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The Left-Hand Man (Project Blue Book 2) by Carol T. Luna

The Left-Hand Man (Project Blue Book 2) by Carol T. Luna


Escaping a monster. Killing a king. Ao thought he was free.

Two months after the Spades’ raid, Ao and the Legionnaires discover a plot that could destroy the Legion: an alliance between Talus and Harena, two of the most powerful nations in the world. The accord is all but official. Regicide is their only option.

But when a betrayal frames Ao as the killer and turns Harena against the Legion, Ao must ally with the Spades once more. Together, they must wrest the capitol from Talus’ control. Fail, and not only will his friends fall, but an entire nation will too. Worse, a familiar horror has finally caught up to him.

Ao escaped nothing at all.

Publication Date 18/7/2022

My Review

Do you need to read book 1 before book 2? I did and it made a lot of sense, so it’s personal preference, but I’d say it’s probably better if you read the first book before grabbing book 2……

I loved all the info the author supplied at the front of the book including a quick rundown of book 1. The characters names and a quick description helped jog my memory from the first book.

Ao is being framed again for a crime he hasn’t committed. Is this the act of the warring faction to spread disharmony? Is it keep everyone guessing as to their intentions? I don’t want to give anything away as I want you to experience the thrilling ride for yourself.

There is a lot of fighting, and plenty of action. In fact I’d say there are some of the best fight scenes I’ve read in a while. There is also moments when I had to close the book and think about what I had just read…..

Great characters that will draw you in and keep you there until you’ve read the final page. The development from book one to two is a slow process, but they definitely grow and mature before your very eyes…..

You do have to concentrate on this book, it’s more apocalyptic than romantic, more adventure than romance, and it’s almost a YA or NA in its approach, but saying that it’s still a great read.

The story itself keeps unfolding, keeps giving you snippets and moments of clarity, but can you solve who did it? Why did they do it? And will there be more deaths?

And the ending? Well that’s just going to make you wonder what’s going on and probably pick the book up again to read what you probably missed the first time around!! (I did 😉)


*Arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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