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Out Now

Alpha Maddox (Wolves of Chaos Valley) by Emilia Rose Publication date 24/5/2021 MADDOX Mates are supposed to be forever, but nine years ago I found mine sleeping with another man. Every night I both curse the Moon Goddess for pairing me with such an unfaithful woman and beg her for another chance to find aContinue reading “Out Now”

Shout out……. To the Author ….. Lexi Timms

So……. I’m looking for a particular book on my apple bookshelf, I go into search…. can’t find it….. but what I do find is a treasure chest of FREE BOOKS!!!! Yes, there are a few books most authors post on this site or Amazon….. but there were loads!! So I thought I’d share the informationContinue reading “Shout out……. To the Author ….. Lexi Timms”