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In Like Flynn (Pirates of King’s Landing Book 2) by Lauren Smith Description A Royal Navy Officerโ€™s Guide to Seducing a Pirate Lass: โ€ข Go undercover as a fellow pirate โ€ข Steal kisses whenever possible โ€ข Do not fall in love, no matter how tempting your pirate lass is Brianna Holland has always been free.Continue reading “KINDLE READ”


Neverwith (Neverland: Chronicles of Red Book 1) by Crea Reitan Description Ira is a Fixer, a child raised and trained to โ€œfixโ€ broken fairy tales by an organization the Fixers refer to as DeadEnd. Because once you enter a fairy tale, thereโ€™s no getting out. Ira has been assigned to Neverland. You know Neverland, whereContinue reading “4 BOOK REVIEW”