31 Day Blog Challenge (Day 7)

10 Favourite Foods ….

Today’s Blog Challenge is to name 10 Favourite foods …..

Pizza (For me, It has to be pepperoni)Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake (with lots of cheese) 😋

Bacon sandwich (or a roll) preferably with brown sauce not red.

I love paella, but my favourite had to be a seafood paella (lots of seafood please)

I love chicken, but especially a roasted chicken, it’s my favourite meat, it’s so versatile.

Cinema popcorn …. there is just something about a large bucket of popcorn in the cinema.

I really like salmon, I tend to wrap it in foil and serve in its own juice. Lots of different ways to steam it. Chocolate. Any kind, but I do like a nice bar of dark chocolate. Ice Cream. A nice vanilla is just as good as any flavour. But Pralines and cream is my favourite. a nice Camembert cheese, pop it into the oven, crusty bread. One of my favourite snacks. Cookies, or chocolate covered biscuits. Love a nice selection (usually buy a box for Christmas)

A really good packet of crisps. Plain is my favourite, but I’ll eat most flavours.

Ok, that’s actually 12. But once I started, I got carried away😉

What’s your favourite food?


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