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New Release… Dark Song (Carpathian Novel) book 34 by Christine Feehan. Hardback Edition 📖

Dark Song (A Carpathian Novel) book 34 by Christine Feehan


Two Carpathians find hope in the bond that ties their souls in this passionate novel in Christine Feehan’s #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Stolen from her home at a young age and tormented for centuries, Elisabeta Trigovise is scared to show herself to anyone. Even though she has been rescued and is now safe within the Carpathian compound, she has lived in fear for so long she has no idea how to survive without it. She wants to answer the siren call of her lifemate-but the very thought terrifies her.

Before he found Elisabeta, Ferro Arany was an ancient warrior without emotion. Now that his senses have come alive, he knows it will take more than kind words and soft touches to convince the fractured woman that they are partners, not master and prisoner. For now, he will give her his strength until she finds hers, allowing the steady rhythm of his heart to soothe Elisabeta’s fragile soul.

But even as she learns to stand on her own, the vampire who kept her captive is desperate to claim her again, threatening the song Elisabeta and Ferro are writing together.

Publication date 1/9/2020 *

I usually wait for the paperback edition to come out. And as I had Audible, I use my credit to get the audio and listen (usually tides me up till I get the book)


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

Saturday’s Post

A wet Saturday saw me doing laundry, a little housework and popping down to see my dad. We had lunch together and managed to take the dog out for a walk before the rain came down in Winchester. I’ll do shopping tomorrow. I popped into the shops to get things for lunch, but that was enough! People were so rude today! And I nearly got run over my several trolleys!


Friday’s Post

I wish the weather would make up its mind! We had a dry morning and a wet afternoon and evening!

But on the plus I managed to get a few rough reviews written up. And a few put onto my blog for future dates😀


Thursday’s Post

A pretty nice start to Thursday, but by lunchtime it had gotten darker, and over the few few hours the rain cane in and stayed here!

I managed to get in two walks today. The third I did a 5mile video exercise instead! And as I haven’t done my yoga for about a week now, I’m going back to doing it in the morning. It’s funny how you miss things.

Caught up with family and friends over the phone. And had a lovely chat with an author I reviewed recently, she asked if I’d be willing to read and review her next book. We chatted about what she was doing. And it gave me an idea.

So I’m going to write to a few authors and ask if they’d like to give a little interview on my blog…..

I was also thinking of linking my Facebook to my blog, but as a separate page! I’ll give it some thought and I’ll let you know 😉


Wednesday’s Post

Definitely a better day weather wise. I managed to get all of my walks in. I’m not so out of breath now. I prepare by taking my inhalers (something I wouldn’t always do before the pandemic started) starting off gentle, and working up to a little faster. My music is on pretty low (again I wasn’t doing this when I first went out) went up to see and sit with my daughter for a while. And the last walk had me going up a few inclines.

The first walk of the day is usually my trial walk to work. I do t go all the way up, but I get almost there.

Next week I start back to work. I’m looking forward to going back, but not looking forward to wearing a mask for the four hours I’m there! I’ve been told it’s not necessary, but with my COPD cough, I felt I needed to do something!

I also sorted out a craft box for my nieces. My dad will take it down on Sunday. So I’m hoping to see him on Saturday to give it to him.


Tuesday’s Post

Wet and windy until about lunchtime, then the sun did try to peek out. I got a couple of walks in and an exercise video this morning 😉

But as the evening drew in, then the wind and the rain started up again. Think it’s going to be a windy night tonight.


Monday’s Post

But if a mixed bag weather wise today. But I managed to get my walks in, so not a total loss! Put laundry away and caught up with a few people over the phone.

I go back to work next week, and it’s going to be a little strange. I’ve gotten use to my little routine. I’m being eased back into the job over the next few weeks. Then I’m sure it will feel like I’ve never been away 😉


Sunday’s Post

A chilled day today. Caught up with family and friends on the phone. Managed to get three nice long walks in as well.

My dad popped down for a quick visit and cup of tea.

Went up to the cemetery and sat with Kim for a little while. Did some good shopping and then went into town. Had a wander around the town, didn’t go into any of the shops, but window shopped and acclimatised to the volume on people!

Caught up with the last of the laundry. And did a little reading.

I’ve got a phone call with my boss tomorrow to discuss my return back to work.


Saturday’s Post

Weather behaved itself all day. I went down to visit my sister, we had a lovely catch up. We sat in her communal garden by the stream and chatted for hours. We had a picnic, and went for a walk to the local park. It made such a nice change to chat in person and not on the phone.

Hoping to catch up again with her soon.


Friday’s Post

Weather was a little all over the place today. But luckily I got a few walks in between the showers.

Did a little housework and got some reading done.

I’m off to see my youngest sister’s new home tomorrow. My husband is taking me as I’m not ready to use the trains 😷 so hoping it’s dry for tomorrow.


Thursday’s Post

Today was a brighter and sunnier day. I managed all my walks, I got washing put out on the line.

I also pushed myself and went for a walk into town. It was a strange feeling, with mask over my face, and everyone walking in the same direction. We couldn’t divert, if you needed to go in another direction, then you needed to go the long way round! It was very frustrating. But I was pleased that I managed about forty minutes in town. And I did pop into one shop…. had to go into the bookshop 😉


Wednesday’s Post

It rained for most of the day, and when it wasn’t raining, it was drizzle! Add a few downpours and it was definitely a wet Wednesday!

I did some laundry, hung it up on an airer I have in the spare room. Ran the vacuum round and got beef out to make a stew. Nothing too exciting or strenuous.

Sorted out the reviews I did yesterday. Checked for spelling and then posted them on the usual book sites. It also makes my day when the author finds it, likes it and sometimes makes a comment.

Weather is suppose to be drier tomorrow, but we shall see.


Tuesday’s Post

You do have to wonder if the summer has left us? Another cold and wet day! Catching up with family and friends through the day.

I did manage my walks about and about, so that was a plus.

Cleared out my kindle and my phone (I have too many books that I’ll never read again. Time to get rid of.


Monday’s Post

Not to much done today. We had showers on and off for most of the morning. I did manage a few walks today. Plenty of reading and polishing up a few reviews. I’m going back to work in the next few weeks, so I need to keep up the walks. And possibly a few walks into town.


Sunday’s Post

Today we had just a few light showers, I wouldn’t even call them that!

My son came down to visit today. I was lovely catching up. We also had a family BBQ at my daughter’s house, we managed to keep dry under umbrella’s and the sunshades 😉 then late afternoon the sun came out, so I’m glad we persevered.

It was also the first time I’d seen them all in person, keeping a safe distance from one another.

We went up to see my daughter to put new plants up on her grave. And we had to pop into the supermarket to get a few things for the bbq. I did pretty well, I managed to get the stuff and not panic too much😄


Saturday’s Post

The start of the weekend is a cooler one. I must admit it’s a welcoming one, but with the threat of rain for most of the day, I couldn’t put washing out on the line.

But on the plus side it kept people in their homes, so I ventured into town. Took my face mask, my hand gel and nothing else, I wasn’t looking to buying anything, I just need the experience of mingling with other people.

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive. I did give people a wide berth. I had a look in a shop I’m usually always in.

I was going then going to reward myself with a trip to the only bookstore in my town. But as I go to turn, my husband spots a person we try to avoid….. The daughter use to be a close friend of my daughters, I had no problem with her, it’s the mother! All she ever does is when I see her, is go in about how much they miss my daughter, how I must be missing her! Yes I do, and I don’t need to be reminded, so I turned and made my way to the nearest exit!

In my haste to avoid her, I almost get run down by mobility scooter (those things come out of nowhere!)

But I did it, I managed thirty minutes in the town. So I’m happy with my progress. May go into town again tomorrow, but we have a family BBQ (weather permitting)

I also got to catch up with a few friends from work online.


Friday’s Post

A chilly and dreary day. But as it’s been so hot and muggy recently, it made a welcoming change in the weather.

Got a couple of walks in today. I even pushed myself and went into town. I had a parcel to send to my nieces, I only did one shop, but I did it. I have to admit, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but the face mask was a nuisance!

I’m going to try again to do a different by shop, I might even make it into the local bookstore 😉


Thursday’s Post

It’s finally a little cooler tonight.

We’ve had rain on and off for most of the day, and around lunchtime it started to thunder. It rumbled on and off for most of the afternoon, we even got a little lightning.

I got a walk in this morning, and I tried keeping busy for most of the day. I also got a little walk in this evening.


Wednesday’s Post

Another hot day, just a walk in the morning and the evening today.

This afternoon we had a little respite with a thunderstorm. It really rumbled through the town. It brought the temperature down whilst it was raining, but not long after the rain left, the temperature went back up!

But at least I didn’t have to water the roses tonight.


Tuesday’s Post

Decided the towels all needed washing, so they went out on the line, when they came back in later, they smelled amazing. Love the smell of fresh towels (I also had new conditioner to try)

Lunch in the garden, I spent most of the day outside, reading, listening to music, a little weeding.

Got a couple of walks in today as well. Did an early morning one, before it got too hot, and then an evening one. It had cooled down a lot by then.


Monday’s Post

Another muggy day. There is a small part of me glad I’m not at work at the moment. Working in a kitchen in the height of summer is no fun!

I did only two walks today, my afternoon one was going to be too hot to do! Managed a little housework in between sitting in the garden (in the shade) and laying on the bed with the fan aimed at my feet!

As I’m going through the menopause at the moment there is no point wishing for cold weather, but it does bring my hot flushes down😉


Sunday’s Post

The weather is suppose to change next week, so me and hubby planned to go for a drive somewhere and a maybe a drink in a pub. What we did was different from what we planned. I was just about to get changed, when there was a knock on the door, my eldest stepdaughter was on the step with my granddaughter Grace. They’d been to the park and a slice of cake, Grace asked if grandad and I would like a slice, so they took a chance we would be in.

We then had a lovely couple of hours chatting with Grace and Sarah. We had a cold drink and slice of cake in the garden.

After they left we then went up to the cemetery to visit our daughter.

We didn’t go for a drive, but we went for a walk when the weather cooled down in the evening.


Saturday’s Post

It’s funny how a bit of warm weather brings out the worse in people!

So I go out for my early morning walk, cooler than yesterday thank goodness. And quiet too, best time of the day. Except for the jogger that decided I needed to move over! And the mobility scooter that came out from the bushes and almost scaring me too death! But it was the abuse that came out of his mouth! I did wonder if he was using the trees as a toilet, but I wasn’t snooping, and maybe he was feeling guilty! He almost ran me over trying to get away!

Then I get home just before 8am to hear my next door neighbour mowing his lawn! Then he decided he needed to clean his grill, but to the sounds of his radio! Which was loud, I was already awake, but I don’t think the neighbour next to him was, because she starts shouting at him to turn that shit off and be quiet! Within minutes he’s turned his music up and half the row of houses I live in is up and either joining in or looking out their bedroom windows!

This afternoon I sent over to visit my granddaughter (I had a craft box to give her) we had a cold drink and a lovely chat in the garden.


Wednesday’s Post

During one of my walks today, I had to avoid mobility scooters, joggers that needed the whole of the path, and push bikes that needed all the path and a bit more! No matter what way you go, no matter how you walk that path, there will always be someone telling you that your in the way! And dodging older kids playing football, as the ball comes flying towards you! It felt like an assault course today!

Housework and laundry today. I finished sorting the library and I have a box of craft stuff for my granddaughter.


Tuesday’s Post

Can’t believe we are almost into our first week of August! Thankfully the sun was out, so I got my walks in. Caught up with family and friends in the usual ways. Thought I’d have a rest from books today, my little library got a good tidy up, and I’ve sorted more stuff out for my granddaughter. Made a fish pie for dinner, and enough left for another dinner.


Monday’s w

Laundry, housework and a fair amount of walking today. Caught up with the us it all people using the usual methods of communication.

Catching up with some reading and reviewing, I did try to listen to an audio book, but I almost fell asleep, laying on the bed with the sun on my back was very restful.



Sunday’s Post

A quick shower this morning seemed to cool the day down. I got a few good walks in today. Also got the other pair of curtains washed. Mowed the back lawn, tidied up the garden and weeded the flower beds.


Saturday’s Post

A day challenges. I started the day off with washing a set of curtains before going out for a walk. I also went to see my dad, so that meant getting some food, I ventured into a supermarket, the first in almost five months! I won’t deny I was a little nervous, I didn’t get as far as putting goods into a basket, but I entered a shop😉 made sandwiches for myself and my dad, hubby is going to drop me off and come back later (he’s watching the football)

Had a really nice afternoon with dad and his dog, we went for a walk, ate sandwiches on the bench outside his home. we stayed outside until dinner.

It was lovely catching up with him. Made such a nice change from talking to him on the phone or FaceTiming.

Caught up with a few work colleagues this evening also. We discussed work, the people there, and the idiots that don’t seem to care!


Friday’s Post

A scorcher of a day today. Too hot to do much. I had a doctors appt this morning, that an ordeal in its self!! But I did it, and avoided most of the crowds.

Just a couple of walks today, far too hot to go too far!

Off to see my dad tomorrow😊 it’s been a while and I’m looking forward to spending sometime with him.


Thursday’s Post

Today the weather behaved and i got out and managed three walks, it’s all about keeping positive. Going back to the weights and yoga (unless it rains, then it’s a YouTube workout)

I also gave the house a good going over, I washed the curtain separating my dining room from the kitchen. Tomorrow if the weather is nice I’ll do the living room and dining room curtains.

Well ahead of my reviews. I’ve put most of them on goodreads, BookBub and amazon already, but I’ve scheduled quite a few for the next few months 😉


Wednesday’s Post

Before the virus descended upon us, I use to spend time in town and then spent the rest of the afternoon at my friends, we’d have lunch, sometimes watch a film, or just chat. I now get to spend time with her going on a walk. It’s not the same, but considering I hadn’t seen her since March, it’s a step forward.

Got my walks in. Did laundry and housework. Did gardening in the sun with music. Then sat outside reading.


Tuesday’s Post

Weather was a lot better today. Managed my walks, and I must admit i feel better for going out.

You get stuck into a routine, and then before you know it, a week have passed and you’ve not done nothing!

Got some housework done, made a few quiches and froze one for a future meal.


Monday’s Post

Well not so much getting up and getting out. Rained for most of the day, but I did managed a walk before dinner, so I got to stretch my legs and gave some fresh air.

As for the rest of the day, I didn’t do much. Read a book, listened to music and catch up with family and friends.

It was my sisters birthday today, so we had a video chat whilst eating lunch, that was fun, we don’t usually do that.

Hoping tomorrow is less wet!


Sunday’s Post

Managed a couple of walks today. Not sure if I’ll get a chance to do another.

We started off the day with rain, had a quick glimpse of the sun, then back to a few showers.

Went food shopping, I didn’t get out of the car (but as it’s all about pushing myself, at least it’s a start) but I did watch the people walk past (some with masks, and some not wearing anything at all!)

Chatted with friends and family, and made provisional plans to go meet my dad next Sunday, (probably his house unless it’s really nice weather, then it will be my garden) hoping to go and see my baby sister next weekend as well (it’s her birthday this Monday)

Made notes for a few books I’m reviewing and also finished and sent a review off. I know at some point I’ll have to go back to work, the reviews will definitely slow down, so I’ve got reviews saved (where I’ve read for sites that have sent me stuff early) and ready to go out at a later date!

Can’t believe it’s almost the end of July! Where did that month go?


Saturday’s Post

As you know I not only do a daily post, I write reviews and puts them on here. Thinking about this earlier got me wanting to share my thought process on reading, reviewing and my love of books in general, so……

I must admit I’m a start at the beginning type of woman. I hate coming in half way through a series (I’m the same with films, if I can’t start at the beginning I can’t get into it, so I don’t bother)

Anyway…. I use to start a book, and if I liked it i would go check to see if it’s in a series, more often than not it was in the middle! Why do authors do that? Why give a free book (because I never buy a middle of the series book) in the middle of the series? Why not give the first book? Because they want to suck you in (well they do me) they want you to want to read about the previous couples and the struggles they’ve endured to get there!

So I now look for the series before I accept a free book. The Reading Cafe and other sites I read and review for can’t always give me the first book in the series, (but I have been lucky and the authors have sometimes sent me them)

So as I said, I now check to see if it’s part of a series. A series isn’t to bad, it’s when the book ends in a cliffhanger!! Oh that drives me crazy!

Weather had a wet start to the day, and the rain stayed here for most of the day. But on the plus side I managed a quick walk this morning.


Friday’s Post

Caught up with one friend last night, don’t know where my friend from America got to! Hopefully I’ll catch up over the weekend.

Had a few walks as well, including a social distanced walk with a friend. We managed to walk a little further and did a little extra to out walk. Pretty pleased with the results.

Also caught up with work colleagues, we had a catch up and then a quick chat about everyday life.


Thursday’s Post

Lovely weather today. Had another great walk with a friend. Housework kept me busy and a little reading. Sat in the garden and watched lots of butterflies visit the roses and wildflowers we have in the garden.


Wednesday’s Post

My first social distancing walk today. Made arrangements to catch up with my friend. We were out for about 20 minutes, but as it’s out first time walking with anyone near, neither of us wanted to push it. I must admit I was a little nervous. But it was nice catching up. The weather was really nice too, so it was a win-win in my eyes. Hoping to go out again tomorrow.


Tuesday’s Post

A busy morning with washing, housework and a walk. Reviews that needed polishing up and placing on my blog calendar (otherwise they’d all go in on the same day!)

A quick social distance chat with a friend at the door. Another afternoon walk and putting bedding back into the bed.

My day rounds off with another walk, dinner and a catch up with chats on a multitude of media (FaceTime and phone)

Weather behaved itself today, so felt a lot more productive today.


Monday’s Post

Start the day off with a walk. then chat with my BFF and then a catch up with my sister. Breakfast and then a review. I’m on a deadline today, a last minute book for a review.

I also managed to get in another two walks. The sun was out and it was really warm today. We were going to go out for a drive, but my husbands grandson came to ask him some advice on a car he was looking at. So maybe tomorrow.


Sunday’s Post

First time out in a car today!! Didn’t go far. Took some crafting supplies to my granddaughter. I was lovely to see her in person, but I stayed in the car as she came out to get the bag.

Complete weather change today. Started off with rain, cold and cloudy, ending up with a little sun. My dad was suppose to come down this morning. Alas that didn’t happen. So we are going to try again next Sunday.

Did a workouts indoors instead of my morning walk. But I managed to get out later in the day for a walk.


Saturday’s Post

Caught up with work colleagues on a FB chat room last night. Getting the low down on what’s going on. Then general chat, it was fun catching up.

Caught up with washing as the weather was lovely. Spent time in the garden weeding my daughters corner of the garden.

A few nice walks today. But the afternoon was definitely a busier one!


Friday’s post

Three walks a day, three different experiences. The morning one is usually the quietest. Don’t see many people, and those I see are usually in a better frame of mind (thoughtful of other people) I wear my mask whilst I’m out now. The afternoon walk has a few more obstacles. More mobility scooters are out, so I need to be aware, they seem to come out of nowhere and assume you’ll let them pass, and I do if it’s safe (I’m not stepping out into a busy road that’s for sure) And the evening one is a mixture of both previous walks (so it depends on where I walk) I also did my “walk at home” exercises, I find I’m more energetic doing that than just walking. The walks I tend to stroll, not much effort. So a combination of both is helping.

Had a great catch up with friends in a FB chat room, we had a chuckle and debate on how our governments have gone wrong! Deb living in America gives us the low down on how she’s coping. So it’s good to see another side.

Weather was nicer today, so I did a wash load and did housework to an audio book. Caught up with family throughout the day. And I’ve made plans to see my dad on Sunday (hoping the weather is kind) in the garden of course.


Thursday’s Post

Walking to the park this evening, we must have encountered every mobile scooter, runner and mum with buggy, all going the opposite direction from us! Took bread to feed the ducks, a few seagulls decided to dive and take the bread from the ducks.


Wednesday’s Post

What a dark and miserable day. With the threat of rain all day, it made it hard to get out, but I did it. Also did my workout via YouTube. Caught up with the politicians and their shenanigans! Managed to finish off a few reviews (they were sent off) and made notes in the book I’m reading at the moment.

Watching the dustcart this morning I watched it inch its way past my house (don’t you love drivers that park anywhere they like?!)

The kids that are on their way home from school.

Life is going on, but not as fast as we would like. Forcing yourself out of your bubble is an everyday battle.

So take it one step at a time. But keep going, I know it’s hard, I’m in the same frame of mind, I can’t face going back to work, I’m always worried that I’ll get it from family and friends. I’m constantly vigilant on my walks, I don’t listen to music, I watch everyone that approach me and walk past me.


