to be tricky. And when Eleanor finds out his best friend is from the line that killed her family and raped her, will she just walk away? 

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Kindle Review… A Vampire’s Wish (Vampires on Holiday Book 1) by ML Guida 👩🏻‍💻

A Vampire’s Wish (Vampires on Holiday Book 1) by ML Guida


Janus: I lost her once in another life. I’ve found her again, but she’s with another man. A man who beats her.

I won’t let him hurt her again. But if I move too fast, she’ll disappear again. Will I ever win her heart or am I destined to live alone for eternity?

Deirdre: A vampire’s claims he knew me over two hundred years ago, and I was his wife. He wants to pick up where we left off.

I can’t deal with his fantasies. I have enough troubles with escaping from my boss who is my fiancé.

Unfortunately, my only chance to escape from him is to trust Janus who stirs up feelings that I’ve never felt for any other man. They scare me. What if he’s right? What if in a former life I was in love with him? Could I possibly be feeling desire for a vampire?

A Vampire’s Wish is the first book in ML Guida’s new sexy, vampire series. If you like page-turning action, dark heroes, kick-ass heroines, then you’ll fall in love with new series from an award winning author.

Vampires on Holiday series 
Book 1 A Vampire’s Wish 
Book 2 A Vampire’s Gift 
Book 3 A Vampires Vow 

Publication date 2018
My Review…… 
Janus is a lonely vampire, centuries ago Janus lost his beloved Delores to vampire hunters. He swore to find her (vampires believe their soulmates would be reborn) he knows he let her down, and if he ever flubs her again, he’d keep her safe. 
Deirdre loves her fiancé, she really does, but she’s scared of him, his temper is beginning to take control of him, to the outside world Brandon is amazing, but if anyone angers him, it’s Deidre’s fault and she pays for it! 
Written in the POV of the characters. We read Janus lose his beloved to the vampire hunters…. 
Years later by chance he discovers her in Hawaii, but she’s with someone else! 
I Just wanted to know… if Brandon had been a nice guy, would Janus have left Deirdre/Delores go? 
But he’s a bully and when Janus finds out that Brandon hits her, then all bets are off. He’s going to win her back. 
A short Christmas holiday story. 
I have to admit the backstory held a lot of potential, but the book was a bit of a let down (was it because it was a short story? Probably) so much to pack in and not enough time to get it all in! 
Janus was trying to be patient, but Deidre is scared, and then she’s suspicious, and then she’s back to being scared. I found Delores to be a spoilt child. 
But I did like the premise of finding a love across time, the idea that you can find that love again and again. 

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Arc Review…. The Baby Contract (The Contract Series Book 2) by CeeRee Fields 👩🏻‍💻

The Baby Contract (The Contract Series Book 2) by CeeRee Fields    

An unwanted wife, a broken contract, and a secret baby.Elizabeth Sutherland Martinez’s life was idyllic. She married the man of her dreams. Had a supportive stepfather. And a dream job. Until the night she discovered everything she thought was true was a lie. Her husband only needed her to settle a debt to her stepfather by getting Elizabeth pregnant. The child and Elizabeth unknowing pawns in a contract forged between two powerful men bent on adding to their wealth.

She fled from all of it.

Rafael ‘Rafe’ Martinez wanted Elizabeth the first time he set eyes on her. Until he was forced to tangle with her stepfather, who presented Rafe with the unholy bargain. When he realizes Elizabeth only wanted him to impregnate her, Rafe’s done and demands a divorce so he can be free to find love elsewhere.

A year later, the two meet again only to discover they both have been lied to. Him thinking Elizabeth had anything to do with the contract. And her thinking he only wanted Elizabeth because of the contract.

Little do either of them know the rocky path of their beginning will lead them to a love like no other, but first, they have to survive her stepfather’s murderous intentions.

Publication date 9/9/2020
My Review….. 
I’ve read this author before (The Rayburn Mysteries) so I was eager to see what this was all about…. 
Now that was different. I really enjoyed that. 
Elizabeth Is happily in love, she has a secret she can’t wait to tell her stepfather and husband, but before she can do that, she overhears something that smashes her world to pieces! 
I get the impression she’s quite a sheltered person, she might write novels under a pen name, but she lives the peaceful life. All she has ever wanted was a family, after losing her mother, her best friend and stepfather became her family, then Rafe was added, and Elizabeth was happy. 
So she’s got no choice but to run….. 
Rafe I wanted to hate, he really was vile to Elizabeth, but the more you read about him, the more you come to realise he had been played! 
He really did love her at first, but an arrangement between Rafe and Harold (stepfather) with Elizabeth’s knowledge and consent (which he finds out she didn’t know about) sours the marriage, now he wants out! The marriage (unknown to Elizabeth) was only meant to be for a year. 
He thinks she’s a gold digger, a cheat and possibly unable to conceive a child! Add in the fact his housekeeper hates Elizabeth, his mother despised her and wants him to marry someone with more clout in their circle!! (So he had that going on in the background) 
My thoughts were if you were in love with that person wouldn’t you challenge them about the affairs? And why only a year? 
Thought he was a bit of an a$$ to be honest. And a bit gullible (your new girlfriend is taking you for a FOOL!!) 
I liked that, a second chance type of romance, not my usual read, but I really enjoyed the drama, the suspense, and although we knew who the bad guy was (stepfather) and we knew why, it was more than just that. 
The secondary characters were great, they took Elizabeth (now Colby) under their wing and made her feel she finally had a family. They kept her safe from her stepfather, they bolstered her when she was low, and loved her unconditionally. 
The first part of the book is Elizabeth trying to get to grips with the betrayal and shock of her marriage, throw in the fact her stepfather and best friend were trying to kill her (very large estate in trust for her) Coping with a pregnancy on her own, and still in love with her ex! She’s finally living the life she wants. But with constantly having to look over her shoulder for her stepfather it’s all taking it’s toll on her. But she’s not going to give up! 
And I like she’s finding her backbone, she has an opinion and she’s not afraid to voice it anymore. 
We jump to six months and find Colby (was Elizabeth) living a quiet life on a ranch, she has her extended family around her, and life is growing inside her nicely, she’s also written a book. Life is good (so you know something is coming to screw it up!) 
Well it does…… 
From there it’s a fast pace of cat and mouse, Elizabeth pretending she doesn’t know what her best friend and stepfather are planning, planning for her future. 
Then add Rafe wanting a second chance! She still loves him, and wants them to be a family. 
But he’s going to have to prove he’s serious, she wants them to be together always, so it’s down to Rafe to show her.
It’s a second book in the series, I didn’t read the first one. But you don’t need to. 
So will Rafe and Elizabeth/Colby get back together? What happens when he finds out about the baby? And can Elizabeth stay one step ahead of her stepfather? 
Definitely recommend this book if your a fan of murder/mystery stories. 

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Arc Review….. Hostage: An Everyday Heroes World Novel (The Everyday Heroes World) by Jas T. Ward 👩🏻‍💻

Hostage: An Everyday Heroes World Novel (The Everyday Heroes World) by Jas T. Ward 


Jas T. Ward’s Hostage is a thrill ride of adventure with a sexy, paranormal romance twist written in K. Bromberg’s The Everyday Heroes World project.

Evan O’Brien lived his immortal existence committed to a life of hardcore service to the secret war and army of The Grid. Zero time for love. That emotion complicated his control on all aspects of his life. He was determined his heart had no say so. And nothing or no one could change that.

