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Book Review 📖

The Billionaire’s Duty (The Secret Billionaires Club Book 4 by Tracey Pedersen Description……. Are our secret billionaires hiding more than money? Cross Ronstein could be described as a lot of things. Mining magnate. Domineering Boss. Secret Billionaire. He doesn’t care what he’s labelled, especially when the tax office takes an interest in his business. TheirContinue reading “Book Review 📖”

Friday’s Post ☁️

That’s a very dramatic picture. It’s Friday, so cheers 🥂 Friday brings the week almost to a close, I’m working Saturday, but it’s my (step) granddaughter’s birthday Saturday, she’s having a party with her little school friends, then Sunday we are over to my stepdaughter’s home to celebrate with family. And the weather …… Well!!Continue reading “Friday’s Post ☁️”