Tuesday’s Post

Why, when you decide to do something with someone, it always ends in disaster?! So my friend and I had decided yesterday afternoon to start walking together in the morning, as I said yesterday, I need to up my fitness before going back to work. But by the evening we had to change our plans! Why? Weather, now I don’t mind a little drizzle, but we need to be careful that we don’t catch colds at the moment, especially with my chest!

So anyway….. instead of going for a walk, we did a group chat walk!! I’d recommend giving her a go

For the rest of the day I got housework done. A couple of reviews and two more walks in. Caught up with family and friends via social media. And made a few healthy choices (going to cut out pasta and potatoes for a while) 😱


Monday’s Post

A new week, and a new start 😉 well that’s how it’s suppose to go, let’s see how the rest of the week goes! Walking more✔️ drinking more water ✔️ trying to eat less and healthier (almost) housework was done to music. A different yoga video (longer and a little more effort was required) got a few reviews posted on the sites I usually do. And trudged through a few books that took a little effort (historical romance, not really my thing)

I’m aiming to walk longer and further tomorrow, I’d like to be visiting family and friends by the end of this month.

So keeping my fingers crossed. It’s time to shake it up a little.


Sunday’s Post

Lovely sunny day today. Sat in the garden and read. Until the screaming from over the fence drove me back indoors (kids and water!) Managed 3 pretty good walks today. Had a nice walk around the local park early evening, not many people were there then, it was lovely. Phone calls with family and friends. A little housework and made a couple of lasagnas for the freezer.


Saturday’s Post

A sunny today. Managed to get three walks in, varying in time and distance. I even mowed the back lawn, well I did a little, it stated my coughing off, so hubby finished off and I weeded the flower beds after he was done! The nice about the sun, it creates a warm spot in the bedroom, and I lazed upstairs like a cat 😉 listening to music and then an audio book, but listening to audio has a nap effect, one minute I’m awake, the next I’m being woken up by a phone call! Catching up with my nieces on a video call made me smile.


Friday’s Post

Yeah, we had a little sun, but if you blinked then you would have missed it!! last night I caught up with my Book Buddy from America, and my best friend. We had a laugh on a Facebook chat room. And tonight I caught up with friends from work. We chatted about work, then caught up with each other. It’s nice, but I’d still rather face to face.


Thursday’s Post

I managed a walk today before the rain came, so for the rest of the day I did a little housework and caught up on reading and the never ending reviews. Next week is suppose to be better weather wise. Let’s hope so.


Wednesday’s Post

The first week of July!!! Time seems to flyby one minute, then drag the next! Bringing me closer back to work . Weather kept me from doing too much today, but I did mange a few short walks today.

Our government is trying to get us all up and out, but offering vouchers for a meal out?! Don’t think it one of their better ideas.

Reviews are coming along nicely, making a few notes, and looking at tweaking my blog reviews.


Tuesday’s Post

Managed housework in between a few walks today. Weather cooperated (but only just) catching up with family and friends online, it’s getting tedious, not talking to the people, but the situation we are in. Catching up with family and friends with a social picnic is ok, going to the pub with them is ok, but going indoors? Still a no no!! Crazy

Amazon brought my new book to me today. I read with a friend from the USA, so I’m waiting until she gets hers.

Gotten busy with quite a few reviews, so I need to make sure I’ve written them all down. Trying a few different things at the moment. So you’ll have to let me know what you think🤔


Monday’s Post

As I’m running out of media space (I’m on a free page) I’ve decided to change it up a little. So less pictures, unless it’s a book cover. But I’m looking into possibly buying a larger blog space (it will give me more media space) but not until lockdown is finally over, money needs to be spent wisely at the moment.

You might have noticed my reviews have changed a little also. You’ll have to let me know what you think. I’m trying to add an author part, and a few excerpts.

Managed another walk today, I’m aiming to increase the amount of time I’m out walking. I’m trying to go out at least twice a day. Although the weather isn’t great, at least it stayed dry. Back to work in August (unless it’s all back indoors again!)


Sunday’s Post

Managed to get some washing out on the line today. Stayed surprisingly dry.

So it’s all done. What do you think ? I just need a frame, and where to put it. When I finally get it on the wall, I’ll put up pictures.

Made the most of the nice weather today. Went for a long walk. Took water and inhalers (good job I did) took it steady, and racked up a really good walk. Did I feel the need to stop into a pub? Not in the slightest. I’m hoping we have a nice week weather wise, need to get out mire.


Saturday’s Post

Got very excited this morning, I see an amazon van, I think that’s my book being delivered early….. no!!! It’s for a neighbour, a little disappointed, hopefully it won’t be long☺️

As you can see, I’m almost done.

Another miserable day at home. Yes we can now venture out at eat in a restaurant, catch up in the pub. But I’m still not sure.

So with a quick walk this morning, I spent the rest of the day reading and making notes.

Oh and 4th of July to you who celebrate it.


Friday’s Post

Managed a few walks today. Pleased with the efforts, need to make more of an effort.

Had family night, we had bingo, again the last one. The usual chaos, people called foul 😂

And I had a chat with a few work colleagues on a video chat. We talked about work and then had fun chatting about normal stuff.


Thursday’s Post

Can’t believe I’m almost done…… Really pleased with how it’s come out so far. I’ll definitely have to hang it up.

Family quiz was moved from yesterday to today. And it’s been decided that tonight will be the last one. It’s been a lot of fun, lots of healthy debates and a few controversial decisions. As lockdown is beginning to ease, my grandson will be back at work (he works for MacDonalds) but we will catch up for a chat once a week.


Wednesday’s Post

Harvard University professor Robert Langdon awakens in a hospital room in Florence, Italy, with no memory of what has transpired over the last few days, but being plagued with hellish visions. Dr. Sienna Brooks, the doctor tending to him, reveals that he is suffering from amnesia as a result of a bullet wound to the head. An orderly says the police are there to question Langdon but the officer turns out to be Vayentha, an assassin, who shoots the orderly while coming up the hallway. Brooks helps Langdon to escape, and they flee to her apartment.

Among Langdon’s personal belongings, Langdon and Brooks find a Faraday pointer, a miniature image projector with a modified version of Sandro Botticelli’s Map of Hell, which itself is based on Dante’s Inferno. They soon realize this is the first clue in a trail left by Bertrand Zobrist, a dangerously unstable villain who believed that rigorous measures were necessary to reduce the Earth’s growing population, and who committed suicide three days earlier after being chased by armed government agents.

Langdon and Brooks figure out that Zobrist, who was obsessed with Dante, has created a fictional superweapon he has dubbed “Inferno”, with the potential of annihilating half the world’s population. In the meantime, they have been traced by both Vayentha and government agents, who try to raid the apartment, forcing them to flee again. The government agents are headed by Elizabeth Sinskey, an old lover of Langdon’s. Vayentha reports to her employer Harry Sims, the CEO of a private security company called “The Consortium”, who is acting on behalf of Zobrist, who gives her instructions to kill Langdon as he had become a liability.

Langdon’s knowledge of Dante’s work and history, and of hidden passages in Florence, allows the two to follow clues such as letters and phrases which lead to various locations in Florence and Venice, while inadvertently killing Vayentha and evading the agents. Along the way, Langdon discovers that he helped a friend of his steal and hide the Dante death mask, a crucial clue, an event he also does not remember. Zobrist had provided Sims with a video message about the attack, to be broadcast after it has been released. Shocked by its content, Sims allies with Sinskey to prevent the outbreak. However, Langdon and Brooks are contacted by Christoph Bouchard, a man purporting to be working for the government, warning them that Sinskey has a double agenda and is after the Inferno for her own profit. The three cooperate for a while, until Langdon realizes that Bouchard is lying and seeking to profit from Inferno himself, forcing the duo to flee on their own again.

Langdon figures out that the attack is in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. With that knowledge, Brooks abandons Langdon, revealing that she was Zobrist’s lover and that she will ensure the release of the weapon. Zobrist and Brooks used to play treasure hunt games; this trail was the backup plan in case something happened to Zobrist. Langdon is recaptured by Bouchard, but Sims kills Bouchard and rescues Langdon, who then re-teams with Sinskey, who asked him for help in interpreting the imagery from the Faraday pointer. Sims reveals he was hired by Brooks to kidnap Langdon when Zobrist had been killed, and drugged with benzodiazepine to induce a memory loss; the events in the hospital were all staged.

They realize the weapon is in a plastic bag hidden under water in the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul. The agents team – joined by Langdon, Sims, and Sinskey – race to locate and secure the bag, while Brooks and her allies attempt to detonate an explosive that will rupture the bag and aerosolize the weapon. Sims is killed by Brooks, and when Langdon confronts her, she attempts to release the weapon by triggering a suicide bombing. The detonation is able to rupture the bag but because it was already trapped in a special containment unit, the weapon was secured in time, and after struggling in vain against Sinskey and Langdon to destroy the container, Brooks’ allies are killed. The weapon is then taken, and Langdon goes back to Florence in order to return the Dante Death Mask.

Wednesday brings a mixture of rain and sun, but more cloud than sunshine.

It was suppose to be family quiz night, but a family has put it back till tomorrow.

As you can see, I’ve passed my Good Reads challenge, if you don’t know what it is, it’s a book site. You leave reviews, you can find new books and authors. I’ve been on the site for a few years. Each year I set my target, I don’t always reset it, if I do, then it’s towards the end of the year.


Tuesday’s Post

In 1933, Gareth Jones is an ambitious young journalist who has gained some renown for his interview with Adolf Hitler. Thanks to his connections to Lloyd George, the former Prime Minister, he is able to get official permission to travel to the Soviet Union. Jones intends to try to interview Stalin and find out more about the Soviet Union’s economic expansion and its apparently successful five-year development plan.

Jones is restricted to Moscow, but jumps his train and travels unofficially to Ukraine to discover evidence of the Holodomor, including empty villages, starving people, cannibalism, and the enforced collection of grain. On his return to the UK he struggles to get his story taken seriously. The film ends by recording that Jones died in Mongolia on a return visit to the USSR, not knowing that his guide was employed by the Soviet secret service.

With another wet and windy day at an end, I have to admit I didn’t do a lot today. I read and listened to music for most of the day. Giving me time to think, this lockdown has made me realise we need to slow down. More time with family and friends is needed in our lives. We spend so much time rushing around. I’ve missed spending time with them, I might have read twice as much as I usually would, but if you can’t hug the ones you love, then what’s it all for? I have a month to prepare myself for going back to work, and I’ll admit it does scare me! I work with the public, and the team I work with isn’t a small one. I fear I’ll catch something, I fear the virus will come round again and take someone I love. I was lucky not to lose anyone the first time. Spending time at home without interaction from the outside world makes me want to stay indoors, I know it’s not healthy, but when your mind keeps you a prisoner in your own home, what can you do? I use the bad weather to keep me indoors, fear of catching a cold that turns into something more sinister is always on my mind. But like everything else in my life, I’ll get past it. But at the moment it doesn’t feel like it! I’m just thankful that I chat to people everyday, if not, then I think I’d be much worse.


Monday’s Post

As it wasn’t really nice today, I did a fair bit of my painting today.

In Hell’s Kitchen 1978, three women are married to members of the Irish mob. Kathy is married to the reluctant but kind Jimmy; Ruby is married to Kevin, the son of Helen and heir to the mob empire; Claire is married to Rob, who abuses her.

One night, the men are busted by FBI agents and sentenced to three years in prison. Little Jackie becomes head of the mob and tells the wives they’ll be taken care of, but the money isn’t enough for the women to survive. When the women discover that the local businesses paying protection fees are not happy under Little Jackie, they begin collecting protection fees and helping out the neighborhood, making a profit and becoming beloved in the community. When Jackie finds out, he goes after the women, but is killed by Gabriel O’Malley, a former Irish mob enforcer called in by Ruby. With Jackie out of the way and Gabriel as their enforcer, the women begin running the neighborhood, while Gabriel and Claire begin a relationship.

The women eventually are ordered to meet with Alfonso Coretti, the head of the Italian mafia. He suggests they make a deal and tells them he’s arranged for their husbands to be released from prison. Knowing that this will threaten the women’s power, Coretti says he’ll support them and give them more of the city to control. The women decide to take the deal. When their husbands get out of prison, Kevin thinks that he’s still in charge, Jimmy pressures Kathy for them to leave their life of crime, and Rob is furious that Claire has left him for Gabriel. When Rob tracks Claire down, she kills him. After Rob’s murder, Coretti tells the women that a contract has been placed on them by members of their own gang. Ruby offers more money for the mafia to kill Kevin and three other gangsters, but Kathy makes her drop teenager Colin from the list. The hit goes through, but Claire is killed when Colin comes back to exact revenge.

After Claire’s funeral, Kathy realizes that Ruby has been paying off one of the FBI agents. Ruby explains that she set up their husbands to be caught on the night they were originally arrested so that she could take over. Kathy later finds that Jimmy has taken her children to Coretti against her will because Jimmy was unhappy about not having a place in the business. Feeling betrayed, Kathy leaves, allowing Coretti to kill Jimmy.

Ruby asks Kathy to meet her at a vendor. When Kathy arrives, she finds that Ruby and Gabriel are planning to kill her, but Kathy has brought all of the local Irishmen as backup. Gabriel admits he only got back into the life because he loved Claire, and he leaves. Kathy tells Ruby that the only way the two of them will survive is if they work together, so the women reconcile, with plans to take on Uptown next.

So as you know, I usually work in a restaurant, but not at the moment. In the UK, we are set for pubs and restaurants to open up on 4th of July.

I won’t be returning to work for another yet. I have a lung condition, so work agreed I need to stay at home till August (we should know how the country is hopefully by then)

Can’t believe it’s almost the end of June!!


Sunday’s Post

The Lady in the Van tells the true story of Alan Bennett’s somewhat strained friendship with Miss Mary Shepherd, a crabby, eccentric and unsanitary homeless woman whom Bennett befriended in the 1970s before allowing her to park her Bedford van in the driveway of his Camden home “for three months”. She ended up residing there for 15 years. As the story develops, Bennett learns Miss Shepherd’s true identity: Margaret Fairchild, a gifted former pupil of the pianist Alfred Cortot. She had played Chopin at The Proms, attempted to become a nun, was committed to an institution by her brother, escaped, had an accident when her van was hit by a motorcyclist for whose death she believed herself to blame, and thereafter lived in fear of arrest.

Much of the dialogue is between two versions of Bennett – his “real self” and his “writer self”.

During her 15-year stay in his drive, Bennett balances his writing career with watching over Shepherd and providing for his increasingly invalid mother. Though he denies “caring” for anyone, he slowly becomes aware of his growing friendship with Shepherd. After coming home early from a day centre he sent her to, she dies peacefully in her sleep in her van. Alan decides to write a memoir covering the years he has known her. In 2014, the real Bennett is shown observing this film’s final scene being filmed: his younger self unveiling a plaque on his home dedicated to “The Lady in the Van”.

Got on with more painting today, weather wasn’t very nice today. Hoping for a better day tomorrow 🤞

Just wanted to say thank you for popping and liking my posts.

I hadn’t realised how many I’d done so far 😂


Saturday’s Post

Following a cataclysmic conflict known as the Sixty Minute War, the remnants of humanity regroup and form mobile cities, called “Traction Cities”. Under a philosophy known as “Municipal Darwinism”, larger “predator” cities hunt and absorb smaller settlements in the “Great Hunting Ground”, which includes Great Britain and Continental Europe. In opposition, settlements of the “Anti-Traction League” have developed an alternative civilization consisting of “static settlements” (traditional, non-mobile cities) in Asia led by Shan Guo (formerly China), protected by the “Shield Wall”. Relics of 21st-century technology such as toasters, computers, and smartphones are valued by historians as “Old-Tech.”

The city of London captures a small mining town called Salzhaken, absorbing its population and resources, under orders of Lord Mayor Magnus Crome. Tom Natsworthy, an apprentice historian, arrives at London’s “Gut” to collect Salzhaken’s Old-Tech for London’s Museum. Hester Shaw, a masked twenty-something woman among the Salzhakens, attempts to assassinate Thaddeus Valentine, Head of the Guild of Historians, but Tom intervenes, pursuing Hester to a chute. Hester escapes, but not before telling him that Valentine murdered her mother and scarred her face. When Tom informs Valentine of this, he pushes Tom down the chute.

Tom and Hester are forced to work together to traverse the Hunting Ground, surviving Southies, Scavs on a night hunt, and finding refuge in a vehicle called Scuttlebug, but the owners lock them in a cell, intending to sell them as slaves. Hester confides that Valentine killed her archaeologist mother Pandora after stealing a piece of Old-Tech she found in a dig in the Dead Continent of the Americas, whilst young Hester escaped with a necklace her mother gave her. Meanwhile, Valentine frees Shrike, a reanimated cyborg known as a “Stalker”, from the offshore walking prison Sharkmoor, to find and kill Hester. At the slave market of Rustwater in the Outlands, Tom and Hester are rescued by Anti-Traction League agent Anna Fang. During the chaos, they are pursued by Shrike, whom Hester reveals she knows. Hester explains that Shrike had found and raised her after escaping Valentine, and Hester promised to let him turn her into a Stalker like himself, but she left after discovering that London had entered the Great Hunting Ground, giving her a chance to kill Valentine. In London, Valentine’s good-natured daughter Katherine grows estranged from her father, especially after Apprentice Engineer Bevis Pod informs her that Valentine pushed Tom down the chute, and they learn Valentine’s energy project in the re-purposed St Paul’s Cathedral is more than it seems.

Hester and Tom travel on Anna’s airship, the Jenny Haniver, to the airborne city Airhaven, meeting other Anti-Traction League members. After questioning Hester, Tom realizes Pandora discovered a computer core for MEDUSA, a quantum energy-based superweapon used by the belligerents during the Sixty Minute War to instantly destroy entire cities, albeit shattering the Earth’s crust into a thousand pieces that have rearranged the former continents. The Guild of Engineers have stolen the remaining components from Tom’s museum workshop and built a MEDUSA under Valentine’s orders. Shrike catches up with them, resulting in a fierce skirmish that critically wounds him and destroys Airhaven. Realizing that Hester is in love with Tom, he frees her of her promise before perishing. As Hester, Tom, and Anna travel to the Shield Wall with the surviving Anti-Tractionists, Valentine kills Crome in a coup and musters support from Londoners by vowing to destroy the Shield Wall with MEDUSA and lead them to a new Hunting Ground in Asia. Anna convinces Shan Guo Governor Kwan to launch the Anti-Tractionist airship fleet against London, but MEDUSA destroys the fleet and blasts a hole through the Shield Wall. After coming upon a stone carving of Medusa, Hester discovers that her mother’s necklace hides a “crash drive”, a kill switch for MEDUSA. Hester, Tom, Anna, and the remaining Anti-Tractionists lead a raid against London, braving the city’s anti-aircraft guns.

Hester and Anna infiltrate St Paul’s, and though Valentine mortally wounds Anna during a sword duel, Hester destroys MEDUSA with the crash drive. In a last-ditch attempt to destroy the Shield Wall, the now insane Valentine has his henchmen kill the city’s control crew and put the city on full throttle on a collision course with the Wall. With Katherine’s help, Tom uses the Jenny Haniver to destroy London’s engine. Hester catches and fights Valentine aboard his airship, where he reveals that he is her father. Tom rescues Hester and shoots down Valentine’s ship, which is crushed by London’s slowing tracks, killing Valentine. The surviving Londoners, now led by Katherine, make peace with the Anti-Tractionists, whilst Tom and Hester leave in the Haniver to see the world.

As it really wasn’t very nice weather today, I got on with the painting.

Friday’s Post

Former U.S. Army Captain Nathan Algren, a bitter alcoholic traumatized by the atrocities he committed during the American Indian Wars, is approached by his former commanding officer Colonel Bagley to train the newly created Imperial Japanese Army for a forward-thinking Japanese businessman Omura, who intends to use the army to suppress a Samurai-headed rebellion against Japan’s new emperor. Despite his hatred of Bagley for his role in the Indian Wars, an impoverished Algren takes the job for the money, and is accompanied to Japan by his old friend, Sergeant Zebulon Gant. Upon arriving, Algren meets Simon Graham, a British translator knowledgeable about the samurai.

Algren finds the Imperial soldiers are actually conscripted peasants that have no knowledge of firearms or battle. Early in their training, Algren is informed that the samurai are attacking one of Omura’s railroads; Omura sends the army there, despite Algren’s protests that they are not ready. The battle is a disaster; the undisciplined conscripts are routed and Gant is killed. Algren fights to the last before he is surrounded; expecting to die, he is taken prisoner when samurai leader Katsumoto decides to spare him. Algren is taken to Katsumoto’s village to live among his family. While he is poorly treated at first, he eventually gains the samurai’s respect and actually becomes friends with Katsumoto. Algren overcomes his alcoholism and guilt, and learns the Japanese language and culture. He develops sympathy for the samurai, who are upset that the pace of modern technology has eroded the traditions of their society. Algren and Taka, Katsumoto’s sister and the widow of a samurai killed by Algren, develop an unspoken affection for each other.

