Joyless (Alabaster Penitentiary Book 2) by Nyla K Description Correctional officers get a bad rep. But in our case, it’s fully justified. We’re not good people… We’re guard dogs. As twisted as the inmates we patrol, courtesy of the monster who created us. Prisoners ourselves on an island of manipulation, we’ve spent years drowning in vices toContinue reading “NEW RELEASE/ BOOK TOUR/ ARC REVIEW”

Kindle Review Polished: MMF Menage Romance by Alyssa Turner

Description It seemed like they had everything, but they didn’t have Jack. Without question Spencer Hartley burns hot for his girlfriend, Rory, but his other desires are hidden down deep. He might blow things up for a living and climb mountains for kicks, but the scariest thing in his life is the truth about hisContinue reading “Kindle Review Polished: MMF Menage Romance by Alyssa Turner”

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