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Kindle Review…. Alien’s Prize Bride: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Celestial Brides Book 1) by Nova Celeste📱

Alien’s Prize Bride: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Celestial Brides Book 1) by Nova Celeste 


He may win the right to save her—but he’ll have to win her heart to keep her.

The last thing Cordelia Prince expected to be doing when she graduated from college with a business degree was working as a debt collector. It’s miserable work—but it pays the bills. Mostly. Still, when she sees a shooting star, she can’t help but wish for a more exciting life.

Too bad for her, that star was really a Milavaxian scoutship hunting for breedable females. Now she’s in a holding pen on a faraway planet, about to become the grand prize in some weird alien gladiator competition. 

Anuh hadn’t planned to stop on Milavax II at all. It’s an unpleasant dirtball on a good day. But his ship threw a relativity rod, so he decides to stick around just long enough for repairs. Until he sees the lush female up for grabs in the planet’s annual warrior games. He knows instantly that she’s his mate–he can’t possibly allow any of these brutes to claim her. So he’ll fight for the right to save her from them.

But assuming he wins her, what will he do with an ungrateful, unhappy female? Especially one he can’t even communicate with. 

Surely they can think of something…

Alien’s Prize Bride is the first book in the Celestial Brides Series, perfect for fans of science fiction romance who swoon over sexy aliens, crave happy ever afters, and want their alpha alien heroes to tumble into unexpected, steamy insta-love with smart, sassy heroines! 

Publication date 1/10/2020

My Review …..
Oh with blurb like that I had to laugh….. 
And I continued to laugh, It’s a short, fun read. Instalove at its best. 
Cordelia didn’t think her day could get any worse, her job is the pits, her boss is an a$$ but at least she wasn’t a prize in some alien gladiator….. oh wait!!! Yes she is!! It’s not a bad dream, she’s in a cage waiting to be won by god knows what!! 
Anuh usually avoids Milavax II, it’s a backward, violent and crude planet! But when you don’t want to be stranded out in the middle of space because your ship might not make it home, you need to make a pit stop, and it’s a good job really, Anuh discovers his mate in a cage! It seems fate wants Anuh to fight for the delicious smelling female. 
Of course he wins his fights (mate on a mission here) freeing his mate he understands why she’s so terrified, she can’t understand him, getting back to the ship is a priority, clothes and a universal translator for his female should be the first thing on his mind…. nope…. needs a long kiss first!! 
Anuh and Cordelia finally get to his ship, the “me Tarzan you Jane” moment was funny …. In the meantime, I could at least learn my mate’s name. “Anuh,” I told her, tapping my chest to let her know I meant that was my name. “What?” she replied. What. It was an odd name—but different planets had different traditions. “Well, then, What,” I said, working to make my tone soft and comforting, “I’m taking us to my ship, where I will get us settled. We can stay there until the relativity rod is repaired and then I will take you home. Your new home. My home.”
He thinks her name is What!! Lol, it made for a chuckle or two, as they both said What back and forth to each other! 
A shower and a quick injection to give her the translator and we are ready for mating…. what?! Lol (I’m going to chuckle at that for a while) oh to make sure they are mates they need to have sex! (That old line eh?!) 
Then a quick kidnapping attempt and we are on our way to Cordelia’s new home. 
But it’s a new series I hear to say, well, it turns out, females from this backward world have been kidnapped before, it’s Anuh and Cordelia’s job to find out when and where, and maybe even try to save the females. 
If you want a quick and fun read, you won’t go wrong. 
I’ll be keeping my eye out for the rest of the series. 

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