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Book Review 📱

Young love (Wolves of Gypsum Creek book 3) by Serena Meadows 
Back cover ….. 

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. With five sisters and a mother to provide for, there isn’t room for much else in David Rayburn’s world—despite loud complaints from the women in his hometown. The shifter has a body built for sin but is celibate as a monk. It’s Just. Not. Fair.

Then she appears.

A vision of delicious curves and startling green eyes, David has to blink and make sure he hasn’t slipped into some kind of forbidden fantasy. The new woman in town might be as real as his beating heart, but she can never know of his hidden feelings. Their town is being haunted by an angry spirit, and weird things are happening in the woods. David doesn’t have any time or energy to spare for romance, and Michelle is the kind of woman that would catch a man’s soul and never let it go.

My review …….

David has a body built for sin, but is as celibate as a monk😂 with a backcover description like that, it made me a little more interested (not your usual good looking bad boy) 

David lives in Nashville after moving away, the farm that’s been in his family for generations isn’t making any money, so he left to find work, and sends money home, but jessie has asked if he’ll come home as he has some exciting news to share….. 

Michelle is an aspiring model, she’s also a witch, but Michelle doesn’t want to be either of these, she wants to finish off her masters degree, move to Gypsum Creek and teach. Neither of her parents are thrilled at that prospect, nor is her fiancee. 

David and Michelle meet and there are a few sparks, but Michelle isn’t interested (as far as she’s concerned David is only looking at the surface) David is thrilled and terrified, why would somebody that brainy and beautiful be interested in someone like him? 

It’s a slow burn romance, and to be honest, it was a nice change. The author concentrated more on building up the story (rather than fill it with needless sex).

So will David find out she’s a witch? And will it make a difference? Michelle is growing fonder of David each day, but she really wants to finish her research (and avoid the ex fiancée) and what will she say when she hears wolves live near Gypsum Creek? 


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