Lily Devenmore spent her days working with kids and a job surrounded by books at the library. She lived loud and as bold as being born to the Grid allowed. As love found her sisters, Lily longed for it too. But she had yet to find a man who wanted her and not change her.

That all changed in one day—not only was she held hostage but Evan learned he held his heart from ransom far too long. Could they rescue each other? With help of some of your favorite characters from The Everyday Heroes World, they just might.

Publication date 10/9/2020 *

My Review…..

Evan works as second in command for the secret army The Grid. He’s good at his job, he works long and demanding hours so he doesn’t have time to be social, love and friendships take a back seat. 

But all that changes when a hold up goes wrong and Lily is held hostage. 

He has to face the fact that he likes her! Where that came from is anyone’s guess. 

Well no, actually that’s a lie, Evan knows exactly where that thought came from. Seems like someone has a secret thing for Lily. And he’s had it for a while…..

Lily works in a private school teaching first graders. She also works in the local library 

Lily has two sisters Emma and Rose, they both work for The Grid also. Lily and her sisters lost both their parents and their brother to the “cause” protecting civilians from the demons that hunt them. 

Love isn’t high on her list of things to do, being in love hurt, so not for Lily thank you. 

This book was so much fun to read. Set in a world where The grid is a secret army organised to fight demons and the things that creep out of hell!!! 

Organised centuries ago, and here is the thing I found the most original, the good guys were all once bad guys! Earning a shot at redemption, if they pass, they get too live an immortal life on earth (still working for the grid I wasn’t sure on that part) 

This book is part of a series. (The Everyday Hero’s World) its a little confusing finding the series.

I haven’t read any of the others, I don’t think your missing out on anything. They are connected in some way, but as they are written by different authors, it’s safe to say they don’t need to be read in order. 

But the author also has a world for these characters (and I may go and have a look) think there might be a spin off as well! 

Evan and Lily constantly bang heads, she’s too loud and in your face. Evan is a stickler for rules and paperwork, so you do have to wonder how they come together?! 

Really well thought out and written. Very descriptive, hilarious in parts (I did like Lily’s attitude) she always had a comeback or put down. 

I really liked Lily, except for her lack of self esteem, she was a pretty funny woman. Fiery and passionate, loyal to her family and close friends, but with a side that makes you want to cuddle her up close and fight in her corner. Watching her parents die couldn’t have been easy, watching her sisters gets all the attention from boys had to be hard, but Lily is a fighter, she’s come to terms with who she is, except when Evan tells her how sexy she is, it’s hard to believe him. 

Evan is a character I’d like to know more about. Centuries old, a mob bosses enforcer, he had the chance to redeem himself and took it. With fangs and a tendency to go crispy in the sun, you’d think they were vampires! Nope! According to Evan not vampires, they just share a few of the sane characteristics (think it’s the fact they’ve come from hell) 

I get the impression he can’t take time off, is it to atone for his past? He feels he has to be in control of everything. 

The chemistry once lit between these two was explosive. 

Evan started the ball rolling when they were trapped in the bunker, he told Lily exactly how he felt about her. 

So how does a workaholic commander keep the loud and brash librarian/schoolteacher? Because trying to convince Lily he wants something more than a one night stand is going to be an uphill battle. 


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Arc Review… The Wedding Date Disaster by Avery Flynn 👩🏻‍💻

The Wedding Date Disaster by Avery Flynn


I can’t believe I have to go home to Nebraska for my sister’s wedding. I’m gonna need a wingman and a whole lot of vodka for this level of family interaction. At least my bestie agreed he’d man up and help. Too bad he had to catch a different flight than me. Then his plane got delayed. And finally—because bad things always happen in threes—instead of my best friend, his evil twin strolls out of the airport.

If you looked up doesn’t-deserve-to-be-that-confident, way-too-hot-for-his-own-good billionaire in the dictionary, you’d find a picture of Will Holt. He’s awful. Horrible. The worst—even if his butt looks phenomenal in those jeans.

Ten times worse? My buffer was supposed to be there to keep me away from the million and one family events. But Satan’s spawn just grins and signs us up for every. Single. Thing.

Fine. “Cutthroat” Scrabble? I’m in. I can’t wait to take this guy down a notch.

But somewhere between Pictionary and the teasing glint in his eyes, our bickering starts to feel like more than just a game…

Publication date 23/8/202 *

My Review……

If you want a laugh with your read, you can’t go wrong with an Avery Flynn book. 

I’ve read most of her work, and it always leaves me with a smile. 

Written in the third persons point of view. We watch as Haley and Will do battle to see who comes out on top over a family member? 

Haley Loves her best friend, but does she have to put up E.T (evil twin) or Mr Obnoxious all the time? He might be a billionaire, he might be the most eligible bachelor, but to Haley, he’s always be annoying.  

Will thinks that Haley is a gold digger, his twin might be her “best friend” but he knows better, he’s seen her type before, and he’s determined to get rid of her. 

When an opportunity presents itself. Will is quick to capitalise on it. 

But what he gets is turned on his head, Haley is fun, kind and gentle. Did he really get it so wrong? And now Will wants her for himself, can he really do that to his brother? 

It’s a laugh a minute, anything and everything that can go wrong does go wrong? Haley’s family is extremely close, and she finds that claustrophobic, she loves them dearly, just not 24/7! Thank goodness her best friend is coming to this wedding to pose as her boyfriend, but fates not that kind, it sends her nemesis in his place! And that’s when the trouble starts. 

Will doesn’t think his twin and Haley’s friendship is just that, he thinks she’s after his money, so he’s going to expose her. 

But spending time with her exposes her not as a fraud, but a kind and caring person. I did have to chuckle, boy did he have a lot of making up to do…… 

Loved Haley’s family, they were crazy in a good way. Ready to pitch in and help, but they could drive you nuts within minutes! 

Games night? Was hilarious. Her grandfather was so funny. And when an old boyfriend of Haley’s turns up, is it relief that his brother won’t be fleeced by her or jealousy that it’s not him holding her hand? 

So can Will see past his ex taking him for a ride? Can he get past his jealousy of his brother? Well technically Web and not Will have Haley in his life. 

And when he finds out she really isn’t a gold digger can he apologise and get Haley to forgive him? 

I’ve come to love reading anything by this author. 

I couldn’t put it down till it was done. Highly recommend this book and this author. 


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Arc Review… Murder Ballad Blues by Lynda McDaniel 📱

Murder Ballad Blues by Lynda McDaniel

Description….Laurel Falls, N.C. 2005  A mysterious death in the North Carolina mountains. Then a second. By the third, the FBI finally gets involved. Trouble is, they’re looking in all the wrong places.

Abit Bradshaw has a theory, but of course the FBI doesn’t take him seriously. When he teams up with musicologist Wallis Harding, bluegrass music becomes more than something to practice and perform. It’s key to finding the serial killer.

Della Kincaid, a former crime reporter in Washington, D.C., can’t seem to escape her past. Now living in the small town of Laurel Falls, she’s busy investigating a fraud case that gets darker at every turn. She’s about to give up when a secretive whistleblower pulls her in again—and back to D.C.

Abit and Della team up once again to convince the FBI to help them with both their crime investigations.

Will Abit and Wallis discover the killer’s pattern … before he strikes again?

