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Audio Review

Rhyker’s Key: Orion’s Order, Book 2 by M.C. Solaris And narrated Jarman Day Description Rhyker, tattooed bad boy and lethal jaguar shifter, falls for the sweet and caring healer Keena. Except sheโ€™s determined to keep him in the friend zone. Good thing heโ€™s a predator that enjoys the hunt. Together, can they heal their pastContinue reading “Audio Review”

Prequel/Boxset Review/New Release

Rules of Bennett: A Dark Prequel Description Here kitty, kitty, kitty…. You can run, but you canโ€™t hide.  Before you were born, your father traded your life to secure his.  He thought hiding you in another state under a new alias would save you from your awaiting fate, but I always get whatโ€™s mine.  AndContinue reading “Prequel/Boxset Review/New Release”