One night, a group of ninja infiltrate the village and attempt to assassinate Katsumoto. Algren saves Katsumoto’s life, and then helps defend the village. Katsumoto requests a meeting with Emperor Meiji and is given safe passage to Tokyo. He brings Algren, intending to release him. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Algren finds the Imperial Army is now a well-trained and fully equipped fighting force. Katsumoto, to his dismay, discovers that the young and inexperienced Emperor has essentially become a puppet of Omura. At a government meeting, Omura orders Katsumoto’s arrest for carrying a sword in public and asks him to perform seppuku to redeem his honor. Algren refuses Omura’s offer to lead the new army to crush the rebels, due to his sympathy. Omura sends assassins to kill Algren, but Algren kills them. Algren assists the samurai in freeing Katsumoto; in the process, Katsumoto’s son Nobutada is mortally wounded, sacrificing himself to allow the others to escape.

As the Imperial Army marches to crush the rebellion, a grieving Katsumoto contemplates Seppuku, but Algren convinces him to fight until the end, and joins the samurai in battle. The samurai use the Imperial Army’s overconfidence to lure them into a trap and deprive them of artillery support. The ensuing battle inflicts massive casualties on both sides and forces the Imperial soldiers to retreat. Knowing that Imperial reinforcements are coming and defeat is inevitable, Katsumoto orders a suicidal cavalry charge on horseback. During the charge, the samurai break through Bagley’s line. Bagley is killed by Algren, but the samurai are quickly mowed down by gatling guns. The Imperial captain, previously trained by Algren and horrified by the sight of the dying samurai, orders all of the guns to cease fire, disregarding Omura’s orders. A mortally wounded Katsumoto commits Seppuku with Algren’s help as the soldiers at the scene kneel in respect.

Days later, as trade negotiations conclude, Algren, though injured, arrives and interrupts the proceedings. He presents the Emperor with Katsumoto’s sword and asks him to remember the traditions for which Katsumoto and his fellow Samurai died. The Emperor realizes that while Japan should modernize, it cannot forget its own culture and history; he promptly rejects the trade offer. When Omura attempts to protest, the Emperor silences him by threatening to seize the Omura family assets and distribute them among the populace.

While various rumours regarding Algren’s fate circulate, Graham concludes that Algren had returned to the village to reunite with Taka.

No bingo tonight, so we had a catch up via Zoom, watching Grace sing and dance. It was fun watching people in their own gardens, even Aaron managed to chat in his garden (and it’s a communal garden)


Thursday’s Post

Painting coming along pretty well. Really pleased with the results so far.

Hubby watched football on the tv tonight, so it gave me a chance to catch up with reading and finishing off a few reviews.

On the hottest day of the year so far, I didn’t get much done today. Glad I’m not at work, but that’s going to be changing soon….


Wednesday’s Post

With the sun on my back I got down to a little more painting today.

Family quiz night. I’ll be sad to see it end, we’ve had lots of fun. But it will be nicer to see family in the flesh and not in the screen.


Tuesday’s Post

Isabel Aretas, widow of cartel kingpin Benito, escapes from a Mexican prison with the aid of her son Armando. Isabel sends Armando to Miami, tasking him with recovering a substantial stash of money his father Benito had hidden, as well as assassinating the people responsible for his father’s arrest and eventual death in prison. Isabel demands that Armando kill Miami detective Mike Lowrey last.

In Miami, Mike accompanies his partner Marcus Burnett to the birth of his first grandson. Desiring to spend more time with his family, the aging Marcus tells Mike he intends to retire, to Mike’s chagrin. During a party celebrating Marcus’ grandson, Mike is shot by Armando and left in a coma for months. Chastised by Isabel for targeting Mike first, Armando continues to assassinate other targets on his list during Mike’s convalescence.

Following Mike’s recovery, he is determined to seek revenge and unsuccessfully attempts to recruit the now-retired Marcus, causing a fall out between them. Mike violently obtains the identity of arms dealer Booker Grassie from an informant. Realizing that Mike will not heed orders to stay away from the investigation, Captain Howard reluctantly allows him to work with the tech-driven team in charge, the Advanced Miami Metro Operations (AMMO), led by Mike’s ex-girlfriend Rita. While the team surveils Grassie at an arms deal, Mike determines that the buyers intend to kill Grassie and intervenes, but fails to save him. Later, Marcus is called by Carver Remy, an old informant who believes the assassin is after him. Marcus contacts Mike and the pair travel to Carver, but are too late to save him. Armando escapes after a fistfight with Mike.

Captain Howard later reveals his intentions to retire as well, offering advice to Mike that he needs to find a path forward in life. He is abruptly assassinated by Armando moments later. The captain’s death pulls Marcus out of retirement, but he intends to work as a team with AMMO. They track down Grassie’s accountant, who leads them to Lorenzo “Zway-Lo” Rodriguez. They infiltrate Zway-Lo’s birthday party leading to a destructive car chase. Armando arrives in a helicopter to rescue Zway-Lo but kills him when he blocks Armando’s ability to shoot the pursuing Mike. As he lines up a shot, Armando tells Mike “Hasta el fuego”. Gunfire from Marcus creates cover for Mike, who falls into the river below.

AMMO is shut down because of the failed operation. In private, Mike reveals to Marcus that Armando may be his son. Before partnering with Marcus, Mike worked as an undercover officer in the Aretas cartel where he met Isabel. They fell in love and intended to run away together, using “Hasta el fuego” as a made-up secret catchphrase. Mike ultimately remained loyal to the police, realizing how dangerous Isabel had become. Despite Mike’s opposition, Marcus and AMMO join him in Mexico City to confront her.

At the Hidalgo Palace, Mike meets Isabel and scolds her for concealing the truth from him. A shootout quickly ensues between AMMO and Isabel’s men. Marcus shoots the pilot of Isabel’s support helicopter, causing it to crash into the central lobby and starting a fire. Marcus confronts Isabel, while Mike tries to explain the truth to Armando. Armando begins to beat up Mike, but he refuses to retaliate. Demanding the truth from his mother, Isabel confirms to Armando that Mike is his father. Realizing the task he spent a lifetime training for was a lie, Armando tries to protect his father, leading to Isabel inadvertently shooting Armando in the chest while aiming for Mike. Enraged, she attempts to finish Mike, but Rita intervenes and shoots Isabel, sending her falling into the flames below.

Sometime later, Rita has been promoted to police Captain, while Mike and Marcus are placed in charge of AMMO. Mike visits a remorseful Armando in prison, offering him a chance to earn some redemption, which he accepts.

I tried to do a little painting in the garden, but it was drying the paint too quick! Do back indoors 😉

Talks are in place about returning to work. I’m both apprehensive and ready to get back to work. But I need to work on myself, Ive not gone out, do my walk to work could be a struggle. But until then, I’m going to enjoy the sun, I think that’s on the change for the weekend!


Monday’s Post

Eight years after the events of the first film, Miami Police Department (MPD) narcotics division detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey are investigating a flow of ecstasy into the city, leading them to a KKK meeting and drug drop. In the firefight, several KKK members are either killed or injured. The other cops soon arrive and capture the surviving Klan members, who are revealed not to be the distributors but only small-time buyers of the drugs.

Marcus questions if he wants to remain partners with Mike. Meanwhile, Mike is concealing a relationship with Marcus’ sister, Syd. Syd, not known to both Mike and Marcus, is an undercover agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration, laundering money for a Russian gangster group, who distribute ecstasy on behalf of Cuban drug lord Johnny Tapia.

While transporting this money between the Russians and Tapia, Syd is attacked by Haitian ZoePounders planning to steal the money. Mike and Marcus inadvertently stumble into the action, resulting in a gunfight and car chase, devastating the local area and enraging Police Captain Conrad Howard. Marcus and Mike discover Syd’s involvement, and Capt. Howard demands they find the supplier of ecstasy.

Both Marcus and Mike confront the Haitian gang, plus find out from their leader after interrogating him thoroughly that a local mortuary is possibly being used by Tapia as a front for more money laundering. The pair then go to penetrate Tapia’s mansion disguised as pest exterminators, and discover that Tapia has gotten rid of some of his Russian distributors and has begun to court Syd, still undercover with the DEA, for distribution.

The detectives locate the boat used for drug smuggling after forcing a captured Klan member to reveal its location, observe a morgue van make a rendezvous with it, and give chase unsuccessfully. Mike and Marcus infiltrate Tapia’s mortuary disguised as ambulance drivers, and learn that he is using dead bodies to smuggle drugs and money. When the pair are almost discovered, Marcus accidentally ingests some of the ecstasy and Mike orders the disguised officers outside the building to crash an ambulance into it, creating a diversion.

The mortuary and Tapia’s mansion are raided, the drugs and money intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard. However, during the raid a vengeful Russian gangster, Alexei, goes to the mansion on his own, planning to get revenge for his friends that died. He soon meets the exact fate as the cops arrive and eliminate him by shooting him while Tapia discovers Syd, kidnaps her and takes her to Cuba.

With Syd hostage in Tapia’s compound, he demands the return of his money in exchange for Syd. Mike and Marcus, with a team of volunteer SWAT members, CIA operatives, and DEA agents, assault Tapia’s compound, rescuing Syd, and destroying the building.

The group flee, an infuriated Tapia in pursuit, which ends in a minefield outside of the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, where Tapia holds Mike at gunpoint, with guards at the naval station threatening them. Syd activates one of the mines with her pistol, killing Tapia’s thug. Marcus defeats Tapia by shooting his forehead, causing him to fall backwards on a few of the landmines, obliterating his body. A grateful Mike thanks and congratulates Marcus for rescuing him before kissing Syd.

Later, while they lounge in the new pool back at the Burnett house, Marcus finally makes peace with Mike dating Syd. Marcus’s peace is short-lived when Mike informs him that he and Syd can’t be together because of Marcus and his attitude. While a playful argument ensues over transfer papers, the family dog destroys the above ground pool, washing both of them into the sea as Marcus and Mike re-affirm their partnership as they celebrate their victory by singing Bad Boys.

It was my husband’s birthday today. A quiet one as we usually go away for his birthday. His kids and grandkids Skyped him to jointly wish him a happy birthday.

Watching the kids go back to school this morning, you could almost believe we were back to normal. Then you switch on the news and listen to what’s happening next, and you realise, we aren’t quite there yet!!


Sunday’s Post

Michael Newman, an architect, is married to Donna and has two children, Ben and Samantha. Michael is bullied by his overbearing boss, John Ammer, and often chooses work over family. Michael visits the retail store Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a universal remote control. He stumbles around the various departments before falling asleep. Upon waking, a man named Morty offers Michael a free remote but warns it can never be returned.

Learning to use the remote, Michael finds that it can control reality much like a television. He uses it to his advantage at work but also uses it to fast-forward past illness or use “picture-in-picture”, concentrating on a baseball game while Donna nags him. Morty tells Michael that during these times, his body is on “auto-pilot”, going through his motions of everyday life while his mind skips ahead.

Michael is unable to buy bicycles for his children, but knowing that Ammer plans to promote him to a partnership, he uses the remote to skip to the promotion. He is shocked to find that a year has passed. During that time, he and Donna have entered marriage counseling, his children have grown out of their desire for bicycles, and the family dog has died. The remote, having learned his preferences, starts time-skipping in response to casual wishes Michael makes. Michael attempts to discard or destroy the remote, but it reappears in his hands shortly after each attempt, and Morty refuses to take it back.

At work, Ammer tells Michael he plans on retiring, which would make Michael the new head of the International Division. When Michael presses the subject of his promotion, Ammer tells him that, in time, he could be promoted to CEO, which causes the remote to instantly fast-forward ten years into the future. While Michael is wealthy, he has become morbidly obese and Donna has divorced him. He returns home to find Ben and Samantha have both become moody teenagers. He argues with Donna and new husband Bill, which causes their family dog to jump on Michael, knocking him into a coma. The remote time-skips six years to when Michael wakes, no longer obese, having undergone liposuction to save his life as a part of his cancer treatment and subsequent heart attack. A full-grown Ben is now a partner at the firm, however Michael learns his father Ted has died of old age.

While Michael is mourning his father, Morty reappears. Michael uses the remote to go to Ted’s deathbed, but it fails. Morty explains the remote only replays events in his life where he was present, and his father’s last hour was not one of them. Michael uses the remote to see when he last saw his father, when Michael rebuffed his father’s offer to take him and Ben out to dinner. Michael visits his father’s grave. Morty appears and reveals to Michael that he is the Angel of Death. Overcome with guilt and shame, Michael asks to go to a “good place”, whereupon the remote fast-forwards him several more years in the future to Ben’s wedding. Michael has a second heart attack when Samantha calls Bill her dad. When he wakes in the hospital later that night, he finds his family there, including Ben. Ben skipped his honeymoon to help fix issues with the firm. Michael, fearing that his son will make the same mistakes he made, implores him not to ignore his wife, but a nurse makes Ben and Samantha leave. Michael gathers his last bit of strength to follow them out of the hospital. He collapses and his family rushes to his aid. Michael tells Ben to always put family first and assures his family that he still loves them. He dies and Morty arrives to take Michael.

Michael wakes in Bed Bath & Beyond and assumes that he was dreaming. He races to his family to make up for the mistakes he made with the remote and fulfills his promise to spend the 4th of July with them. He finds the remote on the counter with a note from Morty, reading “Good guys need a break”. Michael considers what to do for a moment before throwing the remote in the trash, and is overjoyed when it does not reappear in his hand.

Got on with a little more painting. I’m trying to be patient, a title at a time, but if I put on my headphones, then the time just slips away.

Today’s in the UK was Father’s Day. I didn’t get to see mine, but we had a lovely chat. And a joint call with my dad and my sisters.


Happy Father’s Day 🍺

This is my dad. I know he doesn’t read my blog. But I just want to wish him and all those other dads (and single mothers) who do a great job.

I won’t get to see him today, but we talk every day 📱and I think my sisters and I are planning to try a joint chat 😉


Saturday’s Post

In Azusa, California in 1978, Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis (Eric Stoltz), who has craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, is accepted without question by those who know and love him: the boyfriends of his freewheeling biker mother, particularly Gar (Sam Elliott); his “extended motorcycle family”; and his maternal grandparents (Richard Dysart and Estelle Getty) who share his love of baseball card collecting. However, many others fail to see his humanity, intelligence and humor and thus respond to his unusual appearance with fear, pity, awkwardness, and uncertainty. Rocky’s mother, Florence “Rusty” Dennis (Cher), is determined to give Rocky as normal a life as possible, in spite of her own wild ways as a member of the Turks biker gang, as well as her strained relationship with her parents. She fights for Rocky’s inclusion in a mainstream junior high school and confronts a principal who would rather relegate him to a special education school, despite the fact that his condition hasn’t affected his intelligence. They then go to the doctor for Rocky’s semi-annual physical, where Rocky claims to be feeling well, despite continuing headaches, which his mother can sing away without medicine. A young doctor tells Rusty that Rocky will probably not live for more than six months. Rusty scoffs at this claim, as doctors previously made failed predictions that Rocky would be blind and suffer other maladies.

Rocky goes on to thrive at school. He wins friends by assisting a fellow student with remembering his locker combination. Using humor when faced with an awkward silence during roll call, Rocky just repeats the prior new student’s line, “Wow, thanks a lot.” The class turns to smile and laugh with Rocky. He entertains his history class by giving a rendition of the story of the Trojan Horse and it being the turning point of the Trojan War. Gradually overcoming discrimination and tutoring his classmates for $3 per hour, Rocky is asked by the principal to accept a job as a counselor’s aide at Camp Bloomfield, a summer camp for blind children. Unsure, he declines the invitation, but says he’ll think about it.

Rocky tells his mother that he needs a suit to go to his graduation. He is dismissed by the Turks and Gar tells him to bring a beer from the refrigerator. To his surprise, Rocky finds a suit inside, which he gladly thanks everybody for. At his graduation from junior high, Rocky takes home academic achievement prizes in mathematics, history, and science. Biker Dozer, who loves Rocky and has a thick stammer, tells Rocky that he is proud of Rocky’s achievements.

After a visit from Rocky’s grandparents, where Rocky’s grandfather continuously puts Rusty down, they take Rocky to a baseball game. They return to find Rusty in a drug-induced stupor. Afterwards, Rocky feels the need get away from his mother, to help her break her drug habit, and accepts the job as the counselor’s aid.

At camp, Rocky falls in love with Diana Adams (Laura Dern), a blind girl who cannot see his deformed skull and is entranced by Rocky’s kindness and compassion. Rocky uses his intelligence to explain to Diana words like “billowy”, “clouds”, “red”, and “green” by using cotton balls as a touchable vision of “billowy clouds”, a warm rock to explain “red” and “pink”, and a frozen rock to explain “icy blue.” Diana introduces Rocky to her parents, who are put-off by Rocky’s appearance, and do not want Diana to spend time with him.

Near the end of the film, Rocky faces the pain of separation from the two people to whom he feels closest. His dream of a motorbike trip through Europe collapses when his best friend Ben (Lawrence Monoson), who was to come with him, tells him that he is dropping out of school and moving back to Michigan for good. This drives Rocky into berating Ben and calling him “stupid”. However, Rocky feels better after taking a bus trip by himself to visit Diana at the equestrian stables, located near Griffith Park. They share a romantic moment, and Diana tells Rocky that her mother prevented her from receiving his phone messages. But then, she reveals that she is going away immediately to a private school for the blind, and cannot be with him. To add to this, a member of his biker family, Red, passes away (presumably from cancer). Also, he attends high school, where none of his friends are, and where he used to respond to taunts with wit and humor, he responds to a boy by pushing him against a locker and calling him a son-of-a-bitch.

One evening when Rocky’s “biker family” is visiting, Rocky is fighting a fierce headache and quietly withdraws to his room, removes the tacks from his wall map of Europe, and goes to bed. The next morning, Rusty tries to wake up Rocky for school and flies into a fit of grief-stricken rage when she realizes he has died. After destroying the kitchen, Rusty mourns the death of Rocky and says “Now you can go anywhere you want, baby.” She then re-pins his map of Europe.

The movie ends with Rusty, Gar, and Dozer visiting his grave, leaving flowers and some baseball cards by his headstone and a voice-over by Rocky himself, who recites the poem he wrote for English class earlier in the film.

In between a little housework and watching people walk past the house, I did a little painting.


Friday’s Post

Upon leaving prison, “Driver”, alias James Cullen, breaks into a run until he retrieves his 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. He drives to an office in Bakersfield, California and kills a man. Driver visits the man who gave him the car and gun, where he forces him to give him a list of names. Meanwhile, Driver is tracked by detective Cicero and her partner Slade Humphries “Cop”—a detective on the verge of retirement whose life is off track due to a debilitating heroin addiction. Cicero gets a break in the case when she recognizes Driver on video. Later, a nameless hitman, “Killer”, is hired to kill Driver. Killer promises his girlfriend Lily it is his last job.

Driver heads to the second name on his list, an old man, Kenneth Tyson, who films his own personal snuff films. He is in the middle of filming a sexual assault when Driver busts in the door and shoots him dead. Killer initiates a gun fight in the hallway, but Driver escapes. This affects Killer philosophically, who proposes to Lily and takes the case personally. Cop and Detective are investigating Driver’s past and discover he was double crossed. Cicero remembers Driver from a video of his half-brother Gary’s death, filmed by the videographer, Tyson. On tape, an unidentified man shoots Driver in the head, but he narrowly survives, needing a metal plate in his skull.

Driver visits his old girlfriend’s house. She knows he is killing the people in the video and, after revealing she aborted their unborn child and has begun a new life, she tells him she hopes he succeeds. At a strip club in Nevada, Driver stabs a bouncer, Hovis Nixon, who killed his half-brother, Gary. Soon, both Cop and Killer get word that the man survived the stabbing and is in the hospital. Knowing Driver will go back to finish him off, they converge there.

Driver enters the hospital and kills Nixon when he is in surgery. Cop attempts to bring down Driver but is unsuccessful; however, Driver spares his life after seeing his badge. While driving away from the hospital, Driver encounters Killer. After a high-speed chase on the freeway, Killer shoots Driver in the neck after Driver shoots out his tires.[5]

The name not listed is Driver’s father. Driver believes his father arranged to have him and his half-brother Gary killed after they refused to share the money they stole in a bank job. Driver is the result of his mother’s affair, which Driver’s father never forgave. Driver finds out his father died years before, and his mother stitches the gunshot wound on his neck and realises that it was his brother’s girlfriend who was the informant before he leaves. The last man is a traveling evangelist named Alexander Jerrod, and after his service is over and everyone has left, Driver confronts him. Jerrod knows why he is there and tells him that he has turned his life around, begging for forgiveness. Driver spares him, only to be confronted by Killer.

