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Title: Deviant Hacker
The O’Malley Family
Series: Mafia Wars #9
Author: Maggie Cole
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 1, 2021


A Mafia Underboss Kidnapped Me.

The moment Declan O’Malley laid eyes on me the universe shifted. His inked muscles, seductive confidence, and bad boy vibes lured me to him. He’s twice my age. He’s experienced.
Now I’m in a dark cell. Bound. Cold. Helpless.
He’s determined to turn me into his obedient little captive until I convince him I’ve told him the truth.
The spark burns hotter, the hunger between us electric.
When he demands I call him daddy, more confusion reigns over me.
I should hate him, instead of wanting to submit.
Yet all I crave is his deviant touch.

Deviant Hacker is the ninth jaw-dropping installment of the Mafia Wars series and part of the O’Malley saga. It’s an extreme age gap, kidnapping Dark Mafia romance, interconnecting stand-alone, and guaranteed to have an HEA.




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Declan POV

Why did I kiss her?

What was I thinking?

It’s been almost a day since I was in the basement and her lips were on mine. Mesmerized, I stare at the screen and listen to her scream my name, thrashing around the mattress. She does it every few hours when she’s awake.

She was so cold.

Why’s a young woman like her trying to mess with the O’Malleys?

I’m so engrossed with studying her, I don’t hear Nolan come in the room until he barks, “Who is that?”

My gut does a nosedive, and I spin in my chair. “I found our problem.”

He points at the screen. “Why is she chained to a wall? And tell me that isn’t your basement.”

I lick my lips and stare at him.

“Declan! What the fuck are you doing?”

“Finding out everything I can. She knew about what we were doing. I want to know how and why she targeted us,” I claim.

He grinds his molars. “She needs to go to the warehouse.”

“She isn’t leaving my house. And you’re going to shut your mouth about this.”

He furrows his eyebrows and huffs. “You think I’m going to broadcast it?”

“It was my job to find out who was behind the articles. Now that I have, it’s my business to interrogate her. This stays between you and me.”


Simona’s POV

Something about Declan made me lose my inhibitions though. Danger swirled in his blue eyes. He was a stunning specimen of a bad boy. The rolled-up cuffs of his button-down shirt displayed intricate tattoos of red and black ink. Petals and leaves from a red rose weaved through a wheel and peeked out of the top of his shirt. I even dared to move it aside and trace it. They were a work of art, showcasing his ripped flesh.

His face wasn’t just gorgeous. It was chiseled perfection with one imperfection that made him human and even more interesting to me. A vein ran from the side of his hair to his eyebrow then curved, stopping at the corner of his blue orbs. Tiny specks of gray mixed into his brown hair, and while I knew he was much older than me and I should stay away, I couldn’t.

I may have done one too many shots and been inebriated, but something about him made me lose any resolve I had.


Simona’s POV

“I’m not your angel. Stop acting like I mean something to you!” I turn my head and breathe through my quivering emotions. Why did I let him touch me again? I played right into his hand. All he wanted to do was butter me up so I admit to whatever this crazy notion is in his head.

Silence cuts through the air. My beating heart is so loud, I wonder if he can hear it. Repulsion fills me. I hate the fact my body is still buzzing from being next to him. I don’t know why I can’t turn off wanting him. The sexual energy between us never dims and only seems to consume me to a point I feel as if I might combust if he doesn’t touch me, even after he’s shown his cards. He’s a textbook psychopath. Everything I fought to escape from my childhood, he represents. I’m not safe here. And I’m fooling myself that I am when I’m in his arms; it isn’t helping me escape my predicament. No matter how good it feels to be with him, I’ll never truly be protected. It breaks my heart that the one person I need to shield myself from is the only man I’ve ever craved.

He gets up, goes to the minibar, and pours himself two fingers of whiskey. Looking out the window, he sternly asks, “Did you not hear what I said to you earlier?” He downs the alcohol in two mouthfuls.

My insides quiver. I blink back tears. “You seem to like calling me a liar but are okay with being one yourself.”



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#10 Relentless Hunter – Releasing January 1


Deviant Hacker
The O’Malley Family
Mafia Wars #9
Author: Maggie Cole
Release Date: December 1, 2021

My Review

Deviant Hacker is the ninth instalment of the mafia Wars Series, it’s also the penultimate book (and a little sad to see the Ivanov/O’Malley series coming to an end, but there is talk about a spin off series that may include visits/cameos from this series)

You could read it without reading the previous books, but as there is an ongoing story it would be wise to read in order.

Declan has been chasing his tail for a while now, he might be one of the best hackers around, but he’s chasing a ghost online and it’s frustrating it no end! All he needs is a break, and once he tracks that hacker down. He’s going to make him pay!

The O’Malley’s are an Irish mafia gang that rule their part with compassion and tolerance. But cross them at your peril! It’s mainly family run (as you can really only trust family) They are trying to go legit and earn their money the legal way, but the company they have and that will take the family out of the mafia way is being hacked! The stock prices aren’t doing so well. They need to stop this hacker before they go public….

Simona wakes up chained and terrified! She’s not sure what’s going on, and she’s going to cooperate as soon as whoever shows up. What she doesn’t expect is her captor to be the man she met in a pub a little while back! And she doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he throws accusations at her! She was paid to do a little hacking, but nothing bad. But trying to tell Declan that only has him refusing to believe her! He can’t keep her locked up forever, can he?

At first it’s a battle of wits. Declan wants answers and Simona trying to win her freedom.

Both are trying to get a hold of their attraction to one another, it’s like moths to a flame, Declan knows he should have her over to the “family” to interrogate, but he can’t. And Simona knows she should like her captor, he left her at the bar without even saying goodbye (to her it felt like a connection, but he gets a phone call and just leaves!)

Then something happens to Simona and all bets are off! Declan wants nothing more than to protect and care for her. But can he really trust her? And who is she working for?

Storyline as always is strong and detailed. This one is a little darker than the others, and there is more kink in this one too. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that s€x happens pretty quickly in the book (we usually have a good few chapters before the characters get to it!) and that Declan was a bit of an a$$!

We get to catch up with previous couples and we get snippets and clues to the next and last book in the series.

I’d recommend this book, but I’d also recommend you at least read from the O’Malley part of the series (book 6 onwards)



Maggie Cole is committed to bringing her readers alphalicious book boyfriends. She’s been called the “literary master of steamy romance.” Her books are full of raw emotion, suspense, and will always keep you wanting more. She is a masterful storyteller of contemporary romance and loves writing about broken people who rise above the ashes.

Maggie lives in Florida with her son. She loves sunshine, anything to do with water, and everything naughty.

Her current series were written in the order below:
All In (Stand alones with entwined characters)
It’s Complicated (Stand alones with entwined characters)
Together We Stand (Brooks Family Saga – read in order)
Behind Closed Doors (Read in order)
Releasing now: Mafia Wars


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