Thursday’s Post ☁️

Had a staff meeting this morning. Half the staff hadn’t turned up, the other half, well they were more interested in coffee and nicotine!! But we get on and today a fire drill is done. So we all traipse out to the meeting point. Some with cigarettes in their hands🙄

And the delivery lorry turns up, so not to leave that one person on their own, i volunteer to bring the delivery in.

I left the meeting still going on. I have things to do, a little shopping and a lunch and movie time with my BFF …..


One night, Sarah’s young son disappears into the woods behind their rural home. When he returns, he looks the same, but his behavior grows increasingly disturbing. Sarah begins to believe that the boy who returned may not be her son at all.

That was a really good film. Enough tension to keep you on your seat. And I did like the ending 😉


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