Highland Justice (Sons of Sinclair Book 3) by Heather McCollum Description As the new chief of Clan Mackay, Gideon Sinclair knows the importance of maintaining order at any cost. To keep the conquered clan in line, Gideon must mete out ruthless justice or risk losing their precious new peace. But from the moment he meetsContinue reading “ARC REVIEW – NEW RELEASE”


Ten Rules for Marrying a Duke by Michelle McLean Description  Bookish Arabella Bromley never gave a fig for societyโ€™s rulesโ€”until her sister ran off with a man below her station. Now Arabella is desperate to restore her familyโ€™s ruined reputation to favor amongst the ton. Sheโ€™ll have to marry quickly and well. But in orderContinue reading “ARC REVIEW”


My Lord, My Rogue (Noble Hearts Series Book 4) by Anna St. Claire Description  Lady Honora Radcliff was betrothed to the most sought-after man of the Seasonโ€” just not the man she loved. Too much champagne and too many dances with a handsome stranger leaves her life in tatters and she finds herself married toContinue reading “ARC REVIEW”


Dreaming of a Devilish Highlander (Highland Shifters Book 1) by Vonda Sinclair Description  A devilish Highlander cursed to change formโ€ฆ After defending himself in an ambush and defeating his attacker, Gavin MacTavish finds himself cursed by a woman of the enemy clan. Lady Wilona MacRae is a witch of the dark arts and the motherContinue reading “ARC REVIEW โš”๏ธ”


Highland Prodigy (Highland Talents Heritage Book 1) by Willa Blair Description Jamie Lathan is a formidable warrior, yet his life depends not only on his legendary prowess with a sword, but on keeping a dangerous secret. Like his mother, Jamie wields the power of healing magic. From childhood, he knew that those skills, often fearedContinue reading “ARC REVIEW”

Arc Review

To Covet a Countess (The Elusive Lords Book 2) by Sapna Bhog Description Nicholas Delmore, the Earl of Hawksley, was not expecting a snowstorm-sieged London evening to end with a dagger held to his throat. Nor did he anticipate his spirited attacker to have glossy black tresses and lush red lips that might invite aContinue reading “Arc Review”


The Explorer Baroness (Mills & Boon Historical) (Heirs in Waiting, Book 3) by Julia Justiss Heโ€™s the wealthiest nobleman Sheโ€™s a risk to his reputation! Gregory Lattimer is well aware Charis Dunnfield is not the Society bride this Baronโ€™s son needs to restore his familyโ€™s tarnished reputation. She is scandalising the ton โ€“ living mostlyContinue reading “ARC REVIEW”


Escaping the Earl (The League of Rogues Book 16) by Lauren Smith Description Peregrine Ashby, Earl of RutlandA gentleman.A reluctant aristocrat.Desperate to avoid marriage. Peregrine Ashby, the newly and unexpectedly titled Earl of Rutland, is muddling through the affairs of becoming a suddenly wealthy and titled man of means. The last thing he wants toContinue reading “๐Ÿ‘—ARC REVIEW๐Ÿ‘—”


Seducing the Warrior: To Love A Wicked Warrior Book 1 by Laura Shipley Description A soldier losing his vision. A lady fleeing for her life. An unlikely coupleโ€ฆ bound together in desire, need, and love. The man in the shadows… Injured in battle and his sight failing, Royce Davis has dwelled in darkness since hisContinue reading “ARC REVIEW”


Hitched to the Gunslinger by Michelle McLean Description  Gray “Quick Shot” Woodson is the fastest gun west of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, he’s ready to hang up his hat. Sure, being notorious has its perks. But the nomadic lifestyleโ€”and people always tryin’ to kill youโ€”gets old real fast.  Now he just wants to find a placeContinue reading “ARC REVIEW”


The Highlander’s Pirate Lass (The Brothers of Wolf Isle Book 2) by Heather McCollum Description Eliza Wentworth is no lady. After the notorious pirate Jandeau murdered her family, she vowed to spend the rest of her life at sea, saving others. Sheโ€™d rather be firing cannons than embroidering pillowsโ€”or worse, bowing to the demands ofContinue reading “NEW RELEASE/ ARC REVIEW/BOOK TOUR”

Kindle Review

The Bachelor Bargain by Maddison Michaels Description……  Bachelors, beware. For those who keep secrets and prey on the innocent, you will be exposed, with all your dirty little secrets laid bare to one and all. You have been warned… Lady Olivia Haliford has had enough. Tired of seeing women lose their reputations, futures, and sometimesContinue reading “Kindle Review”

Kindle Review

Lady Frederica and the Scot Who Would Not (Scottish Scoundrels: Ensnared Hearts Book 4) by Julie Johnstone Description…. When the guarded King of the Underworld collides with a maddeningly reckless lady, the road to ruination becomes impossible not to take.  Lady Frederica Darlington isnโ€™t prim, obedient, or appropriately dispassionate as a proper lady of theContinue reading “Kindle Review”

New Release/Arc Review Highland Warrior (Sons of Sinclair Book 2) by Heather McCollum

Highland Warrior (Sons of Sinclair Book 2) by Heather McCollum Description…. Joshua Sinclair was once the fiercest and most notorious warrior of the mighty Sinclair clan of Northern Scotland. But now thereโ€™s nothing and no one that can make him take up arms again. Except a beautiful woman, it seems. When Kรกra Flett, daughter ofContinue reading “New Release/Arc Review Highland Warrior (Sons of Sinclair Book 2) by Heather McCollum”

Arc Review The Virgin and the Viscount (Lords of Vice Book 4) by Robyn Dehart

Description…..  As a Lady of Virtue, Matilda Brooks swears to reform the most despicable man of her acquaintance, her brother-in-law, Sullivan Chase, Viscount Glenbrook. Well he may not be the most despicable, but he is certainly arrogant, flirtatious, and entirely too charming. To make matters worse, he has the irritating tendency to poke fun ofContinue reading “Arc Review The Virgin and the Viscount (Lords of Vice Book 4) by Robyn Dehart”

Arc Review…..Tempting the Footman (House of Devon Book 5) by Lauren Smith ๐Ÿ“ฑ

Tempting the Footman (House of Devon Book 5) by Lauren Smith  Description Sheโ€™s an heiress who needs a husband fastโ€ฆheโ€™s the brooding, handsome footmen who comes to her rescueโ€ฆ Lady Venetia Dunham has plenty of money and freedom, until her father dies, leaving her and her feisty grandmother at the hands of her less thanContinue reading “Arc Review…..Tempting the Footman (House of Devon Book 5) by Lauren Smith ๐Ÿ“ฑ”

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