Can Della make sense of the whistleblower’s clues before the fraud case is closed for good?

You’ll love this suspenseful mystery because everyone longs to find justice in this crazy world.

Publication date 15/9/2020 *

My Review…. 
I like a good murder/mystery and this one wasn’t too bad. In fact I could see it as a movie or tv series. 
Della is a reporter digging around for the next big story, married/divorced/still seeing her ex/husband/now boyfriend (yeah I got confused too! 
She’s known Abit for years and counts him as a close and dear friend. 
Vesper junior (Abit) or Rabbit as his wife calls him is happily married with kids and plays in a band with his wife and friends. Life might be dull, but Abit likes it that way thank you. 
I felt so sorry for Vesper, he got the nickname because his father always called him “a bit slow”, which got shortened over time. I don’t know if I could be called Abit and know it’s nasty and not a cute nickname!
So we have Wallis and Abit bonding over music and using it to track killers, rather ingenious if you ask me.
Della uses her contacts in the paper to dig deeper, hoping to get a story out of it. But wanting to help the FBI (who she shared a sizzling kiss with!) 
Reading the cover I did think a ménage. Sadly no, but in a way I’m glad, I don’t think it would have worked out😉
I liked how we came along for the ride, we saw all the thought processes and saw glimpses of their lives. 
But it all gets a little too close to home when Abit’s kids get kidnapped by the killer! Will he be able to raise the ransom money in time?
The killer was pretty smart, and catching up with him was good. And a couple of clues might have you guessing who it might be. 
I think there we just a few too many characters in this book, not sure we needed all those extra’s. But other than that, they were all pretty solid. 
This book worked backwards, we see Abit running away from the killer, we don’t see who it it, we just see him run….. 
Told mainly in Della’s and Abit POV. It needed just a little polishing, I felt something was missing. The connection between Abit and Della was good, the connection between Abit and Wallis wasn’t as well felt. 
But I’d happily read another book with these characters in. They did make me smile, and at one point I did get a “scooby doo” moment 😉

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Arc Review…. Hidden Magic (Daughters of the Warlock Book 4) by Amelia Shaw 📱

Hidden Magic (Daughters of the Warlock Book 4) by Amelia Shaw


A witchy book worm. A poisoned sister. And a powerful Council that wants them all dead.

When Bella’s rebel sister is poisoned, it’s up to Bella to protect her. But saving Courtney means going to the magical realm, where Bella must face her powerful father and the Council of Warlocks, both of whom have their own plans for Bella’s life.

Once Bella makes her presence known, the Council demands she step into her role as Heir to the High Warlock. But the last thing a bookworm like Bella wants is to be pushed into the spotlight…and to the top of the assassin’s hit list.

Now, facing the toughest challenge of her life, Bella will be forced to choose whose life to save first: her own or her sisters. If she chooses wrong, it may just be the end of both their lives.

Amelia Shaw’s new Urban Fantasy series, Daughters of the Warlock.

Daughters of the Warlock 

Book 1 Sisters of the Coven 

Book 2 Hiding from the Coven 

Book 3 Heir of the Coven 

Book 4 Hidden Magic 

Book 5 Forbidden Magic 

Book 6 Arcane Magic 

Publication date 1/9/2020 *

My Review….. 

Bella is the middle sister to Ava (main character in the first three books.)

I don’t think you need to read the first three books, but it will give you background on the sister’s and the story so far…. 

She’s the bookworm of the family, happy with her own company. She loves to read, and practises her magic at every opportunity. 

She’s not happy that she’s got to look after her youngest sister Courtney, she’s is the rebel, the one that sneaks out to the human world. 

Courtney is the youngest sister and loved by both Bella and Ava. 

And I have a feeling we will get to meet her and read her story next. 

A little background….. 

Bella and her sister’s were a secret, her mother had an affair with the High Warlock, she then had to leave the realm to hide her daughters. If they had been found, the council would have put them to death. The High Warlock’s seat gets passed usually within the family. 

The last three books concentrated in Ava and her battle to see her father and be accepted. She kept her sisters hidden in the human world. 

Don’t want to give too much away for the first three books. 

And when Courtney is poisoned, Bella can’t find a spell to help her sister! 

Her only course of action….. her father!! 

Travelling to the realm her father was in was easier than Bella expected. The visit to her father went better than she thought it would. 

Finding a cure for her sister was proving a little more difficult!! 

And now she has to face the council! They want her tested, and then to join the community! No thank you, Bella couldn’t think of anything worse! She liked her own company and the simple life her and Courtney lived. 

Learning about her mother and fathers family was a nice surprise for both Bella and Courtney. They welcome to visit, it had Bella rethinking her ideas of going back to their home. 

Getting to know her father was a big plus also, he seemed genuinely concerned for both of his daughters. I think I wanted to get to know them better. 

But on the downside, there were people in this realm wanting the three sisters dead! 

So will Bella and Courtney stay? Will Bella join the witches college? 

I’m sure we will find out in the next book. 


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Kindle Review… The Darkness Within (Etherya’s Earth Book 3) by Rebecca Hefner 👩🏻‍💻

The Darkness Within (Etherya’s Earth Book 3) by Rebecca Hefner 


Arderin, princess of the illustrious Vampyre kingdom, has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Motivated by a calling to heal others, frustration consumes her since her brother, King Sathan, doesn’t understand her desire to study medicine in the human world. Moreover, the son of the Dark Lord Crimeous has moved to their compound and he seems obsessed with driving her absolutely insane. Hating him for his sharp tongue and dark nature, she tries to squelch her unwelcome attraction to him.

Darkrip has been enthralled by Arderin since the night he knocked her unconscious and sent her down the river, prompting the end of the War of the Species. Never has he met a woman more beautiful and passionate. Frustrated by her dramatics, and consumed by his desire for her, he vows to stay away. For, the son of Crimeous, with his malevolent blood, could never have children or a normal life.

When Crimeous threatens both their lives, forcing them into a shared captivity, they do everything possible to escape and survive. As their connection grows, so does their attraction. Knowing they have no future together, and the consequences of furthering their relationship would be disastrous, they forge ahead in the conflict against the Dark Lord. But the Universe is fickle and can muddle with even the best laid intentions…

Etherya’s Earth Series

Book 1: The End of Hatred

Book 2: The Elusive Sun

Book 3: The Darkness Within

Book 4: The Reluctant Savior

Book 5: The Impassioned Choice

Publication date 5/3/2019 *

My Review….. 

DarkRip has his fathers blood running through his veins, he also has his beautiful mother’s blood too. His mother had been the beautiful Rina, the Queen of the Slayera, captured, tortured and abused by his father Crimeous, Dark Lord (Demon) DarkRip was the product of that unholy union. He’s always tried to balance his blood lust and violence, but coming from such an evil bloodline DarkRip has struggled. 

But he’s given a new direction when he finds out about the Prophecy a sword will end his fathers reign of tyranny. And it will be wielded by a child with Slayera blood. In the first book Miranda tries, no luck, second book DarkRip tries, he too is unsuccessful, so now they have to persuade his other sister (and she’s not having any of it!) Now in between trying to kill his father and help find his sister he’s having thoughts of a certain princess! He knows he shouldn’t be so mean to her! But she she just brings out the worst in him! All he can do is think about her, but that will never happen, she hates him, he on the other hand is fascinated with her…. 

