Kindle Review First of Her Kind: A Fantasy Erotica (World of Sense) by Scottie Kaye👩🏻‍💻

First of Her Kind: A Fantasy Erotica (World of Sense) by Scottie Kaye 



In a world where magic is bestowed by dragons, Kori Hashimoto-Barren would rather be normal. After all, her parents were sacrificed to a dragon seven years ago, and she couldn’t hate the beasts more if she tried.

But this year, the dragons are returning for their new sacrifice, and Kori will have no choice but to offer herself. She can only hope that–as an indentured servant to a magelord–her life is too boring for the dragons to want it.

That is, her life used to be boring… until Eidan Tinker showed up. As a botanist and a mage and the son of a lord, he’s the strangest man that she’s ever met. Where once she spent her days spurning her handsome overseer, Kori now takes risks to be with Eidan in secret. But risks can turn into rumors, and rumors can turn into legends.

And legends are what dragons like best.

• • •

Warning: This book is fantasy erotica. It contains sexually explicit content. Consent is emphasized.

Spoiler Notes: This book is a standalone companion novel for the Sleeping Lotus series. It serves as a prequel in the distant past, and contains no spoilers for the main series.

Romance Notes: This erotic fantasy book will likely appeal to lovers of typical fantasy romance, though it may deviate from some of the genre norms.

The Sleeping Lotus Series

The Rose Contract

The Marigold Room

The Morning Agent

The Wolfsbane Cipher

The Foxglove Shift

The Orchid War

The Sleeping Lotus

World of Sense Collection

Lady of Chains

First of Her Kind

Publication date 15/8/2020My Review…

Not quite sure what I was getting myself into, but I opened the book….. 
Kori is an indentured slave (google says…. An indentured servant or indentured laborer is an employee (indenturee) within a system of unfree labor who is bound by a signed or forced contract (indenture) to work without pay for the owner of the indenture for a period of time. The contract often lets the employer sell the labor of an indenturee to a third party.) 
She had come from a loving home, but seven years ago her parents were chosen as tributes to the dragon of the region, and they are never seen again! So rather than starve Kori works for her lord now. 
They are drawn to one another, but slaves and sons of lords aren’t meant to be together, but they can’t stay away from each other. Meeting in secret is dangerous, because if she’s caught then the punishment will be brutal. 
She’s also caught the eye of the overlord Jerim, he’s told her she can have an easier life, but there is a price to pay! She could do worse than be with Jerim, he’s handsome, but with wandering hands and eyes, Kori wonders how long before she’s discarded? 
If you gather enough Blue stones then that grants you immunity from the selection, and as Kori doesn’t want to become the next dragon dinner she needs to find them and fast! 
This is the beginning (a prequel) of an established series, so I’m not worried that I’ll miss anything. 
It states that this story starts the whole series off, and it’s in the past.
It does take a few chapters to get into it. 
It does get a little confusing, 
That was a very different read to what I usually pick up. 
A little confusing at times, but interesting enough for me to keep going. 
It’s probably an erotic read rather than a romance (and the only erotic novels I’ve read are by Joey W. Hill Nature of Desire Series) but that’s not to say it wasn’t good, sex for sex sake is a big page skipper for me! 
It was good, but not good enough that I’m off to amazon to find the series! 

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