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Welcome to April

💜Books I’m looking forward to reading Make Me Exhale (Oil Barrons Book 5) by Marie Johnston HOUSE OF IGARASHI PART II. THE HAREM PROJECT by Crea Reitan KINGDOM OF MONSTERS 1-3 by Harper A Brooks 🦋 It’s also my son’s birthday this month. It would have been my mum’s birthday too. And a couple ofContinue reading “Welcome to April”

Welcome to December

Just thinking of this time last year….. We were in the middle of a pandemic, but we were allowed to see people over Christmas! How crazy was that? I thought I’d try do a month of Christmas Stories 🎄let’s see how many I can find and read….. Books I’m looking forward to reading this month:Continue reading “Welcome to December”

🍂Welcome to November🍂

💜Books I’m looking forward to reading this month: ▪️Mafia Boss by Vi Carter ▪️Fury of Destruction by Coreene Callahan ▪️Dark Tarot by Christine Feehan (hardback) ▪️The Wedding Debt by Clarissa Wild ▪️Brutal Defender by Maggie Cole 💜Books out this month: The Wolf by J.R. Ward (hardback) 🦋

Welcome to October

Happy Birthday Gran, sadly no longer with us, but never forgotten. Last year I came up with the idea of looking for Halloween based stories for October. How many will I be able to find? You’ll have to wait and see 😉 Books I’m looking forward to reading this month: Corrode by Sarah Bailey AwakenedContinue reading “Welcome to October”

Welcome to September

Books I’m looking forward to reading this month: Unleashed by her Bear by Felicity Heaton Unchosen Ruler by Maggie Cole King of Midnight by Lara Adrian Dream of Dragons by Aja James Books out this month: Lover Unveiled by J.R. Ward the paperback 🎂 This my birthday this month 🥳 its also my nephews birthday.Continue reading “Welcome to September”

Welcome to August

Books I’m looking forward to reading: Savage Tracker by Maggie Cole A Terrible Fall of Angels by Laurell K. Hamilton  Lazarus’ Crown: A Dark Mafia Romance by Atlas Rose and Raven Scott Rescued/Saved by a Bear by Felicity Heaton Mafia Games by Vi Carter Books that are out this month Glass Queen by Gena Showalter isContinue reading “Welcome to August”

Hello July (book talk) 😆

Books I’m looking forward to reading this month (a few arcs are winging their way to me😉) ✖️Carnage by Sarah Bailey ✖️Vicious Protector by Maggie Cole ✖️ Vampire Protector by Juliette N. Banks ✖️Fury of Conviction by Coreene Callahan Books that are out this month 🟡 JR Ward Claimed 🟡 L. Steele A new trilogyContinue reading “Hello July (book talk) 😆”

Welcome to June

Books I’m looking forward to reading this month…. Cruel Enforcer by Maggie Cole Thanatos by Felicity Heaton Stolen Love by Charmaine Pauls The Bold and the Bullheaded by Laura Pavlov and Willow Aster New Releases out this month ……. Rebel’s Karma (Dark Protectors Book 13) by Rebecca Zanetti Cruel Enforcer by Maggie Cole Thanatos byContinue reading “Welcome to June”

Welcome to May

Books that I’m looking forward to reading in May. 📖 Shadow Storm (The Shadow Series Book 6) by Christine Feehan 📱 Broken Fighter: The Ivanov Family (Mafia Wars Book Two) by Maggie Cole 👩🏻‍💻 Our Darkest Dare by Sarah Bailey 👩🏻‍💻 Stolen Life: A Dark Romance (Beauty in the Stolen: A Dark Romance Series BookContinue reading “Welcome to May”

Welcome to April

A few books I’m looking forward this month …. The Warlord: A Novel (Rise of the Warlords Book 1 Ruthless Stranger: A Mafia Strangers to Lovers Romance (Mafia Wars Book One) by Maggie Cole Asher (Keepers Of The Lake Book 4) by Emilia Hartley Vampire: A Dark Protectors/Rebels Novella by Rebecca Zanetti A Beast SoContinue reading “Welcome to April”

Welcome March 🌼

The UK is still on lockdown! But we are slowly moving forward, vaccinations are being done pretty quickly, and at the moment I’m still waiting for mine! Still waiting to hear from work as to when we can start coming back. So I need to improve my own health by walking more, walking faster andContinue reading “Welcome March 🌼”

Welcome December 🎄

Good grief where did that year go? And wondering where this month will see us!! Hoping to catch up with family and friends, and keeping fingers crossed that work stays open….. Books I’d like to read this month …. A Warm Heart in Winter (The Black Dagger Brotherhood World) by J.R. Ward Rhyker’s Key (Orion’sContinue reading “Welcome December 🎄”

Welcome November 🧨

My dad’s birthday this month. My sister is also celebrating this month. Bonfire Night is this month also. Books I’m looking forward to reading…. A Warm Heart in Winter (A Black Dagger Brotherhood World) by J.R.Ward …… P/B Leopards Rage (Leopard People Series) book 12. By Christine Feehan….. P/B P/B …… Paperback H/B ….. HardbackContinue reading “Welcome November 🧨”

Welcome October 🎃

At the end of the month it would have been my gran’s birthday. We have Halloween this month too. 🎃 Some of the Books that are out this month, and I hope to get to read them. Redeeming the Rejected (Rogue Dragons Book 4) Emilia Hartley :Release date 2/10/2020 House of Dragons (Royal HousesContinue reading “Welcome October 🎃”

Welcome September 🌹

OMG !!! I’ve been 50 for a whole year 😉and now I’m going to be 51 this month! It’s also my nephews birthday Books this month I’m looking forward to reading…… Dark song by Christine Feehan This series comes out in Hardback first, and it’s usually more expensive than the paperback, so I have toContinue reading “Welcome September 🌹”

Welcome August 💐

Not back to work this month. The restaurant has been open since July, but I’ve been hesitant in returning, I’ve been keeping in touch with members of staff. But I suppose it’s the unknown, that’s kept me from going back. But I’m working on going back. It’s my anniversary this month. My nephews birthday BooksContinue reading “Welcome August 💐”

Welcome June 🌺

It’s my husband’s birthday this month. So celebrating it online! It’s still wear a mask and keep washing those hands. Apparently we can visit people, but only outdoors. No cuddles and you can’t even make a drink for your visitors!! Keep strong, it’s hard, and for those who are finding it difficult, reach out andContinue reading “Welcome June 🌺”