Detective Cicero learns the true identity of the man who shot Driver. She hurries to the church; Cop is already on the scene. Killer tells Driver to pick up his gun so they can have a test of skill. Driver declines, saying he has no fight with him. Killer explains he wanted to be better since he could not walk when he was a child. Cop walks in and shoots Driver in the head, revealing it was he who shot Driver in the video. He gives Killer the money for the job, a single dollar, but Killer declines. Killer departs, telling Cop never to contact him again.

Cop calls his girlfriend, telling her they will be okay because he closed the case and how he has been reading up on women. Cop’s wife Marina was Gary’s girlfriend and an informant for Cop. She told him about the bank job, and Cop put together the crew to take out Gary and Driver. Suddenly, he is shot by Driver, who survived the shot due to his metal plate. Detective Cicero arrives on the scene after Driver has already left, and she covers up Cop’s involvement.

Driver scatters his brother’s ashes in the sea and drives off into the sunset; simultaneously, the Evangelist begins a sermon on forgiveness.

The sun finally came out today.

I’ve also be given 8 reviews to do! Only good thing is I’ve got till August to do them😉 but that’s won’t stop the review blog I guest review on sending me more👩🏻‍💻

last night I had fun catching up with friends. It was a lot of fun, planning to catch up at least twice a week😉 we all need a little light relief 💜

Family bingo night was tonight, that meant chaos and laughter. We all put money in, and winner collects the pot.


Thursday’s Post

At the Berlin Conference of 1884–1885, the Congo Basin is claimed by King Leopold II of the Belgians. Five years later, Leopold has accrued massive debts in exploiting the resources of the Congo Free State, and sends his envoy Léon Rom to secure the fabled diamonds of Opar. Rom’s expedition is massacred by warriors led by Chief Mbonga, who offers Rom diamonds in exchange for Tarzan.

The man once called “Tarzan”, John Clayton III, has left Africa for his ancestral estate in Britain with his American wife, Jane, and embraced life as the wealthy Lord Greystoke. The British Prime Minister offers John an invitation from Leopold to visit Boma. The prime minister and an American envoy, George Washington Williams, explain that Leopold is defaulting on his loans, and a visit from Greystoke – whose exploits as Tarzan have made him a celebrity – would secure Britain’s influence in the Congo, but John refuses. George reveals to John his suspicions that Leopold is enslaving the Congolese population, and persuades John to go to the Congo to discover the truth. A flashback reveals the deaths of John’s parents after their shipwreck in Africa, and his adoption by the great apes called the Mangani.

John, Jane, and George journey to the Congo, circumventing Rom and his corrupt financier Mr. Frum, and are welcomed by the Kuba village of John and Jane’s youth. Jane tells George of John’s life with the Mangani, and how she first met him. Rom and his men capture the villagers, killing their chief. George rescues John, but Jane and the captive villagers are taken aboard Rom’s steamship. Rom reveals to Jane that he arranged John’s invitation from Leopold to deliver him to Mbonga. Pursuing the steamship, John, George, and the village’s remaining warriors seize a train carrying Belgian soldiers and enslaved Congolese. An engineer informs them of Rom’s plan to take over the Congo, sanctioned by Leopold: using slave labor, Rom has built forts across the region, linked by railway and river travel, for an army of 20,000 mercenaries soon to arrive. With Leopold bankrupt, Rom needs the diamonds of Opar to pay for the army.

Finding documents that will expose Leopold, John and George leave the proof with the Kuba warriors and rescued slaves to deliver to Boma, and the pair continue on through Mangani territory. Confronted by the apes, John is forced to fight their leader, his adoptive brother Akut. John loses, but he and George are permitted to travel on. Jane and a friend from the village escape the steamship and flee into the jungle. Sending him to rally the other tribes, Jane encounters the Mangani, and Rom’s men open fire on the apes. John arrives, saving the surviving Mangani, and pursues Rom, who takes Jane to Mbonga’s tribe. It is revealed that years ago, Mbonga’s son was killed by John for killing John’s adoptive ape mother, Kala. Mbonga attacks John, who gains the upper hand but spares the chief. George and the Mangani arrive, and he and John convince Mbonga that Rom is their common enemy.

Rom takes Jane and the diamonds to Boma, where the mercenary army approaches shore. John and George send a massive stampede of wildebeest through the town, overrunning Rom’s men, as the Kuba warriors arrive by train and free their families. John rescues Jane and pursues Rom, who prepares to deliver the diamonds to Frum and the mercenaries. Williams sinks Rom’s steamship with a Maxim gun, but Rom strangles John with his spider silk rosary. Using a mating call to summon crocodiles, John breaks free and leaves Rom to be devoured by the crocodiles, escaping as the vessel’s boiler explodes. Frum and the fleet of mercenaries depart. George returns to London and presents the prime minister with an open letter to Leopold exposing the slavery and abuses of the Congolese people. One year later, John and Jane have relocated to Africa, in Jane’s father’s old house. They celebrate their newborn child, and John returns to the great apes as Tarzan.

A damp day today. Didn’t get much done, in fact I spent the day dozing!!


Wednesday’s Post

In 1996, treasure hunter Brock Lovett and his team board the research vessel Akademik Mstislav Keldysh to search the wreck of RMS Titanic for a necklace with a rare diamond, the Heart of the Ocean. They recover a safe containing a drawing of a young woman wearing only the necklace dated April 14, 1912, the day the ship struck the iceberg.[Note 1] Rose Dawson Calvert, the woman in the drawing, is brought aboard Keldysh and tells Lovett of her experiences aboard Titanic.

In 1912 Southampton, 17-year-old first-class passenger Rose DeWitt Bukater, her fiancé Cal Hockley, and her mother Ruth board the luxurious Titanic. Ruth emphasizes that Rose’s marriage will resolve their family’s financial problems and allow them to retain their upper-class status. Distraught over the engagement, Rose climbs over the stern and contemplates suicide; Jack Dawson, a poor artist, intervenes and discourages her. Discovered with Jack, Rose tells a concerned Cal that she was peering over the edge and Jack saved her from falling. Cal becomes indifferent, and it is suggested to him that Jack be rewarded; he invites Jack to dine with them in first-class. Jack and Rose develop a tentative friendship, despite Cal, his valet Spicer Lovejoy, and Ruth, being wary of him. Following dinner, Rose secretly joins Jack at a party in third-class.

Aware of Cal and Ruth’s disapproval, Rose rebuffs Jack’s advances, but later realizes she prefers him over Cal. After rendezvousing on the bow at sunset, Rose takes Jack to her state room; at her request, Jack sketches Rose posing nude wearing Cal’s engagement present, the Heart of the Ocean. They evade Lovejoy, and have sex in an automobile inside the cargo hold. On the forward deck, they witness the ship’s collision with an iceberg and overhear its officers and builder discussing its seriousness.

Cal discovers Jack’s sketch of Rose and an insulting note from her in his safe along with the necklace. When Jack and Rose attempt to inform Cal of the collision, Cal retaliates by having Lovejoy slip the necklace into Jack’s pocket, accusing him of theft. Jack is arrested and restrained in the master-at-arms‘ office. Cal puts the necklace in his own coat pocket.

With the ship sinking, Rose flees Cal and her mother, who has boarded a lifeboat, and frees Jack. On the boat deck, Cal and Jack encourage her to board a lifeboat. While intending only to save himself, Cal claims he can ensure he and Jack get off safely. As her lifeboat lowers, Rose realizes she cannot leave Jack, and jumps back on board. Cal takes Lovejoy’s pistol and chases Rose and Jack into the flooding first-class dining saloon. After using up his ammunition, he relents. Cal realizes he gave his coat, and consequently the necklace, to Rose. He later boards a lifeboat by carrying a lost child.

After braving several obstacles, Jack and Rose return to the boat deck. The lifeboats have departed and passengers are falling to their deaths as the stern rises out of the water. The ship breaks in half, dropping the stern into the water. Jack and Rose climb onto the back of it, and ride it into the ocean. He helps her onto a wooden panel buoyant enough for only one person. He assures her that she will die an old woman, warm in her bed. Jack dies of hypothermia,[8] but Rose is saved by a returning lifeboat.

The RMS Carpathia later rescues the survivors; on board, Rose hides from Cal en route to New York City, where she gives her name as Rose Dawson. Rose says she later read that Cal committed suicide due to financial hardship as a result of the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Back in the present, Lovett decides to abandon his search after hearing Rose’s story. Alone on the stern of Keldysh, Rose takes out the Heart of the Ocean, which was in her possession all along, and drops it into the sea over the wreck site. While she is seemingly asleep or has died in her bed,[9] photos on her dresser depict a life of freedom and adventure. A young Rose reunites with Jack at Titanic‘s Grand Staircase, applauded by those who died on the ship.

We had a lot of rain today, it really came down!! We also had some thunder!! Still feels a little muggy tonight.

With my headphones on I managed to get on with the painting today. I have three brushes. Finding it difficult to erase the red lines and numbers, I might have to wait till the end and apply more!

Family quiz night. My youngest stepdaughter and her son hosted it tonight. Think they made it a little harder tonight.


Tuesday’s Post

In the 28th century, due to cooperation between the Earth’s countries (beginning with the ASTP of 1975) and extraterrestrial peoples, the former International Space Station has been expanded until its mass threatens to cause it to fall out of orbit. Relocated to deep space using thrusters, it becomes Alpha, a space-traveling city inhabited by millions of species from thousands of planets. A special police division is created by the United Human Federation (a world government formed by a federation of Earth’s countries) to preserve peace through the galaxy, including happy-go-lucky Major Valerian and his partner, no-nonsense Sergeant Laureline.

En route to a mission, Valerian dreams of a planet, Mül, where a low-tech humanoid race lives peacefully. They fish for pearls containing enormous amounts of energy, and use small animals to replicate them. Wreckage begins plummeting from the sky, followed by a huge spacecraft that falls and causes an explosion that annihilates every living being on the planet. Some of the sentient inhabitants enter a discarded vessel and accidentally trap themselves inside, but the planet’s young princess Lihö-Minaa is stranded outside. Just before her death, she conveys a telepathic message.

Shaken, Valerian awakes. After an argument with Laureline regarding their relationship, analysis reveals he might have received a signal from across time and space. He learns that his mission is to retrieve a “Mül converter,” so-called for being able to replicate anything it eats. It is the last of its kind, and currently in the hands of black market dealer Igon Siruss. Before setting out, Valerian asks Laureline to marry him, but she brushes him off due to his aversion to commitment and his numerous affairs with colleagues.

On planet Kirian, Valerian disrupts a meeting, in a zone forbidden to humans, between Igon and two hooded figures who resemble the humanoids from his vision. They also seek the converter, the small animal in his vision. Valerian and Laureline recover the converter and surreptitiously steal one of the energy pearls. Aboard their ship, Valerian learns that Mül was destroyed 30 years earlier, and all information about it is classified.

They return to Alpha where the frosty station commander, Arün Filitt, informs them that the center of the station has been invaded by an unknown force, rendering it highly toxic. Troops sent into the area have not returned, and the infection is growing. Laureline and Valerian are assigned to protect the commander during an interstation summit to discuss the crisis; against the commander’s wishes, Laureline maintains possession of the converter.

During the summit, unidentified humanoids suddenly attack, incapacitating everyone and kidnapping Filitt. Valerian chases the kidnappers on foot, in his spacecraft, and then in his Lexus SkyJet aircraft to the infected area and crashes the plane. Desperate for news of her partner and evading arrest for insubordination, Laureline enlists opportunistic aliens’ help to track Valerian, and finds him unconscious at the edge of the infected zone. She rouses him, but is kidnapped by a primitive tribe, the Boulan Bathors of the planet Goara whose colony is nearby, and presented at their emperor’s dinner as the choice course. Valerian infiltrates the tribe’s territory with the help of the shape-shifting Glamopod entertainer Bubble, who he met in the red-light district, Paradise Alley. They rescue Laureline and escape, but Bubble is wounded. Near death, she tells Valerian not to give up on his feelings for Laureline.

Valerian and Laureline venture further into the infected area, discover it is not toxic, and that it contains the remains of some antique spacecraft. They reach a large shielded hall where they find the humanoids, known as the Pearls, with an unconscious Filitt. The Pearls’s leader, Emperor Haban Limaï, explains that his people lived peacefully on Mül until an orbital battle occurred between the Federation and a faction known as Southern Territories. Filitt, the human commander, ordered the use of three powerful fusion missiles that disabled the enemy ship and sent it crashing into the planet, annihilating Mül. Upon her passing, Princess Lihö-Minaa transferred her soul into Valerian’s body.

When the surviving Pearls were trapped in a downed space vehicle from the battle, they managed to repair it and learned the humans’s technology and history. They eventually came to Alpha, helped by some merchants, where they assimilated more knowledge and built a ship of their own by stealing parts from Alpha’s various civilizations. They needed only the converter and the pearl to launch the ship so they could find a planet to use their technology to recreate their homeworld. Filitt admits his role in the genocide, but argues it was necessary to end the war—as was the coverup, to prevent humans from being expelled from Alpha. Valerian and Laureline disagree, arguing that the commander is trying to avoid the consequences of his actions. When Filitt becomes belligerent, Valerian knocks him out.

Valerian hands over the pearl he stole, and Laureline persuades him to return the converter too, despite their orders. While the Pearls prepare their spacecraft for takeoff, Filitt’s pre-programmed K-Tron robot soldiers attack the Pearls, the government soldiers sent to assist Valerian, and their support staff, but are ultimately defeated. The spacecraft departs and Filitt is arrested. Valerian and Laureline are left adrift aboard a still-working Apollo Command/Service Module identified by radio technicians as Destiny 2005, and Laureline finally answers Valerian’s marriage proposal with a “maybe” as they wait for rescue.

As the weather was lovely today, I caught up with laundry, what it with blowing on the line and the sunshine, it was soon dry.


Monday’s Post

In 1850, backwoodsman Adam Pontipee comes to town in the Oregon Territory to shop and look for a bride. He eventually comes upon the local tavern, where he sees Milly chopping wood. After being convinced of her worth by the quality of her cooking and her insistence on finishing her chores before she would leave with him, he proposes and she accepts despite knowing him for only a few hours.

On the journey home, Milly talks about how she is excited to be cooking and taking care of only one man while Adam begins to look uncomfortable. When they arrive at his cabin in the mountains, Milly is surprised to learn that Adam is the eldest of seven brothers living under the same roof. The brothers have been given Bible names alphabetically: Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frank (short for frankincense—supposedly due to no Bible names beginning with F—and their mother thought he smelled sweet), and Gideon. All of the brothers have red hair, and all but Gideon are well over six feet tall. Milly is also shocked at how dirty their house is, along with how unkempt and uncouth Adam and his brothers are. Later that night, Milly is angry and tells Adam that he wanted a servant girl instead of a wife. Adam acknowledges he needed her to be able to work because living in the backwoods is a hard life. After he plans to spend the night sleeping in a tree outside their window so that he won’t lose face with his brothers, she relents after explaining she was upset because she had had high hopes of marriage and love.

The next morning, Milly decides to teach Adam and his brothers cleanliness and proper manners – especially at the table during meals. After the brothers wash and shave, Milly is shocked at how handsome they are, and that none of them got married. It turns out that the brothers rarely saw girls and never learned how to communicate with them. At first, the brothers have a hard time changing from their “mountain man” ways, but eventually come to see their only chance to get brides of their own is to do things Milly’s way. They try out their new manners at a social gathering in the town (a dance and barn-raising), where they meet six women they like – Dorcas, Ruth, Martha, Liza, Sarah, and Alice. The girls take a fancy to the brothers as well. However, all of them already have suitors among the young men of the town, who taunt the brothers into fighting during the barn-raising. At first, the six brothers remember Milly’s teachings and try to resist being drawn into a fight. The suitors finally go too far when they attack Adam, provoking Gideon into fighting back. A brawl ensues in which the brothers dominate their physically weaker town rivals. Although the Pontipee brothers did not start the fight, they are kicked out of the town by the townspeople.

Winter comes, and the six younger brothers are pining for the girls they had fallen in love with. Milly asks Adam to talk to the brothers as she fears they will want to leave because of missing the girls. Adam reads his brothers the story of “The Sobbin’ Women” (taken from Plutarch‘s story of the Sabine Women), from the book of Stories from Plutarch that Milly had brought to the homestead along with her Bible. He tells them that they should take whatever action is necessary to get their women.

Aided by Adam, the brothers kidnap the six girls, then cause an avalanche in Echo Pass so the townspeople can’t pursue them. The Pontipee homestead is cut off from the town until the spring thaw opens Echo Pass again. The only problem: the brothers forgot to bring the parson along to perform the marriages. Milly is furious with Adam and his brothers for kidnapping the women, and she kicks Adam and his brothers out of their house and sends them to the barn to “eat and sleep with the rest of the livestock,” while the women stay in the house with her. Adam, angered by Milly’s action, leaves for the trapping cabin further up the mountain to spend the winter by himself. Gideon tells Milly and begs her to tell Adam not to leave, but Milly refuses, saying: “He’s gotta learn that he can’t treat people this way.”

Winter slowly passes, and the women vent their frustrations by pulling pranks on the brothers, though there is clear attraction on both sides. After Milly announces that she’s going to have a baby, the women and the brothers come together as a family. Milly gives birth to a daughter, in the spring. The daughter is named Hannah as a continuum to the names in alphabetical order, the last one being Gideon. Gideon rides to the cabin to inform Adam of his daughter’s arrival and asks him to come home. Adam refuses, saying that he had said he would return home when the pass was open.

Adam does return home, when Echo Pass comes open, to reconcile with Milly and meet his new daughter. As a newly responsible father, he has become aware of how worried the townspeople would be about what has happened to the six abducted girls. Adam admits that he would have hung his daughter’s kidnapper(s) on the nearest tree; Milly forgives him for his past behavior.

Adam tells his brothers they need to return the women to their families; the brothers are unwilling, believing their parents won’t let them marry their daughters, and the other six women refuse to return to their families, lest their parents to force them to return to their former suitors; they run away to hide. When Milly discovers that they are not in the house, Adam tells the brothers to find them and bring them back.

The townspeople arrive, intent on hanging the Pontipee brothers for the kidnappings. The fathers, who find the brothers trying to force the women to return to town, misunderstand their efforts as assault, and charge to the girls’ rescue.

Alice’s father, Reverend Elcott (Ian Wolfe) — the minister the brothers had forgotten to grab when they took the girls—hears baby Hannah cry in the distance, and worries that the baby might belong to one of the kidnapped girls. Elcott asks the girls whose baby he heard, and to not be afraid to tell. They each answer “Mine.” This misinformation serves the women’s and the brothers’ needs: the townspeople, including the girls’ fathers, insist on immediate  shotgun weddings, which are performed by Reverend Elcott, while Adam and Milly watch and the fathers stand behind their respective daughters’ grooms, guns over their arms. The film ends with the brothers kissing their respective brides in the living room of the Pontipee cabin.

I watched that this afternoon upstairs by myself (if I’d watched it with hubby then I’d never get any peace, nor would I be able to sing 😉

As you can see the painting is coming along really well.


Sunday’s Post

In 1711, England is at war with France. Queen Anne is in frail health; she shows little interest in governing, preferring activities such as racing ducks and playing with her 17 rabbits, surrogates for the children she miscarried or lost in childhood. Her confidante, adviser, and furtive lover Sarah Churchill effectively rules the country through her influence over the Queen. Sarah’s efforts to control Anne are undermined by Robert Harley, the Leader of the Opposition, who as a landowner argues against a doubling of property taxes proposed to fund the war.

Abigail Hill, Sarah’s impoverished younger cousin, arrives in search of employment. Abigail’s standing has been tainted by her father, who gambled her away in a game of whist. Abigail is forced to do menial work as a scullery maid in the palace. After seeing the Queen’s gout, Abigail forages for herbs and applies them to the Queen’s inflamed legs. Sarah has Abigail whipped for entering the Queen’s bedroom without permission but relents and appoints her Lady of the Bedchamber after realising the herbs have helped the Queen. Harley asks Abigail to spy on Sarah and the Queen, hoping to circumvent Sarah’s authority. Abigail witnesses Sarah and the Queen having sex.

With Sarah focused on the war effort, Abigail kindles a friendship with Anne that becomes sexual. Sarah becomes aware of Abigail’s machinations and attempts to send her away. Abigail drugs Sarah’s tea, causing her to fall off her horse and be dragged unconscious on the ground. Sarah awakens in a brothel, battered from the fall. Anne, thinking Sarah has abandoned her to make her jealous, takes Abigail into her favour and allows her to marry Colonel Masham, reinstating Abigail’s noble standing.

