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April May Fall (Mommy Wars Book 3) by Christina Hovland Description April Davis totally has her life in order. Ha! Not really. Yes, sheโ€™s the Calm Momโ€”a social influencer with a reputation for showing moms how to stay calm and collected through yogaโ€”but behind the scenes, sheโ€™s barely holding it all together. Raising tiny humansContinue reading “ARC REVIEW”


There’s Something about Molly by Christina Hovland Description Molly Princeton hasnโ€™t met the right guy. Yes, sheโ€™s a dating coach. But sheโ€™s also a single mom with a rocky relationship history. She may be able to help others find love, but she doesnโ€™t really need it in her life. Happiness doesnโ€™t require falling in love.Continue reading “ARC REVIEW/ NEW RELEASE”