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New Release/Arc Review/Book Tour

The Vampire Protector (Moretti Blood Brothers Book 3) by Juliette N. Banks

Can he let go of the past for true love?

Commander of the vampire army, Craig found and lost his mate three hundred years ago. Or so he thought. Then he met Brianna Jones, Willow Moretti’s best friend. 

When the two of them are forced together in Italy, after her life is threatened by vampire rebels, it becomes harder to ignore their powerful attraction and his growing feelings for the sassy human. Yet Craig remains in denial that she could be his mate, and they both know a human cannot stay in his world. When it’s safe, he must return Brianna to Los Angeles and wipe her memories.

It’s his job to protect the race, and now the sophisticated operation of the rebellion threatens their very existence. He can’t allow his feelings for Brianna to distract him. 

Can Craig win the war, and then let Brianna go, or will he face his past and accept that she’s his true love? 

The Vampire Protector is book three, in the steamy new paranormal romance series the Moretti Blood Brothers filled with powerful alpha males and sassy, independent females who aren’t afraid to give them a run for their money.

Publication date 6/7/2021

The Vampire Protector (Moretti Blood Brothers Book 3)
My Review…..

In parts of the book I had to laugh out loud. Craig’s internal dialogue did make me chuckle. A vampire that takes what he wants and makes no apologies for it. Commander to the vampire army and a sort of “adopted brother/son” to the ruling vampire family. He never beds the same vampire twice, and doesn’t really see the point in humans! But a human female is about to make him change his mind….

Brianna is best friend to Willow (The Vampire Prince) who has been missing for a while now. Finding her took a little time, and there is something different about her friend! The hot and arrogant Craig hits all of her buttons, but there is something about him that makes her suspicious! What’s she going to do when she finds out her best friend is married/bonded to a vampire?

The Russo family have been their bitter enemies for many, many years, the head of the family thought he could do a better job of ruling the vampire nation and so challenged the king for leadership….That didn’t go so well!! And now the rest of the Russo family have sworn to end the reign of the King, and wipe out his family and heirs!

Bonded males, are a fierce and loyal breed of vampire, and if they lose their mate they become highly unstable! So if Craig had a female that he’d bonded too, why hadn’t he gone mad? Was it really a bonding, or was it something else?

I’ve not read book two, and I need to read the prequel. In fact I think I need to go back and read the first book, as I felt I was missing a few things!

Oh wow! We have a huge reveal in this book that I didn’t see coming! It’s going to change the vampire world as they know it!
War is already here, but when the stakes change, and they need to hide and regroup, Craig needs to do the right thing and wipe Brianna’s mind! But the more time he spends with her, the harder it is to come to that decision.

Love the interaction we have with previous characters, the banter that Craig has with everyone is quick and funny. But when he loses his temper! Stand back….

A slight cliffhanger ending now has me pacing for the next book.

Juliette first published with Random House in 2013. After three decades as a marketer, Juliette felt the time was right to share the stories and characters who were taking up residence in her imagination. 2020 gifted her with the time to write and learn about the independent author landscape and by early 2021 Juliette had released her first paranormal romance series, The Moretti Blood Brothers. She lives with her Mainecoon kitty in Auckland, New Zealand, frequently travels to the United States, and reads the same books as her readers.


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