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Book Review 📱

Kosta (Bratva Blood Brothers Series) book 8 by K.J. Dahlen 


“We are brothers by choice. Blood has brought us together and will forever hold us strong.
Brothers we are and brothers we will always be.”

I have protected the Bratva all of my life. It was something I was born to do. I would protect the brothers with my life if I had to.
Then I met her and I knew in that moment, she would be mine. I would now protect what is mine.
The life I live has many pitfalls and we all have secrets we can’t share with the world, but I want to share mine with her…
Except her secrets could get both of us killed.
Can I keep her safe? I have to or my life might as well be over. Once I have her, I can’t imagine life without her.

I have always lived on the edge of life, too afraid of being noticed by the wrong people, until I was…
I had one friend when I was young, we were true sisters for at least a little while, then she was gone and I was alone again.
When I was grown, she came back into my life and we picked up where we left off all those years ago.
She brought Kosta to me and he completed me like no one else ever would
But my life wasn’t mine and the demons in my past refused to let me go.  Could I risk the wrath of my demons to have a life with him?
He gives me the courage to stand up for the life I want… with him. I can’t let my demons win.

My Review…….
This is book eight in the Bratva series. I haven’t read any of the others, I don’t think it’s necessary, but it looks like a lot of previous characters are in this book, and so possible spoilers. 

Sahara and her mother only had each other, and then she was left on her own after her mother passed away. But Sahara isn’t on her own, she’s caught the attention of a powerful man, he wants her in his bed, but she doesn’t want him, but Alexi doesn’t take no for an answer. And over the next eighteen months he terrorises her, but Sahara is about to find a friend she thought she lost long ago. 

Kosta is a protector, a bodyguard to the Bratva (the Russian mafia) there is nothing he wouldn’t do for these men, and over the course of time, Kosta has watched them fall in love and marry. He wants that, someone to call his own, but he doesn’t think that will ever happen. Who could love a man like him? 

Sahara and Kosta meet when he’s taking his friends wife to visit her mother’s grave. They recognise one another, and when Pepper is almost shot, Sahara saves her life by taking the bulletin meant for her!! I’m that moment, Sahara’s life will change forever, she goes from being alone and afraid, to having her childhood friend back, and a man that looks at her with respect and awe. 

We find that Sahara’s mother was from a powerful family back in Russia. And that her grandparents have been looking for their daughter for over twenty years!! 
The love that Sahara (also known as “Salt”) has for Kosta is reciprocated, he wants her for one than one day, he wants her forever as his wife and mother of his children. But will he get that wish? Her grandparents are coming from Russia, and they mean for her to come back with them and be married off to a “good” family. And don’t forget Alexei that wants her for himself!!! 
It’s a good read. And I’m definitely interested in reading the previous books. 


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