Arderin is sister to Heden, Sathan and Latimus, she loves her brothers dearly, but they are driving her crazy! Her eldest brother keeps her locked in a gilded cage! She can fight just as well as her brothers, but she wants to be a doctor, and going to the human world to study would help her immensely, but that’s never going to happen! And now that two of her brothers are bonded (mated) she has to watch all this love being thrown around! She’d like someone to look at her that way, but the only attention she’s getting at the moment is from DarkRip! Ugh!! No thanks, he’s just ….. NO!! Not happening!! 

Aderin gets a chance at going to human world. And DarkRip gets a chance to look for his sister. Proving useful for Aderin, but useless they return to their world, but are captured by Crimeous! As the days turn into weeks, Aderin faces starvation (she needs blood to survive!)

This one was awesome, we’ve known of both these characters from the first book. The Acton is fast paced, the fight scenes are good. And watching both Aderin and DarkRip fight their feelings for one another was interesting. 

And we get a twist that I didn’t see coming….. 

I didn’t know how she was going to be able to convince me DarkRip was going to be a hero! But we have been watching him trying to aid his half sister Miranda in defeating his father. Fighting to be good, and doing the right thing. 

I’m definitely ready for the next book in this fantastic series. 


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Kindle Review… The Elusive Sun: Etherya’s Earth, Book 2 by Rebecca Hefner 📱

The Elusive Sun: Etherya’s Earth, Book 2 by Rebecca Hefner 


Lila, a high-born aristocrat of the Vampyre kingdom, was betrothed to Sathan, King of the Vampyres, for a thousand years. The betrothal, declared by the goddess Etherya, was deemed unbreakable. Although she cared for Sathan, and loved him as her king, secretly her heart yearned for his brother. When Sathan falls for another, Lila ends the betrothal, terrified at what her life will become now that she won’t be queen.

Latimus has loved Lila since they played together on the grassy riverbank as children. Knowing that his brother was the better man, he never begrudged his betrothal to the woman he secretly loved. Now that Sathan has married another, Latimus becomes aware of Lila’s feelings. Determined to push her into the arms of a worthier man, he believes that a war-torn army commander such as he could never offer her the life she deserves.

As the war against the Deamons rages, Latimus fights for his people, protecting them against the evil Dark Lord Crimeous. When Lila suffers a brutal attack, Latimus is shaken to his core. Determined to avenge her, he acknowledges the emotion that has always burned for her in his blackened heart. But Lila has moved on and as the war ensues he worries that it might be too late to claim her….

Etherya’s Earth Series

Book 1: The End of Hatred

Book 2: The Elusive Sun

Book 3: The Darkness Within

Book 4: The Reluctant Savior

Book 5: The Impassioned Choice

Publication date….. 1/12/2019 *

My Review….. 

Latimus is commander of the Vampyre army. For over a thousand years he’s held that position. A strategist, a natural leader and stone cold killer.  All he’s ever heard was Sathan is king, you’ll only ever be second best!  As a child his only happy times were playing with his best friend Lila. He loved her fiercely, only as a young boy can.  Swearing he’d rescue her from a loveless marriage to the king.  But children grow up, and he watched his best friend Lila grow into a beautiful woman, knowing she’s destined for his brother, Latimus hardens his heart. Over time he becomes a heartless brute, a callous man and a Vampyre who will always be alone. 
Lila knew she was meant to be queen, she’s been told often enough times, bound to the king at birth. Taught to be an asset, nothing more than a decoration. But her heart belonged to the kings younger brother Latimus.  As childhood friends Lila stole a kiss from her “Lattie” hoping he would marry her and take her away from the King. But he never did…..  And now the king has a new queen, Lila has to reevaluate her life. Asking the king to make her a diplomat helps, she still needs to help the people, but maybe it will fill a whole in her heart and her life……. 
And even thought Lila is now released from her promise to the King, Latimus doesn’t think he’s worthy, she needs a nobleman with a soft touch and a gentle heart, not a brute that he’s become.  So he pushes Lila away even more, and watches from the shadows as she begins to Move on…… 
And move on she does, suitors and admirers line up, but they aren’t her Lattie….
Until one day a battle takes the life Lila has always dreamed of, and makes Latimus realise what he almost lost……. 
For the first time in ten centuries, he felt a tiny hope that he might get over his fear of being unworthy and ask her to bond with him.  And yet, he’d decided to hold back for a while, at least while she healed.  What she had endured at the hands of the Dark Lord was terrible, and he didn’t want to rush her into anything.  Moreover, she was intensely proud, and he couldn’t imagine that she would see any offer to court her or bond with her as anything other than pity, considering how badly he’d treated her over the ages.” Excerpt From The Elusive Sun
Lila needs to come to terms with her new life. Deciding she needs no man, she moves out of the castle to build a new life, and start living for herself.  
Once there, she screamed in frustration, hollow at the loss of the one person who didn’t look at her like a wounded animal.  Observing the walls of her bedchamber, she felt trapped.  Whether she liked it or not, this wasn’t her life anymore.  She had to get out of this house for her own sanity.  Sitting down on her bed, she grabbed the journal she’d been keeping since her injury.  It was suggested by Louise Hay that one keep a journal to help them set goals and intentions for building a better life.  It also was a great way to write about her fears and sadness at being barren.  Opening to a fresh page, she began writing intentions that would lead her away from the castle that she’d always called home.” Excerpt From The Elusive Sun 
Second book in this series had me cheering for Lila, and wanting to smack Latimus so hard!  That male Vampyre is so hardheaded, and I understand why. Being made to feel like your second in everything, his older brother is given everything, Latimus was trained as a soldier, so no luxuries, no emotions, just battle plans and tactics.  Lila finally grew a backbone and lived for herself.  This series just gets better. Definitely need to read in order. Love how all the characters are evolving. Like how the plot keeps twisting. And I like how when you think you have it all sorted in your head BOOM!!! It all goes blown apart! 
“I should’ve fought for you.  It’s unforgivable.” She smiled, her white teeth so pretty as they glowed in the light of her bedside lamp.  “We can’t change the past.  I’ve worked hard to come to a place where I’ve stopped trying.  All we can do is make better choices in the present, so that we can have the future we want.” Admiration of her strength surged through him as the pads of his thumbs stroked the smooth skin of her cheeks.  “I was so horrible to you.  I can’t believe you still care for me.” Blond hair fanned the wall at her shoulders as she shook her head.  “I never had a choice.  I think I was born loving you.” A shudder ran though him at her words, his massive frame shaken by her genuineness.  By the goddess, she deserved to be loved and cherished for a thousand eternities.  He was terrified to let her down.” Excerpt From The Elusive Sun 

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Kindle Review… The End of Hatred (Etherya’s Earth) Book 1 By Rebecca Hefner

The End of Hatred (Etherya’s Earth) Book 1 By Rebecca Hefner


A Metallica-loving Slayer princess. A sexy-as-sin Vampyre king. Can they secure peace?

