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Betrayal: A Standalone Monster Romance (Her Monstrous Desires) by Jewels Arthur


I killed my husband.

I killed that little brat who was next in line for the crown.

And now? Now, it’s time for the Evil Queen to reign. Unfortunately, it’s not going quite as smoothly as I planned…

Killing the princess awoke the creatures that lurk deep beneath the castle grounds. Creatures that legends have warned about for centuries. It would seem I have angered them.

Only a Maxwell is supposed to sit on the throne of The Azure Valley, and these creatures aren’t pleased that I have usurped their precious dynasty and claimed the throne for myself. Unlucky for them, I am not one to go down without a fight, and they are in for a lot more than they bargained for.

And I might be too. These creatures aren’t just looking to remove me from my throne, they seem hellbent on conquering me in every way a woman can be conquered. This wasn’t part of my plan at all, and I fear if I’m not too careful, I may just let them.

Publication Date 21/4/2022

Betrayal: A Standalone Monster Romance (Her Monstrous Desires) by Jewels Arthur

My Review

It seems monster romance is a big thing at the moment, and one I’d not joined in, but I love to read about Gargoyles, so when read this blurb I was in two minds.

But I’m glad I did.

Gargoyles are charged with protecting the Maxwell family, so when the next in line is killed, they are awake and looking for the culprit!

Morissa is an absolutely horrible person, killing both the king (her husband) and his daughter, she assumes taking the throne for herself is going to be easy…..

Now, I didn’t want to like her (she reminded me of the character in The Huntsman movie) but the more I read, the more she grew on me.

Being told she has to find a chalice in the recesses of the castle has Morissa livid, but if she wants the throne, then off to the darkest parts of the castle she must go…..

Lachlan, Alistar, Lennox, Finlay and Niven are our sexy gargoyles. And at first they don’t take to kindly to the new Queen….

It’s cheesy, it’s a little cringey in places, but I loved it, the characters are really well thought out, the plot (a bit holey in places) had me racing through this book. And we have plenty of steam to keep you warm 😉 descriptions really helped, I had no problem imaging the terror and horror as Morissa first sets eyes on the monsters.

It’s written in the characters point of view, so whereas Morissa comes across polished, Lachlan, Alistar, Lennox, Finlay and Niven are rough and old fashioned, I liked the difference between them.

It’s a RH (reverse harem) so expect lots of sharing and for Morissa not to choose.

But if the guardians are suppose to kill Morissa, how will this work? As the plot unravels and we spend more time in the Azure Valley (well under the castle) you’ll find you, won’t you 😉

So if you like your romance a little twisted and with a monster or two (or more) then pick this one up, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed..


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