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Tuesday’s Post

So….. where do I begin?

The walk to work was a cold and damp one. My nose and forehead were numb by the time I got there!

Delivery was a little late, but that was minor in comparison to the rest of the day …..

Well….. I told you about the assistant manager and one of the chefs at work. Well they were denying vehemently, “nothing going on, everyone just needs to drop it” well it turns out they are getting it on ….. and today it takes a twist. The chef is now refusing to come into work (funny considering we couldn’t get rid of him for the last few weeks) the bad arm that is preventing him from working properly (he’s suppose to be off, but we couldn’t get him to take time off) is now causing him pain!! So he won’t be in for a while!!

Leaving the assistant manager to bear the brunt of people’s gossip and stares!! The other chef decided she couldn’t work with AM (assistant manager) and locked herself in the staff flat (seriously I couldn’t make this up if I tried) claiming the AM was harassing her and wanting to tell her side of the story (there is also a rumour going around the chef is pregnant and doesn’t want the stress) anyway, chef then went home, so we are now without a chef!! Meanwhile I’m setting up the starter area and the grill area (I don’t even know the chef has gone home yet) I’ll go back to the delivery once we are up and running in the kitchen.

Oh …… we are also having two of the griddle chefs being brought up on a disciplinary (I swear i work with children) so the woman I usually do the delivery has to go and sit in and act as an extra pair of ears. So not only am I putting away the delivery, I’m making gravy, putting chickens in the rotisserie, making batter mix, jacket potatoes into the oven, and putting out all the bits that’s needed around that area.

(Are you still with me?)

I lost where I am!!!

Oh yeah …… chef gone home, other chefs getting investigated, and the other chef is AWOL!!!

The Regional manager is now involved (oh great) we are told not to open the restaurant, just the bar. We aren’t cooking, so the waitresses can go home. I’m given the option to go home, but there are things I need to do. And if I can manage to stay, then I get paid for the shift.

So bar is open, restaurant is closed, so I need to bring the salad bar back in and into the fridge (luckily I didn’t take the clingfilm off the containers)

We have a little waste (remember the stuff I put in? Well it had to get wasted, but that didn’t stop the staff from eating the rotisserie chickens) to contend with.

So once the decision has been made to keep the restaurant closed, I put away the last of the delivery. Throw away the boxes into the recycle bins. Sweep the yard, and then put my music on.

I got plenty done. Washed, polished and buffed my way around the kitchen…. The chefs were given warnings to change their ways (good luck with that) the AM decided to take herself off home (after dropping her keys and name badge on the counter) people are saying she’s given her notice in?! Then the supposedly pregnant chef came back (coincidence?) and we waited for the ok to open for the evening.

So….. as you can see I had a pretty eventful day. But I swear it’s all DRAMA!!! DRAMA!!! DRAMA

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