When Sarah returns to court, she issues an ultimatum to Queen Anne: send Abigail away or Sarah will disclose her correspondence with Anne that details their sexual relationship. She tells Anne that Abigail does not love her and merely flatters her. Sarah, remorseful, burns the letters but Anne nevertheless sends her away from court. When Abigail, who has been promoted to Keeper of the Privy Purse, presents what she claims is evidence Sarah had been embezzling money, Anne exiles Sarah and her husband from Britain.

With Sarah gone and her position secure, Abigail begins to neglect and ignore Anne while indulging in court society and openly having affairs. One day, while lounging in the Queen’s chamber, Abigail abuses one of Anne’s rabbits. Anne, now very sick, is awakened by the animal’s distress cry. Anne forces herself out of bed and orders Abigail to massage her leg while gradually bearing down on Abigail’s head with her hand.

As you can see the painting is coming along really well. I tend to go from side to side, allowing the paint to dry completely.

My son came down today to social distance in the garden. It was lovely catching up, but not being able to give him a cuddle was hard. But we will get there.


Saturday’s Post

Hey hey hey….. it’s the weekend 😉 but as we are all still social distancing, it’s the same as usual 🤨

As you can see, the painting is coming along nicely.

Michael Emerson (Jason Patric) and his younger brother Sam (Corey Haim) travel with their recently divorced mother Lucy (Dianne Wiest) to the small beach town of Santa Carla, California to live with her eccentric father, referred to simply as Grandpa (Barnard Hughes). 

Michael and Sam begin hanging out at the boardwalk, which is plastered with flyers of missing people, while Lucy gets a job at a video store run by the local bachelor Max (Ed Herrmann). Michael becomes fascinated by Star (Jami Gertz), a young woman he spots on the boardwalk, though she seems to be in a relationship with the mysterious David (Kiefer Sutherland), the leader of a young biker gang. 

In the local comic book store, Sam meets brothers Edgar (Corey Feldman) and Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander), a pair of self-proclaimed vampire hunters, who give him horror comics to teach him about the threat they claim has infiltrated the town.

Michael finally talks to Star and is approached by David, who goads him into following them by motorcycle along the beach until they reach a dangerous cliff, which Michael almost goes over. At the gang’s hangout, a sunken luxury hotel beneath the cliff, David initiates Michael into the group. Star warns Michael not to drink from an offered bottle, telling him it is blood, but Michael ignores her advice. Later on, David and the others, including Michael, head to a railroad bridge where they hang off the edge over a foggy gorge; one by one they fall, Michael falling after them.

Michael wakes up at home the next day, unaware of how he got there. His eyes are sensitive to sunlight and he develops a sudden thirst for blood, which leads him to impulsively attack Sam. Sam’s dog, Nanook, retaliates, causing Sam to realize that Michael is turning into a vampire by his brother’s semi-transparent reflection. Sam is initially terrified but Michael convinces him that he is not yet a vampire and that he desperately needs his help. 

Michael begins to develop supernatural powers and asks Star for help, but has sex with her shortly afterwards. Sam deduces that, since Michael has not killed anyone, he is a half-vampire and his condition can be reversed upon the death of the head vampire. Sam and the Frog brothers test whether Max is the head vampire during a date with Lucy but Max passes every test and the boys decide to focus on David.

To provoke him into killing, David takes Michael to stalk a group of beach goers and instigates a feeding frenzy. Horrified, Michael escapes and returns home to Sam. Star then arrives and reveals herself as a half-vampire who is looking to be cured. It emerges that David had intended for Michael to be Star’s first kill, sealing her fate as a vampire. 

The next day, a weakening Michael leads Sam and the Frog brothers to the gang’s lair. They impale one of the vampires, Marko, with a stake, awakening David and the two others but the boys escape, rescuing Star and Laddie, a half-vampire child and Star’s companion.

That evening, while Lucy is on a date with Max, the teens arm themselves with holy-water-filled water guns, a longbow and stakes; barricading themselves in the house. When night falls, David’s gang attack the house. The Frog brothers and Nanook manage to kill Paul by pushing him into a bathtub filled with garlic and holy water, dissolving him to the bone. Sam is attacked by Dwayne, another vampire, before he shoots an arrow through his heart and into the stereo behind him, electrocuting him and causing parts of his body to explode. 

Michael is then attacked by David, forcing him to use his vampire powers. He manages to overpower David and impales him on a set of antlers. However, Michael, Star and Laddie do not transform back to normal as they had hoped. Lucy then returns home with Max, who is revealed to be the head vampire. He informs the boys that to invite a vampire into one’s house renders one powerless over said vampire, leaving them unable to exploit any weaknesses that the vampire has while there, explaining why their earlier assumption appeared to be incorrect. Max reveals he had instructed David to turn Sam and Michael into vampires so that Lucy could not refuse to be transformed herself, as his objective had been to get Lucy to be a mother for his lost boys. 

As Max pulls Lucy to him, preparing to transform her, he is killed when Grandpa crashes his jeep through the wall of the house and impales Max on a wooden fence post, causing him to explode. Michael, Star and Laddie then return to normal. Amongst this carnage and debris, Grandpa casually retrieves a drink from the refrigerator and declares: “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach: all the damn vampires.”

Hoping the weather improves next week, need a little sun 😎


Friday’s Post

As a child, shy and troubled Luke witnesses the aftermath of a mass shooting at a neighborhood coffee shop. He meets another boy among the onlookers at the scene: cool and confident Daniel, who invites him to play and quickly becomes his friend. Although adults such as Luke’s mother, Claire (Mary Stuart Masterson), cannot see Daniel, he appears physically real to Luke. The boys become close playmates, and their connection helps Luke cope with his parents’ divorce.

Their friendship comes to an abrupt end when Daniel convinces Luke that blending an entire bottle of Claire’s psychiatric medication into a smoothie will give her superpowers. Instead, it results in a near-fatal poisoning. Claire convinces Luke to send Daniel away by symbolically locking him in her mother’s old dollhouse.

Years later, the college-aged Luke (Miles Robbins) is paralyzed by anxiety over his future, his social life and his responsibility to his mother, who struggles with paranoid delusions and a hatred of her own reflection. He confides to his therapist, Dr. Cornelius Braun (Chukwudi Iwuji), that he is afraid he will eventually become just like her. One night, while sleeping over at his childhood home, Luke unlocks the dollhouse.

Daniel (Patrick Schwarzenegger) reappears as an adult. His influence initially appears benign as he helps Luke thwart Claire’s suicide attempt, succeed in school, and begin a romance with an artist named Cassie (Sasha Lane). However, he quickly starts exhibiting aggressive behavior, becoming enraged when Luke doesn’t obey him. When Luke won’t have sex with a psychology student named Sophie (Hannah Marks) on a date, Daniel forcibly takes over his body, has rough sex with Sophie and attacks Luke’s roommate. Luke is banned from campus as a result and begins to question his own sanity, believing he may have schizophrenia. He attempts to banish Daniel back to the dollhouse but is unsuccessful.

Luke becomes increasingly unstable, convinced that Daniel is taking over his body while he sleeps. He visits the father of John Thigpen, the shooter whose crime began the film, and learns John also had an invisible friend named Daniel. Luke begins to realize Daniel is a supernatural entity, not an imaginary friend.

Dr. Braun makes a late-night house call in an attempt to separate Luke and Daniel, but only succeeds in allowing Daniel to take over Luke’s body and banish Luke’s consciousness to the dollhouse. Daniel then kills Braun. He decides his next target will be Cassie.

Daniel reveals his true nature to Cassie, describing himself as “a traveler,” before chasing her to the rooftop of her apartment building. Cassie begs Luke to come back to reality; hearing her from inside the dollhouse, he summons the will to escape.

In a final confrontation with Luke, Daniel shares more information about his past. He is a centuries-old psychic parasite who has fatally attached himself to numerous hosts, driving them to violence or suicide.

Luke realizes he and Daniel can never truly be separated. After ensuring Cassie has escaped to safety, he kills himself by jumping from the roof. Cassie lies down beside his body.

Daniel, surrounded by an otherworldly darkness, reverts to his true monstrous form, implying he will now seek out a new host.

Family online bingo night. And it was Grace’s turn to win, and then watch her as she victory danced all round the room.

Ran the vacuum round and did a pile of laundry today.

I also have three new books to read and review for the reading cafe (the site I guess review on)


Thursday’s Post

Definitely think we’ve had our summer😉 back to wet and dreary.

But at least it’s giving me time to concentrate on my painting. Getting use to the fiddly lines. And I have to do a different section if I want to do more, otherwise I smudge the paint!


Wednesday’s Post

Another cooler day, with a few scattered showers.

Managed to do some painting and reading. The family quiz was fun tonight, I got to host it, I’d spent the last few days working out questions and I think I found a balance of easy and hard ones.


Tuesday’s Post

As young children being raised by a single mother, J. R. R. Tolkien and his brother receive help from a local priest, Father Francis, who must relocate them from their home to small apartments in Birmingham due to financial hardships. Their mother is supportive and loving, filling their minds with stories of adventure and mystery which she recites by the fireplace at night. She becomes ill, however, and one day upon returning home from school, Tolkien finds her slumped in her chair, dead. Father Francis becomes the boys’ legal guardian, and eventually finds a kindly rich woman who agrees to take them in, providing them with room and board while they continue their childhood education. There, Tolkien meets Edith Bratt, the woman’s only other ward. Tolkien is impressed with Edith, whose piano playing he admires, and the two become friends.

At school, Tolkien immediately shows talent with languages, earning rough treatment from a rival classmate, Robert. When the two boys get into a fight, the headmaster – Robert’s father – orders that they spend all of their time together for the remainder of the term. While both initially resent the assignment, Tolkien is soon accepted into Robert’s small circle of friends, and the four – J. R. R., Robert, Geoffrey, and Christopher – form a close friendship, which grows with the years, even as they attend separate universities. Meanwhile, Tolkien continues his friendship with Edith, falling in love with her. Father Francis finds out about their relationship and recognizes that it is affecting Tolkien’s grades, and so forbids him from pursuing her while under his guardianship. Tolkien is distraught, not wanting to lose the priest’s financial support of his schooling. He relates the conversation to Edith, promising they will be able to be together when he reaches 21, the age of majority, but she instead ends the relationship.

Tolkien struggles at Oxford, but attracts the attention of Professor Joseph Wright, a prominent philologist. Tolkien realizes language is his true passion, and enrolls in Wright’s class. When the First World War breaks out, he and his friends all enlist in the British Army. Before Tolkien leaves, Edith returns and the two declare their love for each other. At the Battle of the Somme, Tolkien, suffering from trench fever, goes to look for Geoffrey, convinced that he is calling him, but is unable to find him and collapses unconscious. He wakes in a hospital weeks later with Edith by his side, to find that Geoffrey and Robert were killed; Christopher survived but was left traumatized.

Years later, Tolkien and Edith are married with several children, and Tolkien is now a professor at Oxford himself. The film ends with him inspired to write the famous opening of The Hobbit.

Watching the children returning to school. I know not everyone is sending their children back, and I know some of the schools are opening yet. But it was nice to see the children walk by, it almost makes me believe we are slowly returning to normal.

As you can see my painting is coming along nicely.

Tomorrow is family quiz night, and for the last couple of days I’ve been collecting questions. I’m looking forward to quizzing everyone😉


Monday’s Post

As you can see, the painting is coming along. Listening to music I got into the zone, and before you know it I’m doing a little more than i planned!

Weather is definitely on the change. Cold for most of the day, and knowing the UK, that was probably our summer 😉


Sunday’s Post

Responding to a complaint from farmer Frank Miller regarding a missing chicken, small rural town Centerville police officers Cliff Robertson and Ronnie Peterson briefly confront local eccentric Hermit Bob in the woods. On their drive back to the station, Cliff remarks that it is still daylight after 8 pm while Ronnie notices his watch and cell phone have stopped working. Farmer Miller talks about Hermit Bob with hardware store owner Hank Thompson at the local diner. Hank hears a worrisome radio report about polar fracking. Hank and diner waitress Fern also wonder why it is not dark outside. A song called “The Dead Don’t Die” plays on the radio, which Ronnie tells Cliff is the theme song.

Following a news report seen at the Centerville Juvenile Detention Center, Geronimo tells fellow young inmates Olivia and Stella that polar fracking has altered the Earth’s rotation. Deliveryman Dean drops off rare magazines with gas station owner Bobby, who also sells pop culture memorabilia out of his store. Moonlight Motel owner Danny Perkins watches broadcaster Posie Juarez’s news report about pets behaving strangely, and his cats are missing. Farmer Miller also notices that his farm’s animals have disappeared.

Cliff and Ronnie regroup with Mindy Morrison at the police station. The three officers discuss the strangeness around Centerville. At the diner, the waitress tells her customer Hank about Zelda Winston, the odd new undertaker at the Ever After funeral home. Meanwhile, Zelda practices her sword skills in front of a Buddha statue in the funeral parlor. Two zombies obsessed with coffee reanimate when night finally falls and maul the two diner workers inside the diner. Hank summons Cliff, Ronnie, and Mindy to the diner when he discovers the bodies in the morning. Ronnie tells Cliff he believes zombies slaughtered them.

Zoe and her traveling companions Jack and Zach stop for fuel at Bobby’s gas station. After buying Sturgill Simpson‘s “The Dead Don’t Die” compact disc from Bobby, they check into Danny’s Moonlight Motel. Cliff and Ronnie discuss the diner murders with Danny. The two officers meet Zoe, Jack, and Zach while at the motel and tell them to not go out at night. Olivia, Stella, and Geronimo also discuss the diner murders at the juvenile detention center. Geronimo suggests an impending zombie apocalypse is responsible for the deaths.

Cliff and Ronnie find open graves when they investigate the cemetery. Hermit Bob spies on the men from a distance before separately concluding zombies are loose. Ronnie gives Cliff guidance on how to kill zombies. Bobby and Hank have a similar conversation as they prepare weaponry. More zombies rise from the dead that evening. Danny is attacked at his motel and turns undead. Zoe, Jack, and Zach lock themselves in their room after a Posie Juarez news bulletin warns them of the danger.

Cliff and Ronnie bring supplies back to the police station and tell Mindy about the zombies. Mallory O’Brien reanimates. Ronnie decapitates Mallory. Two corpses reanimate inside the funeral home. Zelda beheads them with her sword. Zelda then meets with Cliff, Ronnie, and Mindy and offers help. The three officers go out on patrol together, leaving Zelda alone at the station, where she sends an encrypted computer message using their computer. Cliff, Ronnie, and Mindy find Zoe and her friends dead when they investigate the motel. Ronnie beheads all three bodies to prevent them from reanimating. Ronnie takes Zoe’s Sturgill Simpson CD, which has played numerous times during the movie, and Cliff throws it out of the car window.

Hank and Bobby are overrun by zombies in the hardware store. Hermit Bob sees zombies mauling Farmer Miller. Geronimo, Olivia, and Stella flee the juvenile detention center. Zombies surround the patrol car when it gets stuck at the cemetery. Mindy runs out of the vehicle to join her dead grandmother in the zombie horde. Ronnie tells Cliff he knew it would end badly because Jim gave him the entire script.

Zelda takes Ronnie’s car through town and then walks calmly through the cemetery. Zombies amble away from the patrol car as a spinning UFO suddenly hovers over Centerville Cemetery. Cliff and Ronnie are astonished as the UFO beams up Zelda and flies away. Cliff and Ronnie decide to go on the attack, as Ronnie says it is in the script. The two officers exit their car and begin killing undead Centerville residents including Bobby, Farmer Miller, Danny, and Mindy. Hermit Bob observes the fray from the woods through binoculars, monologuing and lamenting the world is a terrible place as zombies eventually overwhelm Cliff and Ronnie.

As you can see the painting is coming along slowly.

Cold and wet today. So another day spent painting, reading and sorting out reviews for my blog.


Saturday’s Post

In the five years since King Stefan’s death,[N 1]Aurora has reigned as Queen of the Moors, with Maleficent as its guardian and protector. Despite her service, the neighboring kingdom of Ulstead, home to Prince Phillip, deems Maleficent a villain, and while Phillip’s father King John wishes for peace, his mother Queen Ingrith has been secretly preparing for war; in the hidden areas of the castle, workers make weapons and ammunition out of iron, deadly to all fairies. Diaval, Maleficent’s raven and confidante, overhears Phillip proposing to Aurora, and tells Maleficent. While she advises against the union, Aurora vows to prove her wrong.

Phillip’s parents host an intimate dinner, having invited Aurora, Maleficent, and Diaval. Maleficent maintains her composure as Ingrith taunts her throughout the evening by repeating the inaccurate story that has made the humans believe her to be evil: the story of Maleficent’s sleeping curse on Aurora is only half the truth, because no one has ever been told the whole truth about her loving Aurora and sacrificing herself to lift the curse. Ingrith alludes to Stefan’s death as murder, and openly claims Maleficent killed two human fairy poachers last seen near the Moors. Maleficent responds with equal iciness that humans have been kidnapping fairies, and hints that she believes the order to do it comes from the King or Queen.

When Ingrith dismisses Maleficent’s maternal bond with Aurora and claims that the marriage will make Ingrith her real mother, Maleficent reacts by angrily unleashing a burst of magical energy. John suddenly faints, and Ingrith accuses Maleficent of cursing him, which Maleficent denies to a disbelieving Aurora. Phillip urges his mother to try and awaken John with a kiss. Ingrith demurs, and her weak attempt fails because she does not love her husband – especially for their differing views on peace and war.

As Maleficent flees the castle, Ingrith’s right-hand, Gerda, shoots Maleficent with an iron bullet. Wounded, Maleficent falls into the ocean, only to be rescued by a mysterious winged creature. She awakens in a cavern where fairies like herself have been in hiding. Among them is Conall, their peaceful leader who saved Maleficent, and Borra, a warlike fairy who favors open conflict with humans, who killed the poachers near the Moors. Maleficent is among the last creatures known as the Dark Fey, powerful fairies forced into hiding and nearly driven extinct by human oppression. She is also the last descendant from the Phoenix, an ancient and powerful Dark Fey ancestor. She needs to pass through certain stages in order to harbor her full potential. When she brought up a human, she cleared the initial stages and Conall insists on forgiving Aurora in order to gain her final phoenix stage, but Maleficient disagrees. Because Maleficent’s magic is so powerful, Conall and Borra believe she is instrumental in ending the conflict with humans, either by peace or war.

Meanwhile, the magical denizens of the Moors are invited to the royal wedding, but Aurora grows disillusioned with being an Ulstead noblewoman. Later, Conall sacrifices himself to save Maleficent again during a human attack on the Dark Fey, prompting Borra to declare war on the humans. Aurora discovers that Ingrith cursed John using Maleficent’s old cursed spindle, as she hates all Moor fairy folk. When Ingrith learns that Aurora knows, she reveals that she bitterly resents the Moors’ prosperity during a time when her kingdom suffered, and also blames them for her brother’s death; she plots to eradicate all fairies and woodland beings using the iron weapons as well as a lethal crimson powder developed by Lickspittle, a de-winged pixie. When the Moor folk arrive, they are trapped inside the castle chapel.

At Ingrith’s command, Gerda unleashes the deadly crimson powder by playing the chapel’s organ. The fairy Flittle selflessly sacrifices herself to save everyone as a last resort by clogging the organ, rendering it unplayable, while her friends Knotgrass and Thistlewit cause Gerda to fall to her death. The Dark Fey launch an assault on Ulstead but the palace soldiers begin massacring them until Maleficent, channeling her Phoenix power, joins the battle. She nearly kills Ingrith but Aurora appeals to Maleficent’s humanity to spare her, and declares that Maleficent is her only mother. With Maleficent distracted, Ingrith fires her crossbow. Maleficent saves Aurora, but is struck by the arrow, dissolving into ashes. Devastated, Aurora grieves for Maleficent, but after Aurora’s tears fall on the ashes, Maleficent attains her phoenix stage.

Horrified and infuriated, Ingrith throws Aurora off the tower to kill her, prompting Maleficent to rescue her again. Phillip forges peace between the fairies and humans and the Ulstead soldiers stand down. Maleficent reverts to her fairy form and finally gives Aurora and Phillip her blessing, realizing they belong together. Lickspittle decides to stop following Ingrith’s orders and gives Maleficent the spindle used to curse John and, previously, Aurora. Maleficent destroys the spindle and its curse, awakening John from his slumber. As she flees, Ingrith is stopped and captured by Borra and the other Dark Fey. As punishment for her crimes, she is transformed into a goat by Maleficent until she can accept the peace between the two people.