These are dangerous times on Etherya’s Earth…
Slayer Princess Miranda, heir to the throne, has hated the Vampyres for a thousand years. Since the Awakening, she’s fought to protect her people, choosing to be a warrior more than a royal. When a female Vampyre washes up on the shore of her compound’s riverbank, she seizes the opportunity to take the offensive.
Sathan, King of the Vampyres, distraught at his sister’s disappearance and captivity, agrees to travel with Miranda to resect the Blade of Pestilence, also hoping to change his people’s state of endless war. Although the woman hates him due to the constant raids on her compound for the Slayers’ life-giving blood, he can’t help but admire the stubborn and strong princess.
As their journey progresses, both begin to understand that they are aligned in their hatred of Crimeous, leader of the Deamons, as well as their hope for peace between the Slayers and Vampyres. Determined to fight their growing attraction, they forge a tentative truce. But old wounds run deep and trust is scarce. Their faith in each other must remain strong or all will be lost…
Excerpt …. 
“Our people have been at war for a thousand years. We are locked in a stalemate that neither side seems to be able to win. I have come to the conclusion that we need to change our tactics.”
“I’m listening.”
She inhaled a deep breath before continuing. “I’ve grown weary of fighting your people. I wish to form a temporary truce with you so that I can accomplish something of great importance.”
“Right,” he said, his tone suggesting that he trusted her about as far as he could throw her. “And what is it you need from me?”
“As the first-born descendants of Valktor and Markdor, our shared blood stream could release the Blade of Pestilence. Once I have it, I will use it to kill Crimeous and I will return your sister to you.”
Sathan blinked a few times, unsure he’d heard her correctly, and then he laughed incredulously. “Wait, are you serious?”
She stood still and mute, her chin thrust up in the air, waiting for his response.
“You want me to travel to the Cave of the Sacred Prophecy with you, release the Blade of Pestilence and then just let you go on your merry way after you’ve kidnapped my sister?”
“Yes,” she said, as if his statement hadn’t been dripping with sarcasm. “Except that I didn’t kidnap your sister. She washed up on the shore of our riverbank. I actually employed our doctor in nursing her back to health. You’re welcome, by the way.”
What a patronizing, cocky little bitch, Sathan thought. Although, he had to admire how she stood her ground against him. His physical dominance over her alone should’ve had her cowering. He tested her will by taking a step forward, closing the distance between them. She stood firm, tilting her chin up even more to hold his gaze, and reluctant admiration for her courage coursed through him.

Etherya’s Earth Series

Book 1: The End of Hatred

Book 2: The Elusive Sun

Book 3: The Darkness Within

Book 4: The Reluctant Savior

Book 5: The Impassioned Choice

Publication date 17/11/18

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.


“ For thousands of years, the Slayera and the Vampyres coexisted in peace.  Etherya would reward them with blazing sunsets, good harvests and sun-kissed days that turned into long, balmy nights.  She was grateful for the abundance of happiness she felt when she smiled down on her small, precious sphere. And then, in what was perhaps the blink of an eye in the span of things, all was shattered. The night of the Awakening had come.”

Excerpt from The End of Hatred 
My review….. 
Another world is born, and the goddess Etherya is charged with looking after it. Sounds simple enough. Then it sounds like it all went to pieces….. 
Miranda is princess to the Slayera people. A beloved daughter, pampered and spoilt, until her mother is captured and never to be seen again….. From then on, her father changes, and Miranda is left to nannies and teachers, her only friend and companion was her cousin Kenden.  Miranda is now a warrior princess, no longer content to sit at home, she takes the fight to both Deamons and Vampyre everyday. Determined to free her people from the blood raids. (Vampyres need blood to survive) and to kill the King of Deamons. No easy task, but Miranda is nothing if not stubborn. 
Sathan is King of the Vampyres, he has been for over a thousand years.  The Slayera (or Slayers as the Vampyre call them) are becoming more of a threat.  Sathan although the Vampyre King, he longs for a quiet life for both himself and his people. His mating to the beautiful Lila, should be arranged and consummated by now, but something is holding him back.  He knows they need the Slayera’s blood, but there has to be compromise. He’s sick of constantly fighting both the slayers and the Deamons. 
After capturing the Vampyre’s sister, Miranda bargains with Sathan to join with her in finding the mythical blade Pestilence, once she has the blade her captive will go free.  She needs the sword to destroy both Deamons and Vampyre. (Only she doesn’t tell Sathan that!) 
Agreeing? An uneasy truce is formed. They set out to find the sword…. 
But there is a force in the background playing with lives. How did Arderin (Sathan’s sister) get captured? Is there a traitor in the Vampyre camp? Why are the Deamons becoming more of a threat? 
The tension between Sathan and Miranda is definitely hostile, although Sathan is rather taken with the feisty female he’s accompanying across their lands, he can’t trust her.  And as animosity turns to passion, will they be able to get past their hate? Can they see past the centuries of bloodshed? And can Sathan forgive Miranda’s grandfather for killing his parents? 
Very well written. Very fast paced, full of action.  Enough backstory (too much and you just get bogged down) and history concerning all the species that live on Etherya.
So what does the future hold for the Vampyre King and the Slayera Princess? Once she has her hands on the sword, will she wield it for good? Or finally will her people be free of the Vampyre shadow that’s hung over them since the beginning of time? 
I really enjoyed that.  A symbiotic relationship between vampyre and Slayera to start with, the Vampyre as a protector of the Slayera, who in turn supply blood as payment. That’s how it was suppose to be, that’s how the goddess intended for her precious, peaceful, superior race was suppose to be (the Slayera) but after the awakening, that all changed! Now they are bitter enemies, sworn to destroy one another!  Miranda is a really good character, strong, fearless, and has her mothers compassion. She wants an end to this war without anymore bloodshed. And she wants the Deamons gone too.  Sathan has a dry wit, a quick mind and a thirst for knowledge. He’s cautious, and I like that. He’s also suspicious about the whole thing. He knows he can’t trust Miranda, but if he could, then maybe the war between them could end, and they could join forces to destroy Crimeous, the King of Deamons.  There are a few characters here, but they all seem to play a vital role.  I like the snippets of past that come from passages of both Slayera, Deamon and Vampyre sacred texts. Gives more of an insight. 
So what happens next? 
Will the sword be found? Who gets to wield it? (Ummmm there might be a clause in that!) Will we find out what happened to Miranda’s mother (I have a feeling, it is a pivotal moment)  Sorry your going to have to read it to find out.  Oh and can’t wait to read the next one. 

Arc Review… Dawn Rising (Awakened Book 1) Lisa M. Green 👩🏻‍💻

Dawn Rising (Awakened Book 1) Lisa M. Green


Once upon a time, a girl was born. A hundred years later, she grew up.

Aurianna must rewrite the past in order to save the future. She was supposed to be the answer to an enigmatic prophecy discovered on the night of her birth. But a terrible curse changed her life forever.

That is, until a mysterious stranger arrives to break the spell. He awakens Aurianna to the truth of her past and the powers she never knew she had.

When he sweeps her back in time, she discovers there is more to her life than she ever imagined. The world she encounters is both strange and familiar. But learning to control her newfound elemental powers will be the least of her problems.

She must race against time to uncover the truth about a catastrophe that will leave the world broken, divided, and at war.

Aurianna just wants answers. But the people need a saviour.


In waking dreams I glide on thorny paths Trampled upon by those who wish to harm. The briars all but broken in their haste To rid the world of what must come to pass. The roses dying, dying in their bed; A thankless death to purge the unseen past. An unknown path I take through the darkness To reach the grail I do not wish to seek. 

