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Book Review ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป

How to blackmail a Highlander by Michelle McLean


Lady Alice Chivers is done being controlled by her family. On the run from an arranged marriage, she needs a strong Highlandery to escape. Only Philip MacGregor insists on sending her back to her pampered life, so sheโ€™ll just have to blackmail him instead. But now they find themselves in an accidental marriage, and soon theyโ€™re both playing a role that feels like it was meant to be real. Philip is cautious, in control, and in way over his head with his unexpected wife. Sheโ€™s intense, spontaneous, and canโ€™t follow an order to save her life. And he might be falling completely in love with her. However, her distractions endanger the lives of those he loves. Now he must somehow undo the damage that has been done, before his friends pay with their lives.




How to Blackmail a Highlander by Michelle McLean is the 3rd book in her The MacGregor Lairds.  Iโ€™ve read a few by this author, and Iโ€™ve always enjoyed her work.

Philip doesnโ€™t want a wife, and having a silly thing try to force him into marriage will only get you back to your pampered life really quick. And when said woman tries to blackmail him into marrying him, then he really isnโ€™t a happy man !!

His โ€œnew wifeโ€ is a constant hassle !! Sheโ€™s isnโ€™t very obedient and is constantly giving poor Philip a headache !! But as time goes on, and he spends more time with his wayward wife, he begins to see her in a different light. And when an incident occurs, Philip will have to rectify it quick before it puts other people he cares about in harms way โ€ฆโ€ฆ 

Alice is not going to end up in an arranged marriage! And certainly not to a man twice her age, and his three previous wives, they didnโ€™t survive that long wedded to him, so she had no intention of being his fourth wife. Her salvation comes from a letter her best friend sends her, it comes at just the right time, and the man bringing the letter, could help her too, after asking for his help, Philip turns her down !! So sheโ€™s just going to have to resort to blackmail !! 

Alice has me laughing at a few of her antics, Philip is a man who likes his control, and Alice likes to throw it all up in the air and see where it lands. 

To find out if they remain married, youโ€™ll have to read it yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


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