After Aurora and Philip wed, Maleficent returns to the Moors with the other Dark Fey, teaching the young fairies to fly. She promises to return for Aurora and Philip’s future child’s christening.

Cold. wet and windy today, not really a nice day at all.

So I cracked on with my painting. Listened to music and had a housework free day. Caught up with my reading and polished up a few reviews.


Friday’s Post

In 1996, star athlete Calvin “The Golden Jet” Joyner is being honored at his high school. Halfway through Calvin’s speech, a group of bullies led by Trevor Olson throw the nude morbidly obese Robbie Wheirdicht into the hall where the assembly is taking place. Only Joyner and his girlfriend, Maggie Johnson, are sympathetic towards Wheirdicht; the former going as far as to quickly cover Wheirdicht in his Varsity Jacket. Wheirdicht thanks Calvin and flees in embarrassment.

Twenty years later, in 2016, Joyner is married to Maggie and works as a forensic accountantbut is dissatisfied with his career. Maggie suggests they see a therapist to salvage their deteriorating marriage. At work, Joyner receives a friend request on Facebook from a man named Bob Stone, who invites Joyner to meet at a bar. Bob Stone reveals himself to be Robbie Wheirdicht. Joyner is shocked to see that Wheirdicht has transformed into a muscular, confident man with advanced hand-to-hand fighting skills. Stone asks Joyner to review some online transactions, and Joyner discovers a multimillion-dollar auction with bidders from radical countries, with the final bids to conclude the following day. Stone avoids Joyner’s questions and spends the night on his couch.

The next morning, a team of CIA agents led by Pamela Harris arrive at Joyner’s house in search of Stone, who escapes without a trace. Harris tells Joyner that Stone is a dangerous rogue agent who brutally murdered his former partner, Phil Stanton. Harris tells Calvin that Bob intends to sell satellite codes to the highest bidder. Soon after, Stone abducts Joyner and explains that he is trying to stop a criminal known as the Black Badger from selling the codes but needs Joyner’s skills to find the coordinates of the deal’s location. After an attack by a bounty hunter, Joyner flees and calls Maggie, telling her to meet him at the marriage counselor’s office. Harris intercepts him and tells him that Stone is really the Black Badger. She warns him to refrain from telling Maggie and gives him a device to alert them to Stone’s location. Joyner then arrives for marriage counseling, where he finds Stone posing as the counselor.

Stone convinces Joyner to help him, so he sets up a meeting with Trevor Olson, who is able to track the offshore account for the auction so they can get the deal’s location. At first, Olson apologizes for his misdeed in high school, claiming he has found God; only to admit he was lying, laughs in their faces, and bullies Stone again. Harris calls Joyner and threatens to arrest Maggie if he fails to help them detain Stone. Joyner reluctantly betrays Stone, and the CIA arrests him. As Harris tortures Stone to get him to confess, Joyner decides to help Stone escape. Joyner finds that the deal is happening in Boston and helps Stone steal a plane. At an underground parking garage, where the deal is assumed to be taking place, Stone enters alone, while Joyner sees Harris entering a short while later. He assumes that she is the Black Badger and runs after her only to find Stone meeting with the buyer and claiming to be the Black Badger. Stone shoots Joyner, grazing his neck, to keep him safe.

Phil Stanton arrives, revealing that he is alive, and claims he is the real Black Badger. The buyer attempts to retrieve codes from both Stone and Stanton, but the CIA arrives and a shootout ensues; wherein Joyner grabs both codes and runs outside. He encounters Stone and Stanton, who engage in combat. Unable to decide who is the criminal, Joyner aims blindly and shoots Stone, only for Stanton to confess that he is the Black Badger and that Stone is innocent. Joyner causes a distraction that allows Stone to rip Stanton’s throat out, killing him. The two deliver the codes to Harris, who then drops them off at their high school reunion, where Joyner reconciles with Maggie. Stone is announced as the Homecoming King, with Joyner revealing to Maggie that he hacked the voting system to ensure Stone’s win. Olson attempts to bully Stone a third time, but Stone knocks him out. As Stone delivers his speech, he relives his most embarrassing high school moment and takes off all his clothes confidently. He walks off stage to unite with his high-school crush, Darla McGuckian.

In a pre-credits scene, Maggie is pregnant and Joyner has joined the CIA. As a gift for his first day on the job, Stone gives Joyner his varsity jacket from high school back, which he had kept. The two friends climb into Stone’s truck and drive off to begin their work day.

As you can see the painting is coming along slow. It it’s really therapeutic just painting and listening to music.

Slightly brighter today, but with a chill to the air. Family bingo tonight and after the discussion of shops finally opening…. the general consensus with my family, we aren’t going anywhere yet!!


Thursday’s Post

A member of a large, loud, intrusive Greekfamily that only wants her to get married and have children, thirty year old Fotoula “Toula” Portokalos works in her family’s Chicagorestaurant, Dancing Zorba’s, but longs to do something more with her life. While working one day, she is immediately smitten with Ian Miller, a handsome, Anglo-Saxon man. She amuses Ian when he catches her staring at him and jokingly calls herself his “own private Greek statue.” That evening, Toula offers to go to college to learn about computers so she can improve the restaurant, but her father, Gus, becomes emotional, claiming Toula wants to leave him. Her mother, Maria, comforts Toula and convinces Gus to agree to Toula’s idea.

As the weeks pass, Toula gains more confidence and changes her image: switching her thick-framed glasses for contact lenses, styling her hair, and wearing makeup and brighter clothes that show off her figure. She sees a notice for a course on computers and tourism and tells her Aunt Voula, who owns a travel agency, that she could apply what she learns in the course to Voula’s business. Voula agrees, and she and Maria slyly convince Gus to agree as well.

Toula’s happiness working at the travel agency catches Ian’s attention and he asks her to dinner. Knowing her family wouldn’t approve of him, Toula lies that she is taking a pottery class. Ian realizes Toula is the waitress from Dancing Zorba’s and, contrary to Toula’s fear that he will lose interest in her, asks her out to dinner the next night. They begin dating and fall in love. Toula’s lie is ultimately exposed, infuriating Gus is furious that Ian did not ask his permission to date Toula. He refuses to let them continue seeing each other, but they ignore his wishes, so he introduces Toula to single friends of his own to no avail.

Ian proposes marriage and Toula accepts. Maria tells Gus that he must accept their marriage, but he remains upset because Ian is not a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. To get the family to accept him, Ian agrees be baptized into the church. The family does accept him, but constantly inserts themselves into the wedding planning, designing ugly bridesmaid’s dresses and misspelling Ian’s mother’s name on their wedding invitations so it looks like his parents are two men.

When Ian’s parents join the entire family for dinner and react to them as if they were “from the zoo,” Toula worries about whether her father has really accepted Ian. Maria explains that growing up her family experienced many hardships and that she and Gus simply want her to live life her way and be happy. Toula’s grandmother shows Toula photos of herself as a young woman and the crown she wore at her own wedding, which Toula puts on. When the three women all look at Toula in her bedroom mirror, the sight of three generations in the reflection makes Toula smile with pride.

At the wedding reception, Gus makes a heartwarming speech focusing on how the differences in Toula’s and Ian’s backgrounds do not matter. He and Maria then surprise Toula and Ian with a house as a wedding gift. As the two families dance together, Toula narrates that while her family is loud and odd she has realized they will always be there for her.

Six years later, Toula and Ian leave their house, located next door to Gus and Maria’s, to walk their daughter to Greek school.

A change in the weather, so housework and reading were order of the day.

And painting. I’m enjoying the process, the tiny numbers have me taking my glasses off to see the details. Listening to music usually puts me in the zone, and away I go.


Wednesday’s Post

Coming along slowly, but it’s coming along.

Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is a writer for the women’s magazine Composure as the “How to”, subject-matter expert. She is bored and wishes she could write about more serious topics such as politics, economics, religion, poverty; matters she is genuinely concerned with. After Andie’s best friend Michelle (Kathryn Hahn) experiences yet another break-up, Andie is inspired to write a new article titled “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”; she will start dating a guy and eventually drive him away using only the “classic mistakes women make” in relationships.

At the same time, advertising executive Benjamin “Ben” Barry (Matthew McConaughey) is striving for a pitch to advertise a new diamond campaign. When his boss questions Ben’s knowledge about romance, Ben bets he could make any woman fall in love with him if he wanted to. His boss accepts the bet and confirms that if he can make any woman fall in love with him before the upcoming company ball, in just 10 days, he will allow Ben to head the advertising for the new diamond company. Ben’s rival co-workers, Judy Spears and Judy Green (Michael Micheleand Shalom Harlow), who were at Composure magazine earlier in the day and are aware of Andie’s new assignment, set Ben up to have him pick Andie as the girl to test his theory on.

Ben and Andie meet and soon start their quests, neither revealing their true intentions. Andie works hard to drive Ben insane and make him break up with her in order to complete her article, but Ben continues to stick around in hopes of making her fall in love with him. Andie gets Ben knocked out in a movie theater by talking aloud while watching a chick flick, rapidly moves her things into his apartment, acts overly possessive and sensitive and clingy, ruins his boys’ poker night for him and his friends, and takes him to a Celine Dionconcert when he was under the assumption he was going to see a New York Knicks basketball game.

Ben stays with her despite everything, and after coming very close to breaking up they attend couples counseling, led by Andie’s friend Michelle. They agree, as a solution to their problems, to visit Ben’s family in Staten Island for the weekend. While vacationing together Ben and Andie begin to form a genuine bond, and upon arriving home Ben even refers to Andie as his girlfriend. Andie then tries to explain to her boss Lana (Bebe Neuwirth) that she cannot continue writing and publishing this article as she has “really got to know this guy”, but Lana remains insistent upon it. Around the same time, Andie and Ben go to the company ball together where Ben’s boss, Phillip (Robert Klein), meets Andie and tells Ben that he “met her, she loves you, you win”.

Seeing Ben’s good news, Judy and Judy are instantly envious and set about to ruin it for their co-worker. They tell his close colleagues, Tony and Thayer (Adam Goldberg and Thomas Lennon), that Andie knew about the bet all along and was playing along to help Ben win. Tony and Thayer then rush to Andie’s side and beg her to keep quiet, when they do not realize she is still blissfully unaware of the bet. Almost simultaneously, Lana, who is unaware of Ben’s role in Andie’s “How To” article, reveals Andie’s true intentions to Ben. Upon learning of Ben’s bet, Andie attempts to humiliate Ben in front of everyone at the party, and the pair argue on stage.

They go their separate ways before Ben is shown Andie’s article and encouraged to read it. She explains in it how she “lost the one person she ever fell for”, and, when he hears she quit her job at Composure and is on her way to Washington, D.C. for an interview, he chases her taxi and stops her. Once he accuses her of running away, they reveal their true feelings for each other and the film ends with Ben instructing the taxi driver to return Andie’s belongings to her home, and then they kiss.

Weather definitely different from the last week or so, a lot cooler and a little rain (but at least I didn’t have to water the garden tonight.

Family quiz night. When your granddaughter decides she wants to host the whole thing!! No wonder we ran over time😉and then she had a meltdown!!


Tuesday’s Posti

Childhood friends Norbit Albert Rice (Eddie Murphy) and Kate Thomas (Thandie Newton), living at an orphanage doubling as a Chinese restaurant called The Golden Wonton owned by Mr. Wong (Murphy), are separated when Kate is adopted. Five years later, Norbit is rescued from playground bullies by a tough, overweight girl named Rasputia Latimore (Murphy), who becomes his protector from the other bullies and best friend. Rasputia grows into an arrogant and mean-spirited woman who eventually marries Norbit. After a while, she begins insulting and controlling him. Norbit is also belittled by Rasputia’s older brothers Big Black Jack (Terry Crews), Blue (Lester Speight), and Earl (Clifton Powell), working as a bookkeeper at their construction company. The Latimore brothers also run a “security business” and instill fear in the entire community except Mr. Wong, who refuses to sell them his business.

Norbit discovers Rasputia is cheating on him with her dance instructor Buster Perkin (Marlon Wayans), throwing away his wedding ring and venting his anger at a puppet show for the orphans. He is stunned to see Kate for the first time since childhood, and his affection for her reignites as he learns she is buying Mr. Wong’s orphanage, but he is disappointed to learn she is engaged to Deion Hughes (Cuba Gooding Jr.).

With help from ex-pimp friends Pope Sweet Jesus (Eddie Griffin) and Lord Have Mercy (Katt Williams) and other townspeople, Norbit meets Kate without Rasputia’s knowledge. Deion is revealed to be helping the Latimore brothers in their plan to turn the orphanage into a strip club. The brothers dupe Norbit into getting Kate to sign papers to renew the restaurant’s liquor license in the Latimores’ name. Norbit’s meeting with Kate leads to helping rehearse her wedding, where a kiss between them makes her reconsider marrying Deion. Norbit returns home to learn Rasputia witnessed their kiss, and she threatens violence against Kate if Norbit ever sees her again.

Kate goes to confront Norbit about the deal, and sees him being held prisoner by Rasputia, in their house’s basement. Norbit reluctantly insults Kate, deliberately driving her away so Rasputia will not hurt her. Satisfied, Rasputia lies that Norbit has manipulated Kate since she came back to town. Heartbroken, Kate runs away, and Norbit decides to leave town for good when he finds a letter from a private investigator he hired revealing that Deion is rich from various divorce settlements.

The Latimores reveal their plan to Norbit, and lock him in the basement again. Norbit escapes, reaching the wedding just in time to inform Kate of Deion’s schemes. Though his proof of Deion’s divorce settlements was destroyed after falling into a pond, Norbit presents Deion’s ex-wives (who he told his name was either Antoine or Luther) and his children. Deion flees, and the Latimores attack Norbit for ruining their plans, but the townspeople take up arms to protect Norbit. Rasputia fights her way through the crowd and prepares to kill Norbit, but Mr. Wong harpoonsher in the rear. Rasputia and her brothers are chased out of town, and Norbit and Kate buy the orphanage and marry under the same tree where they played as children. The Latimores move to Mexico and open up their strip club “El Nipplopolis”, where Rasputia becomes their most popular and lucrative stripper.

As you can see the number are plenty, and lots are pretty small. So I’m hoping to do a little each day. Hoping I can colour over the red lines, especially with the white.


Monday’s Post

Earl Stone, in his 80s, is an award-winning horticulturist and Korean War veteran in Peoria, Illinois. He is facing financial ruin and is estranged from his ex-wife Mary and daughter Iris for always putting work before family. He is still on friendly terms with his granddaughter Ginny and attends her wedding rehearsal. Desperate for money, he takes up an offer from the friend of one of Ginny’s bridesmaids and becomes a “mule” transporting cocaine through Illinois for a Mexican drug cartel. Facing little suspicion due to his age, race, spotless criminal history, and strict adherence to driving laws, Earl is soon trusted with huge amounts of drugs and is paid large amounts of cash. With the money he buys a new truck, settles his financial problems, and pays for renovations of the local VFW Post, as well as his granddaughter’s wedding and education. He becomes friendly with the cartel members, who call him “Tata (grandfather).

Meanwhile, with details from an informant, a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) task force is narrowing in on the cartel’s deliveries to Chicago. Tensions within the cartel erupt when Gustavo, a power-hungry cartel lieutenant, assassinates cartel boss Laton, and subsequently demands Earl be kept under tighter control.

In the middle of a $12 million cocaine shipment, Earl learns that Mary is gravely ill. After Ginny talks some sense into him, he postpones the drug delivery to make peace with Mary and stays by her side until she dies peacefully days later. After attending the funeral and finally reconciling with his family, Earl resumes the delivery as both the DEA and the cartel close in on him.

The cartel’s enforcers catch him and, upon discovering he was away to attend his wife’s death and funeral (which they respect), call the cartel leader to request leniency. The cartel underboss allows him to continue, with the caveat that if anything goes wrong it will be on the enforcers’ heads. Earl continues towards the drop point, but the DEA agents finally catch up to him and arrest him. In court, disregarding his age as an excuse and guilt-ridden over his crimes and for failing his family, Earl pleads guilty to all charges and is sent to federal prison with his family showing him their support. In prison, he returns to horticulture.

So as promised my painting project, I’ll add a few pictures each day. My son got it to keep me occupied 😉I must admit I’ve not painted for a while, and it’s harder than the one I have on my phone.

Keeping up with housework and laundry. Also caught up with the usual people via phone or social media.

Enjoying the garden for a little longer, think the weather is suppose to be changing!


Sunday’s Post

Aspiring University of Florida swimmer Haley Keller receives a call from her sister, Beth, who informs her that Category 5 Hurricane Wendy is on a collision course with Florida and advises her to get out of the state. Haley is concerned for the safety of her father, Dave, as he is not answering his phone. Against the instructions of Florida State Police, Haley drives around evacuation routes to check in on Dave. She first goes to his condo, where he has been living since he and her mother divorced. Haley finds the family dog Sugar at the condo but not Dave himself and is worried that he has returned to the family home in Coral Lake, which he supposedly sold years ago.

Haley and Sugar navigate the flooded streets and find Dave’s truck at the Coral Lake house. There, she descends into the crawl spaceunderneath the house while leaving Sugar upstairs, and eventually finds her father unconscious and wounded. When she tries to drag him out, her exit is cut off by large and ravenous alligators that Dave believes got into the house via a storm drain open to the crawl space. The alligators are too large to fit around the pipes under the house, allowing Haley and Dave a safe area at the far end of the crawl space. However, the hurricane intensifies, and the crawl space begins to flood, so Haley attempts to navigate around the alligators before she and her father drown.

While attempting to escape the crawl space and fending off the alligators, Haley drops her phone (which gets crushed by an alligator) and discovers that the second exit to the crawl space is blocked by a table on top of the hatch. She tries to contact a group of looters in a gas station opposite the house for help, but they get killed by alligators. She is also helpless to stop the alligators from attacking and killing two police officers who investigate the house for survivors. Dave manages to kill an alligator by splitting its head open with a shovel but gets trapped. In a last-ditch effort to escape, Haley makes her way to the storm drain, where she discovers that the alligators have made their nest and laid eggs. Haley successfully kills the other alligator using a gun retrieved from the body of one of the police officers, shooting down the alligator’s throat when it nearly bites her hand off and makes it upstairs, crow-barring the living room floor open and saving Dave from drowning in the basement.

Free of the crawl space, Haley, Dave, and Sugar procure the looters’ boat just as the eye of the hurricane moves over the neighborhood. However, the floodwaters break the nearby levees, flooding Coral Lake even more and crashing them back into the house, where they get separated. While Dave and Sugar make their way up the stairs, Haley navigates around the kitchen and uses a discarded police radio to broadcast a distress signal to authorities.

After retrieving a set of road flares and saving Sugar from being attacked, Dave loses an arm to one of the alligators. Haley attempts to flag down a rescue helicopter from an upstairs bedroom but is attacked by another alligator, which attempts to drown her in a death roll. While Dave and Sugar escape to the attic, Haley stabs the alligator in the eye with a flare and attempts to swim to the roof from the outside of the house, narrowly avoiding being mauled by a fourth alligator before it gets swept away. Haley lights a flare and flags down the rescue helicopter as Dave and Sugar watch.

Another warm day. Caught up on housework and laundry through the week, so plenty of time reading and catching up with family and friends.


Saturday’s Post

Following the defeat of Deckard Shaw and Mose Jakande Dominic “Dom” Toretto and Letty Ortiz are on their honeymoon in Havanawhen Dom’s cousin Fernando gets in trouble owing money to local racer Raldo. Sensing Raldo is a loan shark, Dom challenges Raldo to a race, pitting Fernando’s reworked car against Raldo’s, and wagering his own Third Generation Chevrolet Impala. After narrowly winning the race, Dom allows Raldo to keep his car, earning his respect, and instead leaves his cousin with his car.

The next day, Dom is approached by the elusive cyberterrorist Cipher who coerces him into working for her by showing him an unseen photo. Shortly afterwards, Dom and his team, comprising Letty, Roman Pearce, Tej Parker, and Ramsey, are recruited by Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent Luke Hobbs to help him retrieve an EMP device from a military outpost in Berlin. During the getaway, Dom goes rogue, forcing Hobbs off the road and stealing the device for Cipher. Hobbs is arrested and locked up in the same high-security prison in which he helped imprison Shaw. After Shaw and Hobbs both escape the prison, they are recruited by intelligence operative Mr. Nobody and his protégé to help the team find Dom and capture Cipher. Shaw reveals that Cipher had hired his brother Owen to steal the Nightshade device and Mose Jakande to steal God’s Eye, Ramsey’s software program. The team tracks Dom and Cipher to their very location just as the latter two attack the base, causing injuries to the team, and stealing God’s Eye. Roman suggests bringing Brian in to help them, but Letty rejects the idea as they agreed not to bring him and Mia into any more missions for the sake of their children.