Through sylvan screen, I know he’s waiting there, An unwilling specter in my dark thoughts. Never seeking, always finding, poor soul. He does not want this, a burdensome crown Upon his weary head, crushing down hope And freedom from what he knows he must do. This fearful dance will set the world ablaze; Embers ignite, dreams fading into dust. 

But dreams are shadows of the waking world, Weaving a web of whispered promises. In the end, pricks may sting and thorns may bite; The spell was cast, but death did not take me. Fumbling, stumbling, crumbling mind.

In death I’ll not be someone’s rotting corpse. In sleep I lie in dreams that do not die, Awakened by one who knows my true name. *

3/9/2020 publication date 

My Review….. 

A time travel book. Not my usual genre, but I’m always open to new authors and their ideas. The back cover intrigued me, so let’s go….. 
People come out of the darkness, we should be scared, they are dangerous. But if captured they can be drained and then killed. But you need to burn the bodies. But who are the people? Are the citizens aware those people are drained and burned? There are lots of questions that need answering. 
Aurianna knows she’s different, she doesn’t act the same as other, she can remember when the sun came out, when there was warmth in the air. But now there is only grey days and darkness. 
I did find Aurianna a little annoying at times, acting like a grown up one moment and then childish. 
And when a stranger comes to town, she begins to put pieces of a puzzle together. A time traveller, Aurianna is then told she’s the key to a prophecy, she can help the future, but it means she has to go to the past. 
Pharis is a traveller, coming to the future is a dangerous thing, no one has come back yet, so it’s all resting on him. Meeting Aurianna didn’t go the way he expected, and trying to convince her to go to the past with him proves interesting.
What happens next is a fast paced race through this book. 
Going back to the past to change the future, sounds easy right? Wrong!
And they have to train Aurianna to use her powers, but I also get the feeling they are leaving a few things out! 
And what is the darkness? Do Aurianna and Pharis need to be wary of it?
I have to admit i throughly enjoyed the book!
First books in a new series need to be finely balanced, too much information and we get stuck, not enough information and it doesn’t keep the readers interest. This had it. And it kept me turning the pages. 
But I felt the characters needed a little more work, they felt a little stiff. I know we are in hard times, but there doesn’t seem any lightheartedness. And the like/hate/love between Pharis and Aurianna needed just a tweak, they almost seemed to gel, then they’d lose it. 
And we have a twist I didn’t see coming. And the ending has you wondering it the next book will start there….. 

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Arc Review…. The Blood King (Inferno Rising) book 2 by Abigail Owen 👩🏻‍💻

The Blood King (Inferno Rising) book 2 by Abigail Owen 


Ruthless dragon king Ladon Ormarr must keep his throne—and his people—safe from the cruel High King at all costs. With war on the horizon, he’ll need a miracle to protect his clan. Luckily, the fates have dropped the irresistible Skylar Amon right into his lap. 

Or so he thought. Because the last thing this phoenix wants is him. 

A phoenix mate is the ticket to securing his throne, but this fiery Amon sister detests Ladon, doesn’t stick to protocols, and regularly offends his warriors and advisers.  

Skylar also has no intention of sticking around, nor does she believe in the whole destined-mates thing. But if it means taking out the High King who murdered her parents, she’ll put up with the too-sexy-for-her-sanity Ladon…temporarily.

Their mating bond may make them want to tear off their clothes, but outside the bedroom…well, Ladon is positive the fates hate him. Just as he starts to win over the mercurial phoenix, everything goes to hell when the High King makes his final move. And Ladon will burn down the world to keep the mate he is unwilling to live without.

Each book in the Inferno Rising series is STANDALONE:

* The Rogue King

* The Blood King

Publication date 25/8/2020 *

My Review….

Skylar Is sister to Kaisa, (from book 1 “The Rogue King”) second oldest sister of four Phoenix shifters. 

Skylar and her three sisters were separated and hidden from the world by their mother Serefina. She was afraid of the High King, the Red Dragon Pytheios. She’d watched as he slaughtered her mother, and then her beloved mate Zilant King of the White Dragons. He had hoped to mate with her, or destroy her and gain her powers for himself! 

They were all taught to be wary of dragons especially the red dragon Pytheios. If found, they will be forced to mate and that dragon will be the ruler of all dragons! Other shifters will seek to use their powers! 

What starts out as a rescue mission, Skylar thinks Kaisa has been caught and forced to mate the now Gold King, turns into a fight for freedom. Hearing her sister willing mated Brand, Skylar goes to retreat. Only to find Landon blocking her way. She’s now is prisoner! But not for long, Skylar won’t be anyone’s prisoner, nor will she be a dragon’s bride! Let battle commence! 

Landon is the king of the blue dragons, after losing Kaisa to Brand, he’s running out of time. (If dragons don’t find their mate, they go mad and start to age) he’s got Pytheios breathing down his neck, he’s losing ground. He needs something to restore his clan’s faith, and a Phoenix will do that. He’s not prepared for the feelings Skylar stirs up in him. She drives him crazy, and not always in a good way….

Being a mate to the blue dragon king is not what Skylar envisaged for herself. Being told by her mother that dragons will only want her for her Phoenix and not the woman has made her very wary. 

There is fireworks from the beginning of this book. 

Really like this series , even though it’s only two books so far, (its a spin off from the Fire’s edge series.) You don’t have to read those to enjoy this series.

I Liked the fact Skylar is very independent, but she’s had to be. Always on her guard has made her very distrustful. Knowing she’s only a mate because she’s a Phoenix and a legacy that comes with it (mate a Phoenix rule all the dragons) puts you in the low self esteem category. 

But she makes the most of it. But Skylar isn’t going to give up without a fight. She wants a partnership, not a prison! 

Landon is fighting both his feelings for his mate, and the High King the Red Dragon Pytheios, the High King wants all the dragons under his rule, and has taken all but the blue clan. 

Lots of action, enough passion, and a few laughs along the way. 

It’s nice to catch up with the previous couple. 

And also snippets of both Skylar’s and Landon’s pasts. 

We also have the two remaining sisters out in the world, will we get to see them before the end of this book? 🤫

And will Landon be able to drive the Pytheios out of the blue dragon territory and possibly kill him? 


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Book Review 📱

Their Kidnapped Bride (the bridgewater ménage series) book 1. by Vanessa Vale.


If you love the Wild Wild West, you’ll love this steamy hot historical set in the Montana Territory!

Emma James felt secure in her life. Money, social standing and the protection of her step-brother. Or so she thought. When she discovers his dark secrets, he turns on her and sells her to a western brothel to keep her quiet. There, she’s forced to work or participate in an auction. A virgin auction…and she’s the prize.

One look at Emma James, and Whitmore Kane and Ian Stewart know she would belong to them. Marriage was the only way to truly claim her…so they bid and bid well. As their bride, they return to the Bridgewater Ranch and teach her the ways to please not one husband, but two.

But danger has tracked Ian around the world and threatens their newfound relationship. Together, can they fight the demons of the past while forging a future?

My Review…….

Oh dear!! The backstory had so much potential. A woman being auctioned off as a “virgin bride” and a ménage to boot, a vengeful man coming after one of our heroes, and a sibling who needed to be taught a lesson, who wouldn’t love a story with all that in it?

What we got was a lot of cheesey lines, the same words used over and over and over again!!

I know it was only a short story. But with less sex, we could have had a really good story.

