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Equilibrium (The Rapture Series) book 2 by L.K. Reid Equilibrium (The Rapture Book 2) by L.K. Reid  Description My name is Ophelia Ekaterina Aster. Baba Yaga.Daughter of a Dragon. A monster. I never minded the whispers or the screams, because I knew who I was and what I’ve done. I never minded, until I did.Continue reading “BOOK TOUR/NEW RELEASE/ARC REVIEW”


Ricochet (The Rapture Book 1) by L.K. Reid Description “They should all be afraid of me now” An assassin.A psychopath.A complete mess. I’ve been called all of those and worse.Somebody once told me that one bad chapter doesn’t mean your story is over.Mine was just starting.Painting me as the villain of the story and destroyingContinue reading “KINDLE REVIEW”