When Dom questions Cipher’s motives, she reveals that she has been holding hostage Dom’s ex-lover and DSS agent Elena Neves—as well as their son, of whose existence Dom was previously unaware. Elena tells Dom that she wanted him to decide the child’s first name, having already given him the middle name Marcos.

In New York City, Cipher sends Dom to retrieve a nuclear football held by the Russian Minister of Defense. Prior to the theft, Dom briefly evades Cipher—with the help of Raldo—and persuades Shaw’s mother, Magdalene Shaw, to help him. Cipher hacks into the electronics systems of a large number of cars, causing them to disable the convoy so that Dom can take the football. The team intercepts Dom, but Dom escapes, shooting and apparently killing Shaw in the process. Letty catches up to Dom, but is ambushed and nearly killed by Cipher’s enforcer, Connor Rhodes, before Dom rescues her. In retaliation, Cipher has Rhodes execute Elena in front of a helpless Dom.

Dom infiltrates a base in Russia to use the EMP device to disable their security and then to disable a nuclear submarine, enabling Cipher to hijack it and attempt to use its arsenal to trigger a nuclear war. They are once again intercepted by the team, who attempt to shut down the sub, and then drive out toward the gates that would prevent the sub from leaving into open waters. Meanwhile, Shaw, whose death was faked, teams up with Owen, and at Magdalene’s behest, infiltrates Cipher’s plane to rescue Dom’s son. Once Shaw reports that the child is safe, Dom turns on Cipher and kills Rhodes, before rejoining his team. Infuriated, Cipher fires an infrared homing missile at Dom, but he breaks away from his team and maneuvers around it, causing the missile to hit the submarine instead. The team quickly forms a vehicular blockade around Dom, shielding him from the ensuing explosion. Shaw reaches the front of the plane and confronts Cipher, who jumps from the plane with a parachute.

Mr. Nobody and his protégé visit Dom and his team in New York City to report that Cipher is still at large in Athens. Hobbs is offered his DSS job back, but he declines in order to spend more time with his daughter. Shaw delivers Dom his son, putting his differences aside with Dom and Hobbs. Dom names his son Brian, after his friend and brother-in-law Brian O’Conner, and celebrates with his friends.

A quiet start to the weekend. Sat and read in the garden, a good clean in the kitchen, and threw all the towels in the wash.

I got to see a favourite film of mine this afternoon.

United States Naval Aviator LT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and his Radar Intercept Officer LTJGNick “Goose” Bradshaw fly the F-14A Tomcataboard USS Enterprise. During an interception with two hostile MiG-28 aircraft, Maverick gets missile lock on one, while the other hostile aircraft locks onto Maverick’s wingman, Cougar. While Maverick drives off the remaining MiG-28, Cougar is too shaken to land, and Maverick, defying orders, shepherds him back to the carrier. Cougar gives up his wings, citing his newborn child that he has never seen. Despite his dislike for Maverick’s recklessness, CAG “Stinger” sends him and Goose to attend TOPGUN, the Naval Fighter Weapons School at Naval Air Station Miramar.

At a bar the day before Topgun starts, Maverick, assisted by Goose, unsuccessfully approaches a woman. Maverick learns the next day that she is Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, an astrophysicist and civilian TOPGUN instructor. Charlie later becomes interested in Maverick upon learning of his inverted maneuver with the MiG-28, which disproves US intelligence on the enemy aircraft’s performance.

During Maverick’s first training sortie he defeats instructor LCDR Rick “Jester” Heatherly but through reckless flying breaks two rules of engagement and is reprimanded by chief instructor CDR Mike “Viper” Metcalf. Privately, Jester confides that he admires Maverick’s skill, but wouldn’t trust him as a teammate in combat. Maverick also becomes a rival to top student LT Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, who considers Maverick’s attitude “dangerous”—as Maverick’s tendency to abandon his team and pursue reckless objectives makes him “unsafe” to fly with. In class, Charlie also objects to Maverick’s aggressive tactics but privately admits to him that she admires his flying and omitted it from her reports to hide her feelings for him, and the two begin a romantic relationship.

During a training sortie, Maverick abandons his wingman “Hollywood” to chase Viper, who is impressed with his flying abilities but is defeated when Viper maneuvers Maverick into a position from which his wingman Jester can shoot down Maverick from behind, demonstrating the value of teamwork over individual prowess. Jester publicly tells Maverick that his flying is excellent, but that he should “never leave [his] wingman.”

Maverick and Iceman, now direct competitors for the TOPGUN Trophy, chase an A-4 in a later training engagement. Maverick pressures Iceman to break off his engagement so he can shoot it down himself, but Maverick’s F-14 flies through the jet wash of Iceman’s aircraft and suffers a flameout of both engines, going into an unrecoverable flat spin. Maverick and Goose eject, but Goose hits the jettisoned aircraft canopy head-first and is killed.

Although the board of inquiry clears Maverick of responsibility for Goose’s death, he is overcome by guilt and his flying skill diminishes. Charlie and others attempt to console him, but Maverick considers retiring. He seeks advice from Viper, who reveals that he served with Maverick’s father Duke Mitchell on USS Oriskany and was in the air battle in which Mitchell was killed. Contrary to official reports which faulted Mitchell, Viper reveals classified information that proves Mitchell died heroically and informs Maverick that he can succeed if he can regain his self-confidence. Maverick chooses to graduate, though Iceman wins the TOPGUN Trophy.

During the graduation party, Viper calls in the newly graduated aviators with the orders to deploy. Iceman, Hollywood, and Maverick are ordered to immediately return to Enterprise to deal with a “crisis situation”, providing air support for the rescue of a stricken ship that has drifted into hostile waters.

Maverick and Merlin (Cougar’s former RIO) are assigned as back-up for F-14s flown by Iceman and Hollywood, despite Iceman’s reservations over Maverick’s state of mind. The subsequent hostile engagement with six MiGs sees Hollywood shot down; Maverick is scrambled alone due to a catapult failure and nearly retreats after encountering circumstances similar to those that caused Goose’s death. Upon finally rejoining Iceman, the two are still badly outnumbered, but Maverick vocally refuses to leave Iceman without a wingman and manages to shoot down three MiGs. Iceman, shifting to offense also shoots one down, which forces the other two to flee. Upon their triumphant return to Enterprise, Iceman and Maverick share newfound respect in each other, and Maverick throws Goose’s dog tags overboard.

Offered any assignment he chooses, Maverick decides to return to TOPGUN as an instructor. At a bar in Miramar, Maverick and Charlie reunite.

So two films in one day. Feeling very lazy. Got painting in as well. Caught up with family and friends.


Friday’s Post

Five years after escaping from the U.S.,[N 1]Dominic Toretto and his new crew, consisting of his girlfriend Letty, Tego Leo, Rico Santos, Cara and Han Lue, are hijacking fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic. Dominic suspects that the police are on their trail, forcing the crew to disband and go their separate ways, with Han deciding to go to Tokyo. Realizing that he must leave, Dominic runs, leaving Letty behind to protect herself from harm.

Three months later, Dominic is now residing in Panama City. He gets a call from his sister, Mia Toretto, who tells him that Letty has been murdered. Dominic heads back to Los Angeles to attend her funeral and examine the crash and finds traces of nitromethane on the ground. He visits the only car mechanic that sells nitromethane in LA and forces him into giving him the name David Park, the man who ordered the fuel, and informs him that the only car that uses nitromethane in the area is a green 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport.

Meanwhile, FBI agent Brian O’Conner is trying to track down a Mexican drug lord, Arturo Braga. His search leads him to David Park, and he tracks him down using an illegal modification record on his car. Dominic arrives at Park’s apartment first and hangs him out of the window by his ankles before Brian arrives. Brian saves Park and Park becomes the FBI’s new informant. Park gets Brian into a street race. Brian selects a modified 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34[9] from the impound lot. Dominic races in his modified 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Gisele Yashar, the liaison for Braga, reveals that the winner will become the last driver on a team that traffics heroinbetween the Mexico–United States border. Dominic wins by bumping Brian’s car while it is in nitro, making him lose control. Brian uses his power as an FBI agent to arrest another driver, Dwight Mueller, and takes his place on the team.

The team meets up with Braga’s personal henchman, Fenix, and Dominic notices that Fenix drives the same Torino the mechanic described. They drive across the border using tunnels to avoid detection. Dominic confronts Fenix and learns that he himself killed Letty when she tried to escape him. A stand-off ensues, though not before Dominic creates a diversion by loosening his car with nitrous—sparking a vehicle explosion that destroys his car and several others, including Brian’s. In the ensuing chaos, Dominic and Brian hijack a 1999 Hummer H1 with $60 million worth of heroin in it. Dominic and Brian drive back to LA and hide the heroin in a police impound lot, where Brian picks up a modified Subaru Impreza WRX STI Hatchback; they subsequently drive back to Dominic’s house, where they reunite with Mia.

Dominic finds out Brian was the last person to have contact with Letty, which results in Dominic attacking Brian until he explains that Letty was working undercover—she was tracking down Braga in exchange for clearing Dominic’s record. Brian tells his superiors that in exchange for Dominic’s pardon, he will lure Braga into a trap, forcing him to show up to exchange money for the heroin. At the drop site, the man who claims to be “Braga” is revealed as a decoy, and “Campos”—the real Braga—escapes with Fenix and the pair flee to Mexico. In the ensuing chaos, Fenix nearly runs over Gisele, before Dom saves her.

Brian and Dominic travel to Mexico to catch Braga, with the help of Gisele, who gives them directions as a favor in return for Dom saving her life. Brian and Dom find him at a church and apprehend him. As Braga’s henchmen try to rescue him, Brian and Dominic drive through the tunnels back to the United States. Brian crashes his car after taking fire from Braga’s men. He is then injured after being T-boned by Fenix. Before Fenix can kill Brian, Dominic drives into and kills Fenix, seeking revenge for Letty’s death. As police and helicopters approach the crash site on the American side of the border, Brian tells Dominic to leave, but Dominic refuses—saying he is not running anymore. Despite Brian’s request for clemency, the judge sentences Dominic to 25 years to life. 

Brian resigns from the FBI and Dominic boards a prison bus that will transport him to Lompoc penitentiary. As the bus drives down the road, Brian, Mia, Leo, and Santos arrive in their cars to intercept it.[N 2]

Family bingo night ….. fun and laughter!! Far too many calling “Bingo” and chaos as the last game brings more winners than cash 😄so it’s a roll over for next week. My stepdaughter and her family are hosting next weeks family quiz, and Grace is threatening 50 questions on children’s tv.

A little reading in the garden and a fair amount of painting, I promise I’ll share the results with you soon.

Hope you all have a safe weekend.



Thursday’s Post

In Oro Valley, Arizona, troubled high school student Sean Boswell and athlete Clay race their cars to win the affections of Clay’s girlfriend Cindy, driving their respective vehicles, a Chevrolet Monte Carlo and a Dodge Viper. When Sean cuts through a structure and catches up to Clay, Clay hits Sean’s car repeatedly until they reach a high-speed turn, which causes both cars to crash; Sean’s car is totaled. Clay and Cindy’s wealthy families help them escape punishment, but because Sean is a repetitive offender for street racing, he is sent to live in Tokyo, Japan with his father, a U.S. Navy officer stationed in Tokyo, in order to avoid juvenile detention or jail.

While in Tokyo, Sean befriends Twinkie, a military brat who introduces him to the world of drift racing in Japan. Sean has a confrontation with Takashi—the Drift King (DK)—over Sean talking to Takashi’s girlfriend, Neela. Though barred from driving, Sean decides to race against Takashi, who has ties to the Yakuza. He borrows a Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-S from Han Lue, a business partner to Takashi, but loses his first race with Takashi and ends up totaling the car due to his inability to drift.

To repay his debt for the car he destroyed, Sean agrees to work for Han. This leads to the duo becoming friends, with Han agreeing to teach Sean how to drift. Han also loans him a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for future races, explaining that he is helping him as Sean is the only person willing to stand up to Takashi. Sean moves in with Han and soon masters drifting, gaining some clout after defeating DK’s right-hand man, Morimoto. Sean soon asks Neela out on a date, and learns that after her mother died, she moved in with Takashi’s grandmother, which resulted in their relationship. An enraged Takashi beats Sean up the next day, telling him to stay away from Neela; Neela subsequently leaves Takashi and moves in with Sean and Han.

Takashi’s uncle Kamata, the head of the Yakuza, reprimands Takashi for allowing Han to steal from him. Takashi and Morimoto confront Han, Sean, and Neela about the thefts. Twinkie causes a distraction, allowing Han (in his Mazda RX-7), Sean, and Neela (both in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) to flee, who are then pursued by Takashi and Morimoto (driving their respective Nissan 350Zs). During the chase, Morimoto is killed in a crash, leaving Takashi to pursue the trio on his own. Han allows Sean to overtake him in order to hold Takashi off, but the chase ends when Sean and Neela crash. Meanwhile, moments after escaping from Takashi, Han’s car is t-bonedand he dies when the car explodes before Sean has a chance to save him.

Takashi, Sean, and his father become involved in an armed standoff which is resolved by Neela agreeing to leave with Takashi. Sean’s father prepares to send him back but Sean pleads him to let him fix his own mess. His father then agrees and making amends with him. Twinkie gives his money to Sean to replace the money Han stole from Takashi, which Sean then returns to Kamata. Sean proposes a race against Takashi, with the loser having to leave Tokyo. Kamata agrees to the challenge, but on the condition that the race take place on a mountain, revealed to be the mountain where Takashi himself is the only person to make it down successfully. With all of Han’s cars impounded, Sean and Han’s friends then rebuild a 1967 Ford Mustang that Sean’s father was working on, with a Nissan Skylineengine salvaged from Han’s Silvia that was totaled by Sean in his first drift race, and other spare parts.

That night, on the mountain, crowds gather to see the race; Takashi takes the lead initially, but Sean’s training allows him to catch up. Determined to win, Takashi resorts to ramming Sean’s car, eventually missing and driving off the mountain while Sean crosses the finish line. Kamata keeps his word, and lets Sean remain in Tokyo and is now christened the new Drift King.

Some time later, Neela, Twinkie and Sean, the new Drift King, are enjoying themselves in their newfound homeplace and freedom. An American driver shows up to challenge Sean, and he accepts after the American proclaims himself as Han’s family. Before the race, Sean pulls up in his Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R next to a silver Plymouth Road Runner, driven by the challenger, who is revealed to be Dominic Toretto.

So besides doing what I usually do, which is what I always do😆 not a lot is different!!

Listening to the news, and wondering if the new government scheme will work, and I can actually come out and catch up with friends and family properly!!


Wednesday’s Post

After letting Dominic Toretto escape from the authorities,[N 1] former LAPD officer Brian O’Conner flees from Los Angeles to escape prosecution. He subsequently relocates to Miami and makes a living by participating in illegal street races using his 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, aided by his friend and local mechanic Tej Parker. Following one race against drivers Suki, Slap Jack, and Orange Julius, the police show up and Brian is arrested. He is taken into custody, but given a deal by his former boss, FBI Agent Bilkins, and U.S. Customs Agent Markham, to go undercover and bring down Argentinian drug lord Carter Verone in exchange for the erasure of his criminal record. Agent Monica Fuentes, who has been undercover with Verone for a year, agrees to assist bringing Brian into the organization. Brian agrees, but only if he is given permission to choose his own partner.

This prompts Brian to travel to Barstow, where he enlists the help of Roman Pearce, his childhood friend who served jail time for housing stolen cars in a garage. Roman, currently on parole, blames Brian for his arrest, but reluctantly agrees to help in exchange for the same deal Brian was offered. For their mission they are issued two modified cars: a yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII and a purple Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GTS. Roman and Brian are later hired by Verone, who tasks the duo to compete against rival drivers to obtain a package from a confiscated car located in a lot. Markham, who mistakenly thinks that the duo are trying to run away, follows them to the lot. However, Roman relents, and shoots at Markham to help maintain his cover. He later confronts him for interference with the mission. Brian is able to gain knowledge of the plan, however, and tells Bilkins that Verone is reportedly aiming to launder his money in Miami, before escaping on his private jet.

Later, the team challenges a pair of muscle cardrivers (Korpi and Darden) they raced when competing for Verone’s hiring, for pink slips. Despite engine and power output handicaps, Brian and Roman manage to win the race and the other two cars (a 1969 Yenko Camaro SYCand a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T). Meanwhile, Roman confronts Brian about his attraction to Monica and the constant threat of Verone’s men. However, the two men patch up their differences, and focus on completing the mission.

After witnessing Verone torture DetectiveWhitworth of the Miami Police Department into giving them a window of opportunity to make their getaway, Brian and Roman are warned by Monica that they will be killed once the drop is made. However, Markham refuses to call off the job, claiming that it’s their one chance to catch Verone and before they leave, Brian and Monica kiss.

On the day of the mission, Brian and Roman begin transporting duffel bags of Verone’s money, with Verone’s right-hand men, Enrique and Roberto, riding alongside to accompany the duo. Before the window is set, Whitworth decides to call in the police to move in for an arrest of the drivers of the cars used by Brian and Roman. This results in a high-speed chase across the city. The duo leads the police to a warehouse, where a “scramble” by dozens of street racers organized by Tej disorients the police. Following the scramble, the police manage to pull over the Evo and the Eclipse, only to find out that they were driven by Tej and Suki. As it turns out, the duo had switched cars and had escaped in the two muscle cars they had won earlier.

As Brian approaches the destination point in his Camaro, Enrique tells him to take the Tarpon Point Marina exit, instead of heading to the airfield. Meanwhile, Roman gets rid of Roberto by using an improvised ejector seat in his Challenger powered by nitrous oxide. At the airfield, Customs agents have Verone’s plane and convoy surrounded, only to discover they have been duped into a decoy maneuver while Verone is at a boatyard several miles away. Verone reveals he knew Monica was an undercover agent, and purposely gave her wrong information on the destination point. When Brian arrives at the Marina, Verone forces Monica onto his private yacht and orders Enrique to kill Brian. As Enrique prepares to kill him, Brian’s ejector seat fails, but Roman suddenly appears and helps Brian to incapacitate Enrique. Verone makes his escape, but Brian and Roman use the Camaro to drive off a ramp, crashing on top of the yacht. Brian shoots and wounds Verone, who is then arrested by Monica.

Markham grants Brian and Roman full pardons, and in return Roman turns over the second half of Verone’s money. The two agree to stay in Miami, and Brian suggests opening a garage – funded by a cut of Verone’s money that Roman kept for themselves.

As you an see my mum’s rose (white) and my daughter’s rose are blooming nicely.

Family quiz night, and as usual chaos reigns, especially with Grace, she loves catching up with everyone, and at the end, we got to listen to her sing and dance😉


Tuesday’s Post

On a deserted highway, a heist crew driving three modified Honda Civics assault a truck carrying electronic goods, steal its cargo, and escape into the night.

The following day, a joint Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and FBI task force sends LAPD officer Brian O’Conner undercover to locate the crew. He begins his investigation at Toretto’s Market, ordering his regular tuna on white, no crust, and flirting with its owner Mia, sister of infamous street racer Dominic Toretto, while Dominic ostensibly sits in the back office reading a newspaper. Dominic’s crew, Vince, Leon, Jesse, and his girlfriend Letty, arrives. Vince, who has a crush on Mia, starts a fight with Brian until Dominic intervenes.

That night, Brian brings a modified 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse to an illegal street race, hoping to find a lead on the heist crew. Dominic arrives in his Mazda RX-7 and initiates a drag race between himself, Brian and two other drivers. Lacking funds, Brian is forced to wager his car. Dominic wins the race after Brian’s car malfunctions, but the LAPD arrive before he can hand over his vehicle. Brian, in his car, helps Dominic escape, but they accidentally venture into the territory of Dominic’s old racing rival, gang leader Johnny Tran and his cousin Lance Nguyen, who destroy Brian’s vehicle. Later, Dominic reiterates that Brian still owes him a “10 second car”. The two then walk back to Dominic’s house together, where an altercation between Vince, who is upset that Brian is at the house, and Dominic breaks out.

Brian brings a damaged 1994 Toyota Supra to Dominic’s garage as a replacement. Dominic and his crew begin the long process of restoring the vehicle, and Brian starts dating Mia. He also begins investigating Tran, convinced that he is the mastermind behind the truck hijackings. While investigating one garage at night, Brian is discovered by Dominic and Vince who demand an explanation. Brian convinces them that he is researching his opponents vehicles for the upcoming desert Race Wars. Together, the trio investigate Tran’s garage, discovering a large quantity of electronic goods.

