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Kindle Review

Branded (A Sweet and Steamy Curvy Woman/Alpha Male Novel) (Perfectly Imperfect) by Violet Rae

Branded (A Sweet and Steamy Curvy Woman/Alpha Male Novel) (Perfectly Imperfect) by Violet Rae


It’s official. Dr. Brand Cole is a pain in my ass! But he’s also my boss and the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. Keeping things professional with the heart-shy veterinarian is suddenly proving extremely…hard.

Fran Foster, my veterinary technician, has been mine since the moment I first clapped eyes on her – she just doesn’t know it yet. But can I let go of my past and embrace a future with this curvy beauty? I’m about to find out.

This filthy, short, love story contains Kindle-melting sex scenes with all the feels you desire. If you want a longer, slow-burn romance, this ain’t it – check out Violet Rae’s Choices Series instead.

Publication date 22/5/2021

Fran doesn’t understand her boss at all. He’s a mean and grumpy man, well he is to her!! And anyway romance isn’t on the horizon for her, she needs to care for her sister. She was injured in a car crash that took their parents and left her living in a wheelchair! She needs money to take care of her sister, not romance….

Brand is well aware of his new assistant in his veterinarian practice, he has been for the past three months that she’s been there, her curves drive him to distraction, but after losing someone he loved, he doesn’t want to put himself through that again.But the more time he’s around her, the harder it is to remain detached!

Fighting their attraction for one another is easy at first, all he does is glare and snarl. But when Fran finds out about his past it forges a friendship that quickly turns to more.

A short and sweet romance. A second chance at love for our vet, but a whole new world would open up for our curvy girl. Loved how it was a slow burn at first, but when they give in….it’s hot and heavy all the way.

But can Brand really go all the way? Can he release his heart from the past? Or will it just be an itch to scratch? And can Fran move ahead when her critically ill sister needs her?


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