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Arc Review

Locked Hearts: Keir & Sailor #2 (Chained Hearts Duet Series) by T. L. Smith Description “He sold me.” “To the Mafia.” When the king of the underworld wants you.You have no place to run.No matter how hard you try, no matter where you go.He will find you.It’s just a matter of, do you want himContinue reading “Arc Review”


Chained Hands (Chained Hearts Duet Book 1) by T. L. Smith Description Sailor My husband sold me.Not only did he sell me, but he told me he loved me while doing the deal.What lies he tells.Only fools believe him.Unfortunately, one of those fools was…me. Keir I’m not in the habit of buying women.I didn’t needContinue reading “🔥NEW RELEASE/BOOK TOUR/ARC REVIEW🔥”