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My dead best friend’s daughter and the woman that haunts my dreams are one and the same.

For the last two years, I’ve told myself she’s off-limits
That a man like me, can’t be with a woman her age.
Then my little maniac turned eighteen.
And I gave in to my temptation.
I shouldn’t have, but now it’s too late.

She’s mine now, and I’ll never let her go.

Then one of the biggest sinners in Vegas thought he could just take her.
He’s forgetting it’s my job to protect her. Mine.

Now, I’m going to burn this city to the ground.
I’ll reap havoc until my little maniac is back in my arms.

Publication date 24/4/2020

Authors Note:

While it’s possible to start the Ruthless Kings MC series with Reaper, book 1, you may have a more enjoyable reader experience if you begin with Reaper’s Rise, the Ruthless Kings MC prequel. You can download your free copy by visiting my author page.

My Review

Jesse “Reaper” is the leader (or President) of the Ruthless Kings in Las Vegas. And his word is law! There is a set of rules that the club live and die by. We all know that bikers have “road names” and these usually have a meaning, and Realer is no exception, he will end your life like the grim reaper, rumour has it he will carve out your heart whilst your still alive!!

Sarah has loved Jesse for as long as she can remember, and she Intends to have him one way or another! Being found beaten on the steps of the club by the gang, they take her in and treat her like a sister. But she doesn’t have sisterly feelings for the leader of the group. She also finds out she has a brother Boomer. Sarah has had a hard life and only wants a family. So shouldn’t she concentrate on her family and leave Reaper alone?

Jesse has known Sarah has a crush on him, he also knows that his feelings towards her are wrong, but once she turns eighteen he’s going to claim her as his old lady (the woman will be under his protection) But waiting is proving to be a nightmare!

First book by this author, and I really liked it. I liked the fact they are mean and vicious, but will lay there life down for one another. They don’t harm women and children, yes they do a few illegal things, but nothing that harms innocents. There are a few scenes that will have you chuckling, and there are a few scenes that will rip your heart to shreds.
The only issue I had was that Sarah knew how Reaper felt about being around her, and she just kept pushing, I did feel that it was a little unfair in the poor guy! In the UK the legal age for sex is 16, so I didn’t have an issue with her age, I had issues with her constantly trying to tempt the guy.

And when Sarah is stolen away from him, Realer is frantic, if he loses her now then he’s going to burn the world down until he finds her! But finding who and where they’ve gone proves tricky. Can he find her before it’s too late?

This is a dark series, it deals with lots of issues, so I’d check the trigger warnings first.

But the book on the whole was really good. It did feel like a crèche at one point, and I had to chuckle at Reaper trying to keep order with the rest of the gang. But the rest of the gang are great, and I can’t wait to find out each story.

There is also a prequel to this story, so I think I’ll have to read it, as there is a lot more going on that I felt I missed!

Next book up….. His “son” Boomer (and he’s also Sarah’s brother!)



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