Ian and Kane always knew they would share a wife. They’d seen it whilst on their travels in the army, they’ve lived with it on the Ranch they co-own with other soldiers from their platoon. They hadn’t expected to find her at a brothel being auctioned off!!

Emma woke up to hearing her stepbrother selling her to a woman!! And all because she caught her brother copulating with the maid on the kitchen table!! (I mean, at least make it a murder or something a little more than catching your brother at it!!)

If that wasn’t bad enough, the woman owned a brothel!!

Emma could either pay the debt off by becoming a prostitute, or participating in an auction, she would be married off!!

Emma went with option 2…..

We then spend the rest of the story having sex, sex, oh and more sex!!!


Kindle Review…. Sons of Sangue Book 2 by Patricia A. Rasey 👩🏻‍💻

Sons of Sangue Book 2 by Patricia A. Rasey

Description ……

The Sons of Sangue are part of a sacred brotherhood. But not even their vampire code can compete with temptation and seduction…

Kaleb “Hawk” Tepes, as president of the Sons of Sangue vampire MC and descendant of Vlad III, needs to keep his head focused on club business. Trouble is someone wants to divest him of his position for a crime he committed against his vampire predecessors. He can’t afford distractions, especially those that come in the form of a five-foot-two sprite named Suzi, who once belonged to his nephew. In a moment of weakness, Hawk makes a snap decision that can only spell trouble. Now faced with the one person who wants him dead, he must make the ultimate sacrifice or chance losing forever the only woman he truly desires.

Suzi Stevens has tried hard to put her past behind her and move forward. The one man she yearns for over all others believes her to be nothing but cold-hearted. Hearing that someone has tried to behead him, she shelves past prejudices and rushes to his side, needing to see for herself that he’s all right. What she doesn’t count on is Hawk’s demand to take her as his personal blood donor. Now forced to endure his company, she fears losing her heart for all eternity to the one person who has the power to crush her.

SONS OF SANGUE – A Vampire MC Series

Book 1: VIPER

Book 2: HAWK

Book 3: GYPSY

Book 4: ROGUE

Book 4.5: DRAVEN

Special Edition: PREACHER

Book 5: XANDER

Book 6: RYDER

Book 7: WOLF

Book 8: VLAD

My Review…..

Kaleb “Hawk” Tepes is now president of the Sons of Sangue. His twin brother Kane lost his seat after turning a human without permission and killing a primordial (that’s an elder vampire.)

It’s a seat he didn’t really want, but now he has it he’s going to make sure he keeps it!!

Suzi is a blood donor in the club that the bikers hang out in.

Suzi knows all about the vampires, she use to be the girlfriend of Kane’s son (but we find out later she was never really his girlfriend, just a cover for his other life)

She’s always had a soft spot for Kaleb, well actually she’s been in love with him for years, but after Ion died, Kane thought she was a heartless bitch, and wanted nothing to do with her….

Actually that’s not true, he wants her, at first it’s a hate/hate relationship. Then once Kane admits he likes her, he sees her in a different light, then all bets are off. She’s going to be his….

But we still have a vindictive vampire who wants Kaleb back as her mate (quick rundown) Kane was mated to the daughter of an elder, they had a son, she let the son die, Kane hates her guts, but she’s not letting him go, she thinks if she kills off Kane’s brother and new mate, he’ll come back to her!!)

She’s taking out members of the Sangue MC, Kaleb wants her head.

I liked this one, we still see the first couple in this book, we also get more background on all the characters.

Liked how Kaleb didn’t really want Suzi, but wasn’t willing to let anyone else take her blood. It took a while for him to believe Suzi had loved his nephew, but more like a brother. The slow sinking in of feelings was fun to watch, and then when he finally wants to make Suzi his, she’s wanting none of it. Watching him fight to get her back, to convince her that she’s it for him.

The secondary characters are all great, and I know most of them get their own books.

We also have the next book starting in this book. And that looks like fun.


New Release… Dark Song (Carpathian Novel) book 34 by Christine Feehan. Hardback Edition 📖

Dark Song (A Carpathian Novel) book 34 by Christine Feehan


Two Carpathians find hope in the bond that ties their souls in this passionate novel in Christine Feehan’s #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Stolen from her home at a young age and tormented for centuries, Elisabeta Trigovise is scared to show herself to anyone. Even though she has been rescued and is now safe within the Carpathian compound, she has lived in fear for so long she has no idea how to survive without it. She wants to answer the siren call of her lifemate-but the very thought terrifies her.

Before he found Elisabeta, Ferro Arany was an ancient warrior without emotion. Now that his senses have come alive, he knows it will take more than kind words and soft touches to convince the fractured woman that they are partners, not master and prisoner. For now, he will give her his strength until she finds hers, allowing the steady rhythm of his heart to soothe Elisabeta’s fragile soul.

But even as she learns to stand on her own, the vampire who kept her captive is desperate to claim her again, threatening the song Elisabeta and Ferro are writing together.

Publication date 1/9/2020 *

I usually wait for the paperback edition to come out. And as I had Audible, I use my credit to get the audio and listen (usually tides me up till I get the book)


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Welcome September 🌹

OMG !!!

I’ve been 50 for a whole year 😉and now I’m going to be 51 this month!

It’s also my nephews birthday

Books this month I’m looking forward to reading……

Dark song by Christine Feehan

This series comes out in Hardback first, and it’s usually more expensive than the paperback, so I have to wait! But I get a audible credit each month, so I downloaded it. Hopefully I’ll get to listen to a few chapters today.

Daimon by Felicity Heaton

This series is a kindle book (until I can buy them in book form)

Books I read in August 👩🏻‍💻📱🎧 📖

Books I read in August 📱👩🏻‍💻 📚 🎧

Calypso’s Heart: An Orion’s Order Novel (1) by M.C. Solaris 📱 BS 
The Billionaire’s Fake Fiancée: Enemies to Lovers Standalone Romance (Big Bad Billionaires Book 0) by L. Steele 📖 
Tempting Fate: A Love in Eden Short by Sloane Kennedy 📱

The Billionaire’s Fake Wife: Enemies to Lovers Standalone Romance (Big Bad Billionaires Book 1 by L.Steele 👩🏻‍💻
Wanted by the Alpha (Prequel to) The Knotted Omega Series by Laxmi Hariharan 👩🏻‍💻

He Owns My Heart: A Contemporary MM Romance (Owned Heart, Body, & Soul Book 1) by Evie Drae   👩🏻‍💻 BS 

Redemption (The Guardians) Book 4 by S.Hamil 👩🏻‍💻 TRC 
The Revolutionary and the Rogue by Brett Ferre 📱 TRC 

The Roommate Problem by Mariah Ankenman  📱 TRC 

Vitality by Crysta Levere 📱 TRC 
Blind Lust: A Forbidden Romance (Aphrodisia Book 1) by Pandora Kendell 📱BS 
Heavenly Lover (A Guardian Angel Romance) (The Guardian Angel Series Book 1) 👩🏻‍💻 TRC 
Sucker Punch: Anita Blake  (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Novels)Book 27 by Laurell K. Hamilton 👩🏻‍💻TRC 
Underworld Lover: A Guardian Angel Romance (The Guardian Angel Series Book 2) 👩🏻‍💻 TRC 

Barefoot on a Starlit Nigh by Jo McNally 👩🏻‍💻TRC 

Underworld Queen: A Guardian Angel Romance (The Guardian Angel Series Book 3) 👩🏻‍💻TRC 

British Black Sheep (A Cocky Hero Club Series Novel) by Lauren Smith 📱TRC 

Season of the Wolf (The legend of all Wolves) book 4 by Maria Vale 👩🏻‍💻TRC 


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Kindle Review… Wanted by the Alpha (Prequel to) The Knotted Omega Series by Laxmi Hariharan

Wanted by the Alpha (Prequel to) The Knotted Omega Series by Laxmi Hariharan


She belongs to me… 

Just a glimpse and I know she was MINE. 

