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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Mated to the Dragon …. A Dragon Valley series…. book 1 by Kayla Wolf 

Back cover …… 
It’s not easy to find yourself in close quarters with an absurdly well-muscled dragon who looks like the most successful underwear model in history…

Lisa thinks being single is just brilliant. Her defenses against men are ironclad. Known among her friends as the Single One, Lisa has enough on her plate, what with trying to get the clients of her dating agency suitable partners.

But her defenses start coming down when a certain gold-eyed hunk of mystery with a huge chest and dark, luscious curls, walks into her life, bleeding and wounded.

When he kisses her, it feels like the tide coming in. And somehow, even though she is a Professional Handler of Feelings she knows that if she doesn’t get his shirt off immediately she is going to die…

Alexander is the King of dragons. But his dragons are dying. There’s a prophecy he has to fulfil to break the curse – and that prophecy means finding his human mate. Which proves more difficult than he thought when he runs into a pack of wolves who try to destroy him.

When he finds himself in close quarters with a gorgeous dating coach who can help him find his mate, he doesn’t refuse. 

But close quarters can get very … hot. 

Very steamy…

And very dangerous…

My review ….. 

Alexander has set himself a monumental task….. His dragons are dying, and only when he fulfils the prophecy of finding his mate will the curse end. 
So he goes in search of his mate….. but it’s been a while since Alexander was in human form and interacting with them is proving difficult. 
And when he gets lured outside by a group of street thugs (who in fact are wolves) and gets badly beaten, Alexander thinks his search will end sooner rather than later, with his death. But help comes in the form of a plucky human woman. And between the two of them, they escape and hide at Holly’s home. 

(His true form is a dragon, he just changes into a human only when necessary) he’s also very direct and a little blunt !!! 

Holly is a relationship coach, she owns a dating agency and is so wrapped up in finding her clients love, that she doesn’t have time for it herself, in fact she’s pretty happy being single, she finds that most men don’t measure up. 

But helping a fellow human (even if he is hot) seems the right thing to do. So she offers him a place to stay until he is healed. 
They are getting along pretty well, things take a different turn after a drunken kiss from Holly takes their friendship to a different level. 
Then the attack from the gang that previously attacked Alexander changes it all again. Holly sees Alexander in a whole different way. A freaking dragon!!!! She thinks she’s having a breakdown there are NO such things as dragons, and the gang that beat up Alexander and then broke into Holly’s home they are a bunch of wolves that run New York …… it’s all just too much to take in. 
But once Holly has calmed down, thought it through and rationalised it in her own mind, she’s ready to hear Alexander out …. 
Alexander needs a mate, Holly is an expert in that field, so it should be easy right ??? Well, considering Alexander doesn’t know who or where she is, it’s gotten Holly’s work cut out a little. 
So will Alexander find his mate ?? Your going to have to read to find out…. 
It was a fun afternoon read. 
Not the worse dragon book I’ve read, but not the best either. 
Fell a little flat in places. Characters felt a little wooden in parts. 

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