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Claimed: A Second Chance Romance (Willow Springs Series Book 5) by Laura Pavlov


Nashville’s hottest country music star. Wedding planner extraordinaire. High school sweethearts one day and complete strangers the next. He’s the only boy I’ve ever loved and the man I’m determined to forget.

Ty Greene promised me forever and like a fool—I believed him.
But he skipped town with a bag of broken promises and a piece of my heart.
It’s taken time, but I’ve put myself back together and moved on.
Now Ty’s a big country music star in Nashville and I curse his name every time his song plays on the radio.
I don’t have time to dwell on the past.
I’m too busy living my best life.
I have the job of my dreams, a dating app that never disappoints, and the best friends in the world.
Hashtag thriving.
Life is good.
But now Ty is back in Willow Springs after all these years…
Acting as if nothing has changed.
His superstar status might impress everyone in town, but I’ve put him in my rearview.
And that’s exactly where I intend to keep him.

**This is book 5 in the Willow Springs Series. Each one can be read as a complete standalone. A HEA is guaranteed!**

Willow Springs Series:

Claimed: A Second Chance Romance (Willow Springs Series Book 5) by Laura Pavlov

Publication Date 27/1/2022

My Review

The last book in this amazing series, and I have to admit, it wasn’t my favourite of the series, and as it was the one I most wanted to read I was a little miffed!

It was still beautifully written, it had all the emotions and feelings you can expect from this author, and I’ve loved reading how five women grew within this series.

But I just felt that both Ty and Ivy never really gave me the connection I really wanted.

Ty and Ivy were inseparable as kids, they did everything together, their future had been planned out, until fate played a cruel hand and they were parted…..

Ivy has done her best in the last five years to move on with her life, her business is growing, her friends are happy and has the (unwanted) attention of a high school student. (Must admit his attempts at flirting had me chuckling.) so when an unwanted bouquet of flowers land on her desk it stirs up old feelings and heartache.

Ty is back in his hometown for his sisters wedding, he’s only here for a short time and then he’s gone again.

He left under a cloud and hadn’t been back since. Being a hotshot country singer has become a bit of a drag and when your manager is pressing to do another tour and all you want is space to breathe and write your music.

Meeting up with one another stirs up so many emotions, Ivy needs to keep her cool and her head, but it’s just so hard. And Ty can’t believe he’s finally sitting next to the only girl he’s ever loved. But it doesn’t go as planned and Ty realises his girl isn’t going to mind this easy for him.

But is he going to stay? If they sort out their feelings for one another can he live up the glam and glitz of Nashville? Or will he want Ivy to uproot her life and follow him?

Working through their feelings for one another felt very therapeutic to me, Ty is struggling to write new material and Ivy needs to put her feelings for Ty out there to move on.

It’s great catching up with previous couples and characters from previous books. The girls might have found their own stories, but they’ve always been their for one another.

This story is a YA or NA read, but don’t let it stop you from grabbing this book/series. It has enough steam to keep even the young at heart (that would be me) happy.

We have happy moments, sad moments and saucy moments. We have family moments and memories that will keep you smiling long after you put the book down.

Will Ty and Ivy get a happy ever after or will he go back to Nashville leaving a broken hearted muse?

Because that’s all he’s here for…..

Isn’t it?


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