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โ˜…โœฉโ˜… BOOK SALE! โ˜…โœฉโ˜…

โ˜…โœฉโ˜… 99c SALE! โ˜…โœฉโ˜… The Thief, a Contemporary Romance | Military | Security | Fake Fiancรฉ | Evil Stepmother | Risquรฉ Fairy Tale #romance by Jessika Klide is on SALE for 99c for a limited time! Grab your copy while itโ€™s on sale!  Amazon US UK AU CA Apple, Kobo, Nook, Gplay   BLURB:The Thief,Continue reading “โ˜…โœฉโ˜… BOOK SALE! โ˜…โœฉโ˜…”


THE THIEFBy JESSIKA KLIDE Goodreads: Hosted by DS Book Promotions Amazon US UK AU CA Apple, Kobo, Nook BLURB: The Thief, a new modern risquรฉ Rapunzel romance. Prepare to have your heart stolen in this twisted tangled retelling of the romantic rescue of this long-haired beauty. Trapped. Afraid. Traumatized.Claustrophobic panic overwhelms me.Tall. Strong.Continue reading “NEW RELEASE/ ARC REVIEW/ BOOK TOUR”