Lawless Lynx (Knight’s Legion MC Book 6) by Naomi Porter Description Jaynee. My Lovely.For the first time, I dare to dream of the future. The Knight’s Legion MC is all the family I need. I pretend to be happy, distracting myself with women, being the dirty-talking jokester everyone loves, all to hide my misery. ThenContinue reading “NEW RELEASE – ARC REVIEW”


Defiant Dodge (Knight’s Legion MC Book 5) by Naomi Porter Description Emilee. My perfect, Em.Forced to stay away from her and my son, I’m a shell of a man. I won’t apologize for loving Emilee. Or for betraying her father.Love makes a man do some crazy shit. The Knight’s Legion MC is supposed to beContinue reading “ARC REVIEW – NEW RELEASE”

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