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Alpha’s Destiny (Texas Heat) book 1 by Aspen Grey 

Back cover …….

Alpha, Preston is alone. His character has been assassinated by a vicious rumor and he’s been cast out of Austin, forced to work as a farmhand for the last eight years. He’ll never find a mate—he’s accepted it. But one night, on a routine delivery downtown, Preston encounters a scent that turns everything he knows upside down.

Kenneth is also alone. Orphaned. Both parents both dead, he’s packed up everything and is moving to Boston to start fresh. But before he does—he heads to the bar for a quick drink to get his mind off things. One quick drink couldn’t hurt…right? 

Preston is floored when he catches the scent of his fated-mate. But the sweet omega is in trouble. He’s been drugged by the very same disgusting alpha who ruined Preston’s life eight years ago. Jasper Vanderton. 

Fueled by rage, revenge and the scent of his fated-mate, Preston saves Kenneth from a terrible, life changing experience and rushes him back to the farm. It’s not long before the two realize they’re meant for each other. Preston is determined to put a cub in his belly and bind them together forever, but there’s just one problem—

Jasper has found them. His family is rich and powerful, and they’re going to buy the farm and force them off the land—or worse. Preston has no choice but to act, but how can he, one alpha, go up against the most powerful family in Austin? 

…But Preston’s been blessed by a miracle. He’s found his fated-mate and he will do anything to make sure they’re never apart. 

My review …. 

Preston dated Jasper briefly, but when Jasper wanted to take it further, Preston refused, and then regretted it, well he didn’t regret turning Jasper down, he just regretted what came after, he was accused of attacking Jasper and forcing himself on him!! 

So now Preston lives on a remote farm, scraping by (he had plans for the farm, his employer doesn’t want to listen) 
So after a delivery in town, Preston needs a drink …… 
Kenneth is going to grab a drink before leaving Austin, he had recently lost his parents, and wants a new start. But he gets more than he bargained for when accepting a drink from a stranger. His drink is tampered with, and Kenneth is about to be attacked!!! 
Preston rescues Kenneth and realises he is his mate, but trying to convince Kenneth that they are mates proves to be a little bit of a challenge. 
Jasper won’t let the matter drop, he wants the farm that Preston works on to fire him, he thinks he’s entitled (his family is very well off) and acts accordingly!!! 
This had so much potential, and to be honest, I almost didn’t finish it. The characters were great, there was a connection (could have been more, and fell a little short) but something was missing. 


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