Brian reports the discovery to his superiors and Tran and Lance are arrested. The raid fails however when the electronics are proved to have been purchased legally. Brian is forced to confront his suspicion that Dominic is the true mastermind. Brian is given 36 hours to find the heist crew, as the truckers are now arming themselves to defend against the hijackings. The following day, Dominic and Brian attend Race Wars. There, Jesse wagers his father’s Volkswagen Jetta against Tran in his Honda S2000, but flees with the car after he loses. Tran demands Dominic recover the vehicle, and accuses him of reporting him to the police. Enraged, Dominic beats up Tran.

Later that night, Brian witnesses Dominic and his crew leaving and realizes that they are the hijackers. He reveals his true identity to Mia and convinces her to help him find the crew. Dominic, Letty, Vince, and Leon attack a semi-trailer truck, intending it to be their final heist. The armed driver shoots Vince and runs Letty off the road. Brian arrives with Mia and rescues Vince. He is forced to reveal his identity to call in emergency medical care to save him. Dominic, Mia and the rest of the crew leave before the authorities can arrive.

Some time later, Brian arrives at Dominic’s house to apprehend him as he is reversing his father’s 1970 Dodge Charger R/T out of the garage. Jesse arrives, pleading for protection. Tran and Lance ride by on motorbikes and shoot Jesse for reneging on their bet. Brian and Dominic give chase in their separate vehicles, finding and killing Tran and injuring Lance. Brian then pursues Dominic, with them both eventually acquiescing to a quarter-mile drag race. The pair barely cross a railroad before a train passes, which ends the race in a draw, but Dominic crashes his car into a truck. Instead of arresting him, Brian gives the keys to his own car to Dominic, asserting that he still owes him a 10 second car. Dominic escapes in the Supra as Brian walks away.

In the post-credits scene, Dominic is seen driving through Baja California, Mexico, in a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

A warm and sunny day sees me outside reading in the garden and my painting I’m doing that on the kitchen table, I did try outside, but the table is a little low.


Monday’s Post

During the Third Crusade, Richard the Lionheart, King of England is away in France, leaving the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham – aided by his cousin Guy of Gisbourne, the witchMortianna and the corrupt Bishop of Hereford – to rule the land. Robin of Locksley, a nobleman, chose to follow the king in his Crusade. At Locksley Castle, Robin’s father, who is loyal to king Richard, is attacked by the Sheriff’s men after refusing to join them.

Meanwhile, Robin has been imprisoned in Jerusalem along with his comrade, Peter Dubois. They break free from Ayyubid prison guards and save the life of a Moor named Azeem, but Peter is mortally wounded in the process. After making Robin swear to protect his sister, Marian, Peter sacrifices himself so Robin can escape the city.

Robin returns to England with Azeem, who has vowed to accompany him until his life-debt to Robin is repaid. After a run-in with Gisbourne, Robin returns home. Finding his father dead and the castle in ruins, Robin tells Marian of Peter’s demise and after fleeing the Sheriff’s forces, encounters a band of outlaws hiding in Sherwood Forest, led by Little John. Among the band is Will Scarlet, who holds a belligerent grudge against Robin. Robin assumes command of the group, training them into a formidable force in opposition of Nottingham. They rob any convoys that pass through the forest and distribute the stolen wealth among the poor. Friar Tuck, once a member of a convoy, joins the group after coming to understand Robin’s cause. Marian sympathizes with the band and offers Robin any aid she can muster; the two grow close and begin to fall in love. Robin’s successes infuriate the Sheriff, who increases the mistreatment of the people, resulting in greater local support for Robin Hood.

The Sheriff kills Gisbourne for his failure to prevent the looting of several convoys and hires Celtic warriors from Scotland to bolster his forces. The Bishop betrays Marian after she confides in him an attempt to contact King Richard in France and she is taken prisoner. After locating the outlaws’ hideout, the Sheriff launches an attack, destroying the refuge and capturing many; Robin is presumed dead. To consolidate his power and claim the throne, the Sheriff proposes to Marian (who is Richard’s cousin); if she accepts, he will spare the lives of the captured outlaws. Despite this, several of the rebels are due to be executed by hanging as part of the wedding celebration. Among the captured is Will; he makes a deal with the Sheriff to find out if Robin lives and if so, kill him in exchange for freedom.

Will finds Robin alive, along with John and a handful of other survivors. After informing Robin of the executions and the Sheriff’s plans to wed Marian, Will continues lashing out at Robin. After Robin questions Will as to why he holds so much hate, Will reveals that he is Robin’s younger paternal half-brother; after Robin’s mother died, his father had taken comfort with a peasant woman. Robin’s anger over what he saw as a betrayal of his mother’s memory caused his father to leave her, leaving Will fatherless. Robin is overjoyed to learn that he has a brother and reconciles with Will.

On the day of the wedding and hangings, Robin and his men infiltrate Nottingham Castle and free the prisoners. After Azeem inspires the peasants to revolt, the Sheriff retreats with Marian into a chapel to be married; Robin pursues him and, after a fierce fight, kills the Sheriff. Mortianna attacks him, but she is slain by Azeem, fulfilling his life-debt to Robin. Tuck finds the Bishop attempting to flee with bundles of gold; Tuck burdens him with the treasure before defenestrating him.

Robin and Marian profess their love for each other and are married in the forest, though they are briefly interrupted by the return of King Richard, who blesses the marriage and thanks Robin for his deeds.

Housework, painting and a little gardening today. Enjoying the sun with a coffee a d a good book 😉 patiently waiting for the world to correct itself.


Sunday’s Post

The film begins at the beheading of Anne Boleyn, which turns out to be an erotic daydream that introduces teenage protagonist Kevin, who is having sexual fantasies when he’s supposed to be doing his history homework. Kevin has tried to lose his virginityfor three years. He and his best friend Perry go to a newsagent’s to buy a pornographicmagazine. Like all of Kevin’s previous attempts at sexual exploration, this ends in failure when he sees his father and pretends to fall on the street to hide the magazine.

The boys decide they want to go to Ibiza to become DJs and get “guaranteed sex“, but when Kevin’s parents, Ray and Sheila (James Fleet and Louisa Rix), see his bad school report, they forbid the trip. But later they compromise: the boys can go if they get jobs to pay for it. The boys search fruitlessly for jobs and end up at a house party, where a popular local girl, Sharon, passes out drunk next to Kevin. Perry, seeing the two in bed together the following morning, assumes Kevin has lost his virginity and Kevin lies, saying he had sex with Sharon but gets overheard while leaving the party. In the town centre, an angry Sharon later confronts and humiliates Kevin about this, mocking him and calling him “virgin”. 

Kevin arrives home in misery, just in time to sign for the delivery of his dad’s new credit card. He seizes the card and takes it to the bank to steal the plane fare from his dad’s bank account. At the bank, he accidentally foils a bank robbery and the bank manager rewards him and Perry with a large amount of cash which the boys plan to fund the trip. As a reward, Kevin’s parents approve of the trip, as long as they can accompany the boys, much to Kevin’s annoyance.

Once in Ibiza, the boys spot the ‘girls of their dreams’ Candice (Laura Fraser) and Gemma (Tabitha Wady). They also meet arrogant club DJ and record producer Eyeball Paul (Rhys Ifans) (whose nickname derives from his practice of vodka eyeballing). The boys spend the day at the beach and chat with the girls but are unsuccessful in seducing them.

That night, the boys walk down the high street filming the events around them. Kevin films a couple snogging, and they turn out to be Ray and Sheila. Kevin sulks while he and Perry hang out with Ray and Sheila, finally ending up at the club “Amnesia” where they dance the night away–without Candice and Gemma, who were refused entry by the doorman (Paul Whitehouse), who holds a hand-mirror to their faces and comments that they’re “ugly” and “offend [his] mirror.” 

The next day the boys go to Paul’s and he makes them clean his house in return for his listening to their tapes. When they leave there, they spot Candice and Gemma, but again their clumsy attempts to woo them end in failure although the girls bond with the boys when realising they know Eyeball Paul and they may be able to get them into the clubs.

The boys wait outside the girl’s hotel for 4 hours while the girls have a makeover, and they are admitted to Amnesia with Kevin and Perry, but yet again the boys “strike out” when they get vomited on by other revellers and they leave, embarassed while the girls later meet two other attractive men in the club. That night, Perry videotapes Ray and Sheila having sex. The next day, Paul listens to the boys’ music as they clean his kitchen. He stumbles across the parents’ sex tape and shows it to everyone. Kevin angrily ends his friendship with Perry when he realized that it was Perry who filmed them. Baz, Paul’s manager and chauffeur driver later persuades Paul to give the video back to the boys.

Kevin spends the rest of the day sulking around alone and becomes dejected when he sees the girls with the two other men from the club. Perry spends the day at the beach where he bumps into the girls and the two men who are revealed to be gay lovers who the girls had befriended. Gemma reveals she is attracted to Perry and Candice admits to liking Kevin. Perry then runs into Eyeball Paul, who says he likes their song and he’ll play it in the club that night. Perry hurries to tell Kevin the good news and the friends reconcile. 

That night they and the girls go to the club again in Paul’s limousine. Their track is played, but the boys and Ray and Sheila, who had wanted to visit the club, are embarassed to find that Paul has incorporated the sex tape and the boy’s love messages to the girls into the track in an attempt to humiliate the boys.

Nevertheless, this backfires on Paul when the track becomes an instant club favourite and the entire crowd, including the girls, love the boys and their mix. Paul is unhappy at the boys’ success and turns off the track, which angers the crowd. Paul becomes annoyed and attempts to destroy the boy’s vinyl record but is stopped by Baz. Paul fires Baz who quickly punches and pushes Paul off stage before returning the record to the boys to continue the set and the crowd continue to party.

Kevin and Perry take over as DJs and keep the club dancing through the night. Early the next morning, Kevin and Perry finally have sex with Candice and Gemma respectively, on a beach surrounded by other similarly-involved couples having sex.

In the Epilogue, the girls become the boy’s girlfriends while Kevin and Perry are seen signing copies of their record in a music shop with Baz as their new manager while Kevin’s parents sign copies of their videos about better mid-marriage sexual intimacy.

Sunday started out grey and cold. By the end of the day, we had a little sun.

Did a little painting, a little housework, caught up with family and friends. It’s funny how this has become our new normal, but what I wouldn’t give to catch up in person. Let’s hope it gets sorted soon.


Saturday’s Post

Aftermath …..

Roman Melnyk, a construction worker, is allowed to leave work early, to prepare for the arrival of his wife Olena and pregnant daughter Nadiya from New York City, aboard flight AX 112. At the airport to welcome his family, Roman receives the news that AX 112, with his wife and daughter on board, had been in an accident. From this point on, Roman is devastated and blames the air traffic controller for the deaths of his family.

Meanwhile, in another angle of the story, Jacob “Jake” Bonanos, an air traffic controller, is happily married to a woman named Christina with whom he has a young son named Samuel. Jake is on duty the night of the crash, which occurs when his colleague is on coffee break, forcing Jake to do both their jobs, and the telephone lines (needed to communicate with other airports) are briefly non-working while under maintenance. He is devastated, after seeing AX 112 and the other flight, DH 616, disappear from the radar, showing that the two planes collided and were destroyed. Although the investigators cannot hold Jake responsible for the crash and the passengers’ deaths, he blames himself; as time passes, he slowly unravels, straining the relationship with his family, and is unwilling to talk about what happened.

It is reported that all 271 passengers and crew were killed in the mid-air collision. Roman goes to the crash site and, posing as a volunteer with no relationship with the victims, recovers his daughter’s necklace and the bodies of his wife and daughter. At his home, Roman stays hidden inside, when Tessa Gorbett, a journalist, approaches, expressing interest in writing a book on the incident. She ends up leaving behind some prior articles of plane disasters she had written about (to show her fidelity to accuracy and objectivity, as a serious journalist) through the mail slot of the door.

Because of the seriousness of the incident, his company’s lawyer advises Jake to move to another state and adopt a new name for his and his family’s safety. Roman meets lawyers John and James Gullick, who unsuccessfully try to convince him to sign an agreement stating that the airline will pay his expenses for medical and mental healthcare, plus $85,000 and $75,000 in damages for the loss of his wife and daughter, respectively. Roman refuses to sign it as neither the company nor the lawyers will express apologies for the loss of his family.

One year later, Roman and other crash victims’ relatives attend the inauguration of a newly completed memorial at the crash site. Jake, having moved to another state, now works at a travel agency, under the name “Pat Dealbert”, and lives alone. Roman has also moved to another town and now works as a carpenter. 

Roman meets Tessa and asks her, as a favor, to find Jake. Tessa later reveals Jake’s cover name and occupation, but she initially refuses to give his address. Roman tracks down the building where Jake is working and follows him to his apartment. There, after waiting a day, on a day when Christina and Samuel happen to be visiting Jake for the weekend, Roman confronts him at his door. Jake refuses to offer an apology, so Roman stabs Jake in the torso and neck. Jake falls to the floor and bleeds to death, while Christina and Samuel sob uncontrollably.

Roman is convicted of murder and serves 10 years of his prison term, then is released early on parole, given the extenuating circumstances that motivated his crime. While visiting his family’s grave he meets a stranger. The stranger turns out to be Samuel, who has tracked Roman down with the intention of killing him to avenge his father’s murder. However, Roman apologizes, and Samuel, moved by Roman’s contrition, realizes he cannot go through with the killing because it’s not what he was taught. He allows Roman to leave. Roman leaves the cemetery alive, but now must spend the rest of his life dealing with the aftermath of his crime.

Rained a couple of times today, my craft box going to my granddaughter and nieces are on hold till tomorrow and Monday.

Housework all caught up, so painted to music and then caught up with reading and a few reviews.


Friday’s Post

High-powered businessman Edward Lewis is dumped by his girlfriend during an unpleasant phone call wherein he asked her to escort him during his business trip; she has finally had enough of being treated solely as his “beck and call girl.” Edward is a corporate raider from New York, who buys companies that are in financial trouble and tears them down piece by piece. Leaving a business party in the Hollywood Hills, he takes his lawyer’s Lotus Esprit sports car and accidentally ends up on Hollywood Boulevard in the city’s red-light district, where he encounters prostitute Vivian Ward. As he is having difficulties driving the car, she gets in and guides him to the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where he is staying. It becomes clear that Vivian knows more about the Lotus than he does, and he lets her drive. Vivian charges Lewis $20 for the ride, and they separate. She goes to a bus stop, where he finds her and offers to hire her for the night; the next day, he asks Vivian to play the role his girlfriend has refused, offering her $3000 to stay with him for the next six days as well as to buy her a new, more acceptable wardrobe. That evening, going to a business dinner, Edward is visibly moved by Vivian’s transformation brought about by the helpful manager of the hotel and begins seeing Vivian in a different light. He begins to open up to her, revealing details about his personal and business lives.

Edward takes Vivian to a polo match in hopes of networking for his business deal. His attorney, Phillip, suspects Vivian is a corporate spy, and Edward tells him how they truly met. Phillip later approaches Vivian, suggesting they do business once her work with Edward is finished. Insulted, and furious that Edward has revealed their secret, Vivian wants to end the arrangement. Edward apologizes and admits to feeling jealous of a business associate – whom she had met at the previous night’s dinner – to whom Vivian paid attention at the match. Vivian’s straightforward personality is rubbing off on Edward, and he finds himself acting in unaccustomed ways. Clearly growing involved, Edward takes Vivian by private jet to see La Traviata at the San Francisco Opera. Vivian is moved to tears by the story of the prostitute who falls in love with a rich man. She breaks her “no kissing on the mouth” rule and they have sex; in the afterglow, believing Edward is asleep, Vivian admits she loves him, and as she drifts off, Edward opens his eyes. Edward offers to put her up in an apartment so she can be off the streets. Hurt, she refuses and says this is not the “fairy tale” she dreamed of as a child, in which a knight on a white horse rescues her.

Meeting with the tycoon whose shipbuilding company he is in the process of raiding, Edward changes his mind. His time with Vivian has shown him a different way of looking at life, and he suggests he and the tycoon work together to save the company rather than tearing it apart and selling off the pieces. Phillip, furious at losing so much money, goes to the hotel to confront Edward but finds only Vivian. Blaming her for the change in Edward, he attempts to rape her. Edward arrives, wrestles Philip off her, punches him in the face, and throws him out of the room.

With his business in L.A. complete, Edward asks Vivian to stay one more night with him, but because she wants to, not because he’s paying her. She refuses. Edward re-thinks his life, and as he’s leaving for the airport to return to New York, he instead has the hotel chauffeur detour to Vivian’s apartment building, where he leaps from the white limousine’s sun roof and “rescues her”, overcoming his extreme fear of heights to ascend her fire escape. Edward asks, “So what happens after he climbed up the tower and rescues her?” Vivian responds, “She rescues him right back.” Vivian and Edward kiss.

Can’t believe we are almost at the end of May!!

Did some gardening in Kim’s little plot, need some colour and it’s fifty shades of Green!! The roses are coming along, not as tall as last year.

Family Bingo Night and Grace insisted she needed a card.

Thursday’s Post

IMF agent Trevor Hanaway is killed in Budapestby assassin Sabine Moreau, who takes his file containing Russian nuclear launch codes so she can give them to a man known only as “Cobalt”.

IMF agent Ethan Hunt has purposely become incarcerated in a Moscow prison to acquire Bogdan, a source of information on Cobalt. With help of Jane Carter, Hanaway’s handler, and newly promoted field agent Benji Dunn, Hunt and Bogdan make their escape. IMF tasks Hunt to infiltrate the Kremlin to gain more information on Cobalt. During the mission, an insider broadcasts the IMF team about a supposed detonation, thereby alerting the Russian guards. Hunt’s team aborts the mission just as a bomb destroys much of the Kremlin. Carter and Dunn escape, but Hunt is captured by SVR agent Anatoly Sidorov and charged with destroying the Kremlin.

Hunt escapes and meets with the IMF Secretary in Moscow on other business. The Secretary tells Hunt they had to initiate “Ghost Protocol”, disavowing IMF, but secretly orders Hunt to continue to pursue Cobalt. Sidorov’s forces catch up to Hunt, and the Secretary is killed. Hunt escapes along with the Secretary’s aide and intelligence analyst William Brandt. Regrouping with Carter and Dunn, Brandt is able to identify Cobalt as Kurt Hendricks, a Swedish-born Russian nuclear strategist, who seeks to start a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia. Hendricks used the Kremlin bombing to cover up his theft of a Russian launch-control device, and now is planning a trade with Moreau at the Burj Khalifa in Dubaito gain the required launch codes.

The team travels to Dubai. On the 119th floor of the hotel, they create deceptions using their various gadgetry and disguises to make Moreau believe she is meeting with Hendricks, and vice versa, when in fact they are interacting with the IMF team. Moreau discovers the deception, and in the ensuing chaos, Hendricks manages to escape with the launch codes, evading Hunt’s pursuit in the midst of a dust storm. As Moreau tries to escape, she is knocked out of a window by Carter and falls to her death. Brandt accuses Carter doing this as retribution for Moreau’s murder of Hanaway, thus compromising the mission, but Hunt recognizes that Brandt has also been keeping secrets from them, having shown combat skills atypical of a mere analyst. Hunt leaves to meet with Bogdan to get more information on Hendricks, while Brandt tells the others that he had been assigned to secretly protect Ethan and his wife Julia in Croatia. Julia had been killed by a hit squad and Brandt feels responsible for Ethan’s loss, which is why he stopped being a field agent.

Bogdan directs Ethan towards Mumbai, where Hendricks is set to negotiate with Indian telecommunications entrepreneur Brij Nath to gain control of an obsolete Soviet military satellite. The IMF team splits up to stop Hendricks; Carter sexually seduces Nath to get the satellite override code, while Hunt, Brandt and Dunn try to stop Hendricks from using Nath’s broadcast station. They are too late as Hendricks has sent the launch codes to a Russian Delta III-class nuclear submarine to fire a single missile at San Francisco and disabled the station’s computer systems. Brandt and Dunn race to get the systems back online to send the override code, while Hunt pursues Hendricks, eventually having a brutal brawl with him face to face in an automated car park. Hendricks, with the launch device, jumps to his death moments before the missile is set to land. Hunt then uses one of the cars and takes a dangerous fall to use the device; he barely disables the missile before it strikes. Sidorov, who has followed IMF from Dubai to Mumbai, arrives and realizes that the IMF is innocent of the Kremlin bombing.

The team meets in Seattle after Ethan accepts a new mission from Luther Stickell. Brandt confesses to Ethan about his failure to protect Julia. Ethan, however, reveals that her “death” and the murder of the Serbians were part of a plot to give her a new identity and enable Ethan to infiltrate the prison. A relieved Brandt happily accepts his mission, and becomes an agent once again. Meanwhile, Julia arrives at the harbor. Ethan and Julia gaze at each other from afar before Ethan departs for his next mission.