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Hidden Comrade (Project Morpheus Book 2) by Jillian David Description Pele Tuitamaโ€™s Morpheus Squad mission infiltrating a Smoky Mountain children’s camp is FUBAR. He might be a virally-enhanced military experiment, but augmented abilities wonโ€™t help him protect Reagan McNeill, the most unsecure-able target imaginable. Sweet Reaganโ€™s kisses and the possibility of a future he shouldContinue reading “ARC REVIEW”


Fallen Comrade (Project Morpheus Book 1) by Jillian David Description Ex-Green Beret Jake Zimmermanโ€™s Georgia mountain seclusion is shattered when the one woman he should never have left, pregnant Kiera McNeill, shows up on his doorstep. Her life is in danger, thanks to a botched Morpheus Squad mission. If the nature of her baby isContinue reading “ARC REVIEW – NEW RELEASE”