She isn’t like any other omega I’ve met,

I hadn’t anticipated this need for her.

I should have stayed away…

Yet, I can’t leave without her.

There’s a twisted, yearning, full of fear and anger inside me. For her…

No one can stop me, from breaking her

From making her mine…

She belongs to me…


Wanted by the Alpha

Taken by the Alpha

Claimed by the Alpha

Owned by the Alpha

Captive of the Alpha

Surrender to the Alpha

Mated to the Alpha

Publication date 6/8/2019 *

“A low purr rumbles up, from deep inside me. I draw it out this time, shove all my feelings into it, knowing I cannot tell her how much she means to me. An omega made just for me, my needs. The only one to call my own.

I nip at her lower lip, and she trembles.

I slide my tongue inside her mouth and suck on her sweetness. She tastes of honeydew with a hint of something tart. My shaft hardens even further, rubbing over her slit. She moans, the sound slipping out of her, and it arouses me further.

The scent of her, like rain on early dawn air, laps at my nerve endings and goes straight to my groin.”

Excerpt From Wanted by the Alpha

My Review……

This the prequel to the The Knotted Omega Series. 

Genetic mutation brought on by global warming has divided the human race into three subspecies: alphas the predators and the protectors, omegas the nurturers, and betas who fall somewhere in between.

Zeus is what the author likes to call an “alphahole” Also known as the “Bastard of the East End” he is here to kill his father the General. 

He hates him with a passion. Zeus’s mother was made pregnant by him, and rather than take her for a mate, he threw her into the streets, where she then sold herself so that her son could survive!! So that makes him the heir to his father’s estate. 

Zeus wants nothing to do with it, but he will take command and lead this community the way it was suppose to be run. 

Lucy is a Russian princess, but as an omega she has no rights, her father might have trained her to be a warrior, a free thinker and an independent woman, but with the Vikings at their door, her father bargains with them. And Lucy is just a bargaining chip!!

This did read like a one chapter prelude, rather than a prequel. But it does set the scene up for the next book. I’ve been talking with the author, and she’s promised me the next book, so I’ll continue, but I hope they get better. I’m not keen on the male being too much of an asshole, so let’s see shall we!

And a warning, this does end on a cliffhanger!! 

“You are going to regret this,” Ethan’s features are hard.

“Or perhaps I did the right thing in sparing my half-brother’s life?” Not. I know the mistake will come back to haunt me. But even monsters like me care for their own family… or perhaps there’s a half human side of me that simply cannot bear the thought of snuffing out the life of someone so young. “I am going to defeat him, on his own turf, and claim his land next time.”

Ethan leans back on his heels. “You’re not what you seem, Zeus.”

“Yeah, I’m just an asshole who wants to kill his sibling in front of his own people, to make sure they know who the true power is in England and Scotland.”

Excerpt From Wanted by the Alpha


Arc Review… British Black Sheep (A Cocky Hero Club Series Novel) by Lauren Smith 👩🏻‍💻

British Black Sheep (A Cocky Hero Club Series Novel) by Lauren Smith

He is exactly the kind of man Brie Honeyweather swore never to love…or lust after ever again: a sexy, arrogant, British bad boy in a designer suit.Alec is the last person Brie wants to be stuck on an international flight to London with, but hey…at least they’re in first class.

When their flight has to make an emergency landing in a snowstorm just before Christmas, Brie and Alec are thrown together in a single bedroom in a tiny English village. As the snowstorm rages outside, things get intense and emotions and lust run hot. Alec reminds Brie just how much she misses being with a man and how easy it is to fall head over heels too fast.

What should have been an amazing one nightstand turns into a week-long secret romance at Alec’s family estate when Brie realizes her new boss is Alec’s mother, a British countess. While Brie tries to focus on writing a Christmas book with the countess, all she can think about is getting back into bed with Alec.

She shouldn’t fall for the arrogant brit, especially when their lives are oceans apart and neither of them wants a serious relationship. But Christmas magic has a way of working miracles. Maybe Santa will bring her a happy ending after all…

Publication date 16/8/2020
My Review …… 
“ “You’re not going to die.” Brie Honeyweather laughed at her friend’s quip over the phone. If anyone could calm her down right now, it was Bridget. “I know,” Brie said with a sigh. “But it’s been a while since I’ve taken one of these international flights. It’s a little scary. That’s all.” She shifted on the blue leather chair in the gate area. Her flight was scheduled to board in half an hour and all around her the other travelers were stuffing snacks in carry-on bags and adjusting curved pillows around their necks.” Excerpt from British Black Sheep
Brie is a ghostwriter, she’s been doing it for about four years, she loves it, speaking to people and capturing stories and biographies. And when a famous authors asks her to help on a Christmas story, Brie is there. Well, almost there, she has to get on a plane first….. 
Alec is on his way home, burnt out and exhausted with his job. He lives his job, 24/7 being an investment banker gives him the thrills and excitement he craves. The money’s not bad either. 
And when a delightful young woman scolds him on the plane, Alec has found his entertainment for the long flight home. Teasing her is going to be a lot of fun. 
Being forced to land before scheduled to was unsettling. But to share a room with Alec is mind blowing…. 
She’s suppose to be unpacking at the beautiful Manor House and writing with the countess, instead she’s stuck with the arrogant if not handsome Brit!!! 
Both Alec and Brie are attracted to one another, they give in and have no regrets. 
Finding out that they will both be under the same roof at the countess’s home is fun for Alec, but mortifying for Brie! And when she finds out he’s her son!! Well Brie just wants to go home!
Alec then sets about chasing and persuading Brie to have fun with him whilst she’s here. Brie agreed but as long as it remains a secret between them. And when she goes home, that’s it. Alec is up first that, a bit of fun over Christmas, then back to work. No strings, just how he likes it. 
But just like string, they get tangled up like Christmas lights. It’s not easy trying to keep emotions out of this, it’s only suppose to be fun! 
Brie is going back home soon, and Alec needs to go back to London. 
I have to admit, reading a Christmas book in the middle of summer was different. 
I’ve read a few of this author’s books. And I’ve always enjoyed them. This one was no different. 
Definitely a feel good Christmas story😉
“ Alec stepped into his grandfather’s study and placed the last of Walter’s old journals down on the desk. He’d spent the last month reading everything he could find from his grandfather. There’d been close to a hundred journals cataloging Walter’s life. Alec eased down into the leather chair. A hint of that old cigar smoke still lingered in the air, but the memory of a ghost was now welcome to him. Coming home to Merryvale had meant finding his grandfather and positive memories in every nook and cranny of the old estate. Alec removed a new empty leather journal from its packaging and set it down beside his grandfather’s on the desk. When he took up a pen and turned to the first page, he thought of his grandfather’s stories, the things he learned, and what falling in love with Brie had meant to him. With a deep breath, he dat