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Sunday’s Post ☁️

The only decoration in the house (Kim’s pink tree) is packed away and back in the attic.

The tree at the grave (is still up due to rain/is now home and drying out before being packed away and stored in the attic)

Housework today, with the help of my headphones and Ed Sheeran on my phone. Plastic containers were thrown, cleaned shelves and checked the dates on all the food in the cupboards.

Caught up with my dad and my sisters. 📱Read a little more of the book I got as a Christmas present📖 (this is a series I hope to be reading and reviewing this year on my blog) did a little more washing. And put away some of my Christmas presents.

In the U.K. the holidays are over. Back to school for most office workers on Monday. And hopefully back to some kind of routine.

Third and final episode……

Dracula is seen walking to the beach of Whitby coast and meets Dr. Zoe Van Helsing, who looks like Sister Agatha. Dr. Zoe informs he was dormant for more than a century. He is taken in by the Jonathan Harker Foundation for study. However, he gets out using the legal system. Zoe as a scientist drinks his blood as to know what it means “blood is lives” and syncs with Sister Agatha’s memory. Meanwhile, Dracula finds a bride from a pub who doesn’t care who he is or either death. Sister Agatha is very present in Zoe’s consciousness and converses with her for finding what really are Dracula’s limitations and as an animal what does it fear. They meet at his abode and discusses it. It comes to light that Dracula fears death and he is conditioned over the centuries to fear everything that represents that truth. Zoe who is dying from cancer takes her last breath at Dracula’s home. Dracula who comes to the epiphany commits suicide by drinking Zoe’s blood as it is poisonous for him.

It gave a different spin on the classic Dracula tale. A little camp in places, but I liked it.


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One thought on “Sunday’s Post ☁️

  1. You are always so tidy and organized. I keep forgetting to check expiration dates on food items.

    Happy to hear you had a chance to catch up with your sisters and Dad. I know it’s not always easy to do. I’m always getting sidetracked and then it gets late for those who go to bed EARLY. LOLOL

    Have a wonderful day Bestie BB xx ❤ ❤


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