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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A Mind Sweeper novella that delves further into Jean Luc and Talia’s story. Thirty years ago, Jean Luc Delacroix believed he had found his mate in Talia Walker—until she walked out on him. While he has honored her wish to be independent, he cannot forget her. And when they’re thrown together again, Jean Luc’s feelings reignite. This time he will do whatever is necessary to make her his.

Talia learned everything she knows about love—and about being a vampire—from Jean Luc. But the memories of her forced turning and loss of humanity compelled her to strike out on her own to prove she could take care of herself. When she comes face to face with Jean Luc again, she wonders if her continued independence is as important as being with the vampire she still loves.

Before either can acknowledge their feelings, they are embroiled in a deadly case. A killer vampire is draining humans. When suspects are uncovered, the very foundation of the vampire nation is threatened. And when they get closer to the truth, and Jean Luc’s life is in danger, Talia risks her own life to hunt down the killer.  Will Jean Luc and Talia finally find the courage to follow their hearts? Or will the killer destroy them first?




I’ve read the Mind Sweeper series by A.E. Jones from the start, and I’ve got a huge soft spot for Jean Luc. This is a novella, it’s a short read but it’s full of drama, and it’s now time for Jean Luc and Talia’s story to continue.

Jean Luc is a 400 year old vampire, he loves the work he does. But he’s always longed for a family. So the unit he works for now has become his family, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for them.

Talia is also working in the BSR ( Bureau of Supernatural Relations) supe squad for short) a sort of police force, and as a bounty hunter before that. She had grown in power and confidence since leaving Jean Luc. Talia was attacked and turned into a vampire, Jean-Luc helped her come to terms with her new life, but she wanted to know if she could do it On Her own, so Talia left and started a new life on her own, but she never forgot her mentor.

The story starts straight after the last book, so Jean-Luc is in Vegas, Kyle has convinced him to see where these feelings he still has for Talia will take him. But when he Knocks on her door, he doesn’t expect to see a 1/2 naked shifter in her home.

There are hints of passion along the way, with a real will they won’t they tension thrown in for good measure. The ending is well done, with some good, bad and ooooh!

I am really looking forward to the next instalment.


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